Saw VII (In 3D) Gets 2010 Release

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Saw VII 3D header2 Saw VII (In 3D) Gets 2010 Release

No matter how it silly it may seem that the Saw franchise has gone on for this long, it doesn’t stop them from making money and (I stress this word) consequentially making more. We reported back in July that Saw VII was already in the works before the sixth one came out (they’re pretty much automatic cash for the studio so they have no problem putting that kind of faith in it).

However, what wasn’t known at the time (either that, or it flew passed us quicker than we could catch it) was that the seventh installment of Saw would be in 3D. Yes, even the franchise that effectively kicked off the torture-porn phenomenon less than 10 years ago has jumped aboard the 3D bandwagon. And something tells me the technology isn’t going to be employed subtly (read: correctly)…

Saw III, IV, V and VI screenwriters, Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (The Collector) are returning for the next installment, and two more after that, as we learned recently (that’s NINE frickin’ Saw movies!). David Hackl – who helmed the fifth film in the franchise (although weirdly not the sixth) – is returning to direct the seventh. Shock Till You Drop reports Lionsgate has already set a release for Saw VII 3D on October 22, 2010, just in time for Halloween – man, we’ve just put our pumpkins away and they’ve already set a date for when the next Saw is going to be unleashed upon us…

I wonder how much longer the Saw franchise will keep on going – will nine be it? Or will they go one more to round it up to a nice number 10? I can’t imagine they’d go many more than that. I mean, it’s already beyond ridiculous how much they’ve dragged (yes, dragged) this series on, milking it for all it’s worth and more. But if we get to the point of a world where Saw XIX exists (that’s Saw 19 if you don’t know your Roman numerals simple smile Saw VII (In 3D) Gets 2010 Release ), I think we might as well give up as a species…

saw vi art work Saw VII (In 3D) Gets 2010 Release

No really, Jigsaw, feel free to stay dead…

What do you think of Saw VII being released in 3D next year? Do you agree the franchise has dragged on way passed its sell by date? Or is there plenty of more blood left to flow before they should finish things off?

As stated, Saw VII in 3D has a release date of October 22nd, 2010.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop

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  1. You GOTTA be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!
    I can not believe they are really moving forward with this horrid series anymore. I must admit I liked movies 1-3, but after that it just got annoying. JIGSAW IS DEAD!

    I saw the 6th one last month and came out of that movie pissed off because I spent 9 bucks on that crap. You’d think that after a movie with a budget of $11,000 beats the hell out of Saw in the Box Office Liongates would be generous enough to stop these movies! HAHA.

    But no, they figured go big or go home so they’re making it into 3D?!?! I must admit I MIGHT go see it just to see how the 3D is and if it butchers (pun intended) the Saw series or not. They really should kill off this series. Should have done that when they killed off the villain!!!

  2. Oh yeah. P.S. I’d rather watch Meet The Spartans another 3 times in theaters then watch another Saw movie.

    And if you’ve ever seen Meet The Spartans then you know.. You know.

  3. Dind’t the sixth one flopped at the box office? I’m getting sick of this movies being released every damned year.

  4. I agree with SIN

    worst movies ever why do people even bother to watch them

    give that filming money to other opeple with fresh ideas that have talent

    even that video of the saw guy in the tricicle on youtube that falla on his ass is better than the saw movies


  5. I don’t think this would be as bad if they didn’t release every year, but this is getting old and really quick. 9? I saw the first 4 I think and liked the first three. I wont see any of these.

  6. Does anyone remember this one scene in Airplane 2 in which you can see a poster of Rocky 38?

    Perhaps it’s time for a small digital edit…
    (Of course one had to increase the number drastically because in some years, Saw might have really reached it. Crazy.)

  7. They will stop at Saw 9, because Saw 9 comes out 2012, then the earth will kill all humans. :-)

  8. What is the new Doomsday Date goiing to be when we survive 2012?
    Just curious about that.

  9. 3D???? Really ?!? Why??????

  10. Saw VI opened to half the box office ($15MM) of any of the previous films except for the first. Stick a fork in this bad boy – it’s done.


  11. Yeah, I’ll say it. I like the Saw movies. Go ahead and hate me. I think they are dragging it out but in the craziest ways ever and it interests me. No, I’m not a moron, I swear. I don’t really like any other horror films beside this series. Saw 5 kind of lacked in the good department but 6 brought me back on. So, I’ll keep watching them and yes spending my money at the theaters.

    • I am with you on this BP…. I love all the saw movies… I hope they keep em coming

  12. Would whoever keeps going to see these movies please stop. Thanks.

  13. I agree with Bp I dnt care what anybody else thinks, the saw franchise is a pretty good one and I will continue to watch the saw movies untill they stop making them.

    • come on people saw is the best horror film and if you guys dont like then i hope in 2012 everyone who hates gets their penus blown off and oh ya i am only 10

  14. The Saw franchise isn’t as horrible as people think it is. I’m not gonna claim it’s a great series, like some people will, but so far I’ve enjoyed all of them, even with the dwindling quality of each.

    So the fact that there will be nine Saws doesn’t bother me, but what does is the fact that 3 of them will be 3D. Look, I’m all for 3D if it’s handled well (which, let’s face it, it’s not going to be with Saw VII) but I’m sick of all of these established franchises releasing new movies in 3D when all the old ones were shot in 2D. It just makes the new films stick out from the old ones.

  15. Thanks kevin and josh. Josh I agree with you, I forgot to say something about the 3D. Terrible idea. 3D never really enhances a movie, and I see no way that it will make Saw better. I don’t need to see a scene like the beginning of Saw 6 in 3D. Oh heck no. Please no 3D.

  16. you can so tell that there will be another one (after the one you just watched) because they leave the ending partially open for another story, i hope the collector is a prequel though, explaining how kramer got all the money etc to make the traps (he says in the 6th one that “money doesnt matter” )

    i liked 1 and 2 the most, but now like you said they’re just milking it for what its worth.

    its kind of creepy that there are so many people into “gore porn” hehehehe

  17. please change where it says Marcus and Patrick wrote Saw III, they actually did not… Leigh Whannell and James Wan did. Thank you!

  18. I heard Saw 6 was a return to form, but I havent seen it myself. The first 3 films were inventive and clever, and Tobin Bell gave us a genuinely disturbing villain in Jigsaw.

    But Jigsaw has been dead since part 3, let it go now. Who is still enjoying these films, I remember when the gore was a shock, but even into part 3 it was starting to fade from being disgusting to just being the background.

  19. “Saw” is the most clever horror franchise ever!

    I don’t know what so many of you are complaining about – each part reveals another piece of the complex, and complicated puzzle – parts 5 & 6 were good b/c they unpeeled another layer of the mystery – and I look forward to seeing each new sequel as they’re released, and then purchasing the DVD.

    “Saw” is the only horror franchise I can think of that every sequel is good – each film the games change – each film we learn more about John Kramer. Actually, I think part 6 was my favorite in the series, thus far. “Saw” brings so many relative issues of today into the spotlight, and they went above-and-beyond in part 6.

    You can’t compare “Saw” to “Friday the 13th” – Friday 13th had some really lame, and crappy films in the series; the writing was rushed; just not clever like the “Saw” films – are you telling me that the ending in “Saw 5″ wasn’t genius!? When Strahm locked Hoffman into that box and shouted, “I’ve got you now!” and then what went down after that was just jacked-up! lol.

    The “Saw” series plays out like a TV series – like a really well written crime, mystery, horror series – each part reveals more, and more – I am utterly impressed with each part. If they can continue to deliver, I don’t care if they go to “Saw 100″.

    Think about it – you’re all complaining about there being too many parts – but just what else is coming out that’s so much better?

    Would you prefer to go see another lame haunted house movie – or maybe a typical, cliche “Quarantine” or “Sorority Row” horror film? Or how about a nice remake like “The Stepfather” that cannot measure up to the original.

    Seriously, it’s not as if “Saw” is taking away from anyone’s chances of seeing other films – it’s just one more film added to our choices, and if you don’t want to watch then you don’t have to, but that doesn’t mean the films are “lame” just b/c they continue to add to the story.

    I am just glad to see the series go on b/c the writing is such high quality – and that’s something that’s been lacking in most american horror the last couple of decades. John Kramer a.k.a. “Jigsaw” is probably the most fascinating, and intriguing horror villain ever – and the more films they make the more we learn about his character, and his philosophy – so even though he is dead, the series stays interesting b/c we learn how he became Jigsaw.

    “Saw” is just a top notch series w/ genius writing – and I hope they keep’em coming as long as the writers still put such great time and effort into the story.

  20. Bravo Gary,I agree with your assessment 100%,Although I do love the Friday The 13th series as well,even though some of them are lame.

  21. Well, I saw the first 3 and didn’t think they were anything special. For me, I just don’t see the appeal.

  22. i was not comparing the saw series to friday the 13th series, i love the saw movies i was just saying to those who thought it was crap that no matter what they will not stop untill the last drop $$$$ made by the seires comes in. and i will see all of them!

  23. I love the Saw series, although I will admit the first 4 were great and now it’s getting drug out. The fact the Saw is going downhill but still one of the better horror movies every year is a sad statement for horror movies as a whole. The last time horror movies hit a standstill Saw and Hostel came to save the day. Now its all ghost stories. Let’s get back to some good old blood and guts with a good plot!

  24. Okay, you all may hate the movies. I personally think they’re amazing. For someone to sit and actually think up so many different ways of doing that to people is actually amazing. Most movie series begin to repeat themselves after the third installment. These don’t. Get over it; they’re getting made.