Saw 5

Tagline: You Won’t Believe How It Ends.
October 24, 2008

Convicted killer Seth Baxter awakens in a Jigsaw-style game. Despite following the rules and mutilating his hands, the device still kills Seth.

Moments after killing Jeff Denlon (in Saw 4), Agent Strahm awakens in an inescapable Jigsaw game with a bowl around his head filling with water. Strahm manages to escape the trap by stabbing a pen through his windpipe. As he is freed, he sees Detective Hoffman, who has “rescued” Corbett Denlon (Jeff’s missing daughter) as he leaves the warehouse after the events of Saw 4, claiming that he is a survivor.

Agent Strahm becomes obsessed with Detective Hoffman, believing him to be a Jigsaw apprentice. He re-canvases several of the sites where previous Jigsaw victims were killed, ascertaining Hoffman’s various contributions to the kills.

Meanwhile, five new victims (who, together, are responsible for the deaths of eight people in a fire) find themselves in a Jigsaw game and are instructed to “go against their nature” in order to survive. The group is put through four challenges;  the pack sacrifices a member to each task until only two people, Brit and Mallick, remain. The pair discover that, had the group worked together instead of giving into their “natures,” they could have shared the burden and all escaped together, with only a mild amount of suffering. Though Brit and Mallick emerge from the game alive, they’ve endured a horrific, and life-threatening trauma to their arms as result of the final task.

Outside of the game, Detective Hoffman plants incriminating evidence suggesting that Agent Strahm is the actual Jigsaw apprentice – which Agent Erickson, Strahm’s superior, follows. While Erickson discovers Brit and Mallick (and suspects Strahm of the crime), Agent Strahm finds Detective Hoffman standing outside of what appears to be a Jigsaw game – a box filled with glass. Kramer’s voice on a tape recorder tells Agent Strahm that if he wants to live, he must trust Kramer and get in the box. Instead, Strahm attacks Hoffman – pushing him into the box. It’s revealed that Strahm has failed his game, as the box locks and descends into a crevice in the floor (protecting Hoffman) as the walls in the room compact – crushing Strahm.

Primary Characters (Deceased = Strikethrough):

  • John Kramer (Tobin Bell)
  • Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor)
  • Peter Strahm (Scott Patterson)
  • Agent Erickson (Mark Rolston)
  • Jill Tuck (Betsy Russell)
  • Brit (Julie Benz)
  • Mallick (Greg Bryk)
  • Seth Baxter (Joris Jarsky)
  • Corbett Denlon (Niamh Wilson)

Saw 6

Tagline: He Helped Me
October 23, 2009

Simone and Eddie, who were profiting from foreclosures, are forced to compete in a game: whichever victim cuts the most flesh from their body will survive. In the end, Simone cuts-off her entire forearm, thereby saving her life.

Meanwhile, Jill Tuck opens a box, left to her by the now-deceased John “Jigsaw” Kramer, containing the files for six new Jigsaw victims – before handing the envelopes to Detective Hoffman, Jigsaw’s apprentice.

William Easton, a callous insurance lender, awakens in a Jigsaw game where he has to compete against, choose between, and assist a number of his co-workers in a variety of different tasks  – culminating in a twisted merry-go-round trap where Easton can only choose to save two out of six staffers in front of him. Despite each staff member’s pleadings, Easton ultimately saves Emily (who has children) and Shelby (who takes care of her parents).

Outside of the game, Agents Erickson and Perez (who has recovered form her prior injury in Saw 4), begin to believe that  Agent Strahm is innocent, finally suspecting Detective Hoffman, the real culprit (they don’t yet know that Strahm is dead). Hoffman manages to kill the pair of agents before they can reveal his role in the Jigsaw killings – though Perez claims that “everybody” knows. Hoffman then plants further evidence at the crime-scene implicating Strahm.

A mother and son – Tara and Brent – who have awoken in a locked cage together, debate what to do with a handle marked with “Live” or “Die” positions. Reporter Pamela Jenkins wakes up in an adjacent cage. William Easton stumbles along the path of his game into a cage that traps him between Tara, Brent and Pamela; he recognizes Pamela, who is revealed to be his sister. Meanwhile, Tara recognizes Easton as the man who denied her husband (Brent’s father) insurance coverage, thereby condemning him to death. While Tara is unable to kill Easton, Brent pulls the lever in front of them to “Die” position and Hydrofluoric acid is pumped into Easton, killing him.

As Hoffman oversees the conclusion of Easton’s game, Jill Tuck ambushes him – strapping him into a chair and placing a Jigsaw trap on his head. She reveals that she had withheld one of Jigsaw’s envelopes – a file Kramer intended for Jill to use in order to test Hoffman. Hoffman manages to escape the device, despite the trap being nearly inescapable.

Primary Characters (Deceased = Strikethrough):

  • John Kramer (Tobin Bell)
  • Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor)
  • William Easton (Peter Outerbridge)
  • Agent Erickson (Mark Rolston)
  • Lindsey Perez (Athena Karkanis)
  • Jill Tuck (Betsy Russell)
  • Simone (Tanedra Howard)
  • Emily (Larissa Gomes)
  • Tara (Shauna MacDonald)
  • Pamela Jenkins (Samantha Lemole)

Saw 3D (Preview)

With two potential killers – Jill Tuck and Detective Hoffman – poised to take over Jigsaw’s legacy, not to mention a number of familiar survivors returning (see our lists above), Saw 3D could be the most intense and brutal Saw film yet. Will the filmmakers keep their word and make Saw 3D the last film in the franchise – tying up all the loose ends? Or will the film merely serve as a jumping off point for a new killer who “wants to play a game”?

In case you’ve missed our prior Saw 3D coverage, here’s the official synopsis:

“As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw’s brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror.”

Check out our official review of Saw 3D or continue on to our final, spoiler-filled summary of Saw 3D – who lives, who kills, and who dies.

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