‘Saw 8′ May Happen

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Saw movie Saw 8 May Happen

The Saw horror movie series is truly desperate to hold on to the title of “Franchise That Is Harder To Kill Than A Terminator,” isn’t it?

It seems that the seventh entry in the franchise, Saw 3D, may not be the last movie that concerns the wacky adventures of Jigsaw and his master plan – which, at this point, is so ludicrously complicated that it makes the schematics of the psychological heist in Inception or the plot of Lost seem like child’s play in comparison.

Moviegoers have taken the “this will be the last one!” promises from the writers of Saw 3D and even Lionsgate executives with, well, a bucket of salt up to now.  But money talks in Hollywood and the Saw movies are – if nothing else – excellent proof of that.

Actress Betsy Russell (Jigaw’s ex-wife Jill in the films) is the first one to acknowledge that Saw 8 could happen.  She even manages to appear genuinely enthused about the idea, as you’ll note in the quote below:

“Before we thought it was ending [with Saw 3D], the writers came up with an unbelievable idea [for Saw 8].  It’s an amazing story that I would love to see… We want to end near the top, with our integrity in tact and not letting the characters die a slow death, so to speak.  But I believe in my heart that someday, somehow, [Saw 8] will happen.”

Russell apparently said all this while keeping a straight face – Daniel Day-Lewis, eat your heart out. icon wink Saw 8 May Happen

Saw 3D Saw 8 May Happen

Insert your 'Saw 8' joke of choice here.

What might the plot of Saw 8 entail then?  Could the latest Saw victims be trapped in a space shuttle that is orbiting the earth?  Maybe a group of scientists will clone Jigsaw, but inadvertently give him bear traps for hands and thus set him off on a new quest for revenge.  The possibilities are endless! icon razz Saw 8 May Happen

The release date for Saw 3D was pushed back a week so that it would not compete with Paranormal Activity 2 on its opening weekend.  Those that love gory horror violence, do us all a favor and pass on seeing it anyway, cool?

Saw 3D arrives in regular and, yes, 3D theaters in the U.S. on October 29th, 2010.

Source: New York Post

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  1. At the 4th paragraph, first line it is written:

    (Jigaw’s ex-wife Jill in the films)

    which should be:

    (Jigsaw’s …)

      • @simple saw fan Idea for a SAW 8( How to bring Jigsaw Alive
        I personaly liked the character of Jigsaw as portrayed by Tobin Bell, and I would like to see him front and center if they make another SAW. However I think they should bring him back and instead of using the flashbacks .I mean heck video recordings can only go so far . Here’s my take on how it can establish a premise with how Jigsaw could have lived , despite all appearances to the contrary
        -Jigsaw died in SAW 3 , but what if it was a body double? One of Jigsaw’s victims , another terminally ill patient , surgically altered to look like him
        -To explain how the medical examiner could have missed that he wasn’t real Jigsaw , the coroner who performed the autopsy on Jigsaw was another accomplice who lied to the police
        -Jigsaw/John Kramer left the country , received medical treatment and his cancer went into remission , under the supervision of Dr Gordon. This actually makes sense given the conversation that takes places in SAW 6 regarding the new cancer treatments Jigsaw was seeking . Even though they check DNA,Death Cause,Identity, everything. and doing a brain surgerie can go unnoticed by Dr Heffner or get a twin of John Kramer can be his brother Joseph Kramer

        –End result : In a dramatic comeback , Jigsaw returns with brand new traps , alive and well
        Comments? feedback?

  2. if you watch all of them it makes a lot of sense.
    “Ludicrously complicated” is a comment of ignorance.

  3. I dont think there will be another one. In making Saw 3D they threw the scripts for Saw VII and VIII together to get Saw 3D (Thats why it was kind of rushed) because the outcome of VI wasnt what they were hoping for. And to make sure they went out with there heads above water and dignity intact. They didnt want to burn out like some of the other Horror films that have just extremely lost there touch. No one wants to see Saw VIII more then me trust me on that but I dont think we will get it. Yes there where 4 pigs at the end (one being Dr. Gordon) but really besides those three pigs everything was left with there answers so the last movie would entail what? Ahhh thats the million dollar question. To hope is good and great but lets not hold on to it for too long and be happy with the 7 we got which lets face it just absolutely rock socks on so many levels. The series are fantastic and only a fool would doubt that. Paranormal franchise eat your own heart out.

  4. I really hope there’s an 8th one, cause the 7th was awful and silly and didn’t live up to the great franchise. i hope they get Leigh Whannell and James Wan to do it.

  5. you know i am a huge HUGE fan of saw… i think that the series should come to an end with saw 3D… why? well if you noticed at the JIGSAW survival meeting all of the victims that survived the traps or was kidnapped like the lil boy in the 2nd saw movie and the lil girl from the 4th movie were sitting there listening to the BOONDOCK SAINT so called survivor make a speech.. also was dr gordon… the four pigs at the end to me was these people… DR. GORDON, THE BOY FROM THE SECOND MOVIE, THE LIL GIRL FROM THE 4TH, AND THE BLACK WOMAN THE CUT HER ARM OFF IN THE 6TH ONE… just to see HOFFMAN get what he deserves PUNISHMENT for killing JIGSAWS wife.. he was suppose to watch over her not kill her…now if they do make an 8th saw movie this is what i would like to see happen… from the 4th movie dr gordon come and picks up amanda after all that has happened.. he takes her to his office OR HIDING PLACE and revives her… then they both make continue jigsaws games… IF YOU REMEMBER amanda was like a DAUGHTER TO JIGSAW and DR GORDON WAS HIS FIRST TEST SUBJECT and his doctor… he even made dr gordon a prosthetic foot… so what does that tell ya? but lets all hope another comes out… like a prequel to show how it all started and showing the piggies kidnapp the first two subjects from the first one and why? why was the photographer guy there? hmmmmm interesting….!!!!1

    • His first test subject was actualy seasel noy Dr Gordon. It would be interesting if seasel returned last we saw he was stuck in some razor wire but who said he died. Maybe in the end he came around to John’s way of thinking.

  6. why saw 8 was no update?
    if thier are saw 8 coming?
    why thier are no official TRAILERS from lionsgate?
    now it’s October 01, 2011….

    i think every year saw (movie) was releasing to theater and cine. And they have trailer show to the tV.

    • Ya jhon saw 8
      will be the story about amanda dr jordon & hoffmann im the severe fan of saw im waiting for saw 8

    • not only is your idea completely feasible, but as long as the facts above you enlightened us with, were correct (I gonna check), I think you may just be be on the money. thats probably the best idea ive seen around these comments

    • ur right! o.o personally i dont mind a saw 8. back in the 80s they had cheesy run ons for just about all the big horror films. they wernt great then but now theyre classics. and i’d kinda like to have it all end with a bang and not me feeling like it was a cliff hanger.

    • when he said “most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you not anymore”, that was a voice flashback from when amanda passed her test.

    • actually we see adams corpse in the second one when the officer is put into the same bathroom like place so your idea is invalid

    • we see adams corpse in the second one, so your idea is not possible!!

      • that wasn’t adam’s corpse . if u notice adam’s left foot was chained . The corpse on the 2nd episode had its right foot chaines . the corpse belongs to the black detective from part 1

    • I just want to point out that at the end of the second movie, you see Dr. Gordons foot, Zeps dead body, AND Adam’s dead body in the corner, so i don’t know if you remembered that when you commented but, i guess she did kill him with the bag at the time.

    • He was talking about Eric Matthews and the screenplay was probably wrong it is adam as you see plastic on the corpses face whether you see it or not you can see the light bounce off his face

    • no Adam is for sure dead remember his corpse at the end of saw 3D

    • You are wrong adam is dead in one of the saws you can see a full skeleton in the bathroom it is adam’s i’m not sure which one it is in when he said about cleaning up your mess he was talking about eric Matthews because it shows him dragging eric

  7. when he said “most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you not anymore”, that was a voice flashback from when amanda passed her test.

  8. Saw

  9. SAW 8! SAW 8!

  10. I also want SAW 8 !!!!
    Isn´t there any biljonaire-man who can pay the filmmakers to go on ?

  11. you dumb, see the dead body of Adams in the end scene of saw 7 where Hoffman is tied by the chains !!!

    • That corpse that Det Hoffman is chained next too is not ADAM its detective Riggs

  12. There will be a SAW 8 take a look back at saw 1 saw 2 saw 3 and saw 7 all i know the main characters that will be there might be adam or maybe amanda (adam might be alive or amanda might be keeping i secret)

  13. Others say that adam cant be alive because amanda suffocated him and he fell down the ground right?Look at the ending scene of saw 3D adams body was sitting not on the ground and there is no more chain attached to him i think that body is not adam but david tapp’s body because in the body of adam in saw 7 the bullet hole is in his chest but adam was shot in the shoulder saw adam might be taking pictures of their victims

  14. Others say that adam cant be alive because amanda suffocated him and he fell down the ground right?Look at the ending scene of saw 3D adams body was sitting not on the ground and there is no more chain attached to him i think that body is not adam but david tapp’s body because in the body of adam in saw 7 the bullet hole is in his chest but adam was shot in the shoulder saw adam might be taking pictures of their victims?

  15. everyone smells

  16. who knows the reason part 8 is not being released? saw is my best ever movie and as the biggest saw fan i anxiously wait for part 8.

  17. i’ve been reading through predictions of who will act in saw 8 but everyone seems to forget about officer Reg. it seemed like the jigsaw was trying to recruit him, a thought achoed by agent Peter Strahm. the jigsaw kept telling him: see as i see; feel as i feel……

  18. I can’t wait for saw 8, and at the end of saw 7 where Gordon captures Hoffman with the two other accomplices. I think one of them is Adam and Danielle Mathews

  19. The 2 pig mask helpers are not Adam and Daniel Matthews
    Adam will return to attack Dr Gordon remember he left him there to die
    Adam works with Det Hoffman remember the photos he got from the vault well someone is sending pics of the latest victims
    The 2 pigmask helpers are corbett denlon and daniel matthews cause they both lost their parents due to Hoffman!

  20. Come on damn it give us saw 8

    • check my channel on youtube Adam is alive and returns and more for more leading explanations that Adam is alive and the body lying there is Det Riggs or Det Tapp

  21. Saw 8!!!!!! B-)
    After that i’ll be waiting for Saw 9-10…… And More……!!!!!!

  22. A way to keep the Saw series going (which I hope they DON’T…there IS a point where it goes too far, and Saw 7 answered enough questions to wrap up the plot line). At the beginning of Saw 5, Hoffman says “there are no survivors” as he’s carrying Jeff’s daughter out of the building. But we never actually SEE Detective Riggs die at the end of Saw 4. His gunshot wound was to the shoulder and didnt APPEAR to be fatal. And, all throughout Saw 4, Riggs was reminded that he would one day “owe” Hoffman. So the pigs at the end of Saw 7 are Dr. Gordon, Riggs, and Daniel Mathews (the boy from Saw 2). So there are the makings of the new Jigsaw TEAM. But, like I said, I hope it ended with 7. Dr. Gordon, the ONLY reason I kept watching the series, is alive and that was all the closure I need

    • I do agree with you BlackFox cause at the end of SAW 4 he got shot to the shoulder what if I said to you that he is the corpse in that room and not ADAM? Cause remember they bought got shot at shoulder area while
      What if Amanda is alive and Dr Gordon removed the bullet from her afterall he does stitching and surgeries? Can you explain why she always carried the surgical utensils with her and wanted to kill herself?
      Who are the 2 pigmask helpers ? I assume Daniel Matthews and Corbett Denlon cause they lost their parents

  23. Ok I thought of this Corbett Denlon and Daniel Matthews could be the pigmasked helpers I got a blog I created on another website where many SAW fanatics went as far as to tell me it could be Amanda and Adam? Daniel Matthews and Amanda? Can anyone tell me in their logical thinking who could the 2 pigmask helpers who helped Dr Gordon are ??? Any feedback or hints/tips are welcome from SAW fans on this board can help . Thank you Who do you think are the pigmask helpers who assisted Dr Gordon at the end of SAW 7 when capturing Hoffman?

    • whats the blog site?

  24. All I gotta say is on part one before Dr Gordon and Adam the detectives was after jig saw. For what? What happened before all this?? Please come with part 8!! Oct 2013…

  25. I think they might mess up the saw franchise if they try to make a saw 8 but at the same time, i’d love to see it! I love the saws! But, yeah, lawrence gordon is still alive. ; )