‘Saw 8′ May Happen

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Saw movie Saw 8 May Happen

The Saw horror movie series is truly desperate to hold on to the title of “Franchise That Is Harder To Kill Than A Terminator,” isn’t it?

It seems that the seventh entry in the franchise, Saw 3D, may not be the last movie that concerns the wacky adventures of Jigsaw and his master plan – which, at this point, is so ludicrously complicated that it makes the schematics of the psychological heist in Inception or the plot of Lost seem like child’s play in comparison.

Moviegoers have taken the “this will be the last one!” promises from the writers of Saw 3D and even Lionsgate executives with, well, a bucket of salt up to now.  But money talks in Hollywood and the Saw movies are – if nothing else – excellent proof of that.

Actress Betsy Russell (Jigaw’s ex-wife Jill in the films) is the first one to acknowledge that Saw 8 could happen.  She even manages to appear genuinely enthused about the idea, as you’ll note in the quote below:

“Before we thought it was ending [with Saw 3D], the writers came up with an unbelievable idea [for Saw 8].  It’s an amazing story that I would love to see… We want to end near the top, with our integrity in tact and not letting the characters die a slow death, so to speak.  But I believe in my heart that someday, somehow, [Saw 8] will happen.”

Russell apparently said all this while keeping a straight face – Daniel Day-Lewis, eat your heart out. icon wink Saw 8 May Happen

Saw 3D Saw 8 May Happen

Insert your 'Saw 8' joke of choice here.

What might the plot of Saw 8 entail then?  Could the latest Saw victims be trapped in a space shuttle that is orbiting the earth?  Maybe a group of scientists will clone Jigsaw, but inadvertently give him bear traps for hands and thus set him off on a new quest for revenge.  The possibilities are endless! icon razz Saw 8 May Happen

The release date for Saw 3D was pushed back a week so that it would not compete with Paranormal Activity 2 on its opening weekend.  Those that love gory horror violence, do us all a favor and pass on seeing it anyway, cool?

Saw 3D arrives in regular and, yes, 3D theaters in the U.S. on October 29th, 2010.

Source: New York Post

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  1. how can the actress who played Jill Tuck say that saw 8 is a good idea when she is dead? Det. Hoffman put the head device on her in saw 7. Therefore how can she comment on that when her head got ripped open?!

    • She could still appear in flashbacks, haunt Hoffman (If he’s still as alive) as a ghost, or she can play her long lost twin, or get cloned.

    • Or a prequel.

  2. i think they will make saw 8 because bobby dagen is still alive and ye who are the other 2 who helped,, many people can helped him in theory, and i think hoffman is not gonna servive but someone found him or someting and i think they will show many of the engenering of john and the rest of the jigsaw killers,, and if you watched every movie over ninethousend times then you saw many “traps” he drawned and build but never seen in the movies yet,, and they said: “it’s the final chapter” and not something like the final movie, so the last chapter can be more then just 1 movie becouse it’s a chapter.

  3. considering detective Matthew’s son was surrounded by fellow detectives when SawII ended, I doubt he was able to go home, and call up Gordon…….BUT you know how these movies are! Detective Matthews could have had surgery and his son could have met Gordon there….You never know really! I think these produces are too smart to let us think of the common guess’ us as audiences have. (Im just thinking here) but I mean everyone is dead! Too bad Sean Flannery had to die too. Okay lets recap!!!! Dr. Gordon, MAYBE Hoffman, MAYBE Matthew’s son………….Man I dont know! this is all so confusing! SOOOOO what was the deal with that guys daughter from SawIII???? was she just a trophy for Hoffman to prove that he saved her??…………..OHHHHH and HeeHaw???how can you say that Jill Tucks charachter has no say so? I mean come on THINK!!! Tobin Bell has been dead for….what? FOUR movies. You think he has any say so! have you ever heard of a flashback! The Saw Franchise is notorious for them!!!

  4. The Final Chapter… Huh!? Wasn’t Saw IV the ‘final chapter’ of John’s story? Saw V through VII seems to me the story of Hoffman. There’s his ‘final chapter’. I’ve always heard this series to be a ‘Trilogy-Trilogy’. If so, then there should remain 2 more films to produce (Saw VIII & Saw IX). 2 films is plenty to finish the Gordon story. Jill Tuck’s role can be reprised through the means of flashbacks. Flashbacks concerning her and Gordon conversations. Clearly she knew him. We recognized this in the previous film (Saw 3D; the delivering of the package). This is what I’m hoping for, anyhow. A well written Prequel could work, as well. Just bring back Bouseman to direct. I love his style.

    • this idea rules.

  5. @ ivix2332, yes good idea.

    what about adam – theres no SOLID proof that he is dead, i mean, jigsaw gets his hands on all sorts of stuff so why can’t he get some fake bodies or get GORDAN to get some from hospital etc. i think adams more important than people think, plus SAW 8 and more will be needed to fully explain the whole plot and end it – NO open endings, just an ending thats awesome and cannot possibly ever have a sequel.

    also, amanda could possibly be alive – only possible explanation is that the second after everything goes down in jigsaws death room – gordon walks in – hooks amanda up to some blood supply and revives her, and she gets plastic surgery or somethin idk. but the idea of both amanda and adam being alive is feasible. also, i think that some parts of multiple films are spread out all over the saw timeline.

    i also believe that the original creators Leigh whannel and james wan wrote more than just saw 1, i think they had the whole thing planned out, and they ‘left’ the saw series to make everyone think they were no longer involved, but they were. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE ON HOW IT ALL FITS TOGETHER SHOULD BE TOBIN BELL AND LEIGH WHANNEL AND JAMES WAN.

    but thats just one saw fans opinion

    • In the room that they end SAW VII or 3D ther’s a dead body and in SAW II there’s the body to, in the same place that Adam wa,
      I think that maybe the survivor of the second film, the child can grew up an be a jigsaw of the new generation
      and they have to tell us the whole story of dr gordon

    • As far as Adam goes, I believe Amanda suffocating him and John confiming this in dialog in Saw III is meant to be evidence enough that the decaying corpse in the bathroom is in fact Adam. With Amanda, yes, it is plausible. However, the timespan between her being shot in the neck and the intrusion of the FBI agent into the room appeared to be long enough for her to bleed to death. Especially were that bullet to pass through an artery. Which with the profuse amount of blood decanting from her, I presume happened. Then again, it is all just a movie. Directors can make anything appear anyway they wish. I’ll just wait for another sequel to appear and we’ll find out eventually. Hopefully.

    • I believe Adam’s death was proven not only by the rotten bodies when returning to the room, but also in the first video game. One of the puzzles involved checking a bunch of bodies’ name tags, and cutting into the one that’s actually dead to get a key. The one that actually is dead has Adam’s name on the tag. I just want to know HOW he died, really..did he stay there until he starved, or did one of Jigsaw’s men come back and finish Zep’s job by just shooting him?

      • If you remember on Saw 3, Amanda (as shes already Jigsaw’s apprentice) goes back into the bathroom and sees Adam asleep and she wakes him only to suffocate him with plastic wrap…i believe she didnt want him to go through another week of starvation so she just basically put him outta his misery

  6. for some reason i have a funny feeling that they are gonna find a way to bring the actual jigsaw character (John Kramer) back to life. Anything is possible and that would be the ultimate ending! MARK MY WORDS!! (CHRIS MICHAEL CRAFT).

    • @craft how can they bring Jigsaw alive? Any suggestions? Ideas? Maybe his twin brother Joseph Kramer? I have an idea what is your idea?

  7. @ craft

    perhaps perhaps wouldnt put it past lionsgate

  8. for some reason i have a funny feeling that they are gonna find a way to bring the actual jigsaw character ( John Kramer) back to life. Anything is possible and that would be the ultimate ending!! MARK MY WORDS! (CHRIS MICHAEL CRAFT)

  9. i love this movie…
    i can’t wait until October,on tiptoe in saw 8 and other saw….
    i am a fan of saw movie…..
    and fan of Tobin Bell,Cary Elwes and Costas Mandylor
    and also the writter of saw Leigh Whannell……

    it’s nice,nice movie…..
    i wish
    that have official trailer of saw 8…

  10. I want to play a game
    you have been a SAW fan for that last seven years if you forgive that the wals of your house are going to make smaller every day,
    live or die make your choise

  11. ok. lemme say i love saw all of them they all go together and make sense i saw 3d not in 3d but just saw it to see it im that much of a fan and all i been doing lately is watching saw hoping for another one which led me here.

    I think there will and should be a next one, or two and if you dont like it dont go we the real fans will never miss u haters there plus gordon needed help, hoffman is alive, we were told adam died by amanda from jigsaw but never saw the body nor was it in there when hoffman got trapped. He can escape via the matthews way and i could see his son joining to be one in the group and get revenge on the guy that kept his dad alive just for a game to kill him so he could be the hero as for the second person thats in the air. Include some flashbacks with Jill and Gordon, how gordon did all this over time and got set up with his crew also have hoffman escape but lay low till 9 where they can duke it out.

    gordons wife and daughter and the daughter that were saved can be considered to have important roles as can the black chick with one hand…. by nine it mine be that there is no one jigsaw but the whole thing becomes a cult such as after gordons speech to the lying bout the trap dude all the person in the room clap and notice him as leader while he sits in the back and listens..remember jigsaw likes to be plan of the games and hoffman was g but he was brawns not brains so u need gordon not hoffman to go on….i dont even type this much in college when i have to and i could go on i love the movies that much keep making them cause for the ppl that love jason and freddy and such for me being 23 this is my serial killer of my time and i got to say they are pretty good with a senseable story that u really can follow and believe most parts the gore is extra but not what makes the movies thus making them better everyone looks to the end of the movies for the great twist that lets u see how great it is to mess with the mind and thats the overall goal of jigsaw…is it not?

  12. ps. no hoffman…..and they need pics on ppl adam takes the pics and gordon promised to come back u think he let amanda just walk back and kill him he prolly told jigsaw that adam is better off with them when jigsaw promised to tell him everything they went back and got adam and thats how john found out that she couldnt keep ppl alive so he tested her next movie to see if he should follow him,so gordon runs this group and they before a cult in which jigsaw never died like jasons and freddys this is how they started and until ppl really get sick of it….IDEA:the cops kids first hood and adam second hood…..and if its in 8 i dont wanna get paid ill pay u and be really happy make them till u cant anymore if ppl dont like it go watch disney on ice with your kids or something its a horror movie for horror fans and u cant tell me there is something better out there in our current generation…series wise

  13. and if u see the end of saw6 amanda does warn that lil girl so she could be one of the pigs or if hoffman kills gordon she is gonna kill him

  14. hoffman is a killer and jigsaw said that he hates killers so hoffman will die because jigsaw made the last game for him he had to let jill live

    the next one its gonna be of dc gordon

  15. hey “smokingnugs” you should really take some English or writing courses if you really are in college….. I’m not being mean or anything but you are just really difficult to understand.

    They have already started making a saw 8. There is a trailer too. I don’t remember the site though. I remember that i searched for a new saw movie trailer on google and it came up. It looks excellent! I can’t remember the title but Dont search for saw 8 because that’s not what it’s called.

  16. Please please please make a saw 8 I love the movies of saw…………..

  17. what about saw 1. think of the bathroom and the man who committed suicide. how did he get there.

    • I hope your joking.

  18. Here is an idea I have for Saw VIII: Summary

    Detective Matthew’s brother, (Name TBD, could possibly be played by Mark Wahlberg just a suggestion),has been trying to avenge his brother ever since he had gone missing and been killed by the notorious killer, Jigsaw. He decides to gather up all the survivors of previous games/traps and go after Mark Hoffman, Jigsaw’s final follower. After realizing Hoffman has gone missing, Matthew’s(Name TBD) brother thinks their could be more followers to the Jigsaw legacy.

  19. OK,i think i know how saw 8 will be played,
    john kramer had a brother a twin one named billy.the puppet represent the him in the movie.so basically i think the original jigsaw is alive.there thats it i think

  20. here’s my input on what saw 8 should be about basically jigsaw needs to be revived after they discover a mad scientist get the dr to put the scientist on a wild saw adventure thus changing his life around becoming the new creator of the saw traps

  21. Here’s my idea for a Saw 8: Opens up with a flashback. A new character named Hudson is talking to Eric Matthews about Michael Marks’s death. He tells Matthews that Jigsaw couldn’t have put the key behind Michael’s eye because he wasn’t a doctor. He concludes that Jigsaw has to have another apprentice, who is obviously Gordon. Matthews replies, “We don’t have proof, do we, Hudson?”. Right after Saw 3D, Hudson is investigating the junkyard from Saw 3D. He gets kidnapped by Gordon and is put into his own game.

  22. Bring on a Saw 8 i really enjoy the suspence of these however be careful of the next execution as too many sequals becomes repetitive and i’d hate to see that happen to these too they’re too good for that

  23. There are 3 pigs at the end so…. yeah they better make another.

  24. ok so dr.G was doing the work to so he MIHGT carry the legacy im hopeing a saw viii will come out

  25. Actually, if you take a closer look at the “Insidious” movie, there is a reference for a Saw 8 movie there. Careful attention at the scene where the class is dismissed, on the blackboard there is the sketch of the jigsaw puppet with an “8″ underneath it…

    • James Wan and Leigh Whannel (director & writer of Saw I) also made Insidious. ^

      I hope Saw 8 comes out. I think the hint means it will ;D

    • did u see this in saw 3d?

  26. yeah saw 8 very expected movie…im waiting for ths gore movie…it still holds the records till now..!

  27. They should make saw into a tv show, that way they can go on and on with their awesome plot without complaints. I would so watch that.

    • XD That would be great!

    • Now, that’s not a bad idea.

  28. The two other pigmaskes was the two guys from the love triangel trap. In the first SAW Dr. Gordon survived but he didn’t follow the rules.The place Jigsaw is talking about in the end of SAW 7 could be a trap for Gordon so he could be fully tested.It would atleast be a good twist ending =/

  29. I got a bizzare ending for the francise. Just as the movie is reaching the climatic ending, it cuts to a bedroom jigsaw is sitting up in bed, and his wife turns on the light, sits up and asks whats wrong; he looks at the camera and says, I just had the strangest dream. then end credits.

    • LMAO!!!!

      Maaaan…. talk about some ticked off folks. LoL