‘Saw 8′ May Happen

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Saw movie Saw 8 May Happen

The Saw horror movie series is truly desperate to hold on to the title of “Franchise That Is Harder To Kill Than A Terminator,” isn’t it?

It seems that the seventh entry in the franchise, Saw 3D, may not be the last movie that concerns the wacky adventures of Jigsaw and his master plan – which, at this point, is so ludicrously complicated that it makes the schematics of the psychological heist in Inception or the plot of Lost seem like child’s play in comparison.

Moviegoers have taken the “this will be the last one!” promises from the writers of Saw 3D and even Lionsgate executives with, well, a bucket of salt up to now.  But money talks in Hollywood and the Saw movies are – if nothing else – excellent proof of that.

Actress Betsy Russell (Jigaw’s ex-wife Jill in the films) is the first one to acknowledge that Saw 8 could happen.  She even manages to appear genuinely enthused about the idea, as you’ll note in the quote below:

“Before we thought it was ending [with Saw 3D], the writers came up with an unbelievable idea [for Saw 8].  It’s an amazing story that I would love to see… We want to end near the top, with our integrity in tact and not letting the characters die a slow death, so to speak.  But I believe in my heart that someday, somehow, [Saw 8] will happen.”

Russell apparently said all this while keeping a straight face – Daniel Day-Lewis, eat your heart out. icon wink Saw 8 May Happen

Saw 3D Saw 8 May Happen

Insert your 'Saw 8' joke of choice here.

What might the plot of Saw 8 entail then?  Could the latest Saw victims be trapped in a space shuttle that is orbiting the earth?  Maybe a group of scientists will clone Jigsaw, but inadvertently give him bear traps for hands and thus set him off on a new quest for revenge.  The possibilities are endless! icon razz Saw 8 May Happen

The release date for Saw 3D was pushed back a week so that it would not compete with Paranormal Activity 2 on its opening weekend.  Those that love gory horror violence, do us all a favor and pass on seeing it anyway, cool?

Saw 3D arrives in regular and, yes, 3D theaters in the U.S. on October 29th, 2010.

Source: New York Post

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  1. I hope they make a Saw 8. The way Saw 3D ended they could really use a final film to wrap everything up. Although I wish they would never end, I love the plot and the thought of a Halloween without a new Saw is slightly depressing.

  2. Dear saw producers I do yes enjoy watching your amazing movies I intend on seeing an 8th installment to the saw frenchies please on doing so I am hoping to see another gorry adventure to this movie please email me back and let me know if there is anything going on with “a saw 8″
    Thank you.

  3. Three major things they NEED to do when making this movie:

    - leave the 3D to kids movies; there’s was seriously NO NEED for it.
    - go back to their creative roots; the traps in SAW3D were extremely lame.
    - GET BETTER ACTORS… gosh I was so disappointed with the acting in S3D.

    I am a HUGE saw fan, but this last installment was HORRID. The acting was absolutely terrible, the opening “trap” with the 2 boys/1 girl was the dumbest thing I’ve EVER seen, the whole plot with the author was SO stupid and pointless… whatever happened to creativity?

    The only good thing about this movie/the only thing that SAVED this movie, was the incredible ending with dr. gordon.


    • I couldn’t agree me

  4. Saw 3D was awesome :) I love them all, except I need to watch them all again because it’s hard to keep up with all the details. But I love Det. Hoffman and would love to see how everything wraps up.

    And if there isn’t a Saw 8, then I’m just going to say that Det. Hoffman is the sole survivor and gets away from everything, the traps, the police, everyone. He lives on as a legend. =D!

  5. I would LOVE for the Saw movies to continue. I am seriously addicted to them and especially Costas Mandylor who plays Hoffman in the series.
    ****SPOILER ALERT – DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW AT LEAST ONE THING THAT HAPPENS IN SAW 3D***** I would love to see if Hoffman makes it out of the very room that started it all and if so, then how. I believe he could do it. He’s got the charisma. Jill already tried to kill him once and he outsmarted the reverse beartrap. I would love to see Hoffman continuing to be an invincible antihero and overtake the Jigsaw Legacy. Saw fans add me on myspace!

  6. I love all the Saw Films, not for the gore but for the story and the way it has progressed and linked all the characters from the first movie.

    I feel that the latest instalment HAS wrapped everything up, an eighth film would be pointless (And I say this with great sadness, in my opinion these are the greatest films ever.)

    But seriously; where would Saw 8 go? All of the main characters are dead. Except Dr. Gordon, and if he continues as some kind of ‘New Jigsaw’ then I swear I will actually eat my own foot.

    If you watch all 7 films, back to back, you’ll find that everything actually IS really neatly tied up now and the ending of Saw 3d is perfect… It’s gone full circle, finished where it started.

    The only people who are crying out for an 8th film are the fans who are only interested in the gore and the brutality, and NOT the story . . . The fans who loved the story and the characters involved, the true fans, they all know that the final instalment has been and gone . . .

    Any further and the franchise becomes a Joke, a money spinner, churning out mindless gore with no actual plot . . .


    • @Ben all the characters are dead? lol Hoffman is still alive and he will escape! Det Fisk is alive yet to be bought back do you think he also knows what Agent Perez knew quite possible he might tail Hoffman!
      Dr Gordon will be dead in SAW 8 cause it will end in SAW 9 ! Adam will return in SAW8 and no he wasn’t dead if he can fake his cigarette death in front of Dr Gordon why wouldn’t he when Amanda did it!

    • How can you say it covered everything ? LOL who payed Hoffman the ca$h he had in his duffle bag? who is supplying the photos to hoffman? bobby dagen lives so what happens next ? Hoffman will escape and I guarantee you he will kill dr gordon!

  7. I must see another saw movie. It is my favorite horror series, and it can’t end. If you have seen saw 3-d you will understand why it can’t end there!

  8. Nowhere for Saw 8 to go? I agree with ari! ****SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN SAW 3D**** For example we didn’t see Costas/Hoffman die in Saw 3D, just get locked up. So far he has been like invinceable. Jill tried to kill him with the reverse bear trap and she’s the one that ended up dying in it! I fully believe that Hoffman could get out. He really is that good. Anyway I love seeing Costas Mandylor and also Dr. Gordon is also awesome. I want the Saw films to continue. I actually just watched Saw 3D for the second time in the theater today and I got to sit in the middle because it was an early matinee showing and I must say the 3D was much better from this perspective. I was mainly pissed off that the only merch I could find in the local malls was a Living Dead Dolls version of Billy that I do not want. I really want the films to continue. Saw fans add me on myspace (click on my name, it goes to my profile). Thanks!

  9. I believe the traps in Saw 3D both had good and bad points if I am honest. The beginning trap was poor to say the least but it added humour in a way to me and my friends who went to go see the film. The other traps were decent but not really Jigsaws greatest ideas in my opinion.
    ******SAW 3D SPOILER ALERT******
    The ending to Saw 3D was just incredible, a lot of fans did predict this twist but it doesn’t take away the brilliance of the overall story.
    There IS a possibility of a Saw 8, and I only say this from the scene just before Dr Gordon locks Hoffman in the bathroom. Obviously having a prosthetic foot Gordon couldn’t capture Hoffman by himself, so he had two Pig-masked helpers do the job for him. It does leave remaining questions of who they could be and why are they helping him. I am a huge fan of the Saw franchise and the Saw 3D film really did put it to bed until I began to wonder who helped him. I believe the writers of Saw did this on purpose to leave a lot of wondering amongst a section of Saw fans.
    Not to forget this is Hoffman! He has survived damn near impossible and prevailed to continue his brutal version of maintaining Jigsaws legacy. He may be chained up but remember Detective Matthews didn’t need the saw (which Gordon kicks away) in order to free himself of the chain.
    There are many possibilities to come from this if a Saw 8 was made, which I think they will. Maybe the ending to Saw 3D was made also to make people think it is all over, but I don’t think so. Maybe Jigsaw counts on Hoffman being able to release himself somehow and there could be a real big test for him to finalise. I do not know I am merely speculating but I am a huge Saw fan and whilst I think the ending to the ‘final’ film was incredible and quite fitting, a part of me will relish for more out of the wonderfully imaginative story that is the Saw franchise!

    • @TheSwayzeEffect Hoffman lives he will get out of it he has a jacket on he is within reach of escaping since the bodies are near by him he as the 3 corpses have some clues a gun from zep , half saw blade from the presumed adam corpse but it ain’t him! HE will escape if Det matthews did it why not Hoffman!

    • the two other pig mask guys are the two kids from the public execution trap

  10. I thought the beginning trap itself was a good idea but I didn’t feel like the people that were in it were typical Jigsaw victims if that makes any sense. Other than that – @ TheSwayzeEffect thank you for putting my thoughts into better words than I could lol.

  11. That was one hell of a rant I posted there haha. The web address’s name can excuse me for that though and thank you @ ashgameover – it’s good to see there are other possible Saw-crazy fans out there too xD

  12. I think they should stop around saw 15, I love the blood and will keep watching as long as they keep producing them!! Maybe jigsaw has a twin brother? Maybe he is not really dead?

    • i think that there should be a saw 8 and end it in part 8 because theres still a lot of questions that haven’t been aswered like what did dr. gordon do after, why didn’t he go back to save adam, who were those 2 guys in the pig mask in saw 3d. Also Hoffman should end the whole story because he was Jigsaws closest assistance and he should kill dr. gordon and then Hoffman gets killed to by someone that was secretely in all the saw movies like if jigsaw had a twin brother and they killed him instead. It may sound weird but it will be a good story because that way jigsaw ends what he started and fools all his assistance.

      • Amanda suffocated Adam with plastic before Dr. Gordon could go back to save him, plus he was recuperating from his chopped off foot. I would like to know wtf he’s been doing this whole time though, although we already know he’s been assisting Jigsaw, but yeah other than that. All I know is I want more Saw and I’m pissed that it’s not in the theaters anymore LOL.

      • the two guys are the guys from the public execution trap

    • saw 8 will defo happen hoffman will escape and kill the little weasel doctor u looking for the doctor he`s looking for the doctor to

  13. If they do continue it, I still think Hoffman should make it out of the beginning Saw room. The man is incredible not to mention once again that Costas Mandylor is incredibly sexy (yeah I know but I’m obsessed). I will also keep watching the Saw movies no matter what, but I would love to see as many as possible with Costas. It would be awesome if he like made it out and then him and Dr. Gordon partnered up. I don’t know what to think though because despite the quote from Russell above, I saw an Elwes interview and he said that they basically bookended the series with him – being in the first and the last.

    • Hoffman will escape. Here’s how:

      Go back to the first Saw. Adam finds the green bag and pulls out TWO saws.
      The first one is used by Doctor Gordon to saw his foot off. This is the saw he throws out of the room at the end of Saw 3D. The second was thrown down in a fit by Adam and remains by his dead body. Where did Doctor
      Gordon chain up Hoffman? Right by Adam’s decayed body. Leaving 1 saw in the room with Hoffman and well within his reach. I agree that Saw 3D was billed as the last, but Saw 8 should center around Hoffman escaping by cutting his foot off just like Gordon and the final battle for Jigsaw’s legacy should take place between Jigsaw’s two prized accomplices. Besides, I would like to know who Gordon’s accomplices were in abducting Hoffman at the end of Saw3D.
      We already know that 2 out of the three people imprisoned in that bathroom
      escaped from their shackles (Dr. Gordon by cutting his foot off and Eric Matthews by smashing his foot with the back of the toilet). A badass like Hoffman, who already escaped the mini-jaw ripper, would have not problem escaping. I would like feedback so feel free to comment.

      • Adam broke his saw the blade broke off of it and it was basically 2 pieces

      • i agree i love saw and will contine to watch thats the only reason i like halloween but i thought in the first one they did have two saws but didnt the one saw break ………………..???? ya who was dr. gordon helpers ……????>?

          • dont think its mathews 2 blocks of ice took care of him hazard a guess any possible survivors such as the man and women from number 5 or the women from number 4 etc,
            what i didnt get when jigsaw quotes at end of 3d how dr gordans worked had helped him over the years ? shouldnt of this been weeks lol i mean i know its been 7years for all saw films to be shown but all the films if watched straight after each other would clearly show that all thats gone on has happened in a short space of time.

        • Yes i agree and the saw did break but that wouldn’t stop you from cutting your foot off, and the two pigs that was with gordon probally was Donnie walbergs Son never showed what happen to him or Dr. Gordon’s wife maybe who knows!! Hoffman will come back!

      • to saw junkie, i think everything u r saying is completly true, but the other saw in question is usless as the blade broke in saw 1 mate didnt it? i may be wrong i will have to watch it again.

      • @saw junkie who are the 2 pigmask helpers who assisted Dr Gordon in capturing Det Hoffman?

  14. @ Saw Junkie – I like it and I totally agree! Hoffman is not only a badass, he’s THE badass. I would hate for him to be physically incapacitated, but as long as he’s still alive I’m all for it. I feel the same way about Dr. Gordon’s accomplices. Who were those 2 people in the pig masks?! I really hope they don’t leave that question unanswered. I think one of them was a woman because of their small frame, and a part of me even thinks it might have been the Scream Queen winner Talendra bc of her character’s hatred of what happened (having to cut off her arm). She didn’t learn anything and while she would be an unlikely person to continue the sick legacy she hates and doesn’t understand the point of it, I thought that maybe she didn’t know that Dr. Gordon was also an accomplice to Jigsaw and maybe he just convinced her to help him with Hoffman by telling her that he’s responsible for what happened to her. He could have convinced her by using the fact that not only is also a survivor but in fact also had to sever a limb, and wants to get vengeance on Jigsaw’s accomplice (in this case meaning Hoffman, not himself). What do you guys think? Saw fans add me on myspace! you can just click on my screen name to access my profile. Thanks :)

  15. There is the possibility of the two survivors towards the end of Saw IV (the people who have to shed 10 pints of blood between the two of them, or something like that.) They have not been clarified I don’t think – I don’t recall seeing them at the Bobby meetings in Saw 3D and as horrific as their cuts down the middle of their arms were they most certainly will be alive.
    I guarentee they do make Saw 8 because of the incredible story line they could produce from what is to everyone ‘a predictable ending’.
    My absolute most loved part of Saw 3D had to be when Gordon captured him and Hoffman is like “What the hell?!”. At that point we all knew karma had caught up with the man.
    Only time will tell but we will know very soon. It will either be the greatest halloween ever or a very glum one.

    • That was my favorite part too! Elwes did a great job portraying that “you are f-ked” look during it. That nudge back down with the cane was icing on the cake. *thumbs up, fine holiday fun* lol

      I thought I was stretching it with Talendra’s character because of her one fake arm. Those survivors (if they did survive) would most likely both need a prosthetic arm and the people in the pig masks held Hoffman (who’s pretty physically overbearing) in place pretty well until Dr. Gordon jabbed him. I’m having a little trouble swallowing it, but it is an interesting idea.

    • mallick was at the meetings. andthe two guys are the guys from the public execution trap. said soin the extras

  16. - Warning! This post contains spoilers -

    I have, and always will love Saw movies for what they are. Everybody that is a Saw lover will know exactly what I’m talking about. However, I would love to see more believable characters in Jigsaw’s contraptions, such as the lady in the steam room of Saw VI. Also producers, could you please stop pretending that your target audience is full of idiots? For instance, in Saw VII (3D) we have the dispatcher repeating over the phone “are you there” to the same police officer that screamed (moments ago over the phone) “Call all police units back to the station”. Is there any actual person that is that stupid to ignore that command? Also (still Saw 3D), a police squad busts into the Jigsaw building wearing gas-masks, they trigger a trap that causes them to be (wait for it) gassed. There are other cases, such as the lady and husband who are hanging by wires, and the lady kills her husband by shocking her husband with a slap to the face (oh boy). Or, the climax of the movie, where the guy has to hook his pectorals to hooks and raise himself up…I guess an attempt to make a loop with the chain with the hook itself (hoisting himself by his legs/arms/whatever he wants to put through the loop) would’ve been too hard.
    I know I’m ragging on the producers of Saw; however, I love the movies, but I would like things to be a “little” more realistic (I know, it’s not realistic to begin with, but that’s the same with all movies). Either way, I’m looking forward to Saw 8 (please don’t force this one to be 3D, 99% of 3D movies suck).

    • that would suck if Dr. Gordon dies! I don’t want him to die almost as much as I don’t want Hoffman to die. Come on, we just found out that he was helping on a large amount of the traps! How are they going to continue with the medical/surgical theme if he dies? In any event if there is a Saw 8, I’m there. I’ve already seen Saw 7 four times in the theater and when I get paid I’m going to keep going until they’re not showing it in the theaters anymore.

  17. Dr Gordon will not die. Hoffmann will die. Lose all grace!

    • @Saulo Hoffman will escape if you saw the ending I ll be placing the clip on youtube in January he is shackled near the toilet and 2 dead bodies one is Zepp and the other from saw 2! He can easily escape and in an interview Cary Elwes pretty much booked himself in the SAW 1 and SaW 7 to end his character fans wanted to know about his progress if he was alive or dead but sadly he dies in SAW 8 will be written out and although rumors are circulating on youtube Adam is alive and may return to battle Dr Gordon! Afterall Dr Gordon ordered Amanda to kill Adam! At the end of SAW 3D who payed Hoffman stash of ca$h that he carried in his carry bag after he torched the place? Who are the 2 pigmasked helpers? One of them is Daniel Matthews and the other is a lady just by the smaller figure you can tell

      • i have an idea. i think the 2 pig masked people at the end of saw 3D could be doctor gordons wife and daughter. they were never shown again after saw 1. because in saw 1 gordons daughter had to be around 8 and the saw movies have been going on for at least 3 years (im not counting real life time) so she has grown bigger, so i think its his wife and daughter helping him. in saw 8 i think all 3 will set up a trap meant to kill hoffman and they will leave the country so they dont get found and the saw movies will come to an end.
        Also what happens to jeffs daughter from saw 3, at the end of 3 it shows hoffman carrying her out of the factory but where is she now??

        • the two guys are the guys from the public execution trap. it said this in the extras. and for your second question i’m guessing foster care

  18. they need to make saw 8. now that dr gordan is the only one left, he can take on jigsaws work. there better be an 8!

    • @saw fan there will be a SAW 8 Costas Mandylor(hoffman) said in an interview on you tube “its up to the fans” & “it depends how well they do at the box office” well Domestic Total as of Nov. 24, 2010: $45,489,000 pretty much its the fans who demand it and ask for it not the producers by december it will go higher

      Domestic: $45,489,000 44.3%
      + Foreign: $57,200,000 55.7%
      = Worldwide: $102,689,000

  19. i think saw 7 would would be the final installment but i am pretty sure that there’s still one last saw which concludes everything in between the gaps. and i realized after seeing the movie twice, i have a strong feeling that det. hoffman only made the garage trap, but the entire bobby trap isn’t his plan and he doesnt know anything about it. as you can check that on the timeline. Saw: Conclusion up!

  20. Yes and no, it was a very good franchise, but it will need to end at some point. Saw 3D ended perfect, however I do see how it could cont. from there. Yes I would like to see more, but no it ended perfectly.

  21. This ended perfectly, however I could see how it could cont. from where it ended.

  22. I think saw 8 should end it all. Imagine this
    detective hoffman breaks his foot to get out of bathroom. Hoffman begins searching for gordon. new tests and flashbacks show that gordon has became obsessed with testing. After many tests, Hoffman finds and tries to kill Gordon. Gordon escapes and goes after Hoffman. Eventuly right before gordon catches hoffman they are kidnapped by jigsaw survivers. A tape recording reaveals that Jigsaw’s plan was for someone to finaly end the games. That was his final test.

  23. all survivers along with boby degan come out of the shadows of a room. It is then revealed that Gordon and Hoffman are in a head crushing trap. They both freak out. Bobby Degan- game over! they close the door and Gordon and Hoffman die a slow death.

  24. In saw 8 doctor who will join the cops and will go bakc in time and capture a dalek wich will kill jigsaw before he starts making traps. For that reason the movie will be as long as 3 or 4 minutes

  25. You do know that the directors go on these sites and get ideas from you guys. Its funny they make money off of this. My opinion is that Detective Mark Hoffman should escape and try to figure out how to get back at Dr. Gordon. But my idea of escape for Hoffman is this: Remember the toilet lid that Adam killed Zep with? Well Hoffman could take that and smash not the chain, but the padlock. The mechanism inside a padlock is weak and it is surrounded by a thin layer of metal. Say he were to smash the padlock, He he could escap without injury. Sure the lights are turned off, but still, this is doable. And that is my pitch.

    • Just a quick question tje makers of saw said saw 7 would be the past one well this one was saw 3D not saw 7 maybe its ust a story to move into tue final saw which is saw 7 by the way if they did call this saw saw 7 can someone tell me thanks :)

  26. dr. gordon must die, and the brother of jigsaw will continue his work

  27. I think the Two pigs could be Donnie Son never showed what happened to him or Dr. Gordons Wife! Or the little girl that was in that room and grew up later only people i know that survived i have to re watch them

    • the two guys are the guys from the public execution trap.