‘Saw 8′ May Happen

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Saw movie Saw 8 May Happen

The Saw horror movie series is truly desperate to hold on to the title of “Franchise That Is Harder To Kill Than A Terminator,” isn’t it?

It seems that the seventh entry in the franchise, Saw 3D, may not be the last movie that concerns the wacky adventures of Jigsaw and his master plan – which, at this point, is so ludicrously complicated that it makes the schematics of the psychological heist in Inception or the plot of Lost seem like child’s play in comparison.

Moviegoers have taken the “this will be the last one!” promises from the writers of Saw 3D and even Lionsgate executives with, well, a bucket of salt up to now.  But money talks in Hollywood and the Saw movies are – if nothing else – excellent proof of that.

Actress Betsy Russell (Jigaw’s ex-wife Jill in the films) is the first one to acknowledge that Saw 8 could happen.  She even manages to appear genuinely enthused about the idea, as you’ll note in the quote below:

“Before we thought it was ending [with Saw 3D], the writers came up with an unbelievable idea [for Saw 8].  It’s an amazing story that I would love to see… We want to end near the top, with our integrity in tact and not letting the characters die a slow death, so to speak.  But I believe in my heart that someday, somehow, [Saw 8] will happen.”

Russell apparently said all this while keeping a straight face – Daniel Day-Lewis, eat your heart out. icon wink Saw 8 May Happen

Saw 3D Saw 8 May Happen

Insert your 'Saw 8' joke of choice here.

What might the plot of Saw 8 entail then?  Could the latest Saw victims be trapped in a space shuttle that is orbiting the earth?  Maybe a group of scientists will clone Jigsaw, but inadvertently give him bear traps for hands and thus set him off on a new quest for revenge.  The possibilities are endless! icon razz Saw 8 May Happen

The release date for Saw 3D was pushed back a week so that it would not compete with Paranormal Activity 2 on its opening weekend.  Those that love gory horror violence, do us all a favor and pass on seeing it anyway, cool?

Saw 3D arrives in regular and, yes, 3D theaters in the U.S. on October 29th, 2010.

Source: New York Post

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  1. If they wanted to go out with their “integrity in tact” then they should have shut it down after part 3.

  2. Can we start a boycott of torture porn? PLEASE?? I’m getting really sick of it.
    “Horror” isn’t “horror” at all. It’s “Let’s see, what is the coolest way we can kill this person!”
    It’s disturbing, but even more disturbing is the fact that people are going out and watching it.

    • Holy smokes I could NOT AGREE WITH PETER MORE!

    • Holy Smokes I could NOT agree with Peter more!!! Right there with you buddy.

    • Then don’t watch it. It’s an easy boycott.

  3. OMFG!!! I knew it! we all did! i told ppl part 7 was NOT the last,im pissed that i was right…..this franchise has to END! wow…im so pissed,its soooo freaking obvious they just go aftr the money,and ppl still sees these? wow…..

  4. Let’s prey God this is just a crazy rumor…

  5. jajajaja… I mean, let’s pray

  6. Music to my ears. I hope they do continue on with the franchise. Love all the SAW films.

    • Right there with you brooklynpsycho!

      • yeah saw 10 isnt outta my mind:) LOVE SAW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I love Saw films!

      I think the hate for them is so contrived and overdone. Saw has many fans.

      • i want loadsssssss of saw films. i love these stories

  7. I always thought they were doing 9… The first 3 were their own trilogy, which followed Jigsaw, the second 3 were another, which followed his apprentice, and now we have 3 more, which will apparently follow his wife.

  8. To be honest, I’m a true fan of the franchise… even after it’s decline after saw IV… but seriously? 8? That’s taking it too far… but I’d watch it anyway…

  9. They won’t get my money!

    • Good, because you don’t seem like their expected audience then :)

  10. Saw vs Police Academy. I love Police Academy but it went to far as is Saw. What I hate the most is the phrase “The Game has only just begun”. He says it almost every movie!

    SAW 8 : Show Me The Money opens next October

  11. What’s Saw 3D called in 2D?

  12. Its called saw 3d. Just like step up 3d. Pathetic huh?!?

  13. How can u guys like this news?!? OMG its pathetic! Wow…..theyre gonna keep making these then until ppl like u stop seeing these…..till wat part are u guys plsnning on seeing these?!?20?!? 30?!?

    • Actually “Ricky18″ the name of saw 7 is Saw: End Game so for a start your point is invalid. Get a life and stop insulting good films just because you dont have them imagination to follow the story line and realise that there are missing pieces. And the Saw film will only be released in 3D as this dimension works well in horror to being on a bigger adrenaline rush while you fell like you are in the “game” this will cause better reviews and more profit for the companies involved. Your Point– Invalid :) Sorry but you sound like a pathetic child who is arguing over a point which obviously has no relevence to your preference, yet you still look around for news to post mardy little comments on. Get a life dude. And maybe a few more brain cells if you can so you would realise that Saw has a great story line, amazing twists, imaginative deaths and amazingly portrayed characters.

      Thankyou and Goodnight! :D

  14. Well, I don’t know what THEY have planned, but two things I do know:

    1 – The SAW films are made on the cheap. They make some money. If the Saw (7) 3-D makes an extra dime, the filmmakers will search for whatever beads of water they can get out of the dry well.

    2 – John’s spirit becomes so enraged by his pupils making a mockery out of his work that his evil spirit possesses Billy The Puppet doll. Billy The Puppet wreaks havoc on new subjects until meeting his match with Chucky.


    • Yessssssss there will be a SAW8! SAW3D took first place with $24 Million in 2D & 3D this weekend made back its $20 million budget took first place at the domestic box office, surpassing “Paranormal Activity 2.”

  15. Yes they do im not saying that wat im saying is y do they keep milking this crap? A fan can only go to far till they start realising wat a fan they are of…..

  16. Wow I was gonna put this down to But after being called disturbed because I like sick horror movies. no matter how boring or stupid they get I hope that they make infinity more.

    Thats a mighty Tall horse your on, I like that the knees come to knife level!

    • i totally agree

  17. Peter,Moveeh8er,and Yupyupyup

    Agree with all u^^

  18. The psycho poster must be a SR regular having fun with an alias.

  19. Am a big fan of SAW movies, but a part 8 is bit too much. it s like making a Godfather 4.

    • same i totally agree with you, Mukundh :) xx

  20. Hell I think stopping at 7 would make any real horror fan sick. Keep going lionsgate.

    • Hell yeaahh the whole story is left so unanswered and needs another few to being out all the truth :D:D

  21. I’m with Nomad, keep making them. The crazier the better. Nothing is better than a good horror movie, but nothing can beat a string of crappy sequels! Put him in space!

  22. Yeah you know, Jigsaw has a grudge against some nasa astronauts.

    I could see the Shuttle out fitted with some traps. Hell there’s an airlock to play with???

    Could be as good as Leprechaun 4 In Space,,, ;-)

  23. I don’t knw If any if u lot seen it but on saw 3 at the end there was I little girl in the room and jigsaw said she had 60mins 4 that guy 2 save her?? Has any1 seen it

    • Martyn, yeah that little girl’s called Corbett (named after the original screenwriter’s wife, just saying haha :P), and she played Jeff’s daughter. And yes, I’ve seen it. What about it?

      For the record, might aswell throw in my opinion. I love the Saw movies, but they really do need to bring them to an end. I will keep watching them until they end of course, but I just hope that that will be pretty soon.

      • Dope ! the little girl was brought out by hoffman in SAW 5 so he looked like the hero instead of the new jigsaw obviously if you paid attention you would have noticed that eh !

        • As well after the credits in saw 6 you see Amanda telling the little girl to no trust the one who saves her

    • @Martyn that little girl was saved by Det Hoffman no? Corbett Denlon was saved in SAW 5 who I have a feeling she is one of the pigmasked helpers because of the familiar thin figure! Never know

  24. i like a few of the SAW movies but they somtime make me feel a little bit sick inside, they are a bit gory and horrid at most time but bring on SAW 8 loooking forward too it, :) and btw longsgate, you make amazing Films love ‘em :D <3

  25. i think Saw should carry on. tbh you could never run out of ideas about thinking up new ways to kill someone. or just maybe bring back some of the favorites!

  26. i heard that there was to be another two instalments which would take it to 9,this apparently came from tobin bell himself.anyway thanks to all the fans for pressurising the producers to bring back dr gordon i think he has been the missing link to all the films and i cant wait to see saw 3d in 2 days time.im just theorising here but i think it would be great if dr gordon turns out to be the real jigsaw apprentice from the begining i think the first saw was the best and cary elwes made that film as good as it was and keeping him out of the picture for so long was ingenious,bravo.

  27. Saw 3D was not pushed back a week for another movie. Saw has always been released the Friday before Halloween. Saw does not need to compete with any movie as it is the greatest.

  28. love it or hate it…..at the end of the day…we all just wanna see what cool new traps these mofos have come up with. they are running out of surprise guest characters who have “passed the test” .

  29. i’m a sucker for these movies, but i still think it ended wrong-ish….i loved the detail about dr gordon.

    but i think the movie missed out on the “grand vision” for jigsaw…..i’m thinking it would start a movement or a “cult.” specifically by people whom survived the traps….

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