Rumor Patrol: Another ‘Saw’ Movie in Development at Lionsgate

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Chester Bennington in Saw 3D Rumor Patrol: Another Saw Movie in Development at Lionsgate

When Saw 3D was released on home media with the name Saw: The Final Chapter, it was about as convincing as when the fourth Final Destination movie was called The” Final Destination i.e. not at all. Sure enough, Final Destination 5 came out just a couple of years later and brought back the tried and tested formula of a group of people escaping a terrible accident only to be picked in Rube Goldberg-esque ways because Death was having a sulk over being cheated.

The Saw franchise is undoubtedly the most successful within the niche horror subset of torture porn, evolving from the simple but effective short film made by director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell (Insidious) back in 2003 to become an annual showcase of elaborate murder devices and then… well, the series never really evolved much beyond that.

By the time Saw 3D opened to an almost unanimous panning from critics, the franchise had pretty much run itself into the ground and has been left to lie dormant for over three years. Dormant but not dead, it seems, as Bloody Disgusting now reports that another Saw film is in “incredibly active” development at Lionsgate, according to multiple inside sources. According the report, some are favoring the idea of a remake whilst others are interested in ploughing ahead with another sequel.

Cary Elwes in Saw Rumor Patrol: Another Saw Movie in Development at Lionsgate

While BD says that there is “nothing official on paper, nor a direction set in stone,” this is one rumor that is almost certainly true, and we’ve been expecting more news like this ever since Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns said last year that he was certain of Saw‘s eventual return. If anything, it’s surprising that it’s taken Lionsgate this long to get the series back on the road after Saw 3D made a respectable $136 million at the box office. Like the Paranormal Activity franchise, the Saw films are a big enough draw for audiences that they have made consistently decent profits with relatively low production costs.

The question of whether it should be a remake or a sequel is a tricky one, in the sense that it feels like picking the lesser of two evils. Since a remake would almost certainly mean recycling traps that everyone has already seen, it probably wouldn’t have the same audience pull as the sequels tend to. Another sequel might continue to burrow to new depths of badness, but if Lionsgate can find a screenwriter and director capable of supporting the inventive traps within the framework of a well-woven plot with interesting characters, there might still be hope for another decent Saw movie.

Tell us in the comments if you’re excited to play the game again, or if you think the Saw franchise needs to stay dead. If the former, should the next Saw movie be a remake or a sequel?


We’ll keep you updated on the next Saw movie as development continues.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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  1. Go for it. The story for the Saw movies has always intrigued me, so if we get a good addition to that I’m good for that.

    • Remake, schme-make. Reboot, schme-boot. No more reboots. Let’s have Carey Elwes return as the leader of Jigsaws disciples. Jigsaw probably has a lot or torturous plans for many more people, and has many recordings on tape for them telling them of his sinister plans. If his disciples take over for him there will be plenty of gore-fest ahead of us in these Saw series. The Saw series is a smart horror flick that makes you think. There no need to rehash the original plot so soon.

  2. Honestly, I always thought the original was a decent idea that never really paid off well and the sequels were just unnecessary excuses to show violent and creative ways people can die with zero plot or characterization.

    I won’t be coming back to this franchise, whether it’s another sequel or a remake.

    • Yep, the first one was original the rest just tried to constantly out shock everything that had previously gone before. The story lines for both franchises were weak and the characters were so by the by did anyone actually care when the individuals died? zero dramatic tension for me.

    • The Saw movies are much smarter than people give them credit for. For example Saw 6 used Jon Kramer’s backstory as a cancer patient in order to make a commentary on the health care industry in America just as debate over Obama’s proposed healthcare reform was reaching a fever pitch. I sure wish Hollywood would produce more “zero plot” genre movies like that.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if that was just a happy coincidence for those who support the franchise and try to put some kind of importance or meaning to them.

        • Well then you will certainly be surprised to learn that it was not a “happy coincidence”. Of all of the sequels, the plot in Saw 6 clearly paralleled current events concerning healthcare. It’s also probably the only sequel that has a self contained plot that makes sense when viewed outside of the series’ mythology.

          It’s fine if you don’t want to see any future sequels of this franchise, but please don’t use your denial and distaste for the franchise to avoid giving credit where it is due.

          Of all of the Saw sequels you could’ve berated for having poor writing and plotting, that isn’t one of them, IMO.

          • Not to mention Peter Outerbridge as William in Saw VI. He was great! Saw VI had a lot going for it, and is a worthy sequel to the original Saw, in my opinion.

    • I agree, however, I rather enjoyed the sequals strictly for the interesting death scenes. Would certainly catch it on Netflix when applicable…

  3. The original is one of my favorite Horror movies of all time. Past that I have enjoyed to see what happens in the story, but it needed to get back on a real track a long time ago. I will definitely watch another, but it needs a good crew for it to be worth while. I really would like to see James Wan make another, but that is just a pipe dream.

  4. Sequel please :D

  5. I liked the original, but haver not been interested in just more torture porn after that. The original was fresh and clever, and I liked it for that reason. The sequels were just rehashes, and the series needs to stay done.

    The only interesting thing I saw after the first film was a fan edit called the Jigsaw Files, which had cuts from the sequels that just showed what happened to jigsaw after the first, which was the only thing I was interested in really, since I don’t care to just see torture trap after torture trap.

  6. The horse is dead… This coming from the guy that owns them all n just watched the first four last week… The last few were really plez no more.. Remake it in 10-15 years..

  7. I’d love to have a sequel, not a remake! Can’t wait.

  8. Anybody wanna brainstorm some ideas for the subtitle?

    • Saw It All Before?

    • Saw 3DD

    • Hack Saw – since it will be set in the future, and THIS time the torture will be done by hacking into robots and other electronically controlled devices that can trap and kill people.

    • Well, the Saw movies are thrillers about a charismatic serial killer who is aided by a cult-like following of conspirators, so how about..

      “The Following”

      Oh wait, IMDB is telling me some show on Fox already has that name…

      • He’s followed by like 3 or 4 people. And 1 of those people is dead. And another is basically set up for death.

  9. The original was good. Smart horror. The rest were money grabs. A remake would be welcome as long as they stay away from torture for the sake of torture. Hence why every sequel was forgetful to say the least.

  10. Lol at a remake. That would be ridiculous.

    • I imagine that they’re thinking of something more along the lines of a reboot. I can’t imagine a direct remake using the exact same twist ending that everyone knows about by now.

  11. True story…

    I saw Saw. I saw Saw 2 too. I saw three Saws, but I did not see Saw 3, which makes me wonder why I saw Saw 4 for.

  12. Excuse me author, but Saw has the distinction and honor of being the most lucrative horror film franchise of all time, not just of the torture porn niche. It even has a Guinness World Record to show for this. Big difference between those two.

    Saw fans shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Lionsgate is interested in bringing the franchise back to theaters. The Collector films were originally conceived as a prequel series to the Saw franchise, and if you’ve seen these films its easy to see how they contain similar DNA.

    I would certainly support either a sequel or a reboot. I am a dedicated Saw fan and am excited at the potential return of the franchise. It isn’t Halloween without a new Saw film to see in theaters. I have played the video games, seen the films, been through the haunted house, etc. I love the story and the characters. Detective Hoffman is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time, and Jigsaw is a very charismatic villain. Tobin Bell always gave a dignified and classy performance as him in all of the films.

    • Saw falls directly under the genre torture porn, however successful the franchise is doesn’t change that?

  13. a Saw featuring U.S. Senators?

  14. Considering FD5 was revealed to be a prequel, FD4 is still technically “The” Final Destination.

  15. OMG, I can’t believe some people prefer this s*** franchise over respected ones like ‘SCREAM’, which HAS good sequels. I just don’t get it, Scream might be the most REALISTIC franchise in the way that it HAS a really good plot and those things can actually happen in real life, not like the stupid ENDLESS sequels of Saw, Halloween, F13, NOES, TTCM. And they made 4 movies in 15 years, not 7 MOVIES in 7 YEARS. If it wasn’t for Scream4 that flopped at box-office, this franchise could have got more money out of 4 movies than Saw made of 7. And the aforementioned series are plain stupid(except for originals, of course, same goes with Saw). And also, if you look it up on ROTTEN TOMATOES, the SCREAM SERIES has a higher rating THAN ANY of the others. This is a series tht should be forgotten. Scream 5.

    • that should not be forgotten*

  16. i love the story in the saw films SO KEEP MAKING THEM