If ‘Saw 8’ Is Happening, Leigh Whannell Doesn’t Know About It

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The seventh film in the Saw franchise is called Saw 3D: The Final Chapter and its marketing campaign is loaded with taglines like, “Witness the final cut,” but did you really think that would force Lionsgate to wrap the series up and call it quits? Not when that final installment cost $20 million to make and went on to take over $136 million at the worldwide box office.

Back in November, news broke that Lionsgate was actively developing a new installment. There were no concrete details regarding the narrative, but there are quite a few routes they can take – straight continuation, reboot, prequel, sequel, spinoff, and maybe more. However, no matter what spin Lionsgate is considering putting on it, Leigh Whannell has nothing to do with it.

Whannell is responsible for creating the Saw concept with James Wan and penning the first three installments, but while talking to the screenwriter about his SXSW official selection, The Mule, he confirmed he’s not involved in this effort whatsoever. When asked if Saw 8 is the real deal, Whannell replied:

“A lot of people have been tweeting me about that and to my knowledge, no … I haven’t heard anyone from Lionsgate tell me anything and I’m certainly not involved in anything, so I don’t think it is.”

As the brains behind this whole thing, you’d think Whannell and Wan would have to be in on the plan to a degree for Lionsgate to continue using the material, suggesting all of this Saw 8 talk could just be pure gossip and nothing more.

Leigh Whannell in Insidious 2 If ‘Saw 8’ Is Happening, Leigh Whannell Doesn’t Know About It

But even if that is the case, the possibility of Lionsgate pulling the trigger on more Saw movies will always exist so it’s worth asking, do we even need more of these? Making more makes sense financially, but the quality of the films and, therefore, the enthusiasm around them has experienced a sharp decline over the years. Is enough enough? Is the concept completely tapped? Whannell gave us his personal opinion on whether or not it’s worth circling back for more:

“Maybe. If it was the same team and they were going in with the right attitude of really wanting to do something different and not just kind of milking the sequels. But I feel that I would almost be a detriment. I feel like I have contributed all I can to that character and I would almost want to see someone new come in because they would have a fresh set of eyes and probably new ideas whereas I kind of did my time on that, so I probably wouldn’t want to be involved. But I wouldn’t mind if they did. As long as they came to it with something crazy and new, you know?”

After suffering through one too many wash, rinse and repeat-type Saw experiences, there is little to no interest in more, but Whannell does have a point. Should Lionsgate track down fresh talent capable of pinpointing an untapped, stimulating part of this world, why not give it a go? When you take the series’ track record into account, that is the less likely scenario, but, on the off chance there really is a fresh set of eyes out there who sees what the franchise lost since the release of the original back in 2004, that could justify another go-around.


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  1. Yes, I would love to see it. Oh yes, I want to see the next Final Destination as well. :)

    • Don’t forget we also need to see some Brokeback Mountain sequels and a prequel to Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace.

  2. I hope they don’t make anymore saw movies. It had the perfect ending. Why ruin it?

    • You know the funny thing?

      I think the UK networks got bored of them because none have aired Saw 7 at all. Might find it online just to see how they ended that horrendous franchise but the first was still the only one worth watching because it had a decent premise and wasn’t just an excuse to show elaborate death machines.

      • The first three are good as a trilogy if you watch the 2hr version of the third one. Everything after was a new creative team who struggled to come up with new components to some grand plan of a guy who has been dead since.

    • Enough With the saw movies,they’re all the same after each other,i doubted saw 8 won’t happen,wouldn’t mind a jaws remake or jaws 5 or something totally different movies,too many sequels.

  3. i want more!!!

    • The Saw franchise is better and more intelligent than 90% of the b******* the general public obsesses over such as Star Trek or the twenty-something James Bond films so take a seat.

      • i agree saw 8 should be focused on more but people wuss out and cant handle excepting a sequeal to a clever made movie

  4. They had the SAW in the park, public display death chamber which was never explained or explored beyond the scene itself. I thought they were going somewhere with that…

  5. I think they could do a sequel with the way it ended. Want to know who the 3/4 people in the pig masks were at the end.

  6. Well Costas Mandylor said they are in fact talking about where the story might go so… And please cut the b*******, several sequel surpassed the first Saw in terms of quality.

  7. Its definitely the most anticipated sequel to a franchise of more than six films I can think of… Plus the series is so varied and it never repeats itself either… Maybe Saw 8 could be a musical rom-com or a Disneyesque cartoon extravaganza with talking animals… Plus for any series to follow a film called “The Final Chapter” with another film shows that the producers are so damn creative and not at all cynically wheeling out just another film because they can….

  8. Usually I loath horror films spanning way to many sequels. Just look at Wrong Turn, 1/2 were awesome then it just went south from there. But SAW was different albeit the seventh film which felt like a Grown Ups 1 vs. Grown Ups 2 scenario all over again.

    Interestingly, Saw I-II-III-VI were my favourite films of the series, so if they went in a different direction or focused on another “new” character I think it could be a success.

    But then comes the question of John’s death which felt way past it’s use by date when it came to the seventh film, so would he stick around even more, or could a prequel be the answer?

    I go into this “very likely” sequel, rebirth or whatever it will be with a fresh outlook on the series. Hopefully, it can be a success with a new direction and fresh ideas on the traditional horror genre.

    • We almost had a prequel. That’s the film that went on to become The Collector.

  9. Saws 1-3 form a very tight and compelling trilogy, bookended by the mysterious opening and revelatory ending. Saw 3 had such an epic feel to it.

    However Saws 4 and 5 really felt like the new guys behind the scene were just milking the story, making it way more comvoluted than it needed ti be.

    Saw 6 was a incredible step back to what made the first 3 films so memorable, and is my 2nd favorite Saw film.

    Saw 7 was a travesty, a nightmare, a disaster, just a complete and utter mess of a film. I was so embarrassed at the theater, I almost walked out. I almost didn’t care how the film ended, I was so ashamed.

    I want at least one more Saw film, to rectify and HOPEFULLY retcon Saw 7 out of existence. I would like Saw 7 The Actual Film to pick up right after Hoffman escaped his “test”.

  10. Pretty please let there be a saw 8!ID BE EXCITED!PLEASE DOOOOO IT!!