Lionsgate To Bring Back ‘Saw’ Franchise

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Saw 8 Lionsgate Lionsgate To Bring Back Saw Franchise

Fans of the horror film genre may have felt a feeling of emptiness this Halloween when realizing there was no Saw film playing in their local theater. For the first time in seven years, Lionsgate did not release a new Saw movie but we knew this was going to be the case since before Saw 3D (Saw 7) even released.

Dropping the number from its title, introducing 3D into the franchise and adding a subtitle which emphasized the conclusion of the franchise, the plan was for Saw 3D: The Final Chapter to be the end. But where there’s money to be made, how can such a franchise truly be done with?

This was a question I posed to the director and cast of Saw 3D before it released in theaters and Costas Mandylor, who plays the murderous Hoffman in the series, revealed that they had shot multiple endings to Saw 3D, and that the series could definitely continue depending on which they would use.

Since Saw 3D released and earned $136 million worldwide on a $20 million production budget, there’s been little news on the series and it left quietly, opening the theater doors to the likes of Paranormal Activity. Saw 3D nearly doubled the revenue of its predecessor but it was by no means the most profitable installment in the series, even with the help of 3D ticket sales. This was no doubt part of the reason to give the series a break, but not a permanent one.

Speaking on CNBC about the recent reports about a potential merger between Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment, Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns dodged questions about business matters but didn’t shy away from promoting their future release slate. When the question was posed about growth and consistency in revenue coming from franchises as the studio moves forward, Burns said that franchises were definitely the focus going forward, name-dropping The Expendables 2 and The Hunger Games.

What’s more interesting is that he finished that answer with line, “we have a bunch of franchises, I’m sure some day you’ll see Saw back in the picture.”

Despite claims of the Saw franchise being over, when is a horror movie franchise really over? In fact, it’s arguably the most re-made genre currently in film and whether or not the story of Saw continues or gets rebooted, it’ll certainly return. It’s just a matter of time. They’re cheap and quick to make and always turn a profit.

Are you game for more Saw?


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Source: CNBC (via Bloody Disgusting)

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  1. jesus…i think i can speak for most when i say there is and will never be a need to remake or reboot saw. Despite the series ending up as kind of a fat mess, tobin bell is kind of an icon as the original jigsaw..however i guess if we got a new Freddy whats the sanctity of jigsaw?

  2. I’ll pass. Thats what I hate about Hollywood now; endless sequels. The reason I go to the theaters is to see a story. A story has a beginning, middle, and END. I want to go to the movies and know that the story will eventually wrap up in a satisfying way.

    • Then stop watching franchises. Saw movies are extremely story-driven, but how would you know since you’re clearly a pretentious dweeb who hasn’t seen any of them.

  3. Title it Saw VII and make it take place between VI and 3D. It could totally work.

  4. gezez… just end these series already!! 7 is enough!!

  5. I`ll Pass !

  6. Please make another Saw!!!!

  7. I dont mind more hehe :)

  8. Damn!! Hell No they Killed the series after 4 and even worse 7 or 3D or whatever you call it… just end it already with these Saw Movies they made these movies a big mess.

    • It is due to the fact that they made 4-3D, without them
      saw wouldn’t be the most succesful horror movie franchise of our time

  9. I thought the original Saw was an absolutely brilliant piece of horror mystery. Saw II was also really good but after than it just went down hill. I gave up even renting Saw after #4 so to do another one (or more) I will pass on watching unless I happen to run across them on TV.

  10. Love saw but it totally ended at the right time. Makes no sense for it to come back now.

  11. I would love to see more Saw! And people chill out, this isn’t anytime soon. It’s not like they are saying we are going to see a new Saw next year, he said down the line. But I do agree with 1 comment, I don’t think anybody can do the role of Jigsaw like Tobin Bell. It’ll be interesting to see what comes about.

  12. They can start up a new series with a new killer and story. It doesn’t have to be connected to the original seven.

    • at that point why even call it ‘saw’? the only reason to bring it back would be to exploit the idea of the traps which they’ve already more than done. so it would just be a wasted effort with a half done story just for the sake of gore, if that’s the case they should do like weekly webisodes of a new game like the original short film from the first one, why bother spending the money on a story that doesn’t matter

      • Call it “Saw” to sell movie tickets… duh. lol

        • What you’re saying is you’d rather pay FULL price of admission for a name rather than something that you could get on a weekly basis online for free while your intelligence isn’t being insulted by a story that has literally no purpose?? you’re feeding the machine.

  13. I would enjoy more saw films IF they simplify the story like the first 2 films and not introduce people to kill just because they cheat on their boyfriend or whatever.

  14. This doesn’t surprise me with the way 7 ended I knew there would be another one. It was weak.

  15. I wouldn’t mind seeing SAW come back in a couple years with a completely new cast of characters and some plot outlining. I think SAW suffered from ‘oh crap, we ended it and now we have to pick it back up’-itis. Lay out a trilogy, give us some nice twists and cliffhangers and up the budget if you need to. And make it brutal and gritty. THAT is SAW’s trademark since the original. It’s easy to THINK you’re dark and gritty until you release it and you’re about 3 degrees from cheesy.

    I like SAW, I’ve seen them all but it’s time to move on. Jigsaw is dead. Long live Jigsaw.

  16. *chops his frackin’ eyes out*

    Why won’t they just stop with these films?! They each got progressively worse and I thought that they left on a high note with ‘The “Final” Chapter’. I find it very annoying when horror franchises use “final” very, very loosely… ‘The Final Destination’, ‘Saw: The Final Chapter’, ‘Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday’, etc. etc. etc.

    These horror movies lost their touch. They began smart and new, and just gradually sucked more and more. I mean, you can only see people chop off their own body parts so much – you DON’T have to see it every year!

    I am glad that the ‘Hostel’ franchise stopped after the bomb ‘Hostel 2′. And I hope that ‘Paranormal Activity’ stops soon (the only difference is that the ‘PA’ series seems to be getting better and better with each movie IMHO).

  17. there will be another SAW: hoffman & Dr. Gordon r still alive … but not untila few years, lionsgate just got the rights to TCM for 7 films … of course the bozo that wrote this article didnt mention that

  18. No, definitely not. Should not happen. I’ve heard of so many people complaining about “oh jeez there’s ANOTHER Saw film coming out this year?”. At this point I enlighten them with the information that as early as Saw2 the writers knew it was going to be a seven instalment series (they mentioned this in various interviews around the release of Saw2). And it should remain that. Regardless of what anybody wants to think, those 7 films were conceived and written together as a coherent unit. Anything beyond them really IS just adding on and squeezing the teet of the cash cow.

  19. I honestly loved saw 1, 2, and 3. Saw four sucked, but had purpose.. to set up the next 3 films, 5, 6, and 7. Hoffman should rot. Gordon did what John wanted. Now the only way I would see the next film(s)is if it was the FINAL 3… a trilogy. Gordon does traps and blah blah blah *twist* blah blah *twist* end

  20. we want 8!! 8 8 8 8 8 and maybe 9,and if will be a 10 part we don’t mind,tobin is not getting any younger people!

  21. PLEASE the plot based to the murderous ramapage is what makes it good!!!!

  22. i think there will be a saw 8 there where just too many lose ends ie they broke the biggest rule when it comes to horror movies and thats the whole “no body, no death” with Hoffman and Dager too (im sorry all of the greatest horror movies follow the rules and it was good to see that saw followed them in 7 by showing that Gorden was still alive ) also they missed out on a couple of other rules too “the finial Fright ” basically there a many ends that need to be tided together. there where alot of folders in the container when Hoffman is setting up the new game. ALSO the number one factor Hoffman was never tested (yes Jill put him in a trap but that was more for an execution rather than a test)

  23. I would love to see another saw movie. Just the way they ended the last one kinda bummed me out, kind of a cliff hanger.

  24. You know, shut up, go watch your hunger games, Gaylight, Harry Crackpot. Saw is the most legit series, better than Grudge, Resident Evil, at least this movie has a plot in all the movies. RE series went so off even though we knew the plot. Chill your vaginas, I have a feeling the series for Saw is gonna happen, its a money making series with gruesome effects. Remember children, go watch your Disney movies.

    • Sir, I would watch what you say. Claiming that saw is better than the resident evil franchise is pretty ballsy, and could receive many negative comments.

  25. 6 movies too many. Should have left it alone after the first one.

  26. YES!!! MAKE MORE SAWS!!! They are BRILLIANT films. LOVE watching them. I’ve watched all of them and watching the 7th one (final chapter) just brang me to my knees as it left as a cliffhanger! Bring back saw ASAP!! More gore, more horror more nerve-racking!! TEAMSAW!!! X

    P.S suck out to all who don’t believe in the Saw series! There brilliant!

  27. No, it should have ended with Jigsaw in part 3.

    • sure it COULD have ended with 3, or 5, or 7 for all I care but in all honesty, i’ll take any one of these movies over that stupid movie franchise that has taken over Halloween time, paranormal activity…

  28. i dont know why people are confused where the story will go, I mean you have the doctor to continue the games so just go off that