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Saw 3D Spoilers Jigsaw Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion

Saw 3D is officially in theaters and hopefully, if you’re reading this, you’ve either had the chance to check out the film for yourself – or are simply interested in knowing how the final movie in the series concludes.

If you’re planning on seeing Saw 3D, make sure to read our spoiler-free Saw 3D review. Also, check out our recap of the series, ‘Saw’ Movies: The Complete Guide in 6:66 – which includes summaries of each film, as well as a one-stop video feature detailing everything that happened from Saw to Saw 6.

We’ve put together this summary, everything you need to know about the final Saw film, to inform anyone who isn’t interested in seeing the movie – as well as offer a recap for anyone who still has questions.

Be advised that from here on out we’ll be offering up major spoilers for Saw 3D and, as a result of the intertwined narrative, prior Saw films as well. This includes the comments, where we encourage you to talk about your favorite Saw 3D moments as well as your theories about where the story might go next – assuming the Saw creators were to film a spin-off, prequel, or yet another installment.




Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion

Saw 3D

Tagline: The Final Chapter
October 29, 2010

Summary: Dr. Lawrence Gordon is shown in a flashback, crawling out of the dilapidated bathroom from the original Saw, cauterizing his leg wound against a steam pipe in the hall.

In the present, Hoffman escapes from Jill’s trap, and hunts Jill through the halls of the Zoo from Saw 6. Jill manages to escape and seeks out Internal Affairs Detective Gibson, promising to give him information on Hoffman – in exchange for protection.

A group of victims Ryan, Brad, and Dina, who are involved in a love triangle, take part in a Jigsaw game before a crowd of onlookers. Ryan and Brad can either compete to save Dina by attempting to kill each other, or the two can set aside their rivalry – and consent to Dina being lowered onto a spinning saw blade. After Dina waffles about who she truly loves, the pair allows her to be killed.

Detective Gibson investigates a multiple homicide, the result of a failed attempt by Evan, a white supremacist, to escape a Jigsaw trap. Hoffman leaves clues for Gibson – implicating Jill’s involvement in the Jigsaw killings.

Saw 3D Spoilers Joyce Dagen Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion

Bobby Dagen, who has achieved great fortune and fame by sharing his Jigsaw game survival story meets with a group of Jigsaw survivors including Mallick (from Saw 5), Simone and Emily (from Saw 6) as well as Dr. Gordon – in order to promote his tell-all book. Shortly after, Dagen awakens in a Jigsaw game – and it’s revealed that he lied about being a Jigsaw victim. He is tasked with accomplishing a series of challenges in 60 minutes in order to save his wife. Throughout the game, Dagen fails to rescue his publicist, his lawyer, and his best friend, before having to pull out a pair of his teeth that hold the combination to the room his wife is locked in.

Meanwhile, Hoffman sends Gibson a series of video messages, promising to stop killing in exchange for Jill – as well as offering clues to the potential whereabouts of Dagen’s game. Gibson arrives at Hoffman’s hideout and discovers one of the victims of Evan’s game – revealing that Hoffman climbed inside the victim’s body bag in order to gain access to the Police Department morgue – in the same building Jill is being held. Gibson is then shot to death by a machine gun trap set by Hoffman.

Hoffman successfully infiltrates the police department – killing his way to Jill who he eventually puts inside the reverse bear trap once worn by Amanda Young. With no key to escape, Jill is killed.

When Dagen reaches his wife, he is forced to admit that he was never a Jigsaw victim – before having to participate in the very trap he lied about previously overcoming – suspending his body weight by piercing his chest with meat hooks and climbing a chain. At the top of the chain, he must connect an extension chord that will save his wife. As Dagen grabs for the extension chord, the hooks rip through his skin and he is forced to watch his wife incinerated before his eyes.

Saw 3D Spoilers Cary Elwes Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion

Before Hoffman can disappear, he is ambushed by three people wearing pig masks, one of which is Dr. Gordon – who is revealed to have been Kramer’s contingency plan, should anything ever happen to Jill. Through flashbacks, it’s revealed that Gordon was nursed back to health by John Kramer and helped prepare a number of Jigsaw games – placing the key inside Michael Marks’s eye (in Saw 2) and sewing Art Blank’s eyelids shut (in Saw 4), as well as selecting Dr. Lynn Denlon as a victim (in Saw 3).

Gordon takes Hoffman to the infamous Saw bathroom. Sealing Hoffman in – with no hope of escape.

Primary Characters (Deceased = Strikethrough):

  • John Kramer (Tobin Bell)
  • Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor)
  • Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes)
  • Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery)
  • Joyce Dagen (Gina Holden)
  • Detective Gibson (Chad Donella)
  • Jill Tuck (Betsy Russell)


Hopefully, our summary helped provide some closure for the Saw franchise. If you still have questions about the series, make sure check out our ‘Saw’ Movies: The Complete Guide in 6:66 feature – or leave a question in the comments. Out of respect for our other readers, please keep all Saw 3D spoiler comments in this comment thread.

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As for the future of the Saw series, what (if anything) do you think the filmmakers will do with the franchise next? Discuss away!

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  1. everyone wants that… such a long shot. id like to see just pure storyline and way less death as the final movie.

  2. I liked the movie, it definitely had the “cringe factor”, but I am also one that wishes it stimulated my mind a little more being that is why I initially fell in love with the SAW movies. It originally deviated from the typical slasher films with the storyline. Now aside from that:
    Is it just me, or was anyone else wondering what kind of glue did he use to glue that guy to the car seat? Also Degan’s wife was a terrible actress, maybe horror movies aren’t her thing. I also agree that maybe if they hadn’t shown the flashback clip of the Dr. Gordon in the beginning of the movie, it would’ve given more of a “shock” effect in the end. As soon as the movie starts you can’t help but know that he plays some part on all of this. Part of me feels that there will be another SAW movie, these things never seem to die. Hoffman seems like a clever man that will stop at nothing, and point blank if he doesn’t die, then these movies probably aren’t either. Don’t get wrong, I look forward to the new SAW movie that comes out every year whether I love it or hate it. Admittingly it did start to get weird though starting with Saw IV or shall I say a little confusing. John was kind of the anchor of the whole movie, and when he died, you could only expect a little twist in the way things would be done, since Hoffman was a totally different personality all together. He was definitely more into killing than teaching any lessons, which was clearly seen in the flashback they showed us of when he saved Gibson’s life and also in the end when he went Rogue on everyone in Saw 3D. I was sad to see Jill die, and I do agree that they should’ve let SOMEONE survive. I still liked the movie though, the outside display was genius, how many of you would actually be able to sit and watch that, though, if that was real?

  3. They should have changed the title of this film, “Saw and the reverse bear trap movie” LOL! Has anyone know what happened to the reporter from Saw 6?

  4. I personally thought that this movie was good. First off….It’s about time someone died in the reverse bear trap! I’m just sad that it had to be Jill…I’m glad that Gorden was in the movies again, considering he’s my favorite SAW character. I had a feeling that he had something to do with Jigsaw. But..honestly. Any movie after 4 Wasn’t my fav. Hoffman RUINED John’s name. John wanted his victims to learn a lesson, Hoffman just wanted to kill, SAW 5 was good, but the people were idiots, so that falls into a not my TOTAL fav XD. And then 6 and 7 were kinda..senseless gore. =_= sadly, my friend LOVES 6 and 7 cause of the senseless gore. She hates the first SAW too. Which I don’t understand at all, SAW 1 was the best in my opinion, a)it started off the series. b) it had a lot of plot and left me wanting more! Anyway, I honestly believe that Hoffman got what he deserved. Chances are, there’s gonna be a saw 8, and Hoffman will probably be alive. I just hope with Gorden pulling the strings, maybe it’ll be more like the old saw know, the way their supposed to be.

  5. I liked Saw 7 for the most part. I don’t know why people were upset that Jill died. It boiled down to being a so called “faceoff” between her and Hoffman…and Hoffman won. As for the 2 other people wearing pig masks with Dr. Gordon at the end, I think he might have recruited 2 members of the survivor group. There is a possibility of another movie. This one did end in such a fashion. Anyone else find it ironic that the series started in that bathroom and that’s where it ended.

    • lol

  6. Ok, this movie is the BEST saw, for the people saying it has “too much gore” and “not much of a storyline” well john is DEAD, its all about Hoffmen now, and his way of the game is brutality. this is a movie about hoffmen, not john or amanda, theyre DEAD, now its time for the NEW jigsaw (hoffmen). if you still think its too gorey of a movie, its friggen SAW what do you expect?? the writers to make it less gore? no, this is what saw is partly know for. dumass’s

  7. Adam is alive read this!!!!!!Gordon remembers what he said to Adam ; that he would get some help for him. And don’t forget Lawrence is a doctor so hes knows it won’t take too much time to Adam to die so he has to hurry and rescue him, but instead hes sends Amanda for him(because he can’t walks yet). Amanda agrees, but when she realises Adam is still alive, she decides to finish him by TRYING to kill him and not help him like Lawrence asked. So Amanda comes back to Dr.Gordon and says to him that Adam is unfortunatly dead. Gordon’s suspicious and decides he would go check by himself while nobody’s looking at him ( maybe Jigsaw knows but not Amanda). So he goes see Adam and discovers he’s still alive. He unlocks his shackle, rescue and replace his body by another one, but the clothes on and that’s it, but make that mistake ; the right left instead of the left. Maybe on purpose, I dont know

    • hmmmmm interesting theory…. that would be neat 4 the next movie(if they make 1) anyways maybe thats one of the ppl in the pig masks with gordon and maybe the other is his wife!!!! anyways i hope they do make a new 1!!!

  8. Why do the all escaped ones have to become the bad ones? I’d like to see someone escape and then kill off the bads and not capturing new, innocent ones. In Saw 8 it should be like this: Gordon finds a new victim and traps him. Unfortunately the trap fails. The escaped victim seeks for revenge – traps Gordon and finds out the other masked pigs. After finding them, he puts them in traps with no chance to escape (if they do escape, there is another trap waiting for them). One dies in the first one and Gordon with the other survives. After that the other one fails and Gordon is the only one left alive. In the end Gordon sees a video, where the victim says sth like “The cycle ends here” or “Game over”. Gordon will be trapped in the worst trap ever. Whether he survives or not remains a mystery.

  9. What would be really cool, is if a really bad ass person who is smarter than Jigsaw outricks him in a awesome way. And JigSaw sees and feels fear again. And it all end.

  10. I’m gonna be honest i thought this movie was a let down,a HUGE letdown actually. Nothing but useless, senseless gore from beginning to end. In my opinion the ending was great (I really hated Hoffman for what he did to John’s name, Strahm, Perez, Erickson, Jill and Rigg) but I had a feeling it was coming. However it was still cool seeing how the franchise started in the bathroom and ended in the bathroom, and I also thought bringing the survivors together was a nice little touch but other than that it was damn near terrible.
    However being a very dedicated SAW fan H have overlooked the huge amount of bad aspects of the film and decided to think up some theories of some un-answered questions in the movie.
    First off I have had a theory about why Dr Gordon helped John carry on his work. At first I thought that maybe he could have been like Amanda, just greatful that his life had been changed from being a calm, uncaring doctor to a person who appreciates life. But then i thought what about if Gordon’s wife never knew he was having an affair with a Medical student. Then i realised a hole in this because we all know that Gordon didn’t do anything with the med student, but however those photos of Gordon that Adam took may not have been the only copies in the world. Jigsaw may have copied them and, like he did Hoffman, blackmailed Gordon into working for him and then over time Gordon could have become a willing apprentice. I am not saying its a right one and i am sure I have probably made a hell load of errors but its just a theory
    Aswell people who are asking just who the other two people in the Pig Masks were, maybe thats the whole point of leaving it to make up your own minds on who they were.
    Thirdly the reason why there is so much gore and horrific (if very very stupidly expensive and really not believable) traps is because Hoffman is the main man in the 7th SAW. In SAW 6 when he just empties Timothy Youngs body onto the floor like a sack of potatoes, Jigsaw asks him if he likes how brutality feels. Remember Hoffman is brutal and just sick in the head. He was a cop, a guy who is the bringer of justice, so he goes and kills Seth Baxter just because of a technicality. Sure it was a family member but killing him is slightly over the top. Hoffman, in other words, isn’t right in the head.
    Lastly I think that Hoffman will not escape. Adam’s hacksaw is broken in half, Gordon’s is in the hallway, the toilet lid is somewhere on the other side of the room because Eric Matthews’ chain is longer than Hoffmans (i think ??) and plus even though Eric broke his ankle, he had a flashlight, while Hoffman doesn’t so it would be harder for Hoffman to get out of it.
    In my own opinion I think that this should be the last SAW, because the 6th and 7th installments have basically killed the franchise and given it a bad name. They should find another way to explain other missing parts of the plot of the grand scheme of SAW. Plus I don’t think Gordon can make traps like the other apprentices, remember Gordon only did the medical side of the traps John made, not making the actual traps themselves. So I doubt Gordon can actually make anymore traps, therefore not actually being able to keep Jigsaw’s legacy going. In my mind this has to be the final SAW movie. The order of the best SAW’s are probably in this order :
    SAW 1= Genius plotline, twists at every point, leaves you wanting more,no over the top gore
    SAW 4= Good plot, ties up some loose ends, shame about some of the ridiculous gore though but the traps were cool
    SAW 2= Great plot, great acting, great traps but always keeps it on a clever level. I still cringe at the needle pit
    SAW 5= Very clever but doesn’t quite live up to what i thought it would be, plus I think Strahm is a great character
    SAW 3= Gives us a few answers, shame about the lousy ending on how everyone dies.
    SAW 7= Crappy acting, crappy traps but does offer some new elements, plus Hoffman finally gets his come uppance
    SAW 6= Crappy acting, crappy script, ending is the worstin the franchise. Basicall there was no point in it whatsoever.

  11. Are you kidding me? THis was ABSOLUTE TRASH…I want those 90 minutes of my life back. Besides the HORRIBLE acting, the ABYSMAL plot, and the RETARDED ending….the gore was a.) overdone b.) fake as hell and c.) just plain stupid. Cmon people…you actually liked this crap? ANYONE that says that this was a good movie should be locked away in a small cell in Alaska. Just a complete waste of time and money. I really can’t fathom why a movie like this is made in the first place, except to please the idiots that will pay money for this.

    That being said…there are things that just DO NOT make sense to me. I will lay them out for your consideration.

    1.) Dude is REALLY going to kidnap ALL of those people from the “support group” without anyone knowing? REALLY?

    2.) When Bobby D. “drops” from the cage..notice that he doesn’t hold onto the BOTTOM rungs of it. He can EASILY hold onto the bottom runs and step down between the blades without having to swing the cage and risk falling.

    3.) When he came to the girl with the hook/key in her stomach…he would REALLY try to just RIP the damn thing out? Um…can you say choking on her own blood? He should have spend the time trying to smash the lock. STUPID!

    4.) When Bobby came to the chick strapped to the round thing, THE FREAKIN CHAIN was exposed. Just pop it off the sprocket and the thing will not rotate. If that didn’t work (and it WOULD HAVE) then lift the weight thing WITHOUT GETTING INTO IT…ya DOPE.

    5.) When he came to his buddy with the rope around his neck, would he really move the freakin slow? Did his pal just “wake up” when he got there??? He had to be TOLD that there was a board RIGHT UNDER HIS FOOT? And then the main character just “tosses the key”? REALLY. HOLY CRAP I can’t believe people paid money to see this garbage.

    6.) Then he gets to his wife..and actually puts the hooks thru his chest muscles? REALLY? How about hooking it into your belt loops like 100% of REAL THINKING PEOPLE would do? Or pierce the waistband of the jeans on either side and hoist yourself up. And when you DID get to the extension cords…you blindly smack them around like a cat playing with a toy? OMG!
    We never found out what happened to him either…just lay there an die?

    7.) And I am sure that the bad guy dude would just breeze right thru a police station stabbing people in the next. REALLY? And when the chick (HORRIBLE ACTRESS who runs away RETARDEDLY and hides in the open) stabs him in the neck..he is like, “Damn..that kinda hurt”. So glad his HUGE SCAR healed up almost completely in 2 days. His whole face would be purple for weeks.

    8.) In the beginning (forgot about this) a lady is trying to break a plate glass window with an attache case. FREAKIN LAUGABLE. While some dude with a SKATEBOARD just stands there. And they all “notice” the people at the same time. No curtain dropped, no panels were removed. They were exposed the WHOLE TIME. That courtyard would not have even had 3 people in it without noticing that macabre “display”. I like how they all “wake up” at the damn near same time.

    Hollywood thinks your are stupid people…and if you liked this movie…you are!!! It was a totally craptastic movie. ANYONE that liked it should be tested for brain damage. I just had to come on here and RANT. UTTER TRASH. And this is from a guy that has enjoyed his fair share of scream flicks. This one just seemed shoddily put together, horribly acted, and just a pile of festering feces.

    Cmon Hollywood… gotta do better.

    *I watched this at a friends house and didn’t spend a NICKEL to see it…but STILL want some kind of class action lawsuit to get those minutes of my life back.



  12. The woman who played Jill is a crap actress, worst i have ever seen. The movie was terrible and i want to know if the goddam producers of this movie built a time machine coz i want these fricking minutes of my life back right now!!!! Honestly even a guy in a coma could act better than some of the guys in this movie and the traps looked as if they were put together by geniuses and billionaires because with all the materials they used to put the traps together, they would have needed engineers and a s**t load of money. The only two bits i liked were the ‘Garage Trap’ and the ‘Endgame’ simply because the garage trap was the only one that would have been simple to put together and the ending of the movie was (even though very predictable) highly enjoyable because Cary Elwes and Tobin Bell are the best actors in this whole bloody movie. Plus i never really liked Hoffman’s character since SAW 4 and plus the guy who plays him, Costas Mandylor, seemed to lose his acting skills that he portrayed in SAW 4 & 5 and acted like the other F- Grade actors in SAW 6 and 7. SAW 6 and 7 are the worst movies out of the franchise, I think it should have ended in SAW 5 just with a different ending from Strahm being crushed

  13. id be surprised if this was the last saw film because theres so many unaswered and new questions.

    1.what happens to bobby daren?
    2.who are the two other pig masks?
    3.not really a question but Hoffman is still technically alive.
    4.what happened to ALL the survivors? we see a few but theres others who arent really explained and the little girl who is saved in 5 and obvious others.
    5.wheres the brainpower and money coming from for hoffmans traps?
    6.why if kramer knew he was planning on subjecting boooby (pun) dargen to a test would he leave that for hoffman to do?
    7.really who ends a series on 7?

    theres more but id rather not become captain obvious. also its kind of odd to me that the real jigsaw (kramer) is only “jigsaw” for the first 3 films and then hoffman pretty much takes over for the rest. kinda ruined it for me cuz hoffman has no principles like kramer did so it just became a killfest.

    another thing is gordon should have just gone back to living life after jigsaw gave him the foot and should have just been healed or whatever and his way of paying for it should have just been to protect/avenge jill rather than become another apprentice theres no way his character would have done that given that he still had a family and all.

    i guess i can see how it could be the end however it just seems like too many assumptions have to be made.
    1.Assume bobby gets out a changed/grieving man.
    2.Assume the other pig masks are whoever you want to assume they are.
    3.Assume Hoffman dies an extremely slow death.
    4.Assume the remaining survivors are all living perfectly normal happy lives now (minus the 1 armed woman).
    5.Assume hoffman won the lotto or kramer left him a butt ton of money or something else you can make up even better.
    6.Assume jigsaw just wanted to leave booby d. for hoffman for some reason?
    7.Assume one of the best horror/thriller/mystery/suspense movies of all time ends on gods perfect number…7.

    thats a lot of ASSofUandMe-ing though.

  14. During commentary on the recently released DVD/Blu-ray, it is revealed that Brad and Ryan are the two men in pigmasks who accompany Dr. Gordon at the end. These three victims were placed in a storefront window at a public shopping center. Brad and Ryan were chained by the wrists to opposite ends of a worktable, while Dina was suspended above its center.

  15. ok for one thing i thought the first 5 saw movies were excelent they had a great story line and all of them tied together then u have the 6th one which decided to confuse things up a bit and add new plot lines to it then u have 7 wtf ppl really why would u leave seven the final chapter and yet leave it with so many ? left unanswered i mean come on thats not fair i understand if u had no choice but to make it the final chapter but clairify what happens to hoffman besides he gets sent to the br from the first couple movies as well as why would hoffman kill instead of giving the ppl a choice to live like kramer did he nvr onced forced someone to die and he nvr onced made it an un winable game he always had it to where they chose live or die and i understand that principle but not hoffmans he only wants the game not the rules

  16. really enjoyed reading most of your comments, saw 7 was good but i think there will be an 8th film, in two parts
    1) the first 45 mins to show wat happened between saw 1-7, all the little unexplained details that EVERY fan wants to know, so the story is understood, which will allow for the next 45 mins to
    2) continue on from exactly where saw 7 left off, see wat happens to gordon vs hoffman, and finish the series for good with the best twist ever

    but more importantly – there has never been any solid evidence to 100% prove adam is dead. i think in honor of leigh whannels brilliant portrayal of adam (and in writing the film(s) ;) ) we deserve a clear insight into the fate of adam and everyone else.

    there is plenty of theories to describe adam living and adam dying, but we need all the answers that saw 3d failed to give us.

  17. I thought that at the end of Saw 7, one of the bodies in the bathroom was Adam. One question I have with Saw 7 is that during the “Jigsaw victims” meeting there were victims who have made their first appearance here. Why did they have them instead of ALL of the known survivors? I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another movie. There are still unanswered questions. Of course if this was the final one it went full circle in that it started and ended in that bathroom.

  18. @jill
    hmmm yesss – perhaps some survivors left the country – got mentally sick or smoething – which links back to wat u said “I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another movie.” i think there has to be.

    I also think hoffman will survive the bathrooms , as watching the end of saw 7, hoffman would be able to kick his leg against multiple items, and corners of the bathroom, anything – even self mutilation to get out. however getting out of the room is another question. u never know if hoffman himself had someone who he told, in the event of my disappearance to check out some places.

    i should also point out that am pro hoffman (aussie actor :)) and pro gordon (because he was a great orignal character) , and i will never give up the idea adam is alive until the 100% prove it.

    and i think in the last scene in saw 7, that the smell of 3 rotten corpses in the small room would put off hoffman and gordon just a little, dont you??

  19. Yes I bet that bathroom is smelling a little unpleasant. There is always the possibility Hoffman could escape. Hey, Dr. Gordon did it. As for injuring himself to escape, he already went through a lot with that bear trap escape. So escaping the bathroom might not be such a problem. There have been people complaining that Hoffman wasn’t following Jigsaws rules with his traps. Well he isn’t Jigsaw. Once John died Hoffman maybe felt he didn’t have to follow the rules. Maybe he had his own agenda. One thing I’m wondering about is how did Jigsaw keep his association with Dr. Gordon a secret from Amanda and Hoffman? Also once Dr. Gordon was helped by Jigsaw, did he ever go back to his family?

  20. finally someone who gets it – its hoffmans games now NOT JIGSAW.

    @ the rest of your comment – exactly why we need a saw 8.
    i believe gordan would have gone back for his family to make sure they were ok. as for amanda and hoffman; dont know about amanda but hoffman might have known him as when gordan and his masked friends captured hoffman, when he takes off his mask hoffman kinda looks surprised, either he knew who it was or he was expecting someone different – AGAIN WE NEED SAW 8 or some form of conclusion that explains the end and the past 7 films – an ending is when no possibility is left for a sequel – the producers and writers have a lot more to explain/reveal – and they need to end the storyline once and for all. ending a series of films doesn’t necessarily end the story.

    but we can only hope………

  21. @ jill

    then again if hoffman new about gordan he probably would have gone to get proper stitching on his wound or something – maybe

  22. Yes, you would think if he knew Gordan was helping Jigsaw he would have had him stitch him up. He knew about Amanda and I have to say that they didn’t seem to see eye to eye about how the games were played. His surprise at seeing Gordan under the pigmask might be because he didn’t know he survived? If he did know about Gordan, I don’t think he knew Jigsaw asked him to look after Jill. Makes me think Jigsaw knew Hoffman may not abide the rules if anything happened to him. Of course I don’t know why Gordan didn’t appear in any of the prior films. Don’t know if Carey Elwes wasn’t interested at the time or maybe they planned all along to wait until they did. I would love for them to put out a book covering the entire franchise. All unanswered questions could be dealt with.

  23. top idea about the book :)

    as for amanda and hoffman it amuses me that they dont see eye to eye since they both have a habit of making death traps not games (jigsaw) – (bit of irony there) – think back to saw 1, who actually captured gordan – for all we know it could have been hoffman crawling behind him in the mask and cape thing

    @ Jill, just out of interest – what country you from?? and r u a man or woman – just interested to know – this is the first forum thing ive ever done.

  24. @CostasM
    You’re right that it’s not clear who captures Gordan in the first movie. It could have been Hoffman. One thing that gets a little confusing for me is the time line. The movies tend to jump around. I’m not quite sure when exactly Hoffman begins to help Jigsaw. As for the last part of your post, I’m in the U.S. I’m a woman and my name really is Jill. How about you?

  25. @jill australia and i’m not hoffmans actor ;). im adrian

    hmmm hoffman started to help jigsaw, from what we have seen in the movies, near-ish to the start of jigsaw’s games. i cant help wondering who was first hoffman, or amanda??

  26. @CostasM
    Australia, I think Costas Mandylor is from there. As far as which was first, Amanda or Hoffman, I think it may be Amanda. I believe there is a scene in Saw 5 where Hoffman is standing in the lobby of his apartment building and I swear Amanda walks past him.You have to really watch closely it happens so fast. I’m assuming she’s checking up on him?? But then she does walk past rather quickly past him as if to maybe keep him from realizing it’s her. That is if they are already aware of each other.That’s one thing that gets me confused, the timeline. The movies aren’t in exact chronological order, a lot of them use “flashbacks”. But I will say I’ve enjoyed watching them. I feel the series is like a puzzle. The pieces come together in the end. Although there are a few holes. (unanswered questions)

  27. costas mandylor is from australia, hence my name on this post. never picked up the lobby scene – but i will take a closer look.

    there are multiple unexplained occurrences,
    but im pretty sure its like this:
    SAW II
    SAW V
    SAW VI
    SAW VII – obviously picks up exactly where 6 left off. yes there are lots of flashbacks and that so parts of films fall between the movies, but i want to know the time span of when jigsaw tried to suicide – and when gordan leaves hoffman in the bathroom. i believe under 2 years

  28. it’s nice movie…
    saw is one of my favorite’s movie.
    i wish their more and more saw i watch….
    and i wish saw 8 trailer posted…

    ahhhhhh and to writer’s ‘saw’ nice job….
    it is excellent……

    nice,nice,nice, i love this movie……
    thank you…

  29. OK… I just want to know if anyone else was upset with the ending of this movie. I love Saw, and even at it’s lowest point I am a fan. My question, however, is was anyone else upset that Bobby’s wife dies? I think it is AWFUL! She had no knowledge that her husband was lying and did not deserve to die, especially in the manner that it happened. Burning to death is not a quick death and I would imagine incredibly painful. She did not deserve it! Anyone else’s thoughts?