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Saw 3D Spoilers Jigsaw Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion

Saw 3D is officially in theaters and hopefully, if you’re reading this, you’ve either had the chance to check out the film for yourself – or are simply interested in knowing how the final movie in the series concludes.

If you’re planning on seeing Saw 3D, make sure to read our spoiler-free Saw 3D review. Also, check out our recap of the series, ‘Saw’ Movies: The Complete Guide in 6:66 – which includes summaries of each film, as well as a one-stop video feature detailing everything that happened from Saw to Saw 6.

We’ve put together this summary, everything you need to know about the final Saw film, to inform anyone who isn’t interested in seeing the movie – as well as offer a recap for anyone who still has questions.

Be advised that from here on out we’ll be offering up major spoilers for Saw 3D and, as a result of the intertwined narrative, prior Saw films as well. This includes the comments, where we encourage you to talk about your favorite Saw 3D moments as well as your theories about where the story might go next – assuming the Saw creators were to film a spin-off, prequel, or yet another installment.




Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion

Saw 3D

Tagline: The Final Chapter
October 29, 2010

Summary: Dr. Lawrence Gordon is shown in a flashback, crawling out of the dilapidated bathroom from the original Saw, cauterizing his leg wound against a steam pipe in the hall.

In the present, Hoffman escapes from Jill’s trap, and hunts Jill through the halls of the Zoo from Saw 6. Jill manages to escape and seeks out Internal Affairs Detective Gibson, promising to give him information on Hoffman – in exchange for protection.

A group of victims Ryan, Brad, and Dina, who are involved in a love triangle, take part in a Jigsaw game before a crowd of onlookers. Ryan and Brad can either compete to save Dina by attempting to kill each other, or the two can set aside their rivalry – and consent to Dina being lowered onto a spinning saw blade. After Dina waffles about who she truly loves, the pair allows her to be killed.

Detective Gibson investigates a multiple homicide, the result of a failed attempt by Evan, a white supremacist, to escape a Jigsaw trap. Hoffman leaves clues for Gibson – implicating Jill’s involvement in the Jigsaw killings.

Saw 3D Spoilers Joyce Dagen Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion

Bobby Dagen, who has achieved great fortune and fame by sharing his Jigsaw game survival story meets with a group of Jigsaw survivors including Mallick (from Saw 5), Simone and Emily (from Saw 6) as well as Dr. Gordon – in order to promote his tell-all book. Shortly after, Dagen awakens in a Jigsaw game – and it’s revealed that he lied about being a Jigsaw victim. He is tasked with accomplishing a series of challenges in 60 minutes in order to save his wife. Throughout the game, Dagen fails to rescue his publicist, his lawyer, and his best friend, before having to pull out a pair of his teeth that hold the combination to the room his wife is locked in.

Meanwhile, Hoffman sends Gibson a series of video messages, promising to stop killing in exchange for Jill – as well as offering clues to the potential whereabouts of Dagen’s game. Gibson arrives at Hoffman’s hideout and discovers one of the victims of Evan’s game – revealing that Hoffman climbed inside the victim’s body bag in order to gain access to the Police Department morgue – in the same building Jill is being held. Gibson is then shot to death by a machine gun trap set by Hoffman.

Hoffman successfully infiltrates the police department – killing his way to Jill who he eventually puts inside the reverse bear trap once worn by Amanda Young. With no key to escape, Jill is killed.

When Dagen reaches his wife, he is forced to admit that he was never a Jigsaw victim – before having to participate in the very trap he lied about previously overcoming – suspending his body weight by piercing his chest with meat hooks and climbing a chain. At the top of the chain, he must connect an extension chord that will save his wife. As Dagen grabs for the extension chord, the hooks rip through his skin and he is forced to watch his wife incinerated before his eyes.

Saw 3D Spoilers Cary Elwes Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion

Before Hoffman can disappear, he is ambushed by three people wearing pig masks, one of which is Dr. Gordon – who is revealed to have been Kramer’s contingency plan, should anything ever happen to Jill. Through flashbacks, it’s revealed that Gordon was nursed back to health by John Kramer and helped prepare a number of Jigsaw games – placing the key inside Michael Marks’s eye (in Saw 2) and sewing Art Blank’s eyelids shut (in Saw 4), as well as selecting Dr. Lynn Denlon as a victim (in Saw 3).

Gordon takes Hoffman to the infamous Saw bathroom. Sealing Hoffman in – with no hope of escape.

Primary Characters (Deceased = Strikethrough):

  • John Kramer (Tobin Bell)
  • Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor)
  • Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes)
  • Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery)
  • Joyce Dagen (Gina Holden)
  • Detective Gibson (Chad Donella)
  • Jill Tuck (Betsy Russell)


Hopefully, our summary helped provide some closure for the Saw franchise. If you still have questions about the series, make sure check out our ‘Saw’ Movies: The Complete Guide in 6:66 feature – or leave a question in the comments. Out of respect for our other readers, please keep all Saw 3D spoiler comments in this comment thread.

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As for the future of the Saw series, what (if anything) do you think the filmmakers will do with the franchise next? Discuss away!

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  1. Ok i want to know:

    1. Are these deaths really disgusting?
    2. Is there any nudity? If so what?
    3. Is this great in 3D?
    4. Whats the most horryfing death in the film?
    5. Does it have a satisfying ending?

    • 1. Some of them are.
      2. No.
      3. The 3D was okay, I didn’t think it was necessary.
      4. Answering this requires a spoiler.
      5. It was very satisfying for me. It depends on how you wanted it to end… Just imagine some of the biggest fan theories, and it ends like one of those.

      • Thanks Packy i appreciate it :)

        but this is a spoiler place you can tell us everything! :D

    • I’d agree with Packy17 on the these.

      3. The 3D quality is fine but the implementation is unnecessary and doesn’t add anything.
      4. Joyce Dagen getting incinerated was pretty twisted.
      5. I thought the end was probably the most satisfying part of the film.

    • 2. yes when Jill tuck gets ripped apart you can see a breast.

      • Lmao really?

      • She did look great in that teddy looking outfit!

      • ewww but remember that was a dream… btw when she did get ripped up omg it was a total fake u could tell!!!

    • Hoffman will escape. Here’s how:

      Go back to the first Saw and watch for when Adam first finds the green bag.
      What does he pull out? 2 Saws; one was used by Doctor Gordon to cut his foot
      off. This saw was thrown out of the room by Doctor Gordon at the end of SAW 3D; the other was thrown down by Adam by his shackles, which is where
      Doctor Gordon chained up Hoffman. He will escape and Saw 8 will center around the final battle between Jigsaw’s two accomplices. Thoughts?

      • actually no one saw broke and then there was no blade so he threw it the other gordon threw out of the room

  2. Another thing is there any sex scenes? I feel uncomfortable watching sex scenes with my parents o_O i need to know lol.

    • Never mind,i know the answer :)

    • No sex scenes ;)

      • thanks ben :D

        • You’re going with your parents? LMAO

          • Yes im going with my dad i see no problem with that.

            • Well, next time don’t say “parents” :)

              • Well i dont have to be specific.

  3. It sounds as if they tied up most of the loose ends and left no leads…. Basically it came full circle!

    My only question is WTF happened to the Denlons’ daughter, whom they showed locked up in a room with a teddy bear, after jigsaws death?!?!?! They even tied into it later by showing Hoffman carrying the bear…. Did this really go unanswered through what was supposedly going to be the final film?

  4. Hoffman gets captured by 3 pig costumed people.

    one of them is dr. gordon

    what about the other 2???? who are they?

      • Ya, one of them is Dr. Gordon. The other two appear to be the muscle of the group – with Gordon being the primary leader.

        I assumed the other two were survivors such as Mallick (from Saw 5) – who is also in the Survivor group that meets with Dagen. Though, the actual identity of the other two (aside from Gordon) aren’t revealed.

        • I love that dr gordon helps out i always wondered what happened after he left the room in the first saw omg i cant wait..

      • oh but if u watch it shows kramer treating him with a prostetic leg

    • Gabby West was a character named Kara. She appeared in the automoblie trap scene where Chester Bennington, (from Linkin Park) is in the driver seat of the car. She was the one tied down under the tire of the car.

  5. Saw 6 the final chapter my ass lmao.

    • Its saw 7 lmao

      • It was a typo…besides why the hell pathetically label it “the final chapter” when there’s another film.

        • We dont know that yet. This is the final film but if they make another then we must answer your question :)

  6. Guys im off to see saw 7 wish me luck!!

    Iam so effing excited!!! Whooo hoo!!!!

    • Umm luck?? you crack me up

      • Oh My God

        that was very good. My second favorite SAW. Wow if u like them you will love this one it was very good :D

  7. I had a great time at the 9:30pm show on thursday, felt kinda bad though, as me and a friend were leaving the theater, there was a huge line of midnight ticket holders waiting to get in and we were discussing it rather loudly on the way out, it didnt dawn on me to stfu. oops:/
    Would love to find out who the other ‘droogs’ were and I agree, just because Gordon sealed Hoffman up in the room, it doesn’t actually mean he died, I like that actually.
    oh and we actually got to see the reverse bear trap in action too!

    • i believe the 2 with gordon couldve been his wife and daughter(one was rather short) and they couldve been insurance gordon remained safe to assure jills safety/ vengeance

      • Thats a great thought.

    • we have the same thing in mind men. Hoffman is a genius. And hes existence will result to an epic and successful ending for saw

    • No sadly :(

      • He didn’t leave him. Amanda smothered Adam to death right after Kramer went out the door after Gordon.

        I’m pretty sure that was revealed in Saw 3.

        By the time Kramer nursed Gordon back to health – Adam was long dead.

        • Oh yeah i resaw saw 3…its the most bloodiest and disturbing imo..

          • @ Rickenstien!


            Saw 4,5,and 6 were WAY more gruesome than 3.

            • Nope. Saw 3 is beats those in terms of “bloody disgusting” imo i try to turn away in saw 3 sooo many times. Its the goriest of them all.

  8. It was cool to see the bear trap in action, but otherwise, I absolutely hated this. The ending was so predictable and anti-climactic to me. They did the bathroom thing in Saw 2, and even though it matters more here with Dr. Gordon’s involvement, it felt like retreading ground they already covered. Not the way to end the franchise, but after six movies, it was hard to really capture a great ending. I also didn’t like the fact that Gordon was in on the whole thing; not only was it predictable the second he shows up at the meeting, it just felt lazy. I wanted to see more of what happened to him after, his wife and kid, and everything that went on.

    If anything, HE should have done the talk show circuit book peddling thing. He was douchey enough before cutting off his own foot that it makes sense he would’ve exploited it. Then they could have done something with him getting trapped again because of his arrogance. And I don’t know how Gordon sulking in the shadows and acting gruff makes him Jigsaw’s “star pupil”; that whole explanation was given waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too quickly and felt rushed.

    I’m thinking my expectations and hopes of them actually trying to end the series with a high quality entry were too high. Far be it from me to think Lionsgate and co would send the series that made them a ridiculous amount of money out with class.

    • What u talking about?
      That was the best ending they would have come up with. Besides, Carle Elwes said the ending was exactly what the fans wanted. Everybody knew since before the movie came out Dr Gordon was behind this. They just tried to satisfy us and at least for me, it did the trick.
      2nd best film of the series I must say.( EXcept for the 3d part)

  9. Did Anybody Notice That They Never Said How Dagen Got Those Scars On His Chest, They Didnt Show Him Cutting Himself Or Anything…. But Maybe It Was Makeup , that His Publicist Put There…. But His Wife Would Kno I Mean They Have Sex So The Scars Had TO Be Real.

    • Maybe they put the make up just before the meeting. Thats what i think. Its not real.

      • I just assumed that if they went to all that trouble to fake his story – they could have had a plastic surgeon or someone intentionally scar him.

        • Oh yeah thats probly what happened

  10. This felt like the true FINAL saw but im not sure it truly over the bad guys just in a dark room i mean come on!

    • I know everyone is saying that Hoffman COULD live, and while I agree anything is possible, I think that’s the end of Hoffman. He might escape the chain but he was locked away in the room.

      Plus, it’d be a retread if he came back. Eventually his storyline had to end. It was already getting a bit stale.

      Bringing in a new killer could liven the franchise up (should they do another – or spin off) and offer them a lot of new options. As you said, it FELT like the FINAL Saw film. I think, whatever they end up doing, it’ll be somewhat differentiated from the prior films.

      • Yes i agree.

  11. saw has been my favorite horror films of the last 7 years. i have a few questions… why is hoffman helping jigsaw? in 5 it shows he has to, to save his career, right? so when he dies why does he remain a killer when he actually isnt? another.. there is NO WAY games like those could be done and all set up by dr gordon, even if hoffman set them up.. they were working together? does this make sense?

  12. Is Hoffman close enough to the metal tank that Eric Matthews used to smash his foot in Saw III? …although as Ben Kendrick says, that doesn’t matter if Dr. Gordon locked the door. Before we saw Saw VI, my friend said “Suppose Dr. Gordon comes back and puts Hoffman in a saw trap?” Well that’s exactly what he does so his joke prediction came true.

    Also, can someone say what they thought the goriest scenes in the movie were, and also where the reverse beartrap stands? I’ve always wanted to see it kill someone and was disappointed when Hoffman survived in Saw VI.

    • The bear trap is used on jigsaws wife,hoffman puts it on her.

      I was laughing when the metal pointy sticks went through the womans eyes i mean she had her eyes open wtf! My eyes would be closed!

    • Same here,regarding Hoffman surviving the beartrap.

    • I knew who it was used on, I was just wondering the level of gore compared with the others.

      I finally saw it today. And I didn’t see that metal lid anywhere in sight when Dr. Gordon locked Hoffman in the room. Lawrence must’ve taken it away. So even if the door isn’t locked, he can’t escape the chains. Unless someone gets him out (and who would?), he’s screwed. How iconic that he ends up in the most infamous trap from the first movie (aside from the reverse beatrap), and is put there by one of the original victims of it who hasn’t been seen since the first movie until now, and (presumably) he dies in the trap. They said it’d be the last Saw, but if they make another one… they’ll probably either confirm or retcon his death

      The reverse beatrap scene did look relatively similar to what I envisioned, and on one occasion tried to draw.

  13. i have to say the goriest scene had to be the reverse bear trap or the incineration of bobbies wife those were very gory. im just really upset that they didnt explain what happened to half the survivors or what happened with the house that was burnt down i just expected a similar story just that it would involve the other survivors from the past movies instead of all of bobbies co workers i would of like to of seen the lawn mower trap actually end not just see the guy drop that was a little gay but it was ok i just felt like the story could of been better but the end made it all worth every second. i think they will make another movie for sure and it will help explain all the real lose ends and there will be another game i just hope this isnt that last movie i wont have anything to go see on Halloween next year and that makes me very sad.

  14. Sorry to say but what a let down, Made a big effort we all got dressed up in pig masks and jigsaw doll.

    Firstly the Acting of that detective Gibson was awful along with his side kick in the movis which spolit it. The Mindless killing by Hoffman throughout the movie stabbing people in the throat again was poor.

    Dr Gordon being alive was predicted a while ago but again as someone mentioned above it was to quick the movie flash of why he was involved, Afterall his wife and child survived from Saw 1 and you would think having had to cut his own foot off he would have nothing but hate towards Jigsaw so his involvement to me was not well explained, You could see why Amanada was involved she was a no hoper druggie so easily led yet he was a successful surgeon.

    Some of the death scene’s the first with the girl being lowered onto the saw and also the woman having the 3 spikes through the eyes and mouth did not look convincing, even the part where the guy had to put the hook’s in his chest to me looked very fake.

    For me what makes Saw great as a horror is not the killing but the story and message behind it, The people being tested were all about rehabilitation, Their was always a chance to survive in fact he wanted people to survive the tests yet in the later films that has kind of gone by the way where someone has to die no matter what.

    I am not sure the people behind the movie really thought it would go on for this long if they had I am sure Jigsaw would have survived for much longer in the franchise.

    Not sure what else to say if that was the end it was a very sad ending.

    • @eglwysman

      I completely agree with your point about the “message” and mentioned it in my review. A number of people are not in control of their own fates here – and Joyce (Bobby’s wife) is entirely innocent and pays the price. The original premise of guilty people getting rehabilitated after battling it out to live was much more satisfying from a story point of view.

  15. i hope theres a next one.. totally not satisfied witht the ending.
    my main questins…
    1- why is gordon helping jigsaw, and who were the pther 2 people with him that attack hoffman?
    2- was dr gordon and hoffman helping jigsaw without knowing eachother were involved? pretty stupid because theres way too much going on that it makes no sense.
    3- what was kramers plan all along? did he know that hoffman would kill jill after he was tested? did he want jil dead? didnt seem like his plan went thru like it was supposed to. and gordon is behind it?


    • @duncan smith

      1. It’s implied that Gordon was truly rehabilitated as a result of the events in Saw. So he joins Kramer in helping rehabilitate others.

      As I mentioned further up, “I assumed the other two (pig masks) were survivors such as Mallick (from Saw 5) – who is also in the Survivor group that meets with Dagen. Though, the actual identity of the other two (aside from Gordon) aren’t revealed.”

      2. I think Gordon knew about Hoffman but Hoffman did not know about Gordon.

      3. It seems as though, after Kramer died in Saw 3, Gordon wasn’t as involved anymore in the games (probably because Hoffman was running the show) – until Kramer’s contingency plan went into action. It’s mentioned in the film that Kramer suspected that Hoffman might eventually harm Jill (which Kramer did not want). Gordon was supposed to protect Jill and, should anything happen to her, he was supposed to avenge her death.

  16. Ten Reasons Saw 7 is the Worst Saw Movie:

    10. The Outdoor Trap – This was possibly the best trap in the movie. Which demonstrates what an awful movie this was, because it had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the film. It was like the moakers were saying “We could do something cool and different, look. But we won’t.”

    9. The Acting – “You’re crazy you crazy lady” etc. The real howler was the female agent who sat at the computer. It’s literally one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen in a film. And I also thought Dr. Gordon’s character was way too hammy.

    8. The Innocents – The idea of the series was originally to punish wrong-doers for their ‘crimes’, so why does Bobby’s wife deserve to be cooked alive when all she’s done is marry a liar? This isn’t the first time the series has been guilty of this cheat, but surely the most extreme example.

    7. The Reverse Bear-Trap – My favourite scene in Saw 6 was when Hoffman was put in the Bear-Trap and he escaped. It was imaginatively done, and what made it great was that you were imagining what could happen to him, but it din’t actually happen. In this film we get to see exactly what happens if the trap actually goes off, and that’s nowhere near as interesting (or memorable). We’ve seen plenty of gore already, what makes Saw cool is when characters are findding imaginative ways to escape from traps (like the water box trap in 5).

    6. The Spike Traps – Anyone else seen Saw 3 or 6? Then you know what to expect coming into this film, as the formula is exactly the same, giving people no control over whether they can survive (which is antithetical to Jigsaw’s original plan). This applies to the traps Bobby encounters, but also to the Garage trap, where one man seems to have the responsibility for all his friends. It’s just not the way it was meant to be, Jigsaw. Also, two traps involved characters getting pierced with spikes if Bobby didn’t save them. Why were these two traps so similar? I thought it was the start of a spike theme, but then the next trap was a hanging one. Evidently this was part of a jettisoned story element or just plain lazy writing.

    5. The Stories – The Bobby story and the Jill story aren’t related. There’s some vague stuff about how the game will stop if Jill is given up, but Hoffman never tells them outright who’s in the game (they somehow work it out, another fuzzy plot-point). This has been a problem with previous installments, particularly V, but here it’s an all-time low.

    4. The Furnace – It’s always been clear that the Jigsaw Killer and his minions have a huge budget, but this movie goes beyond all the others in terms of costly traps. I could mention the couple who were seen briefly hanging over dozens off indiustrial turbines, but the real problem was the furnace at the end. There is absolutely no reason to have the walls of the furnace swoop up around the victim in that undoubtedly costly fashion – in fact, having them down means an electric fence needs to be erected around her to keep Bobby away. This trap is just beyond ridiculous.

    3. The Lack of Tobin Bell – The strength of the series has always been Tobin Bell, and his one big scene, which lasts all of two minutes and features no traps, is the best in the movie.

    2. The Bodybag – There’s just no way this would have worked. As if that hulking brute of a man could have stood in for an armless, jawless corpse. It was just such a stupid scheme. Then when he gets inside he takes out the entire poilce force within the building, and luckily nobody else turns up (even though we saw a message passed across to get everybody back to the station right away). Jesus.

    1. The Twist – So who else was Jigsaw’s helper all along? You guessed it! So pointless, silly and annoying. If this person was really looking out for Jill all the time, why weren’t they there at the end of VI to keep an eye on things? For that matter, why did Jigsaw put his innocent wife’s life in danger at all when he could have given the test task at the end of 6 to this person instead? Oh yeah, and this is the thirdd time they’ve tried to pull this SAME twist on us, and this time was by far the worst.

    I haven’t even mentioned that there was no reason for the wife’s chain to keep getting shorter that I can think of,

    For the sake of fairness, what I liked:

    - Fishhook trap was a good idea (though ruined when the next trap was too similar)

    - The outdoor trap was good (though nothing to do with the rest of the movie)

      • Hoffman’s issue comes from his sister’s death from some drugged out punk and just the simple fact that as a detective he had no power to punish these killers. He got carried away with the power and became a true monster. When he was packing up his hideout, he had money in a safe but it’s difficult to say if he stole it from the evidence locker or it was a private stash of Kramer’s. The franchise originally planned 8 movies, but the box office results of saw 6 made them rush this film. I don’t care for the gore as much, but the moral plot was what drew the original fans in. IF they continue, hopefully it will be better written. Keep in mind that in Saw 1, Jigsaw made people complete task as a form of insurance and blackmail. Who knows how many people are truly involved, all I can think of is how Jill didn’t want to get help from the FBI or the homicide dept bc Hoffman has access.

    • The wifes chain kept getting shorter everytime Bobby failed to save one of his co-workers.

      • @Longshanks – I agree that it’s because of sociopathic Hoffman that the tests have become unfair. It’s boring though, isn’t it?

        @evy – Again, I agree with you about Hoffman. My problem with the financial stuff was more that the furnace trap was huge and expensive for no reason at all (the walls only swooped up for the sake of surprising the viewer. I’d actually like an expensive, elaborate trap if the expense didn’t seem so redundant – so inelegant. (on another note, did I miss something or is connecting a power cable a very weird way to stop a furnace activating?)

        I can definitely see this going to a DVD market. Hopefully they’ll move to smaller, more personal stories. I think a wife being tortured and then going to a Jigsaw minion to get his help plotting her revenge (or something like that) would work on a small scale.

        @bobby – but WHY??? The more I think about it, the more it seems totally random.

    • I’ve wondered about both the innocents thing and the “survival out of their hands” thing. I remember Jigsaw threatened to have Zep kill Dr. Gordon’s wife and kid if he didn’t kill Adam. Why put them in danger when they never did anything? Hoffman, on the other hand, well anyone who’s seen him kill all those officers in Saw 3D can see how psycho he’s become.

  17. alright all in all that movie completely sucked. Def the worst of all the saws. First of the traps were terrible, acting terrible, ending was just so obvious they could easily added a better twist cuz we all knew that gordan was gonna be the killer. I mean its good way to the end the saw series starting with what happen in the beginning. I thought they killed tobin bell way to early in the series. Like somebody said earlier he barely played a role in saw 7 the best scene was when he was at the book signing. Hoffman was terrible in this saw and so wasnt jill. The flow just wasnt there you could tell while you were watching it. I thought they tried to make the movie a little funny which made no sense to me. I mean i never had a problem with any of the other saws compared to this one it was just such a dissappointment to end the series like this. I understand they had to kind of put two movies into one but still you cant end a series with such a terrible movie like that. I wouldnt mind them making another one just to redeem themselves from this one but I mean its gonna be tuff i mean i guess they could do it with gordon getting the traps up. Ill list all the saws from best to worst see if anyone agrees with me.

    1. Saw 1
    2. Saw 2
    3. Saw 5
    4. Saw 6
    5. Saw 4
    6. Saw 3
    7. Saw 7

  18. It simply didnt surprised me.

    Its clearly a movie projected for 3D, and JUST THAT.

    Saw is over like 2 or 3 movies before. This is just Lions Gate attempt to make money before people got sick of it.

    Just doesnt add… watch the pirate version, dont pay for this stuff.
    Or read the script and dont watch

    • Hoffman will escape. Here’s how:

      Go back to the first Saw. Adam finds the green bag and pulls out TWO saws.
      The first one is used by Doctor Gordon to saw his foot off. This is the saw he throws out of the room at the end of Saw 3D. The second was thrown down in a fit by Adam and remains by his dead body. Where did Doctor
      Gordon chain up Hoffman? Right by Adam’s decayed body. Leaving 1 saw in the room with Hoffman and well within his reach. I agree that Saw 3D was billed as the last, but Saw 8 should center around Hoffman escaping by cutting his foot off just like Gordon and the final battle for Jigsaw’s legacy should take place between Jigsaw’s two prized accomplices. Besides, I would like to know who Gordon’s accomplices were in abducting Hoffman at the end of Saw3D.
      We already know that 2 out of the three people imprisoned in that bathroom
      escaped from their shackles (Dr. Gordon by cutting his foot off and Eric Matthews by smashing his foot with the back of the toilet). A badass like Hoffman, who already escaped the mini-jaw ripper, would have not problem escaping. I would like feedback so feel free to comment.

        • no i think the body was there. you do see a decaying body and its not adam’s because adam was suffocated in the bath tub by amanda i am pretty sure

          • Ok. So let’s start working on an idea for Hoffman’s escape in Saw 8.
            I realize that Saw 7 is labeled “the last installment.” But much like Detective Rigg, I can not let go of the Saw franchise. Even if the Adam’s saw is broken from the first Saw, I’m sure there are pieces of the toilet lid that Detective Matthews used to break his ankle in Saw 3. Does Hoffman use this to escape the bathroom and exact his revenge on Dr. Gordon. If Cary Elwes will agree to coming back for another, he would be killed in the final scene by Hoffman.
            Let’s face facts, franchises continue on the strength of one thing and one thing only, box office sales. I paid $31.50 for me and my girlfriend to see the latest installment of, in my humble opinion, the BEST horror franchise today (They ruined Nightmare on Elm Street with that horrible remake, and Rob Zombie is done making Halloweens). Let’s squeeze out one more Saw and let the bad guy win one for a change. Let’s start coming with ideas for Hoffman’s escape and the final trap which will off Gordon.

          • that body next to adam was zeps, there are three bodies in the room. adams chained up next to the wall, the one right in front of adams is zeps and as dr gordon bends down to pick up the saw after moving it from hoffmans grasp, you can clearly see a third body behind him, obviously the guy from saw 2

            • who is Zepp?

      • Yeah i thought the one of the saws was broken by Adam because he couldnt break his chain?

  19. This movie is and was a true disappointment as were all the movies past the first, not that I walked into this movie with this attitude. The earlier movies had some moments of clever thinking. The young man in the safe the whole time in 2 with the video having taken place much earlier is a great example.

    Saw 3D (7?) did have the potential to be much better than all the films following the first, and having the perspective of a viewer who has now seen this movie, I can honestly say if a few elements would have been altered, it would have been excellent -

    1 – If Cary Elwes character Dr. Gordon would have been introduced during the “hello Zepp” flashback phase that every movie has instead of at the beginning, that would have been really hard to see coming. His character’s story beyond the bathroom was one of the non-explained elements that made the original movie sit different than many movies of this genre in that you never really knew if Jigsaw was a true man of his word when it came to being allowed to survive. Having said that, Dr. Gordon was all but completely forgotten by the seventh film, and I wasn’t expecting him showing up.

    2 – Jigsaw somehow should have had something rigged to save his wife from harm. When still alive he promised her a way out, and Jigsaw was supposed to be able to read about 370 steps ahead of everyone else. The doctor could have taken care of this, and that would have been a great time to bring him in too. Her death in this film is tasteless, especially to show it as well. That scene alone makes this film much less witty and mindless.

    3 – Lastly, it might have been a bit better if SOMEONE would have survived anything?

    This is, for the most part, a mindless gore-fest that could have been great. To watch an innocent woman cook in an oven is not entertainment, though it may have been great for the “hills have eyes” crowd. I cannot speak for everyone, but our minds are capable of coming up with worse details on a tragic event rather than just showing us, and such movies that make the most of this (the first Saw movie) are movies with class, and real artistic quality. For example, in the first Saw film, when Danny Glover’s partner gets the shotgun headache treatment it doesn’t show his head come apart, while I can guarantee you it would have been shown in later films. We all know that several shotguns to the head is not an afternoon at the clinic. Movie viewers are not idiots, and since this movie requires the viewer to be over 18 years of age to view, why not treat the viewer with something to think about rather than spoon feeding us a preschooler-level plot with a bunch of blood and intestines thrown in with mechanical spinning objects?

    The original Saw was an amazing film that truly was as this review touches upon: Simple yet complex enough to seem staggering for one man to have pulled off alone (which they ruined as well later, which should have been illegal, the original writers must be disgusted). Saw left me with a true amount of respect for the Villain, not only because of his extensive ability to predict the decisions and actions of others, but also because of his honorable values and goals. He actually doesn’t want to kill people, he just feels they can’t be saved from themselves by any other means. In other words, from his perspective, he is trying to help.

    This Saw film has gone from that, to “kill anyone and everyone that did anything and maybe some that just knew someone that did something”, and make it a gory event performed by a machine that would take many days to build, and make that machine very inefficient. John was an Engineer, and being in the same field as him I can say that the reverse bear trap was about as complicated as necessary to get the job done. Suffice to say it was the psychological effect that was probably the goal there, but it looked simple and made from sourced parts from other equipment, not billet machined and manufactured parts that were polished like “reverse bear trap revision 2″. Why even build a second version of a proven design anyway?

    Some of the traps in this entire series are totally stupid. I wonder if the teams that built the set asked themselves how long it took them to build the machines themselves and then stopped to think that instead of them it is either an old man working alone or perhaps getting help from Hoffman and Amanda – The former not knowing that (loose quote from saw 6)”he needs to change the weight of grease to compensate for the extra torque” (Pardon? How much torque on a gear to beak an arm or a leg in direct twisting motion with a gear that size? You could use bacon fat and it would be more than enough! It’s turning at 1 RPM!) and the latter telling his to “use 5 weight and ask next time” (5 weight being oil not grease, and if the load was higher he must have started with a 0W maybe? Maybe he was worried it may snow in the building?) Surely someone on staff to build half of this junk could have chimed in and said “I would change that line to make it sound less like your an idiot”.

    When Jigsaw picked himself off of the floor of the bathroom in Saw, I was taken aback at how skillfully the entire movie had been put together, and for a small moment I felt the same when I saw Dr. Gordon in this last film. If only they would have timed that near the end instead, it could have ended the entire gorefest with a small touch of the original clever feel. If they were to simply pull the doctor from all scenes until the end and just place the opening scene at the end to describe how he could even be there, that would change everything. I really wish they could make this change for everyone else that is going to watch the movie.

    That’s my rant, thanks for providing me with an avenue to vent my frustration with this series. It only succeeded as much as it did because it was built on a very solid foundation of cinematic genius, and many of us convinced ourselves that “this Saw film will be like the first, they will get it right this time”, and that literally carried it through till now. This first film was that good. I am not only disappointed, but I am actually sad to see such potential wasted. Oh well, there are many movies which fall into this category, which is a shame to say the least.



  20. Saw V is the only one where no one says “Game over”, as far as I know.

    Jigsaw: Game over! (shuts the door on Adam)
    Amanda: Game over. (shuts the door on Detective Matthews)
    Jigsaw: Game over. (Amanda dies)
    Hoffman: Game over. (Shuts the door on Rigg)
    Jill: Game over. (Shut the door on Hoffman)
    Hoffman: Game over. (Jill is killed by reverse beartrap)
    Dr. Gordon: Game over. (Shuts the door on Hoffman)

    Is it just me or did we not hear Billy’s laugh in Saw 3D? Every other film had it why not this one? (if we did hear it obviously I missed it if so what scene was that in?)

  21. Well… Saw 7 went crazy, people dying left and right just for the brutality. the wife of the lying survivor didnt need to die like that, and showing it was just bad, Jill getting killed by that maniac was not even cool, glad she was avenged in a way but she still didnt deserve to be killed, much less like that.. Her dream was pretty much just as bad as what really happened.
    Gordon being the background help is interesting, after about saw 5 i just left it in the air that maybe he could be alive doing who knows what.
    Its like they just wanted to come up with the worst deaths so it would have a gorefest summary in this supposed last installment, a desperate attempt obviously cz a few deaths were uncalled for and really grimy.
    On with life now..

    • I agree with everything…this film had no story and there was so many traps and deaths its unreal…not impressed as me being the biggest fan of the saw series …ever… i regreat to inform everyone that i have been put of watching the films ever again from having to sit and watch that load of trash!

  22. Well your not supposed to leave after a film that says its the final chapter cofused because of unaswerd questions. Saw fans waited 6 years to find out what happend to DR Gordon and we did find out abit but we could have found out so much more. Yeh Jigsaw found him gave him a fake foot and gordon helped him with surgery but why did he do this? Why did he help jigsaw, did he go back to being a DR? Did he find his family? and most importantly he was 1 of the three people in pig masks at the end but who were the other 2? Why leave it open like that when its supposed to be the last 1. Also Hoffman was left alive.

  23. I totally agree with most of the postings here. I am a true fan but this movie sucked. I feel cheated. There is no movie without jigsaw. You cant have your best asset to the movie(Jigsaw character)be just a bunch of flashbacks. This was not a psychological thriller like the first. Just a bunch of gore. 3D was not needed. I am truly disappointed.

    Saw VIII- Gordon hears a who

    • LMAO gordon hears a who…

      I think the other 2 were his wife and daughter..

      • no it couldnt be because his they were the same height as gordon

  25. Here is my theory… Saw is the best horror franchise ever made. For every serious Saw fan, every movie has made complete sense and answered more questions that we have. I hate to see this end and hope that it will continue after the numbers are finalized. I think Saw 3D answers all the questions that we had. I think that it was time for Hoffman to die. I hate it that Jill Tuck had too, but this is a movie and we don’t know what they have in store for us next.

    • Its a theory.