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Saw 3D Spoilers Jigsaw Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion

Saw 3D is officially in theaters and hopefully, if you’re reading this, you’ve either had the chance to check out the film for yourself – or are simply interested in knowing how the final movie in the series concludes.

If you’re planning on seeing Saw 3D, make sure to read our spoiler-free Saw 3D review. Also, check out our recap of the series, ‘Saw’ Movies: The Complete Guide in 6:66 – which includes summaries of each film, as well as a one-stop video feature detailing everything that happened from Saw to Saw 6.

We’ve put together this summary, everything you need to know about the final Saw film, to inform anyone who isn’t interested in seeing the movie – as well as offer a recap for anyone who still has questions.

Be advised that from here on out we’ll be offering up major spoilers for Saw 3D and, as a result of the intertwined narrative, prior Saw films as well. This includes the comments, where we encourage you to talk about your favorite Saw 3D moments as well as your theories about where the story might go next – assuming the Saw creators were to film a spin-off, prequel, or yet another installment.


Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion

Saw 3D

Tagline: The Final Chapter
October 29, 2010

Summary: Dr. Lawrence Gordon is shown in a flashback, crawling out of the dilapidated bathroom from the original Saw, cauterizing his leg wound against a steam pipe in the hall.

In the present, Hoffman escapes from Jill’s trap, and hunts Jill through the halls of the Zoo from Saw 6. Jill manages to escape and seeks out Internal Affairs Detective Gibson, promising to give him information on Hoffman – in exchange for protection.

A group of victims Ryan, Brad, and Dina, who are involved in a love triangle, take part in a Jigsaw game before a crowd of onlookers. Ryan and Brad can either compete to save Dina by attempting to kill each other, or the two can set aside their rivalry – and consent to Dina being lowered onto a spinning saw blade. After Dina waffles about who she truly loves, the pair allows her to be killed.

Detective Gibson investigates a multiple homicide, the result of a failed attempt by Evan, a white supremacist, to escape a Jigsaw trap. Hoffman leaves clues for Gibson – implicating Jill’s involvement in the Jigsaw killings.

Saw 3D Spoilers Joyce Dagen Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion

Bobby Dagen, who has achieved great fortune and fame by sharing his Jigsaw game survival story meets with a group of Jigsaw survivors including Mallick (from Saw 5), Simone and Emily (from Saw 6) as well as Dr. Gordon – in order to promote his tell-all book. Shortly after, Dagen awakens in a Jigsaw game – and it’s revealed that he lied about being a Jigsaw victim. He is tasked with accomplishing a series of challenges in 60 minutes in order to save his wife. Throughout the game, Dagen fails to rescue his publicist, his lawyer, and his best friend, before having to pull out a pair of his teeth that hold the combination to the room his wife is locked in.

Meanwhile, Hoffman sends Gibson a series of video messages, promising to stop killing in exchange for Jill – as well as offering clues to the potential whereabouts of Dagen’s game. Gibson arrives at Hoffman’s hideout and discovers one of the victims of Evan’s game – revealing that Hoffman climbed inside the victim’s body bag in order to gain access to the Police Department morgue – in the same building Jill is being held. Gibson is then shot to death by a machine gun trap set by Hoffman.

Hoffman successfully infiltrates the police department – killing his way to Jill who he eventually puts inside the reverse bear trap once worn by Amanda Young. With no key to escape, Jill is killed.

When Dagen reaches his wife, he is forced to admit that he was never a Jigsaw victim – before having to participate in the very trap he lied about previously overcoming – suspending his body weight by piercing his chest with meat hooks and climbing a chain. At the top of the chain, he must connect an extension chord that will save his wife. As Dagen grabs for the extension chord, the hooks rip through his skin and he is forced to watch his wife incinerated before his eyes.

Saw 3D Spoilers Cary Elwes Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion

Before Hoffman can disappear, he is ambushed by three people wearing pig masks, one of which is Dr. Gordon – who is revealed to have been Kramer’s contingency plan, should anything ever happen to Jill. Through flashbacks, it’s revealed that Gordon was nursed back to health by John Kramer and helped prepare a number of Jigsaw games – placing the key inside Michael Marks’s eye (in Saw 2) and sewing Art Blank’s eyelids shut (in Saw 4), as well as selecting Dr. Lynn Denlon as a victim (in Saw 3).

Gordon takes Hoffman to the infamous Saw bathroom. Sealing Hoffman in – with no hope of escape.

Primary Characters (Deceased = Strikethrough):

  • John Kramer (Tobin Bell)
  • Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor)
  • Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes)
  • Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery)
  • Joyce Dagen (Gina Holden)
  • Detective Gibson (Chad Donella)
  • Jill Tuck (Betsy Russell)

Hopefully, our summary helped provide some closure for the Saw franchise. If you still have questions about the series, make sure check out our ‘Saw’ Movies: The Complete Guide in 6:66 feature – or leave a question in the comments. Out of respect for our other readers, please keep all Saw 3D spoiler comments in this comment thread.

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As for the future of the Saw series, what (if anything) do you think the filmmakers will do with the franchise next? Discuss away!

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  1. @ Brandy im disappointed that the movie that was supposed to end it all brought in a new story arc instead of answering all the questions from the previous saws, especially the relevance of the fire and house in saw 2 that the bathroom was nearby. they left so much open, we need to know what happened, when, where and who did it. the only good thing to come out of saw 7 was dr gordan’s return – thats it

  2. I wanna know what secrets is Kramer talking about when he asks Gordon to help him.
    And btw, how did Hoffman meet Kramer?, he must had been a player just like Amanda and Gordon.

  3. @davinci
    Hoffman met Kramer after Hoffman killed Seth Baxter and framed Jigsaw for the murder. John Kramer then kidnapped him and blackmailed him into working for him

  4. If Hoffman Knew about the Bobby Dagen trap, then how come he didn’t know about Dr. Gordon; since its obvious Dr. Gordon carried out the Dagen trap with some some help(probably from the other 2 pigmask guys revealed at the end). There is no way 1 man could have kidnapped 5 people at the same time.I didn’t think Hoffman was involved because during the time of the kidnapping of Bobby & gang, wasn’t he hiding in eihter the back of the auto shop or in the bodybag but then again he did offer up a clue to where the Dagen game was being held at in the video message sent to Gibson. So did he know? Was he involved. It’s eating me up and I really got to know. I’m a big fan & haven’t been able to find any holes in this great series thus far so hopefully somebody could answer this for me.

  5. maybe one of the others pigheads was daniel matthews from saw II, and i may think about officer rigg from saw 4 being the other one maybe gordon saved him

  6. Who was the 2 other one who ambushed Hoffman?

  7. Well, I know most of these comments are from a year ago. No, I dont think there will be a Saw 8, neither do I want one. They have been going downhill, as some other people have mentioned… Too much mindless killing. Saw 1 and 2 were clever indeed, and it couldve continued onward like that, but it didnt. The movie writers didnt think they would make SEVEN movies, so they killed off John Kramer (Jigsaw) way too early. I dont care who the other people were with Gordon when he kidnapped Hoffman. It doesnt matter. I like the ending, because it was a return to nostalgia. BUT, I never forgot Gordon while watching all the movies. I say, that the plot of all the movies COMBINED make a more twisting plot than Inception x Shutter Island to the power of 9. I would not pay for this movie though. One word: Torrent.

  8. What if someone turns out to have a twin? For example, what if Amanda or Jill had a twin, and their twin actually died not them. I dunno’ just a thought…

  9. 2 person who helped gordon was Bred and Ryan from love triangle trap.

    • Ariel, your comment is the only one I could think of that makes perfect sense. As to who the other 2 pigmen were.

  10. Ariel, your comment is the only one I could think of that makes perfect sense. As to who the other 2 pigmen were. But from the first movie I always wondered, what happened to Dr.Gordon? He clearly didn’t come back to save his cell mate, as seen in (Saw II). But, yes most Saw movies after the first and second have went down hill, and have lost meaning in the main objective of the games. Play by the “rules”, and you will live. After seeing Saw 3D (a.k.a Saw 7), if the filmmakers can focus on the main objective that was set up by John Kramer, I would imagine they could pull off a final movie using Dr. Gordon. Since we see his return. Although, there is not much to work with, it would be amazing to see what they could pull off. Does Dr. Gordon pick up John’s Legacy? Staying with the “rules”, or does he spiral out of control like Detective Hoffman?