‘Paranormal Activity 2′ Scares Off ‘Saw 3D’

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Saw 3D Paranormal Activity 2 release dates Paranormal Activity 2 Scares Off Saw 3D

Once upon a time the Saw franchise was the king of the horror box office, as the movie calendar made ample room for each gory installment – every single year. However, last year Saw VI made considerably less than the previous films ($64 million worldwide), when it opened on the same weekend as Paranormal Activity expanded its release. The dip was an early indicator that audiences were getting fed-up with Jigsaw’s twisted games.

However, in an attempt to spark new interest, Saw 3D (formerly Saw VII) is making the jump to the third dimension for the grisly proceedings. Only time will tell whether the format will add to the experience – or detract from it. Audiences could look forward to seeing Saw 3D in theaters on October 22nd, which meant the film would have had stiff competition from Paranormal Activity 2. Now, it appears that Jigsaw is running in fear.

Lionsgate has officially announced that Saw 3D will now hit theaters a week later than it was perviously scheduled, on October 29th. That means that the new kid on the block, Paranormal Activity, has scared off the reigning horror box office champion.

Who’d have thought?

If you’ve been keeping up with the “battle” between Saw 3D and Paranormal Activity 2, you’ll probably be aware that it all started when Saw VI director, Kevin Greutert signed on to direct the Paranormal sequel. However, not long after, he was forced (much to his dismay) because of contractual obligations to switch back to the Saw franchise for a seventh film.

Saw 6 director Kevin Greutert Paranormal Activity 2 Scares Off Saw 3D

Kevin Greutert on the set of Saw VI - "One Saw movie and I'm done, right?"

The face-off between the two horror franchises was then solidified when Paranormal Activity 2 set a release date of October 22nd, the exact same day as Saw 3D. It was basically the film equivalent of one movie declaring war on another!

Now, with a new release date for Saw 3D, the films don’t have to worry about splitting potential audiences down the middle (no pun intended) – and audiences can easily see both films without the worry of having to choose.

As a result, the question switches to, “which movie will make more money?” Considering the first Paranormal Activity made over $100 million on a microscopic budget of $15,000, and the Saw franchise box office performance has been steadily dwindling with the last three movies, it’s easy to assume that Paranormal Activity 2 will win out.

paranormal activity 2 Paranormal Activity 2 Scares Off Saw 3D

However, with the seventh Saw adding 3D into the mix – it may cause the film to win out based purely on the higher ticket prices. Maybe, we’ll see the Paranormal Activity sequel jump onto the 3D bandwagon to compensate? Though, we certainly hope not. In a world where 3D is more popular (read: prolific) than it’s ever been, I wouldn’t die of shock if the movie went that route.

In case you missed them, check out the first teaser trailer and poster for Saw 3D which were revealed yesterday. Also, producer Oren Koules claimed at this year’s Comic Con that this will be the last film in the franchise – we can only hope he’s telling the truth!

Saw 3D will now open in theaters on October 29th, 2010.

Paranormal Activity 2 will be released on October 22nd, 2010.

Source: Variety

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  1. they really had no need to milk the saw franchise, the original was great, any after that was just greed.

  2. I liked Saw and Saw 2. I’ve seen 3-5, but none of them impressed me. Really, why do they need 7 of these stupid things?

    • who knows chaos, it seems hollywood loves running stuff into the ground

  3. saw sucks, im glad that this is the last one, the books only got to 7, paranormal activity in the other hand rocks

    • WTF? Saw is not based on books.

  4. paranormal activity sucks, its so stupid, the scariest part in the movie was when the the door closed by its self, or when the pillow got thrown into the air, i got really scared when they found foot prints in the baby powder its just stupid. that movie was all about making people jump, ooo i made you jump, ooo i made you jump, ooo i made you jump in every scene

  5. … 7 Saw’s. Because they made a lot of money. Paranormal Activity 2 comes out a year after (just like the Saw films did). You think the same thing won’t happen with these??? Paranormal Activity 3D will hit theaters next year and 4,5,6,7,8,9……. will follow until a new idea for a “scary?” movie comes along. They don’t make these movies to tell a story… they do it to make money. That’s what they do. They’ll milk this just as much as Saw did.

    • i agree but saw still sucks

  6. Foopher u are totally right!!!!!

  7. They can’t top PA.

    Having said that, I’m too scared to even finish the trailer!

  8. I think there are enough Saw movies already. I hope the same doesn’t happen to Paranormal Activity and they stop with one single sequel.

  9. Well i have to say Paranormal activity IS STUPID! Seriously it’s all done with a regular camera and a unsteady hand! It looks too fake and only people who believe in this crap will be kinda scared! now saw on the other hand can happen to someone. Seriously a serial killer who’s a mastermind and uncatchable HECK YEA! Im into the kinda stuff. Punishments for doing wrong! I wish The people of PA word just give it up because ther are going to try and make as many stupid unscary movies as they can and they will not be anything like saw. I don’t see how anyone can find PA scary! They musy be 12 or something. Omg “big boom” Omg “footsteps” Omg “UNSTEADY HAND IS MAKING ME NAUSEAS” Grow up people it LOOKS TOO FAKE! SAW ROCKS AND I WILL ALWAYS BE A FAN! EFF YOU PA!

    • Your absolutly correct!! I hate paranormal activity!! i refuse to see 2!! and 3 when it comes out next year F*** Paranormal Activity, and the only people who dont like saw, say its just all gore, no REAl story to it, bull s***!! it really does have a story you just got to not judge a movie by its cover!!

  10. If Paranormal Activity scared you, then you’re probably scared of your own shadow. I thought the movie was horrible, boring, stupid, and not the least bit scary. I will NOT be seeing the sequel.

  11. Yes Flex, that’s textbook defence. “I’ll act tough, since I was really scared out of my pants.”

    Give it a rest – we see right through it.

  12. I’m probably the wrong person to even be reading this article. My wife and I quite literally laughed our way through Paranormal Activity due to how bad it was, and I’ve always found the Saw movies to be horribly dumb and merely catering to the lowest denominator. The characters seem like they’re designed to be too stupid to breathe and the “twists” in each movie could have been been predicted by a doped up 7th grader. The only good part of Paranormal Activity was watching the little junior high school girls who snuck in the theater jump every three minutes because they have no experience with good cinematography. I won’t bother seeing either movie, and will spend my $20 on something more entertaining, like a burrito.

  13. IMO I’m pretty sure Saw 7(3D) will win out on this one. Take a look at “Blair Witch Project”. The first film was a phenomena that raked in buckets of cash for barely a budget, sound familiar? Well have you seen the sequel to “Blair Witch Project”? That sucked so much I can barely describe it. It was a laughable attempt to squeeze more cash out of Blair Witch hype. I’m thinking the same thing will happen to Paranormal Activity, besides, the first one wasn’t even that good. I WANT SAW ON 22nd dammit! Totally messed up my plans :(

  14. I like both movies, but I like Saw WAY more! Saw actually has a point to it, it’s not just some random murder killing random people for NO reason. And it has twists that mess with your mind. Like I said, I still kind of like Paranormal Activity, but I think that Saw is better. It stinks that PA beat out Saw VI, but I personally think that Saw 3D will win against PA2, even with the extra week that it has, because it’s the final movie, and all.

  15. To be completely honest with you guys. I haven’t watched a new Saw since Saw 3 and I’ve never even bothered to go see PA1 let alone PA2. Simply because after Saw 2 it gets repetitive. I just read the Saw 3D plot online and it was as I thought. I was able to actually predict the ending’s guidelines. [Spoiler] Jigsaw’s apprentice gets killed only to reveal another one of Jigsaw’s apprentices [or henchmen]? [End of spoiler] Jigsaw might as well have converted the entire world to trapping otherwise innocent people with small flaws into sick, twisted survival games. Let’s give him a damn cult, jeez. I swear, Jigsaw’s influence is almost as much of a mary sue than Alice from the Resident Evil movies. Honestly, it’s a little much when you have the story go on and on with no possibly hope of a true ending. Seeing people get tortured every possible way makes it so you HAVE to do the same thing over and over again. I’m surprised they got the seven. They should have stopped at three because Jigsaw actually dies in that one. Not everything has to have a “happy ending” some of the best movies don’t but hey.. Jigsaw dying along with his apprentice is as happy as it’s gonna get in Saw.

    As for PA 1 and 2 they seemed a lot like one of those fake docudramas. Aside from that my sister told me it was horrible and she is a huge movie fan. So I basically took her word for it. Seeing all the negative comments basically confirmed what she had been saying. It seems like another ‘Blaire Witch Project’ rip-off.

  16. Paranormal activty rules i saw the 2nd one it was so awesome

  17. *activity