‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Mid-Season Discussion

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terminator sarah connor chronicles Sarah Connor Chronicles Mid Season Discussion

We’re at the mid-season point for most TV shows and we have a long wait for the next half of the season to start again… Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles won’t return until mid-February.

A lot of folks have been of the opinion that SCC has lost its direction this season and has suffered from “Heroes Syndrome,” jumping around story-wise with odd non-sequiter episodes instead of continuing to move the story forward in a coherent manner.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed this season (although the “search for the three dots” thing is getting pretty old). My favorite things to watch on the show have been the development of Thomas Dekker as John Connor and of the protective Terminator played by Summer Glau.

And the half-season DID end on a hell of a note with that flying ship.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how this season has been so far, what you think will happen come February, and just what the heck that ship is, exactly!

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  1. I am afraid they lost me this season.
    I might go back to it later though .

  2. I’m totally back in the series, even though it went a bit x-files. Not too fond of the whole John Henry storyline, but I love Summer Glau aus the Terminator(ess).

  3. I gave up. I had 2-3 episodes TIVO’d and I just could not generate enough interest in the story to sit through them. The story became tedious. The Shirley Manson character killed it for me- hard to look at and can’t act a lick. Bad combo in a land of weak characters. It started out well and then the story got messy. Its hard to pick a story line to stay interested in, they are all too boring or dull. No Hero here to cheer for.

  4. This season is hard to judge. There have been great episodes and then not so great episodes. Almost back to back. Overall I liked it, but there is a lot of confusion and their trying to push way to much mystery in to the entire thing.

  5. This is the entire problem with television and action. There is just not a budget to have a fast paced action series. On top of that the character development is horrible. We’re supposed to care about these characters and their desperation but instead they walk through episodes as if it’s the a listless drama. The writers are dragging out storylines and that’s lazy writing. Keep the tension up because there is none on the show. However, now that Fox is going to cancel it (I know they can’t help themselves here and will), I will return to my earlier motto — no more tv for me.

  6. I really enjoy the show and consider it a must watch. I like this season!


  7. I really like it and have been able to follow it easily. I have really enjoyed Cameron going odd due to head damage and the the hunting terminator using a smile to try and reassure people.

    Has its flaws, but a good show.

    The latest episode over here was the shoot out in the church. The episode was broken up into each person’s story, which seemed pointless and unoriginal to me. The episode was a good one but that seemed needless.

  8. Let me get this straight, you enjoy the John Connor character? he is the reason I no longer watch this show, how could it be that the future leader of a human resistance is a whiny emo punk?

  9. @JMoney

    I said I enjoyed watching the DEVELOPMENT of the John Connor character. When did you stop watching the show? He’s matured quite a bit since the start of season one.


  10. I’m not sure, i stopped watchin whole episodes after the episodes when John started whining about “living his own life” or some crap like that, i’ve been flipping to it off and on but the episodes never draw me in. I will Brian Austin Green does a decent job as Derek.

  11. It is annoying when they have a character try to fight the inevitable, but seems par for the course in tv series.
    I have to admit when I saw it was Claire’s friend from Heroes as John I was puzzled, but you need someone to grow into being the resistance leader. I mean look how Sarah was in the first movie.

  12. Season two has been really great, with the exception of the first couple episodes maybe, but some of the mysteries are getting beyond annoying and there’s nowhere nearly enough Garret Dillahunt on the show. I’m just hoping they change that in the second half of the season. And maybe kill off Weaver, because Shirley Manson really is pretty bad.

    Everything else – the writing, the arc, most of the characters – is just top.

  13. I like the show but it seems to have lost its way the last 3 or 4 episodes. It seems to be meandering with no end game in sight.

    And the last episode with Sarah and the UFOs? What the frak was that about? I’m assuming the ship is some form of Hunter-Killer prototype.

    And what’s with everyone splitting up all the time? I thought there was safety in numbers?

  14. Season 2 rocks, the ship is obviously a robot ship from the future which makes it all the more terrifying. Summer Glau is amazing and the whole cast is really upping the ante. John Henry plot is wicked and gives Ellison an all new role- father, teacher and pastor- who knew!
    LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH and I wasn’t the biggest fans of the films until now so they must be doing something write.
    Superbly written for a Terminator show!!
    Hope for a season 3!!!!!

  15. @bobby

    My first thought was the same about the ship, but how would it have traveled back through time? Organic matter, remember?

    It must have been built present day, maybe by that creepy pale redheaded Terminatrix?


  16. Terminator is one of the best written / acted sci-fi genre show on TV right now.

    I think some of the criticisms that John Connor is taking too long to grow up are entirely valid.

    John doesn’t seem to be growing up, AT ALL. Even Derek has pointed that out. So this is most likely intentional, on the part of the writing team.

    I think the writing is very clever regarding john’s development.

    Sarah babies John too much.

    Cameron is the devoted enabler.

    Derek just doesn’t know how to mold John into the man he must become.

    And John, well, with all these adults around, he just doesn’t have to grow up. :)

  17. After the hideous premiere, I grew to really like the show. Especially how even those people whom they try to save eventually have their lives DESTROYED.

    The whole premise is dystopian, so our characters CANNOT have a happy retirement. Happiness is reserved for future generations who will live free due to the efforts of our heroes. This is the story of the heroes’ struggles and how they keep the faith as they see life and civility collapse around them.

    Second season is a mixed bag, but I do like the different threads — I just wish they’d focus on ONE per EPISODE and tell complete stories. ONE episode about the T-1000 biatch, then ONE episode about the love interest, then THREE episodes about Cromartie.

    Yeah, the breakaway star here — Cromartie is fun to watch as he does his cyborg – CSI work to track down John Connor. I like how they keep him focused on the job.

    The flying ship? — obviously a pre-cursor to the HK’s of the post apacalyptic world. And so now almost all destructive elements of the future have been addressed: Terminators, HKs, SkyNet, and AI programming. Just one more thing to check out — TIME TRAVEL THEORY. When do they find the people working on that and put it down? Without time travel, no more re-boots!

  18. Hmm. I can’t disagree about John more. He might have been an emo punk last year, but he’s been putting his foot down this season and asserting himself.

    The scene where he wakes Cameron up early in the season was incredible. There was a look, I thought, of genuine fear on Sarah and Derek’s face when he put the chip back in.

    The conflict of the series, as I see it, is all the main characters wrestling with when John is ready to take over. John’s not sure, Sarah is reluctant to let him do anything. Derek seems frustrated. John has appeared to be disobedient and perhaps a little too cavalier, but my sense is that he’s saying whatever happens, let it come. He can’t become the John Connor by hiding in a house and cutting himself off from everyone.

    I have no problem whatsoever with Shirley Manson. I’m not sure how you play a cyborg, but I see some of the same criticisms made of Summer Glau. It’s really not an easy job, but I think they both convey well the idea of a machine trying to make “appropriate” gestures and mannerisms that don’t ring true to the eye or develop “organically.”

    I have a few complaints. Derek’s girlfriend – why are these kick ass women always tiny waifs? The actress who plays Riley does a good job, but her tranformation into present day teenager seems to have been much too easy.

    As far as the writing being lazy, that seems way off. It’s incredibly disciplined. IMO. Like the heyday of the X-Files, they don’t give away too much too fast, and they wisely focus on ideas and character development rather than trying to pull off big action sequences and throwing in big twists and reveals (a la Heroes) to satisfy fans. It’s the best show on TV along with Mad Men as far as I’m concerned.

  19. Vic, I thought the pilot was pretty dodgy too. But it certainly got better.

    It was weird, though, how in the pilot Cameron could act like a normal teen before revealing herself as a terminator, and since has never been able to do so again.

  20. One thing that gets annoying is all the Sarah stories at the beginning. “In 1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue”

  21. I love the series and this season has been pretty good. I too am enjoying the development of John, but I’m disappointed that Cameron is becoming just a supporting actor. I think she should be in the forefront more. All of the humans from the future are annoying me–Derek, Jesse, Riley.

    As for the ship, I think that’s something that was built in the warehouse. Obviously they’ve made advances since Abraham stopped working for them.

    You mentioned that only organic matter could go through the time machine. But if that’s true, how do the T-1000 (liquid metal models like Weaver) go through?

  22. @Seige

    Is it because the T1000s can simulate flesh and blood? I mean they interact with people even with touch so they can’t seem like they’re made of plastic. They’re in human form when they come back in time.


  23. Vic: Organic matter sure, but who’s to say it’s not form a future where they’ve developed further technology? or covered the peices in flesh, sent them back to someone who built it in the past. Either way the psuedo aliens thing, whilst the tiniest bit iffy, ended up being quite poignant with the sex change stuff, BUFFY always impressed me (and millions others) with how it was able to take one genre and turn it into 20. Terminator is on a different path as it’s grounded in a different reality however it’s mixing of genres, comedy to horror and action and drama, is a relief to have back on telly!

    PS As an Aussie, I loved the speech abotu the rabbits the other week, and how it applied to the humans aboutt he virus, is that hints at future developments???? Plus Steph is hot!

    I once named my Rabbit Myxoma!

  24. I am hooked on season 2. It would be a huge mistake if fox cancels this program. Summer Glaue, all I can say is PERFECT.

  25. I just don’t know…the idea of a Terminator TV adaptation suits the concept, but I still think that it wasn’t the best idea to base it around Sarah–UNLESS Linda Hamilton were to play her. Dekker is actually doing a nice job as John, and this is probably the show’s strongest point at the moment. However, as has been mentioned, it’s disappointing to see just how little screen time Cameron gets. Summer Glau is doing something fairly original with the Terminator concept; I can’t figure out why the writers are taking the risk of giving a bunch of other supporting characters who will probably be killed off soon as much or even more material than Cameron. I mean, Riley and Brian Austin Green’s girlfriend get more material than Cameron in most episodes!

    The writer’s would be privy to write A LOT more Cameron in; the show is already hanging on by a thread, ratings-wise, and she is the most interesting thing about the show…