California Drones Mystery Solved By Sarah Connor Chronicles?

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sarah connor california drone California Drones Mystery Solved By Sarah Connor Chronicles?

The mid season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC) threw me something to chew on Monday night that I was surprised to see. Was TSCC yet one more project that was bitten by the writers strike? When the heck are we gonna stop seeing ramifications from that event? Cripes!

Confused? Good… Keep reading my Tarantino-ish outline of this event.

In Monday night’s episode, Sarah is chasing her “three dots” clue and ends up going to a UFO convention. There, she meets a “woman” who has pictures plastered all over “her” home’s walls. The interesting thing about that is that I recognized those pictures and said, “Hey! I know those pictures! Those are the California Drones that Raji posted in 2007!” Yes, I’m a bit of a UFO non-disbeliever with a freaky memory!

Flashback – Mid 2007:

An internet user by the name of raji (Other surmised aliases: raji1977, Rajinder Satyanarayana) has laid claim to not only observing a UFO, but taking high quality pictures of the thing as it went over himself and some power lines. The pictures were taken in a town called Capitola, CA. which isn’t that far from where I live, and about 3 miles South of Santa Cruz, CA.. The pictures were incredibly detailed, well focused and if this wasn’t proof… well then, what is?

Curious item #1: The photographs were put out on Craigslist of all places. Not a UFO forum, but a public, generic website. After posting the images, “Raji” disappeared. After that, a few other folks posted images of their own of similar craft that have been spotted around CA. These craft have been dubbed the California Drones.

Background event to keep in mind: The writers strike started on November 5, 2007 and ended on February 12, 2008.

January, 2008:

A woman from London contacted a couple of private investigators to try and locate this Raji person. As their quest proceeded, they started working from the presumption that if they found the telephone poles, they might find the area where this “Raji” lives. I don’t buy that. Why? If I took the pics in Capitola, I would have been passing through. I live in Menlo Park, on the other side of the mountain in the Bay Area. I’ll call this Curious item #2.

The two investigators either found or were contacted by a man named Isaac who claimed that he was part of a top-secret government program in Palo Alto, CA – which devised commercial technology from extraterrestrial artifacts confiscated by U.S. scientists. (I guess Isaac has seen Men In Black.) More importantly, he knew about the craft. (Cue the X-Files music please!)

It’s a great story on the LA Times website, but it sure did not say much. There’s even YouTube footage of a Fox news program called America’s Newsroom, which interviewed the two PI’s. Yep, it’s a real program. The PI’s put together a web page on their site for their investigation: TK Davis Investigations.


Despite the fact that I do believe, (just not sure in what), a lot of folk on the internet make a hell of a lot of conjecture about things. They pull facts and conjecture from every direction, pile them in a blender that’s set to stun and turn it on without the lid! I say that because stunned is what I got.

There are so many ideas out there about these “California Drones” that it gets very confusing. I filtered through literally hundreds of images, sites and conjectures to the point of stumbling through the day cross-eyed and even ending up at one of my own sites where I wrote an article about how UFO’s capture our imaginations. From sites debunking the UFO, to sites supporting it, I toiled. Some sites had well presented and lengthy documentation. Other sites had forums with over 100+ pages of premises, conjectures and interpersonal angst.

The Drone Research Team put together some of the original images that raji posted on Craigslist and has a collection of other images from other “witnesses.” That “Isaac” fella put together a pretty comprehensive collection of information about this classified work and has some incredibly detailed images, scans, etc… which I will call Curious item #3! The sites are and a second supporting site. The interesting (should I say Curious Item #4?) is that the Isaaccaret site has a page with the title/name of “Replicant.” Hmm.

I’ve done all this for you, the Screen Rant readers, at the risk of being abducted by government conspirators and the greys. Not to mention I was tremendously curious!


Today I’m exhausted from chasing my own tail!!

The end of Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ episode had Sarah laying on the ground stunned, looking up at what looked like a UFO coming down to say hi to our dazed heroine. That’s when I said, HAH! Scared the crap out of my wife. But the craft in the end scene was a combined derivative of the California Drones with identical details.

After some I.P. forensic sleuthing, I can’t add any info about who may own the websites. I’ve left messages with FOX Networks but they’re busy and I haven’t heard back from them. But here’s what I believe to be the conjoined answer to both entities, the CA Drones, Sarah’s three dots and her hovering drone in the final scenes of the mid-season finale:

FOX Networks is run by aliens!


They were getting completely behind their product, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, by ramping up a viral advertising campaign that would draw the public into their show. With the right public momentum, the gimmick would have netted them some serious press coverage and ratings. But the project got snuffed when the writers’ strike hit. That pushed back the airing date of this mid-season finale episode, and Fox moved on. In their wake, they forgot to let on about it and left the hundreds of UFO-ologists spinning up hundreds of thousands of hours combing over the Drones evidence and tossing out their conjectures.

Below, I present the pictures for your review… To all the folks who dropped many an hour into this phenom, I do apologize, but I think you were taken by a pretty cool marketing scheme.

One of the many images posted by Raji in 2007

ufo02 scc scene01 California Drones Mystery Solved By Sarah Connor Chronicles?
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Screen Shot: Notice the Drone poster.

ufo03 scc scene02 California Drones Mystery Solved By Sarah Connor Chronicles?
Notice the Drone image over a telephone pole.

ufo04 scc scene04 California Drones Mystery Solved By Sarah Connor Chronicles?
Oh dear, here they come Sarah!

ufo05 scc scene05 California Drones Mystery Solved By Sarah Connor Chronicles?
Notice the appendages changed. Moving.

ufo06 term movie drone California Drones Mystery Solved By Sarah Connor Chronicles?
Does the CA Drone bear any similarities?

Font screen shot from image from

ufo09 drone compare p California Drones Mystery Solved By Sarah Connor Chronicles?
A: Notice the tail section similarities
B: The tri-segmented extended arms
C: The spikey things.

My question to you:

Did Fox perpetrate the viral ad gone south, or did they take advantage of something that is out in the public domain and made it their own, risking possible legal issues?

I say the former.

The prosecution rests!

UPDATE 12/24/08:  The prosecution would appear to have been wrong!  I’ve been in communication with Josh Friedman, the Executive Producer and creator of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and it would seem that the mysteries of the California Drones will continue to be a mystery for the time being.  Josh wrote the following to me:


The drone/CARET materials are not viral marketing for our show. Fox knows nothing about them. I’ve been interested in the drone images for some time and, as I am wont to do, found a way to work areas of interest into the show. Our drone image at the end is a kissing cousin of the others but is of our own design. I don’t want anyone out there who chooses to believe in the drone sightings to feel in any way that their inclusion in TSCC invalidates their point of view. Likewise, any one who believes they are a hoax should not use their inclusion in the show as confirmation of that theory. Simply something in the zeitgeist that I was (and still am) fascinated by. Whether this settles the issue or only serves to incite others who want to use it for their own ends is beyond my control.
Josh Friedman
Executive Producer, Creator, TSCC
Our thanks to Josh for helping out this latest chapter of the CA Drones mystery.
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  1. Anyone here ever read the Dulce Book?

  2. Raji was a graphic design student practicing a rotoscoping technique.

  3. Anyone here ever read the Dulce Book?
    Oh ya, I’ve read about the base and the battles that went on there and have researched the UFO phenomena since 1963 when I saw I believe the disk that knocked the power out for most of eastern Canada and New york state. It was spied by people at Niagara Falls where they discovered eventualy the source of the outage. I lived north of Toronto then and was a young teen and saw with two freinds a disk streaking south toward the falls just prior to the power failure.It was only a few hundred feet off the ground and moving a few thousand miles an hour. My mind opened up that night and I have had 5 different sightings and a number of other anomalous experiences with light spheres at very distrurbing close range and all I can say to the nonbelievers is “You anit seen nothin yet” but you will my freinds,You will. What is missing in the lives of the nonbelievers is an educated opinion by and large as there is so much evidence around the subject that its only for lack of looking that they dont see anything. It is also quite apparent that a mind turned off to the idea might not see whats staring them right in the face. Study Quantum Physics and get a grip. We have always been in a galactic neighbourhood with myriad lifeforms living on countless planets in a cosmos that has no end, as according to telepathic contacts by Off Worlders there are over 150,000,000,000(billion) life suporting planets in this galaxy alone, and countless galaxies. We are also informed by the Galactics that this planet is a choice piece of realestate that is fought over by higher frequency civilizations and we are at this time being protected by the original societies who planted us here. Thats right, we are a colony of aliens, all of us.They say most inhabited planets are seeded. Once you get beyond the disinformation campaigns and can accept that life in the universe is common and not special to this world alone you will find that there is a historic story line to whats happened to us here and it has been given to those who are seeking the answers. Seek and you will find but if your mind is closed you will ignor the truth until the uncloaking of ‘First Contact’ which will shock the hell out of the unbelieving masses when it happens and VERY soon.The struggle of our former negative ET controlers with the Galactic Federation of Light who has sealed off this solar system from negative ET groups, is over and the moment fast approaches when the Scalar weapons and other hightech starwars technology will be turned off allowing a ceremoneous ‘First Contact’.
    The discusions will be dramaticaly different I would wager and all the true believers will get the last laff.
    It is too much to disscus the ramifications why there is a coverup and why the ET groups are so secretive but we will know shortly as I said and one might guess that the technologies expressed in our encounters obviously do away with oil and wheeled autos and the whole damn infratructure that the Illuminati have imposed on us as our ‘Modern World’. I could go on and on but this isnt the time or place. Keep your eyes to the skys and dont shoot if they feel good to you. By all means if they feel dreadfull blast the buggers.
    P.S. The American govnmt has its own real star fleet overseen by the US Navy.
    Reasearch and study untill the day they land en mass and then we will be vindicated and the education will surely begin.

  4. One prob Ron is that you can never trust an Alien. The word trust has no meaning to them. They will use your human customs against you.
    Also most of the craft you have seen is prob US. The only time your likey to see alien craft is right before abduction or when the craft is malfuntioning.

    Never trust a Gray.

  5. Lets’s put our propeller caps on, Does anyone know exactly when the trailer episode with the pix of the craft was shot , where Sarah and Abraham the transvestite were talking?.
    I know episodes are not necessarily shot in order, but it would seem that one was easy and would have been one of the earliest. Most of this was shot in Nevada, and then Burbank Warners I understand.
    These shows offer a little bit for everyone don’t they? He was just soooo fabulous .:)

  6. Huh. That’s a Delta-VX Lifter. I recognize this technology. The spars are made of carbon fibre and articulate. The central wires in the hub are tungsten. It’s using induction to recharge it’s it’s ultra-caps, that’s why it’s nuzzling the transformer. I’ll bet the whole device weighs maybe 250 grams.

    And you guy’s from spook-ville need to get over your denial complex. How many sightings do think the HTV-3X and the D-21 caused, not to mention our TR-3 “black triangle”.

  7. “Articulating axial Antennea”. AxA.

    The guy who told me about that also said that back in WW2, the lead bombers in the B-24 squadrons at night had these big-ass magnetrons in their noses to fly by radar. I’m not talking solid state, I’m talking a hunk of metal: a cavitar directly plugged into the magneto of a 1,300 horsepower radial engine. It put out so much EMF that the crews all ended up “floaters” in their eyes, and something like 80% of night-mission bomber crews ended up with cateracts in their eyes.

    He told me that back when people where arguing about cell phone radiation. Because the government has known since WW2 that microwave radiation induces pre-cancerous states in living cells by unleashing rapid replication in damaged cells.

  8. Thats all well and good and fascinating zol, But I asked a TV question, not debating whether Aliens , God or unicorns, cell phone radiation, or is Obama the Manchurian candidate. I will do is just direct it to those who know. Hopefully Bruce to answer if he happens to know.
    Merry Xmas.

  9. I’ve seen the dragonfly drone craft with my own eyes, so I know it’s not a “viral” campaign to some dumb television series. Yes, there are hoaxes out there, and yes science fiction writers and producers “steal” everything and anything that’s part of vintage and current ufo lore, from these aerial drone crafts to elements from the saga of Dan Burisch. However, these drones are very real and otherworldly. And being in their presence is an experience I’ll never forget.

  10. If “getting a life” involves kids that wake me up at 5:30 am,,,
    No thanks. Doctor dre,,,

    Vic did you know that Screen Rant is accessible by kids playing around with a keyboard? Hmmm??

  11. @David Wells, tell us more at

  12. the article was written very good, but i’m not sure what to believe after reading it. i’m dazzeled to say the least !

  13. Merry Christmas all,
    I read something when this craft was first revealed to the world, from someone who was involved in back engineering ET technology and he recognized the markings illustrated on the exterior. He said that the technology was something the Military was testing and that the markings were its form of propulsion and gave it the ability to cloak itself. As it was experimental they were not totaly in control of it and it was actualy uncloaking off and on out of their control. I dont recall where I got this from but it reminds me of something else I read years ago about an Extraterrestrial form of comunication whereby on touching a glyph the toucher was catapulted into a sort of telepathic experience somehow built into the picture. It was a form of information storage accessed through touch. As this was a long time ago I dont recall the book but it fits in with the fact that sensitives can touch an object and feel the history of it. This points to the idea that symbols represent larger overlighting realities that they provide access to that can be used somehow as a source of power. Very interesting at any rate. We certainly are in desparate need of transparency and accountability in our world as these technologies are not being used in our best interests and those controling them have only egocentric selfish aims that threaten the planets very survival. Because forums like this one are now the norm I believe that we can overcome our darker natures through education and transparency and full disclosure and that this is very close to manifesting. Theres more of us than there are of them and we will insist upon this one way or the other within our lifetimes.G’day eh!

  14. dre: You are seriously, too funny. I’d keep a closer eye on your little ones… they may know more than you think if they’re hitting up movie sites for you.

    sys_Config: I’m not sure where they might have filmed things. They sometimes film things in one place and call it another. Knight Rider did that a lot. They showed the same stretch of road from different angles and called or referenced it differently. (I used to fish off that road!!)

    In one scene in SCC, I recognized what “looked” like aqua dulce airport. (I used to fly there a lot. They had good place for hamburgers and pie!)

    Not sure about the rest.

  15. They film a lot of SCC interior shots and even some exterior shots at WB studios Burbank.

  16. Thanx 790, thats what I thought..Warners..Josh said said Fox knew nothing, even though they covered it news wise..He is technically correct..not Fox.but…Warners.
    I would never ever expect him to admit that even if he did know..that he helped in flim flam. Fox hasn’t worked with Alienware, but Warner in past films like superman has.
    He never says neither fox nor any of “us” including warners..just that fox didn’t. He left it quite open.
    Alienware said they didnt was just impulsive shoplifting until a second email..(they never go public) disallowed another computer retailer from using the it was covered under intellectual property rights.
    But fox did cover it as news so its hard for me to imagine they didnt know disingenuous can they get..we part of their target audience all knew and they didn’t ..
    I would tell Josh to stuff it on that ..
    But thats just ole me.

  17. I find it interesting that he uses the word “zeitgeist” in his comments. It isn’t a word used very often among those in english-speaking countries. It seemed to me to be a clever plug and reference to that internet video that everyone is talking about, which goes by the same name. Since this series has started, I am seeing veiled references to many ideas going around the web concerning real-world conspiracies, politics, government, war, and banking, and they come too often to merely be coincidence. Google Video: “Zeitgeist”

  18. David Wells,
    (and Bruce part way down)

    Who are you? Give us a reason to accept what you say as valid. How do we know you are not a ‘poser’ or ‘mindgamer’ or connected with the original hoaxers?

    Bruce, I am inclined to agree that the origins of the drone pics may have been someone’s clever marketing scheme. Now there are multiple witnesses that would make it appear they are too disparate to have formulated their own hoax or conspiracy. However, a clever script writer/marketer could have foreseen just that analysis and created these other witness characters in order to create the feeling of truth in the overall story. None of them have come forward for face to face interviews. I feel there are many holes in that story so I remain skeptical of any reality in it beyond this working hypothesis.
    In the meantime we have a very interesting, on going, social experiment in testing our skills at truth identification and evidence verification vs dogmatic views and off the wall opinions. Thanks for your detective efforts. Sorry you ended up getting muddled, but the web info-overload has a way of doing that. Eventually, the truth will out. ’til then I council patience…time wounds all heels, even brilliant ones.

  19. You all REALLY don’t know what the truth is about the “Drone”! IT’s A HOAX!!! The photos are Photoshoped, and not a good job at that! I guess if you all “want to believe” go right ahead and waste you time flapping you jaws and hitting those keys. Go in pease

  20. Sounds to me like a very clever marketing idea – but not in the way you think: just like the OP has researched this thing for more than a year, isn’t it possible that the people over at TSCC are clever enough to also have researched this “Drone” thing and just incorporated it (after the fact, with no quid pro quo) into the story line to get some viral buzz going about the series? This seems much more likely to me than some “on strike” writers getting some “on strike” video production crew to come up with these photos (from multiple sources) – WITHOUT GETTING PAID (on strike, y’know) to be used more than a year later in an episode that was watched by less than 2.5 million people (NCIS gets like 20 million). Also, don’t you find it funny that the Drones weren’t used in any of the teasers for the episode? Seems like if a Producer had spent a bunch of money for more than a year to get this viral stuff started, he (or she) would have promoted the HELL out of it BEFORE the episode ran…sounds to me like they (or possibly YOU, referring to the OP) might be trying to boost the sagging ratings by adding this Drone thing and NOW trying to get the virals started….just my laymans opinion….

  21. Great observations and thoughts Name and Fortunate. On the face of it Josh writes an apparent not Fox, but the questio was it Warners who sold this package to Fox. I see, imo, the same legal side stepping AW. If I asked you, did you set the fire in the theatre?, and you then respond “no it wasnt Bruce, we all just ran with crowd and concession people, sorry we made you think it was us, it was very confusing and understandable reaction to run, but there was a fire”I call that deliberate muddling of the waters.
    An honest honest would have been no we wWrners, had nothing to do with it not, no it wasn’t someone else.
    we can then move foward to continue to see who collects on the fire insurance.

    I agree also Fortunate, that yes as this was borne online, it would make a market and behaviour study, it has been done with things like flickr by one very early and dismissed suspect at Georgia Tech a university professor. The fact it was a Lawyer with no known background or history in ufology unti this “event” occurred, discovered only after immediate checks on IP before they changed it, made it more curious. Having it cross borders and involve EU Canada Au..and USA ..makes it a spectacular study on how groups and or cults form or populations can be molded.
    The applications can be more than Commercial..they can be political and military and psychological.
    But the answers of AW, Josh, Todd Schwartz, the lawyer at the Isaac site.. have been all very lawyerlike..
    but the evidence seems to point to them and a viral, serving several entities, much the same way putting Superman on an AW laptop, or Warcraft on a Dell, or a group of kids Eating lets say A Dominoes pizza or Reeses pieces, on ET..
    (It might have been mms ..I can’t exactly recall.) Sales shot up 20 percent after that for the candymaker..
    But this one, appears commercial, imo.

  22. Thanks, Sysco. As you know, I think the whole thing looks corporate, too. Corporations are all about control, and control is one of the hallmarks of this episode. College students having us all on would surely have gloated to *somebody* by now. A team of gamers or CGI artists trying to drum up business would not be invisible at this point. Many of us are very familiar with the MO of the psy-op crowd, and we’re not seeing those patterns. No one has blown the whistle on this because there are very compelling reasons not to. I think those reasons can be found in contract law. Where would one find that many lawyers and that much control surrounding a hoax? Not very many places!

  23. Fortunate-one: Thanks.

    I have a saying,
    Time, as in all matters, will be the telling factor.

    I am incredibly patient!

    Butch: I can’t disagree. The wire top of the drones all seem to “fade” from view in the better focused pictures. I find that odd indeed. I leave the rest of the conjecture up to you.

  24. Hi guys I agree.
    Thats why it has been tedious getting the little tidbits we have..Because as Double said..Contract antigravity law..NDA non disclosure agreement,not NDE, Near death Experiences..(though thats what we have been trying to give them for some time now. :))
    Again, In the end..when they are asked why they did it.They will respond just as surely as Dillinger responded when they asked why he robbed banks ..
    because “thats where the money is”

  25. Sys_config. What are you talking about? I’m confused. They did it for the money?

    One thing I’ve learned concerning ufo’s, nothing is what it seems.
    Military holographic technology and exotic aircraft can make you believe that your really seeing a ufo, when your not. (Arizona lights)

    Most ufo’s are military, (Especally triangle craft)
    Some are photoshop and the real ones are usually malfunctioning, if your seeing them.
    The more sharp angles and antennas sticking out of any ufo craft, point toward an earth design…
    Most true alien craft are sphere, saucer, or cigar shaped craft. Some even change shape.

    Don’t go near them!
    You can’t trust aliens… :-)

  26. Oh, the California Drones are Earth designs, alright!

  27. I think you missed my point… :-)

    Pun intended.

  28. Sys_Config misattributed the quote,”That’s where the money is.” Those words were uttered by Willie Sutton, a contemporary of Mr. Dillinger.

    Anyway, all this is making for some interesting reading. I can only wonder at how long it will be before the real deal is revealed.

  29. That’s kinda my point Woodsy you won’t know when you see a real alien ufo because there’s so much crap out there already. :-)