Sandra Bullock Being Considered for ‘Gravity’

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Last week we thought that it was pretty much a lock that Natalie Portman was going to star in the coveted lead role in Alfonso Cuarón’s upcoming sci-fi film, Gravity.

After Angelina Jolie left the project (in spite of the studio’s best attempts to keep her on-board), the go-ahead was given to Cuarón to send out an offer to Portman (she’s been impressing people with her performance in Black Swan) in an attempt to snag a half-way bankable leading lady (although Portman is definitely not as bankable as Jolie).

However, it was just an offer that was given to Portman, one which she didn’t immediately accept. Supposedly she was going to read the Gravity script and decide by the end of this week. Well apparently the studio won’t mind too much if she turns the project down, as their top choice is apparently not Portman but rather bankable A-lister Sandra Bullock.

Cinema Blend reports from their sources that Warner Bros. is worried about Gravity making its money back at the box office considering that it’s supposedly 60% CGI and is described a sort of “Cast Away in space.” Most of the movie falls firmly on the shoulders of the female lead so it’s no surprise the studio wants the most bankable name possible to draw in audiences who might not be that interested in it otherwise.

Portman still has the Gravity offer on the table but should she decide to pass on the project as Jolie did then Bullock will step in. Despite Bullock’s inexperience with this type of movie, she is considered the safer choice by the studio because she’s proven herself to be very bankable (she did The Proposal and The Blind Side last year which combined grossed over $600 million worldwide).

It sounds like WB and Cuarón are at odds with who they want to lead Gravity. With the type of director Cuarón is, I’m sure he’d rather accept a smaller budget if he could have a better suited (if lesser known) actress, rather  than conceding to the studio and grabbing the biggest name they can get.

Although I bet Bullock would be dropped like a hat if Jolie were to suddenly show interest again…

If things don’t get sorted out soon on the Gravity front then the project could face further delays, which could mean that they’d lose their supporting star, Robert Downey Jr.

Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jr.  Sandra Bullock Being Considered for Gravity

Cinema Blend‘s sources also state that secret meetings are going on with other actors, just in case Downey isn’t available. Gravity was supposed to shoot before Sherlock Holmes 2 but since that starts before the end of the year, the plan now is to shoot Gravity during a break in the shooting of the Holmes sequel. If Gravity can’t make that “appointment” then the studio may be in danger of losing Downey Jr. altogether because he has the high-priority superhero project The Avengers coming up (which will be released in summer 2012).

A big fuss has been kicked up about Gravity thus far (brilliant director, fairly big budget of $80 million, big name actors interested, etc.) and yet those involved can’t seem to get this thing moving forward as it should. Hopefully Portman decides to take the job (I’d much prefer her in the role) but if not, at least the studio will be happy with Bullock pretty much guaranteeing more butts in the seats come release day.

I really want to see Gravity and the less hitches there are the better chance of it delivering on its huge potential.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more news on the film’s development.

Gravity is scheduled to hit theaters on December 1st, 2011.

Source: Cinema Blend

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  1. no, nO, NO, No, no… that would be like casting Bugs Bunny to play Jack Kerouac.

    • LOL

      • Thank you Doctor. I think it’s my new masterpiece.

  2. Will not be seeing this if this is the case, the fact that she won an oscar last year was one of the academy’s biggest jokes of all time, She is an awful actress. Never done anything of worth.

    The only film I will tolerate with her in, is Speed, and thats because its a cool concept with good action, if she wasnt in it, I wouldnt notice.

    How do they go from Natalie Portman (talented and beautiful) to Sandra Bullock? Boggles the mind.

    • $$$ that’s why. Just look at how much money The Blind Side and The Proposal made (and that was just in one year). Don’t think the studio will choose a better actress if she’s not as bankable.

      • Well that goes to show the absurdity of the system doesnt it?

        She is a terrible actress, especially considering this is going to be a serious role.

        if this is true, then I’m out. Will not be seeing this in any capacity, I’d rather paint dry on the inside of my eyelids than watch a Sandra Bullock movie.

  3. Could this offer to Bullock also be a way of trying to lure Jolie back in?

  4. NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO(in slow mo)!!!!!!!

  5. Sandra is not, which sells her body for money or fame, and what remained was all this beauty and had been turned into a piece of meat such as those went to her husband

  6. Either actress will do well Im sure. I wasnt a fan of Bullock until I saw the one movie about her dead hubby re-dying every other day, and The Blind Side. Seems to me she’s wasted a huge chunk of her talent on stupid movies throughout the years (lazy maybe?)

    • You know Portman was in Star Wars, right?

      • Yes thanks Kev, I do.

  7. Its a majorly tough call between Portman (described as Wooden) or Bullock (described as horrible but somehow bankable)…. the conversation here is on point to be sure. The real questions to ask are something along the lines of ‘why Bullock has always taken awful roles and How can we expect anyone to believe that Natalie Portman is a scientist with 2 kids?’.

    Wanna know what I think? I think Bullock has not been as confident or willing to fall flat on her face in the face of that ‘pregnant pause’ that all the best actresses pull out when needed. It’s possible that Bullock is also truly a clutz as she once stated somewhere along the way… I believe it. As for Portman, the question is something along the same lines with regards to her ability to think with her body and emote with with is between her ears…. No one can answer these yet.

    One thing I can say for certain is that Bullock is a closet comedienne and Portman is like a fine wine which would be best rested in delicate arrangements of haute couture and quirky realms as opposed to barren bunkers and geeky conformity. I always thought that her worst scenes in ‘V’ were adapting to mundane settings of corporate utilitarianism.

    That having been said, I would rather cast my lot for Mariska Hargitay as both science mom and quiet emotive volcano…. We have been watching her underplay her hand for years now on television and I believe she is ready to step into the A-list SciFi market with a vengence and swipe this role from the wooden jaws of trepidation to become the sex symbol that her mom always knew she could be… just an opinion of course.

    • I see what you’re saying there radical eclectic. Hargitay could potentially walk that line.

      Do the studios want to take the risk of underexposure in terms of guaranteed bums-on-seats for this movie though.
      It is down as a big budget number is it not?

      Classic studio behaviour suggests that they may not have the positive chutzpah to go for your suggestion.

  8. It amuses me greatly when one is intrigued to no end that others actually have *gasp* opinions then goes on to offer his or her own own insight.

      • How do you know he was talking about you?

        • In fairness I assumed… but you gotta figure, do I have a problem with my assumption being public?

  9. I would love to see Sandy branch out and continue to break through glass ceilings by doing “Gravity.” The Oscar win and films like “Crash” prove she has the ability when she steps out of her comfort zone. Everyone needs to remember its called “show business”, and studios want a bankable actor in lead roles. I guess its the odd few who post on sites like this who dislike Sandra. Apparently they are in the minority as proven by her wide appeal to movie goers across the world.

  10. i love Sandy but i would prefer Natalie Portman this time.. :)

  11. HA!! In your faces, cynical people! Best Actress contender: Sandra Bullock! ♥♥♥