Sanctuary Renewed for a 3rd Season

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sanctuary Sanctuary Renewed for a 3rd Season

Despite offing Ashey (Emilie Ullerup) in the beginning of the 2nd season, the Syfy Channel has renewed Sanctuary for a 3rd season.  Syfy has ordered 20 episodes.  Cool beans, gang!

Despite the core fan base being pretty upset about Ashley’s death in Sanctuary, not enough folks tuned out.  The show averaged around 2.2 million viewers in the 7-day DVR viewing ratings.  That was enough to get the show its third season.

Right now they’re filming Sanctuary in Vancouver, and I think it’s time to hold the creative forces accountable.

When they offed Ashley, the fan backlash was pretty volatile.  At one point the idea of possibly bringing Ashley back was broached, though it didn’t sound too serious.

As it stands, Emilie Ullerup has already landed a role in a web series called Riese The Series as Aliza.  So if somehow the creative forces try to pull Emilie back in, how is that going to work?  Ah… indeed.  Obviously money is probably better on a network project, but what would Emilie do if the situation arose?  I guess first Syfy would have to remove their skull cap from a dark place and get Ashley back in the action, like fans want.

For now, we know there’s a 3rd season of Sanctuary.  Let’s see what happens.  Who’s with me on wishing Ashley back?

Sources: THR, Riese The Series

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  1. “As it stands, Emilie Ullerup has already landed a role in a web series called Riese The Series as Aliza.”

    So has Ryan Robbins. I doubt it would mess with shooting Sanctuary.

  2. Wonderful news! And couldn’t care less about Ashley, didn’t like the character, wasn’t a good actress, the current cast is just fine(bring in more Christopher Heyerdahl)!

  3. T: I was on that bandwagon but she could only put out what she was given… and the character was actually starting to develop… Freelander could be vaporized and I wouldn’t be phased about it!

  4. i agree with the “bring in more Christopher Heyerdahl” i wanna see him as the teleporting dude not the monkey! i think the actors and actresses are fair enough, but the use of camera is sometimes poor.. the special effects are good, i mean with their budget and stuff. but im glad its coming a new season, and i wish ashley wud get brought onboard:)

  5. Is this worth watching?

  6. I’m happy for a S3 for Amanda Tapping, but I probably won’t tune in unless they bring Ashley back. I’m one of those fans that were furious about the removal of her character and haven’t watched an entire episode since Eulogy. I’m totally with you Bruce on vaporizing Freelander but she wasn’t the only problem this season. Plot holes, no continuity with the stories, the acting seemed forced (especially the fact that they accepted Freelander so easily) and even sloppy editing. If someone at syfy is reading this PLEASE bring back Ashley and reunite Sanctuary’s splintered fanbase and let the creators of the show tell their stories without soooo much helpful advice.


  8. Like Lisa, I am one of those fans still furious at Emilie’s removal. I think in an earlier article, you mentioned that by the end of Season 1, Emilie was actually carrying the episodes. And in a recent article, Martin praised Emilie’s work in the Season 2 openers. He said that she had a lot of screen time, and only one word to speak “Mom,” and he said it was some of her hardest and best acting.

    The ratings were, of course, at their highest for those season opening episodes, and have been sliding ever since. I sincerely hope the show’s producers will reverse course and bring back the Season 1 direction, and bring back Emilie!

  9. Still angry That Emilie Ullerup is no longer with the show.
    Even more disappointed that they haven’t re-instated her for season 3. What is wrong with the network and the producers?
    The ratings were even higher last year when she was with the show.

  10. I am all for bringing Emilie Ullerup back. I like Ashley way better than Kate, who is really annoying. The show hasn’t been the same without her.

  11. Good luck on the new season. Won’t be watching of course(as last stated).

  12. I want Ashley back. It’s my favorite character. I like her. And So, I hope that producers will can to do Ashley Back.

  13. We need Ashley back. Ratings have gone down ever since she left. And I for one won’t be watching s3 if they don’t bring Emilie Ullerup back. She was carrying the show and she’s my fav character.
    Let’s hope the network and producers get their act together and reassign her ASAP!

  14. Forget Season 3, Sanctuary is cooked; stick a fork in it. The crew that made the disastrous decision to take Emilie off the show, made several other character moves as well for the show, and it no longer has the steampunk ‘mojo’ it had in Season 1.

    It is polyanna thinking to hope this same crew will recognize their mistakes, admit them, and then make the casting and plot changes necessary to get the show back on track. Instead, Sanctaury will become a show featuring a weekly ‘bag and tag’ of whatever abnormal the writers can think of and/or borrow from other shows.

    As much as I want Emilie back, as much as the show needs her, it may be better for her career that she not return. What is the point in helicoptering back on to the Titanic?

  15. I can’t believe this show got renewed. I hope Emilie has the good taste not to return to the show if they ask her. Such a great series destroyed by bad judgment.

  16. Third season, yayyy….yyyawn. Let me know when Ashley’s back. I’ve not watched anything since Penance – I’m pissed with the team for accepting Kate so fast. She didn’t even get a ‘grilling from the boss’ like Ziva David got from Gibbs in NCIS.

  17. Ashlie was a complete YAWN character who added little to this show! I will not miss her character at all. I’m glad she’s gone and hope for more Heyerdahl who is superb! They can throw Ashley in as a guest now and again to appease you guys who like her. Would also like to see more of Druit, Wingfield and Young… These guys are great! There were so many wonderful actors on the Stargate roster. I hope they will consider bringing more of these actors onto the show as guests. Baal and Apophis would morph wonderfully into Abnormals, and Rodney could show Henry how it’s really done!

  18. Throwing Ashley in as a guest now and again isn’t going to appease me, and probably not the rest of the guys that like her (or the thousands of people who have stopped watching since they fired her). Funny you mention Heyerdahl, who when asked which scenes have been his favorites, he mentioned those with EU.

    I would love to see more of the five, but I really don’t like to see the stargate alum as guest stars. I’m probably in the minority on that one, but I think it takes away from the show’s regular cast.

    • I’d actually have to agree with you. Although I love the guys from SG:A and have a good laugh when I see them on Sanctuary, I don’t want too many cameos, because it does take away from the regular cast. Michael Shanks had a nice little appearance as Jimmy, the marsupial abnormal and making Paul McGillion a somewhat permanent, treasonous character is interesting, but that’s about all I can stand on that front. It may be too much as it is.

      And they really do need to bring Ashley back. I don’t think the show is bombing from the lack of her, but I think it would be much better with her back, obviously.

  19. I was kind of disappointed when they killed off Ashley. I didn’t like Kate at first. Like others I found her annoying, but somehow she grew on me. I’m looking forward to a third season!!!

  20. I really don't like Kate very much, she's really annoying, I so want Ashley back.

  21. I wasn't solely attached and bonded so much to Emilie that I had fit and didn't feel like watching the show because of one character's disappearance. I like many of the characters in the show and the new Kate character is fun, so all is good. Seems to me that Kate has more interesting interactions with the other characters on the show, more brash, fun and playful.

    • Bring her back it really ruined the show when you guys offed her. You made her all bad ass and then killed her off, that was just wrong. third seasons here and you would be smart to bring her back.

  22. I wasn't solely attached and bonded so much to Emilie that I had fit and didn't feel like watching the show because of one character's disappearance. I like many of the characters in the show and the new Kate character is fun, so all is good. Seems to me that Kate has more interesting interactions with the other characters on the show, more brash, fun and playful.

  23. I haven't watched an episode since eulogy. I'm pissed they killed ashley. and I read that she had to do like 5 takes of the last scene because she couldn't stop crying. and Im also pissed the killed invisible girl…. that guys girlfriend. because he was finally ok, and happy. and she has to die too. the writers of sanctuary should be stun gunned enough for them to realize….. ASHLEY NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT BACK.

  24. I thank that it is a ending to every show and the ending of this show hasn't ended yet love the show.

  25. Emilie out of the show is not a deal breaker for me. I like the premise of the show and its story lines enough to continue watching. I hope that they develop story arcs instead of just being episode oriented. When we look at the fans that Lost has, or even the following that Babylon 5 had indicating the interest in long intricate story arcs, I wonder why the writers don't build stories like that in more series. I would like to see if they could possibly have Adrian Paul in one of the episodes; it would be interesting just as having Wingfield and Jim Byrnes. Maybe Roger Daltrey would be interested in joining an episode.

  26. I can’t believe what I’ve just been reading. Obviously 20 million people watch the show, because thewy like the show, and I doubt a few Emilie fans are going to change the ratings much.

    Did you people just watch Sanctuary just so that you could see that bimbo act crap, or did you like to concept of the show and everything else it had to offer.

    There are many strong characters in the show and the show producers cut out the weak link, the series has been so much better since, Kate is much better than whimpering, spoilt Ashley.

    • I agree with awboohoo, just because Emilie Ullerup has left the show doesn’t mean the show is not as good, and yes it is sad that Emilie Ullerup moved on to do more with her lift, but that’s up to her.
      I think that all the mean stars are good (Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, Agam Darshi and Ryan Robbins) and would like to see more of Christopher Heyerdahl as jack the ripper and as the Bigfoot.

      The show sanctuary is very good and exciting I have followed Amanda tapping through star gate SG-1 and through sanctuary she’s a very capable actress and good at what she does, the show should go on with or without Emilie, no disrespect to Emilie she’s good and I like her but the show must go on.

      All my love and prayers to the show and the cast keep up the good work and make more lol

    • Sanctuary barely has 20 million viewers for an entire season let alone a single episode. Did you even look at the ratings? They did drop for Season Two because the fans who were intelligent enough to be offended by the plot holes and terrible writing refused to watch. Either Kindler doesn’t think his audience is very smart or that they’re so in love with Amanda Tapping that they’ll overlook the pitiful episodes that made up Season Two. The show producers cut out the heart of the show and they added the weakest link I’ve ever seen – Kate Freelander.

  27. I want to see Ashley back. She was a pretty important character to me. They should have just kept her, but maybe they were looking for shock value with killing off a main character or whatever. Who knows.

    I have been keeping track of Sanctuary since about March of 2007. I got all the online webisodes that were released from their website. I am glad to see they are still going. I wish they would bring in more characters. I wish they would bring Ashley back. I liked her on this series.

  28. I don’t care too much about Ashley but what I’d really love to see them NOT bring back is those nutty split screen 3 or 4 different things going on at once sequences.

    seems like the director is in love with them though. Anyhow glad it got picked up for a third. :-)

  29. I really Don’t Understand what the Hoop-la is about Ashlie. Seriously what good was she? I Prefer Kate to her a million to 1. Ashlie was boring to me and just stupid.
    Can someone please tell me how she was important to the story? because to me its doing amazingly. All you people wanting her back really need to look at how much she brought to the show… um.. ZERO!!
    get a clue Nimrods.

    • Ok.. I’ll tell you what she brought to the show..First of all better ratings. Second..the fact that this character and actress was a large part of the reason they had a successful first season, and she had been with them from the beginning. Third…The character was important to the show because she was Helen’s daughter and was presented to the viewers as important from the webisodes until the moment DK switched gears for NO justifiable reason. Here’s some more…Helen’s love for her, the fact that she froze her embryo for 100 years, that she was Jack the Ripper’s daughter!! Any of that ring a bell or did you just start watching in S2? These reasons as blatantly obvious as the lack of a reason for kate to be there. You like her, good for you, but I think the character portrayal is lame, cliche and grating. Her addition to the show is forced and useless to about half a million viewers that didn’t like her so much. So… if you can tell me what kate brings to the show except for fewer viewers, an extremely irritating voice and a brown face I would love to hear it. What a waste of a brown face…could have been Rachel Luttrell…or Gina Torres…or Gabrielle Union…