Nick Fury To Play Bigger Role In Iron Man 2

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samfury Nick Fury To Play Bigger Role In Iron Man 2Yesterday, Samuel L. Jackson spoke to the press and revealed that at Spike TV’s Saturday night 2008 Scream Awards he got a chance to speak with Iron Man director Jon Favreau about Nick Fury’s role in the sequel.

“As a matter of fact, ‘Iron Man‘ director Jon Favreau spoke to me at the Scream Awards last night, and told me that Nick Fury would have a much more prominent role in the second one (Iron Man II).”


That sounds good to me. Even though Nick Fury played the most minor of roles in the after-the-credits scene in Iron Man, that role had one of the biggest impacts on the fanboy audience. One of the greater things going for Marvel and their upcoming slate of films is that they share a universe and are within each other’s continuity. Nick Fury as the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a key to bringing these films and their respective characters together leading up to the future Avengers team-up flick.

When Mr. Jackson was chosen for the role of Nick Fury, there was a bit of a controversy about Marvel not going with the traditional Marvel Universe’s “white” Nick Fury character and instead going with the Fury from the ultimate universe. After seeing Fury on screen, I think a lot of that worry and controversy has settled.

I really dug Fury’s presence and mannerisms in his short scene. As long as they don’t turn him over-the-top and keep him as a serious behind-the-scenes leader, then I can’t wait to see more!

What do you think? Do you like the Film’s Nick Fury? Do you want more of him?

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  1. I would love to see a little more Fury! Agreed, they should not go over the top with this, but with Sam Jackson playing Fury, I think he’s going to stay cool and in control. This is an Iron Man movie we are talking about here, so how big can his role possibly be without it becoming Iron Man and Nick Fury. Im confident that Favreau wouldnt do that. So what do we have to worry about.
    Iron Man 2 is gonna be so intense! I really cant wait to find out who the villain/villains are going to be. Thats probably the most crucial part of these early stages, getting a strong and complex villain to complement Iron Man. I would hate to see Iron Man suffer from the Spiderman 3 complex (but Im sure Fav’s and RDJ wont let that happen) Its time for more of ol’ shellhead!!!

  2. I agree it would be awesome to see more Fury in the upcomeing film. He does tie a lot toghther

  3. that would be great what wont be so good is if they cast don cheadle as rhodey I swear i would not watch it

  4. You say that now, but once you see the commercials of the red and gold, I know I’ll be seeing you in the lines at the theater, lol.

  5. Can we recast Jackson with, I don’t know ,,umm Don Cheadle???
    I’m personally totally done with Sam Jackson. He’s in every film and he’s the same in every film… He looks like he’s also trying to play Snake Plisken with that eye patch. Lol

  6. 790,

    Go rent “A time to Kill”. Very good Sam Jack in that one. :)

  7. 790, he wears a patch in the Marvel movies – he’s totally different with only one eye ;)

  8. 790, don’t be dissin’ ma’ man, Sam. He’s the shizzle! :-)

    I have no clue if I said that right. Also, along with Zipper, Sam plays a bad guy in his latest film. I think he is a very good actor (not great, like Denzel or Deniro, but good).

  9. Sam was made for this role. No wonder they used him to create the Ultimate Nick Fury.

    i cant wait to see more of him, but in the Iron Man movie, they better not loose their focus, he should be a strong leader, that is seen also kicking butt

  10. Yeah he was made for Snakes on a Plane too. Lol,,,

  11. No I asked Vic about Nick Fury after I saw Iron Man, so yeah he’s perfect for Fury,,, but at this point I’m sick to death of the guy…

    Over exposed I guess is a better term…
    He takes me out of movies at this point. Hey its Sam Jackson, again.

  12. Lol,,,BlackDIngo No prob,,,

    Hey its Monday!

  13. Nick Fury should be portrayed as a very capable ass kicker and in that regard , Jackson has a solid track record.
    bring it on !!!

  14. @790

    You ever read or see any Nick Fury before Sam’s cameo?

    If no, you are forgiven.
    If yes, why are you surprised by the use of an eye-patch? Why are you even upset by this? I find that odd.

    But after your ‘Snakes on a Plane’ reference, I shall assume you just don’t like Sam too much.

    Your choice I suppose.

  15. Hmmm. Just reviewed my previous post. It reads a little aggressive.

    That wasn’t the idea. I was trying for ‘curios neutral’. Written medium sucks sometimes. :P

  16. well Jackson playing Fury in the movies brings a few ideas and questions to mind. The first and foremost being will they go with the ultimates universe looks for the rest of the cast? It has already been hinted at that Mandarin will be a behind the scenes big baddy for Iron Man so could Fury be the behind the scenes good guy combating that (IE SHIELD and Hydra or AIM?)

    This is kind of off topic a bit but I was thinking about this and one of the reasons that Norton might be getting no calls for playing the Hulk again maybe because since he’s seems like the logical choice for the banding of the Avengers then maybe the studio is going to just use the Hulk and not even bother with the Banner alter ego?

    Just some thoughts I’ve had when you look at the continuity and how they’re trying to pull the entire universe together. If Marvel does this right they’ll have sequels for a couple of decades easily. Release a Cap 2 then Thor 2 a year or two later then Iron 3 then Hulk 2(3) maybe bring in more characters. Wow I think I just got a little excited lolol

  17. Cali,

    What if they made avengers sequels too…what about the NEW avengers :)

    Imagine Tobey Maguire as Spidy, Hugh Jackman was Wolverine together with Downey as Iron Man. What are the chances of that happening eh, heh.

  18. I can’t stand the ultimate Fury being the pick for these movies. I know I stand alone but I’d even rather see Kurt Russel pick up the old Snake patch and play a proper Fury. (has nothing to do race. I just find the Sammy J Fury a very bland and generic take on the character.)

    Fury always had a special place for me and I lost interest in the Ultimates because of the drastic change of his character. I was very dissapointed to see this has leaked into the movies. But like I said, looks like I stand alone in this regard.

    I just hope he can bring more Fury to the role. The tiny snippet in Iron Man felt nothing more than Sammy J wearing an eyepatch trying to be gruff. I didn’t see the true Nick Fury anywhere in there.

  19. That’s so awesome blipvert! I had the same guy in mind to play Fury if they went old school. Kurt Russell is definitely the pick of white Fury. But as we are using Ultimate Fury, which I’m totally cool with, I love Sam Jackson. I mean, the character was literally made for him to play.

  20. @Rob

    It’ll never happen – different studios own the rights to different characters.


  21. Wow huntthejest, I always thought I was alone on that thought. Any other board or place I mention that results in me being scoffed and ridiculed.

    I’m just hoping that Sammy J is the duplicate model and when they blow up the bot, the true Kurt Russel Fury emerges. :P (and thats why i dont write movie scripts.)

  22. you’re totally right Vic,

    not to mention the money hungry demands of the stars for such a project.

  23. S.L.J. = Badass. He IS the ‘Ultimate’ Fury. -Stark

  24. Oh and since we were discussing the whole Ultimates vs. Regular Nick Fury I thought it only fair to throw up a good original Nick Fury idea