Samuel Jackson Priced Out of Nick Fury Role?

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samfury Samuel Jackson Priced Out of Nick Fury Role?Samuel Jackson is not happy. Negotiations with Marvel for his continuing role as Nick Fury have broken down due to money issues.

As it stands, Nick Fury has shown up at the end of Iron Man, and there are were plans for his appearance in Iron Man 2, The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers.

Suspicions are that Jackson was angling for a bigger payday, but the policy is that Marvel does not comment on active negotiations. So it’s all just speculation right now, though it seems that Marvel does want to see Jackson in the role.

We’ve already seen money possibly be the issue with Don Cheadle taking over Terrence Howard’s role of Rhodey / War Machine in Iron Man 2. Marvel also has to look to the future of how much it  might cost them to place key actors in key roles and then have them all come together in what may be one very expensive Avengers flick. Heck, they’ve already got to pay for Downey Jr., (possibly) Edward Norton and whoever else they tag to play Thor and Captain America. When you look at that kind of math, you have to wonder who else they can afford to fill out the supporting roles. All I know is that The Avengers better be something epic, becuase as costly as the project is already looking, Marvel is going to have a hard time turning any kind of profit from the film.

Meanwhile, Jackson is maintaining his usual cool. As he put it, either someone else will be playing Nick Fury (despite the role being written for Jackson), or Fury won’t even be in the films. Maybe they can get David Hasselhoff to reprise his 1998 role as Nick Fury on the cheap! OK, that was a terrible joke and it’s late. I apologize.

How do you feel about the idea that Jackson may not play Fury in upcoming Avengers films? I for one will not be happy if this negotiation falls apart.

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  1. hey i dont know if its just my computer but on every screen i get an add for Mirrors dvd and i cant read half the article. its really annoying.

  2. this really boils my blood!, marvel better not F* this one up.

    finally they get ball rolling on the right direction and now this?


  3. We are just going to have to wait and see and hope the right thing gets done.

  4. I say this: drop Sam for now at least for Iron Man 2 and keep negotiating. Worse comes to worse, the character is written out until The Avengers. The charcter can also still be mentioned in the other films.

    I’m a bit stunned by the price issue. This isn’t a Nick Fury film we are talking about. It’s a small cameo at best. But there may be more pluses with this that cons.

    The pluses?

    1) More time to main and/or new characters.

    2) The character isn’t overused.

    3) The character of Maria Hill or other SHIELD directors/agents can be used instead. In fact:

    4) Natasha Romanova (Black Widow), Wendell Vaughn (Quasar), and Sam Wilson (Falcon) were all former SHIELD agents at one time or another- and also became affiliated with The Avengers.

    5) Agent Coulson could show up again in Iron Man 2.


    The cons

    1) The fans want Sam back as Fury.

    2) The Ultimates Fury s based on Sam Jackson’s essence.

    3) Samuel L Jackson is not only a great actor, he’s smooth and cool. Oh, you knew that already, did you? I’m preaching to the choir.

    Again. Nick’s name appeared in the recent Hulk; we didn’t “see” him. So is the character one hundred percent needed? I don’t think so. It would be nice, but if it can’t be worked out, give more time to returning actors/characters or expand the Marvel verse. That’s all I’m saying here.

    No huge loss.

  5. “Maybe they can get David Hasselhoff to reprise his 1998 role as Nick Fury on the cheap!”

    (*With assistance from Marvel True Believers, we fasten Bruce to the chair used by the chicken in the Robot Chicken credits, and force him to watch a 48-straight hour marathon of “Battlefield Earth”, “From Justin to Kelly: With Love” (starring Justin Guarini from Americal Idol”), and “Barney’s Great Adventure: The Movie”.*)

    THAT’LL teach you to suggest such heresy ever again!

  6. I was afraid of this. Here’s to hoping they can work it out! We need Samuel L. Jackson as Fury!


  7. I’ve always said Eastwood makes a much better Nick Fury anyhow…..

  8. no big loss we can see jackson in 10 films this year anyway

  9. I was never a fan of the Ultimate’s Nick Fury and am old school with Nick being 50-60 something and more like the CLint Eastwood archetype…besides Jackson is way too overexposed and his list of credits lately have been awful…

  10. Sam, wtf? This is a smaller role, but you’re getting major appearences in 3-4 HUGE films, why do you need so much money, you’ve done a few million movies already.


    Marvel, wtf? Nicky Fury and Sam L playing him is a must, pay him appropriately to have him as a linking character on your onslaught of upcoming blockbusters!

  11. PhotoShopLifter Dan:

    Ouch! LOL… I’ve lernt my lessin!!!

  12. If He doesnt end up doing this,
    I wonder if it will affect his deal with Marvel to use his likeness in the Ultimate line?

  13. With the crap movies Jackson is letting himself be in he needs to be in a “good” one. In fact, he should be paying Marvel to even let him “sniff” this role.

  14. If he is being extremely overbaring THEN hire Fishburne else pay the man because everyone else can afford him*cough*”Snakes on a Plane”*cough*.

  15. Is it just me, or does Marvel come off as Cheap? They already lost Howard as Rhodey because Howard wanted more money for doing more in IM 2, and Marvel wanted to pay him the same as what they paid him for IM 1. Marvel needs to be a little bit more flexable when it comes to paying the actors. IMO

  16. THEN AGIN MARVEL STUDIOS,even making the money they did on the past 2 films , is still kinda on a fixed budget. thats why the can only afford 2 make 2 films a year.

  17. @Adrian
    I get what your saying, and agree, but at the same time, if they want to include Nick Fury in what ever they are planning, they need to be more willing to spend the cash to do it,to get Sam Jackson, and Sam Jackson, needs to more willing to take less money. Because the way it looks right now, which may change oin the future, Nick Fury seem sto be a centeral charactor as things lead up to the Avengers film

  18. why cant the avengers run themselves like they do in the best era of the avenger comics (the 70s) i have all of the comics and fury just doesnt show up in many at all.
    usually thor or captain america or the vision run the show.

  19. @Metallicat79

    Total agree, they need a happy medium.
    I’m starting to compare IM franchise to Ocean’s franchise, but IM franchise has vastly more FX to add to the cost of the films. IMHO, if Sam ‘the man’ Jackson can’t play with the big kids because he’s to special, then replace him with someone of his caliber. Unwisely, Howard thought he couldn’t be replace and now he’s been replace by Don Cheadle. Cheadle KNOWS how to be a team player, being that he’s been in all the Ocean’s film. The very wise Don Cheadle will probably get his on War Machine spin-off and vastly multiple both his fame and fortune!
    Also, if Sam can do films like ‘Snake on a Plane’,’The Spirit’, and ‘The Man’ then he can respectfully take a small cut to be involved on a soon to be HUGE franchise and most likely get his on franchise to boot,Boo-yah.

  20. My list of Sam Jackson’s very unfortune replacement:
    1: Lawrence Fishburne
    2: Kurt Russell
    3: Bruce Willis
    4: Bill Dukes
    5: Morgan Freeman
    6: Densel Washington
    7: Keith David
    8: Wesley Snipes
    9: Russell Crowe
    10: Richard Roundtree

  21. @Adrian
    I like the list, however, I am unfamliar with the charactor portrayal in the comics, so i can’t really comment on it. But I think it wuld be cool to see Bruce Wllis with the eye patch.

  22. I agree, Bruce Willis would be awesome!

  23. I thought it a stroke of genius to see Nick Fury walk out of the shadows and it be Jackson, a black guy, playing a character that was always a white guy.
    Especially since Iron Man later on IS a black guy replacing Stark inside the suit.

    Samuel needs to get off his high horse and jump on the bandwagon.
    They dumped Howard cuz’ he was getting paid more than Downey Jr. and Paltrow.
    They can do the same to Jackson.

  24. If Jackson’s out, Kurt Russell. 100%. Tell me Fury does not= Snake Plissken. And you know Russell could use the work, since the only movies he’s done recently were Grindhouse(dear God) and that Disney thing(decent, but this is Kurt Russell) and since I doubt they’ll be putting him in the Thing prequel or make a sequel to Tango and Cash(holy hell, I could be running the studios!) he won’t mind the low-balling of Marvel.