Samuel Jackson Priced Out of Nick Fury Role?

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samfury Samuel Jackson Priced Out of Nick Fury Role?Samuel Jackson is not happy. Negotiations with Marvel for his continuing role as Nick Fury have broken down due to money issues.

As it stands, Nick Fury has shown up at the end of Iron Man, and there are were plans for his appearance in Iron Man 2, The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers.

Suspicions are that Jackson was angling for a bigger payday, but the policy is that Marvel does not comment on active negotiations. So it’s all just speculation right now, though it seems that Marvel does want to see Jackson in the role.

We’ve already seen money possibly be the issue with Don Cheadle taking over Terrence Howard’s role of Rhodey / War Machine in Iron Man 2. Marvel also has to look to the future of how much it  might cost them to place key actors in key roles and then have them all come together in what may be one very expensive Avengers flick. Heck, they’ve already got to pay for Downey Jr., (possibly) Edward Norton and whoever else they tag to play Thor and Captain America. When you look at that kind of math, you have to wonder who else they can afford to fill out the supporting roles. All I know is that The Avengers better be something epic, becuase as costly as the project is already looking, Marvel is going to have a hard time turning any kind of profit from the film.

Meanwhile, Jackson is maintaining his usual cool. As he put it, either someone else will be playing Nick Fury (despite the role being written for Jackson), or Fury won’t even be in the films. Maybe they can get David Hasselhoff to reprise his 1998 role as Nick Fury on the cheap! OK, that was a terrible joke and it’s late. I apologize.

How do you feel about the idea that Jackson may not play Fury in upcoming Avengers films? I for one will not be happy if this negotiation falls apart.

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  1. First off Terrence Howard change was mandatory. He get paid in Iron Man almost same as Robert Downey jr. Marvel learned a lesson and when he ask more they changed him. I couldn’t blame Marvel. Don Cheadle great in supporting role anyway.

    As we already know that Marvel made just two (the incredible hulk and iron man) movies so far. Since they are new in this business (as studio of course) they need to make more money before spend em away.

  2. to freemoon,

    good point they have only just barely started to put out full blown movies in a row, and it is going to be really hard to turn a profit due to the amount of star power they are using but hopefully that will get people in the seats enough so that there is a huge profit to continue production of more marvel movies.
    The actors just need to help out a bit by not being greedy but i guess well just have to keep our fingers crossed, you’re definitely right about don cheadle he is a great actor and a very good choice, I cant wait to see him in action.

  3. I think that marvel might have bitten off a little bit more than they can chew with the Avengers concept. The multi-movie collaboration is a great idea but marvel needs a more steady back bone before they attempt something of this magnitude. It has the makings of something great, but I think they might have dug there own grave with this project. I hope as much as anybody that all the movies are block busters, but lets be realistic there are not many big name actors that will put there paychecks on the line fo the sake of comic book legends.

  4. Here’s an opportunity for Marvel and these multi-millionaire actors to give back to their fans and they are BLOWING IT. I don’t know the amount that Sam Jack is asking for, but this is a movie that people will probably talk about for the next 20yrs. I was disgusted when I heard about the recasting of Rhodes–now Sam Jack won’t return as Nick Fury? I give up…

  5. You want a Samuel Jackson replacement…..?
    two words: Laurence Fishburn

  6. WHY THE HELL DO YOU WANT A BLACK MAN TO PLAY NICK FURY? Let me clue you all in on something… HE WAS A WHITE MAN!!!!!!
    And as far a asking or wanting Will Smith to play Captain America, yes he is a very gifted actor, But Captain America was… you guessed it, A WHITE MAN AS WELL. DUH people… keep it to the roots of the comics. You would think everyone has Obama fever or something. What The Hell… Some please help me make sence of all this. Why do you all want BLACK MEN TO PLAY WHITE MEN? I just dont get it, or understand it. YOU HAVE BLAD, Black Panther, A few X-men, some DC guys are black, like GREAN LANTERN and such. I grew up on these peoiple as my HEROES, dont chang them on me PLEASE!

    • Not in The Ultimates, an alternate timeline version of The Avengers! Nick Fury was made to look exactly like Samuel L. Jackson in that series. The storylines that Marvel is using for the movies is taken mostly from The Ultimates. BTW, the movies are in their own Universe apart from the comic book Avengers OR Ultimates. So, they can have the characters be whatever nationality the actors chosen are and/or portray on screen.

  7. AMEN…. Whats NEXT, A black HULK?

  8. Or maybe a Black Batman, or Spiderman?

  9. I know, lets re-cast the Joker with Samuel Jackson, that wouldent be retarted or anything.

    • Well they did recast Catwoman in the Batman series!

  10. true true they change the comic story enough to make it appealing for people who dont read comics, which is usually hell as it is, but common at least give the true fans something as simple as the actual character, not some bs remake for the movies to pull in fans the black nick fury is ok because he was the ultimates one, but will smith , regardless of skill, as cap would not be ok….. maybe as the patriot :-P

  11. I say let Mr. Jackson go. He could be good for the movies, but I can’t help but think of Snakes on a Plane and Jumper. He’s not that great of an icon. I say grab an actor who can play a white Fury, although not necessarily Clint Eastwood. And before people start getting crabby and calling me a racist, in comics, games, and cartoons, Nick Fury has been portayed as both an African-American individual and a straight American. I say bring Fury back white, and have Tony Stark quiz him on the sudden change of skin color. It’d make for an amusing scene at the very least.

  12. funny you should say that i was thinking the same thing except my version was the black one was a life model decoy lol

  13. And when were these comics you refer to written? When there were still white and colored water fountains/bathrooms etc. You don’t want to be portrayed as a racist yet what you are saying is very much so. Obama has nothing to do with it since I’m sure IM1 was well into production and all before his candidacy was even announced. Marvel knows what they are doing with casting over a couple ppl who want a white Nick Fury. They picked who they thought was best and from what I’ve read it seems like others (comic book fans and non-comic book fans alike) are rather pleased to see Sam L. as Nick Fury and are anxious to see him reprise his role.

    I agree with the rest of you level headed people…Laurence Fishburne would def be my next choice and Denzel after that (he plays such a good bad guy)

    Would never chose Will Smith as Capt America though…he doesn’t even play a drunken superhero that well.

  14. @T-Money & Anthony

    You guys need to relax. The Nick Fury character in the movies is based on the Ultimates version of the character – who was modeled after… Sam Jackson.


    • No actually he wasn’t modeled after Samuel Jackson. The Ultimates began around early 2000s and the creators have clearly stated they did not make ultimate nick with Jackson in mind.

      • Wrong!

  15. Samuel Jackson is a great actor, yes actor. Meaning his character may play a white man hater sometimes but it doesn’t mean he is. He fits the part well as a Nick Fury and so does Lawrence Fishbourn but not Will Smith. I love Will as an actor but not as Nick Fury. White or black I can’t wait to see the avengers.

  16. I think they should do away with S. Jackson…. yes he is a great actor and he is in every movie. It gets tiring to see the same people in like 10 different movies in the same year… i know im not the only one that feels this way. Come on just take a break dude. Go from snakes on a plane, to jumper to The spirit to Iron Man, i wont be surprised if i see him in spiderman 4

  17. SOunds cool, maybe they can be putting the proper Fury back in the film cause none of the actors so far look like any of the characters in the comic.

  18. I hate Jackson. He is arrogant and toooo loud David Hasselhoff would play a better role.

  19. I’m glad Samuel L. Jackson is gone. He sucks. His voice is irritating. Anyone could do a better job in this role than Samuel L. Jackson. That pompous ass is so full of himself and it comes through in his acting.

  20. I love Mr. Jackson’s work and I understand that the ultimate series he was black, but I read the original comics first and I do like the david hasselhoff nick fury. he was a little more funnier.