Sam Worthington on Baseless Captain America Rumors

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MTV Splashpage posted an article about Sam Worthington wearing an Avengers shirt while appearing on MTV’s live Avatar chat nearly two weeks ago and used the event as a link to discuss the budding actor possibly playing Captain America. There was no other basis for the rumor other than him and his cool T-shirt, but it generated an interesting discussion piece nonetheless.

As a retort the the “news” of Worthington’s potential “hint,” Peter Sciretta at /Film put up a post showing a variety of celebs sporting fun pop culture apparel including one of Megan Fox wearing a classic Star Wars T-shirt and saying that she therefore must be in the running to play Leia in a remake. It was a joke of course, in response to the MTV post.

Despite there being nothing to this, several sites seemed to pick up on it for no real reason other than that it’s about Captain America but the folks at Sci Fi Wire had a chance to talk with the actor – whose little James Cameron movie is coming out Friday – to set things straight.

“I know, the bloggers are going bananas… I’m a fan, man. I’m a big fan. And I’ve always said, if you’re going to wear a shirt on a blog or the TV, wear something you’re interested in. I’m not a billboard, so I’m going to wear something that I’m intrigued by. I’m a big Captain America fan.”

You’re the man, Sam. Where can I get that shirt by the way?

Just to confirm, Sam was then asked if anyone involved with producing the film had contacted him about a potential role.

“No, no, they haven’t talked to me… And according to all the bloggers, you know, ‘Damn him, he’s Australian, how dare he? Who does he think he is?… I read it all. But you know, It’s just as I said, I’m just a fan.”

Mr. Worthington has my respect not only for sporting the Tee while doing the live presentation but for his candid responses and knowledge of the film and comic blogospheres.

But really, can he play the role of Steve Rogers?

With a smile, “I know how to hold a shield… Because I did it as Perseus.”

To see what he’s talking about, check out the official Clash of the Titans trailer and check back soon for the second trailer which leaked earlier today but was pulled.

Hopefully we can learn some concrete and official updates on The First Avenger: Captain America soon as Thor nears its production start in a few weeks with rehearsals currently underway and both films coming out in the same summer. The last we heard was from Joe Quesada attending a script meeting which hopefully means they’re finalizing things and can start the casting process.

Sam Worthington can be see in Avatar this Friday and in Clash of the Titans March 26th, 2010. Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Sources: Sci Fi Wire, Splashpage, /Film

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  1. @Magnetic Eye

    i cannot stand the King Kong remake, give the original anyday!

    Pearce may be skinny, but so was Bale before he bulked up for Batman, I only suggested Pearce because he is a good actor. And there havent been many other good suggestions.

  2. @Tobby Paulson

    I did indeed. George Lazenby was from the land down under, and he was a magnifciently under rated 007, OHMSS is one of my favourite Bond movies.

    In fact only two actors, Moore and Craig, to portray Bond have been English.

  3. @DrSamBeckett

    I had a copy of the original B/W KIng Kong on VHS tape, lent it to someone and never got it back. :( That person now lives in another state. I should get it on DVD.

    I agree Guy Pearce is an exceptional actor. I’ve always enjoyed his movies. Would be interesting to see him all bulked up.

  4. @Magnetic Eye

    I think it is a testament to a film made in 1933, that a big, expensive CGI remake never managed one tenth of the impact the original did. it is a truly amazing piece of cinema history.

    I remember when it was first announced Chris Nolan was doing Batman Begins, that Guy Pearce was in the running to play Bruce. In my opinion I would have liked to see that.

  5. I do agree with you guys on 1 thing though,about Guy Pearce .He’s a great actor but I think that Guy Pearce is the best actor to play as Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic in the next remake or installment of The Fantastic Four. Magnetic Eye, being that you just watched FF again can you see what I’m saying? If you if haven’t also watched the remake of “The Time Machine”, starring Guy Pearce then go check it out. He reminded me a lot of Reed Richards in that movie. The strange thing with the original is that the actor from the original looks like comedian/actor Robin Williams! Naomi Watts would or still probably could be the perfect Sue Richards then you’d have two Aussies who would definitely be perfectly cast in those prospective roles! I always thought that Jeremy Irons should played as Victor Von Doom. He’s always great as a villain except for that stupid D & D movie that came out a few years back which probably wasn’t his fault anyway,just a horrible movie. Chris Pine as “Johnny Storm!

  6. It doesn’t matter that he’s an Aussie if he does get to play Capt. America, a lot of oversea actors play american roles. Sam is a fresh new face in hollywood. An actor is supposed to play roles that are not themselves! He will be a character. I am so glad that we have new leading man on the rise. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Will Smith etc, are getting old. Sam Worthington would be a great Capt. America! Hugh Jackman is Aussie and played Wolverine. Its their jobs to act, its not like he would be taking another actors job. I hope Sam is cast for the part, I would see it!


  8. RYAN MCPARTLIN as Steve Rogers aka Captain America!!!! Look him up. Worthington is descent but I don’t care if you give him a thousand lines and only give Robert Downey Jr. just one, that one line from RDJ is gonna be better than all of Worthington’s. They’d have to ask RDJ to seriously lower his acting ability so that Worthington could shine just a little. So it is NOT all about the writing. Its how well an actor can DELIVER the writing my friends. RDJ could act lines about how he just got finished taking a dump and it would still sound dynamic!!! Worthington.. Not so much. It’s about chemistry and I see Ryan Mcpartlin having great chemistry with RDJ and the rest of the cast plus he’s got the look, the voice and the acting chops. If you want Worthington in the Captain America movie so bad then he’d be a good “Captain Britain” or “Union Jack” and that’s it!!!

  9. Within regard to his age, I always picture Captain America being in his late thirties. He commands respect, and keeps some of the younger more rebellious heroes in check.

    Here are my top 3 choices for the role.

    Aaron Eckhart

    Guy Pearce

    Brad Pitt

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Captain America in his 20’s when he entered the super soldier program? I bring this up because some of the actors mentioned are in their late 30’s early 40’s.

  11. I didnt consider worthington up until seeing this article, but now that i think about it, he would be pretty great in the role of captain america. and personally i dont think they are going to go with the “classic” look of cap and they will probably go the way of a mix between Mark Millars Ultimate version of cap (esp in regards to the uniform, wwII and modern) and thow in a little bit of classic in there. but worthington could pull off that mix of proud agressive strong and courageous without coming off smug or cocky. after looking through some issues of the first volumes of Ultimates youd see Sam would be good for the part.

  12. @DrBeckett you are correct. Brad Pitt was always my first choice as Captain America because of his acting abiltity and the chemistry that we’ll get with him, Edward Norton, Robert Downey Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson. It would’nt look stupid on film with him commanding the Avengers and telling RDJ what to do in battle. Brad Pitt is an internationally known and adored actor so with him as Captain America it’s not a big risk. Plus he is American. Yeah, he’s in his 40’s but that’s not a problem if you’ve watched “The Mysterious Case of Benjamin Button” and he is still in incredible shape. Yeah he’s got a few wrinkles but with make-up and today’s technology,they can make him look 21 years old or younger. So I’m all for Brad Pitt but if they go for an unknown, I want Ryan Mcpartlin as Captain America.

  13. @ulik

    I can see what you’re saying in regards to Guy Pearce in “The Time Machine”. Certainly an interesting proposition with him as Mr Fantastic. Although I didn’t mind Ioan Grufudd. :)

    As beautiful as Jessica Alba is I didn’t think she was aptly cast for the role of Sue Storm. Surely they could have found a tall blonde actress. Naomi Watts ? – Oh yeah maybe.

    My main dislike of the film was Julian McMahon (hey another Aussie) as Dr Doom. I just wasn’t enthralled by his acting at all. Similarly I couldn’t figure out why (Tim Story) was chosen to direct what should have been a full on sci-fi action blockbuster.

    Jeremy Irons ? – Now there’s a guy who knows how to play a villain. :)

    In retrospect I preferred “Rise of The Silver Surfer” a whole lot more but I still reckon a reboot of “The Fantastic Four” should be in order. What’s James Cameron doing now? :)

  14. I still think Thomas Jane would be a good Cpt. America. Who cares about Punisher, anybody watching Cpt. America would recognize that the Punisher movie he was in was an abomination and not really Marvel anyway… 😀

  15. WHOA!!! He/She wears a TEE with a movie/comic book character on it and people think they are in the runner up for the part?!?!?!

    That’s absurd.

  16. @Greenknight

    Is Wolverine a hero identified with Canada? Does he wear a maple leaf on his chest? Are his colours red and white? (That would be Guardian if my Alpha Flight memory serves me)


    Captain America wears the American flag, he embodies an ideal. Not necessarily an exclusively American ideal I’ll grant you, but an ideal commonly identified with America.

    If a superhero was identified with New Zealand (which is where I’m from) in the same way, I would also prefer him to be played by a Kiwi. It might not be possible, but I’d try to exhaust the pool of New Zealand talent before looking overseas.

  17. @Jason

    If there was a Captain Kiwi, Russell Crowe should play the part. :)

  18. @Magnetic Eye

    Nah, they should have an American actor play it, I’m sure the Australian accent is easy enough to pull off… 😛

  19. WORTHINGTON would make the best CAP ever! Man, he’s hot in Hollywood, Marvel would be mad not to take him up on it! we dont need no TV star as CAP, heck no, though a certain JASON LEWIS is perfect. But come on, SAM WORTHINGTON would make an awesome CAPTAIN AMERICA!

  20. Captain America is a fictional character, SAM’s an actor, PERFECT!

  21. @JASON, Well said dude,well said!!!That’s what I mean about great delivery! I made all those posts but Jason said it best in a nutshell!!!!!!!!( You’d have to change Captain Kiwi’s name though cuz that s**** would sound hilarious. People would mosdefnetly make fun of that, with a kiwi fruit on his chest. He’d have to be extremely badass with a cool name and badass costume design)

  22. Sam would be a great Captain America. He is young and fit. Sam is the new fresh face of Hollywood. Brad Pitt, Thomas Jane, Guy Pearce, etc. have had their time to shine. And they are a bit old now. I believe that a lot of the negative comments are due to ignorance and/or jealousy. Sam is an overseas actor making his big break here in America just like other non-american actors. He deserves a chance to keep playing lead roles to develop his skills. I felt he was great in Terminator Salvation. I was interested in his character more than Bale’s. WHO CARES IF SAM IS NOT AMERICAN???? He is an actor so playing Capt. America means he’ll be playing an American.

  23. Sam Worthington is a great actor,he’s the man for the job!

  24. Sam Worthington as “Flash Gordon”. Not Captain America.

  25. Thanks Rob, I wouldn’t have minded him as Flash Gordon though.

  26. just cause he is an aussie dont mean he cant be cap i mean he is a great new actor and i mean why not id rather see him or channem tatum with the part then will smith i mean im not hating on will smith but cap has to be white.

  27. I definetly can picture Sam Worthington as Capt. The guy can act.

  28. I definetly can picture Sam Worthington as Capt. The guy can act.