Sam Worthington on Baseless Captain America Rumors

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MTV Splashpage posted an article about Sam Worthington wearing an Avengers shirt while appearing on MTV’s live Avatar chat nearly two weeks ago and used the event as a link to discuss the budding actor possibly playing Captain America. There was no other basis for the rumor other than him and his cool T-shirt, but it generated an interesting discussion piece nonetheless.

As a retort the the “news” of Worthington’s potential “hint,” Peter Sciretta at /Film put up a post showing a variety of celebs sporting fun pop culture apparel including one of Megan Fox wearing a classic Star Wars T-shirt and saying that she therefore must be in the running to play Leia in a remake. It was a joke of course, in response to the MTV post.

Despite there being nothing to this, several sites seemed to pick up on it for no real reason other than that it’s about Captain America but the folks at Sci Fi Wire had a chance to talk with the actor – whose little James Cameron movie is coming out Friday – to set things straight.

“I know, the bloggers are going bananas… I’m a fan, man. I’m a big fan. And I’ve always said, if you’re going to wear a shirt on a blog or the TV, wear something you’re interested in. I’m not a billboard, so I’m going to wear something that I’m intrigued by. I’m a big Captain America fan.”

You’re the man, Sam. Where can I get that shirt by the way?

Just to confirm, Sam was then asked if anyone involved with producing the film had contacted him about a potential role.

“No, no, they haven’t talked to me… And according to all the bloggers, you know, ‘Damn him, he’s Australian, how dare he? Who does he think he is?… I read it all. But you know, It’s just as I said, I’m just a fan.”

Mr. Worthington has my respect not only for sporting the Tee while doing the live presentation but for his candid responses and knowledge of the film and comic blogospheres.

But really, can he play the role of Steve Rogers?

With a smile, “I know how to hold a shield… Because I did it as Perseus.”

To see what he’s talking about, check out the official Clash of the Titans trailer and check back soon for the second trailer which leaked earlier today but was pulled.

Hopefully we can learn some concrete and official updates on The First Avenger: Captain America soon as Thor nears its production start in a few weeks with rehearsals currently underway and both films coming out in the same summer. The last we heard was from Joe Quesada attending a script meeting which hopefully means they’re finalizing things and can start the casting process.

Sam Worthington can be see in Avatar this Friday and in Clash of the Titans March 26th, 2010. Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Sources: Sci Fi Wire, Splashpage, /Film

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  1. @ Jason

    “A non-American Captain America would still seem wrong to me. Jackman could pull off Wolverine even though he’s not Canadian because being Canadian is only a small part of Wolverine”WTF?

    Jackson pulled off Wolverine because he is a good actor and he made us believe his performance..Cap’s the same thing..all this pseudo-patriotism because Cap HAS top be an AMerican actor is getting to be ridiculous…You guys act like the only actors that know how to be patriotic are AMericans. If a Canadian/Aussie/Brit etc has a patriotic sense of pride is it really so difficult to believe that they cannot emote their patriotic pride and love of their own country and make us believe as an audience that they are Captain AMerica and that the character bleeds red, white and blue…I think not..

  2. @ulik

    ROFLMAO! That, my friend, is the best counter-analogy I’ve read yet. 8)


  3. Thanx Vic. I understand what a lot of these guys are saying and theyr’e making some good points but they still don’t get it so I had to go there. LOL!!!

  4. Im a huge comic geek, and i think Sam Worthington would play a good captain america. sure Americans would think oh no an Australian playing and American but, the character himself is American not Australian. the movie isn’t about an actor playing an actor and look how good Avatar and Terminator were.


  5. They were aight. But there is no way in hell that Sam Worthingon is going to out perform Robert Downey Jr. in Avengers. What ever actor that takes the role of Cap has his hands full and can’t be an good actor like Sam,no, they have to be phenomenal. Robert Downey Jr. was especially incredible and funny as hell in “Tropical Thunder” and even way funnier than Ben Stiller. He stole the show, is that what you want with Captain America being out performed by Iron Man?

  6. I think he would be a great Cap. Australian? So what? We had an Australian play a Canadian and it worked out well (Wolverine).

    As far as out performing Iron Man, it’s all in the writing.

  7. In one interview he had an Avengers tee, in another he had a Captain America T-shirt. I’d say he’s pitching for the role. No doubt.

  8. the old rumour was that Leonado Dicaprio was goingto play him. that would of dissapointed me because he dousn’t have the look even though he is a great actor. but people i would think would be a great cap.
    Sam Worthington and aaron eckhart
    who’s with me?

  9. Worse idea ever!!!
    Sam Worthington happens to be Hollywood’s latest flavor the month.This is the same kind of thinking that led to Ben Affleck playing Daredevil,and we know how that turned out.I know I have posted more than once that Mark Valley should play the role based on talent and his singular background as an accomplished military man.But in the interest of fairness,here are some other good options.
    1)Max Martini-looks the part,can handle action scenes.
    2)Josh Duhmael-command presence,1940′s charm.
    3)Thomas Jane-I like how seriously he took the Punisher role.I think he would lavish the same preparation on Cap.
    4)Ben Foster-very fine actor.He would nail the pre-serum Steve Rodgers,and CGI and a workout regimen could handle the rest.
    5)Ryan Phillippe-see Flags of Our Fathers.
    But the thing with the Mark Valley option is it offers the chance to do what Hollywood once did with Audie Murphy.It’s the rare opportunity to have a Hero play a Hero.Let this one slip through your fingers and there will never be another chance like it.
    “Aaron Eckert”??? C’mon Man!!! Did you see “Towelhead???:-)

  10. @RamoneCazenave, dude you hit the nail right on the head. That’s why I said I don’t want Hollywood casting Captain America with “Who’s hot right now” or like you said ‘Flavor of the month”. I mean comon’ look how many movies this guy is pumping out, he’s trying too hard(I don’t blame him though). But no I don’t dislike the guy but if he can be Captain America then godamit I wanna be the next Crocodile Dundee. BTW I’m Puerto Rican but I can hold down a descent Australian accent…sometimes….but sometimes my Puerto Rican accent slips in a little. I’m working on it though dude. I’m sure the Australian people will welcome me with open arms as their new “Crocodile Dundee”. “Oye,throw a nudda shrimp on the Bar “B” mein, I mean mate.”

  11. well i guess your right but, Thomas Jane has already played a Marvel character. he wouldn’t be able to play another because of the contract. in my opinion Sam Worthington would do a good job, but lets just say he got the role. he would have to build up more and practice on holding an American accent. Like Hugh Jackman and sam worthington said he would love to play the role. and if its a role he wanted to do he would try his best

  12. In the words of the Great Jedi Knight, Yoda “Do..Or Do not..There is no try”.

  13. and also iv been to Australia and they dont even eat shrimp, they eat prawns. Paul Hogan said that once. sure they say gday and mate but. alot look up to American acting they dont have much big actors and actreses but most of them are becoming big over there. Hugh Jackman, Hugo Weaving, Heath Ledger (RIP), Sam Worthington, Chris Hemsworth, Nicole Kidman and more but look at how many good ones you have. Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr, Steve carrel, Edward Norton, and at least another 200. dont take this the wrong way but Australia needs a chance. we got good ones over here aswell thoe

  14. you a STAR WARS fan aswell

  15. Ray Stevenson also played a Marvel character and now he’s in Thor…

  16. He played the main character, in thor Chris Hemsworth is the main character

  17. I’ve been saying Aaron Eckhart for some time now, he has way more screen presence and talent than Sam Worthington could ever have, and most importantly he has the right chin.

    And I liked Daredevil, the directors cut was even better. Possibly Afflecks finest performance, after Chasing Amy of course. Dunno why people rip on it so much.

    @Tobby Paulson

    You think Jack Black is a good actor???

  18. @Tobby Paulson

    A few more Aussie actors for you at the top of my head :)

    Heath Ledger (R.I.P)
    Eric Bana
    Geoffrey Rush
    Simon Baker
    Cate Blanchett
    Toni Collette
    Guy Pearce
    Melissa George
    Naomi Watts
    Mel Gibson (technically an American)
    Hugh Jackman
    Anthony La Paglia (Without A Trace)
    Russell Crowe (technically a Kiwi)
    Sam Neill (technically a Kiwi
    Nicole Kidman
    John Noble (Fringe)
    Anna Torv (Fringe)
    Poppy Montgomery (Without A Trace)
    Rose Byrne (Damages)
    Isla Fisher
    Hugo Weaving
    Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under)
    Portia de Rossi (Ally McBeal, Better Off Ted)
    Oh what the heck – Errol Flynn


    I appreciate your sense of humour, but most Australians don’t talk like Paul Hogan/Crocidile Dundee. Like America we are a very multicultural nation. We do say “G’day” & “Mate” a fair bit but no more I suppose than Americans saying “Pal” & “Buddy”

    If I may be at liberty to humbly use some general stereotypes that come to mind. :)

    Do all Americans sound like Boss Hogg from the “Dukes of Hazzard” ?

    Or Al Bundy from “Married with Children” ?

    How about MTV’s “Jersey Shore” and it’s portrayal of Italian-Americans, speaking of which what about “The Soprano’s” or “Everybody Loves Raymond” ? Great shows but they’re not very reminiscent of my relatives in Boston or my American friends from Fresno.

    My point is there are tons of stereotypes in cinema which could actually be another discussion topic. :)

    I’m a first generation Italian Australian. My folks assimilated to Aussie culture pretty well whilst still retaining strong roots to their heritage and Australian cinema has quite a cross section of films depicting social, political and cultural differences.

    Crocodile Dundee is certainly not the epitome of Australian culture, nor a true representation of it’s people. :)

    Getting back to the topic at hand, I’ll just be ecstatic at seeing the Captain America movie. I too would prefer an American to play the part, but if the actor regardless of nationality fits the role then so be it.

    The cinema is about suspending your disbelief and enjoying the ride – not about national boundaries. If an actor can convince me they’re Captain America, I’ll be a happy man. :)


    You crack me up in good way LOL :)

  19. @Magnetic Eye

    Nice list there. Maybe the point got across. Upon reading it though I saw an actor who could play Captain America.

    Guy Pearce!

  20. @ DrSamBeckett yeh he’s way cool and funny and i reckon a good singer

  21. @Magnetic Eye what you just said was very well done. and your right. who ever fits in the Character should be the Character if its Sam if its Aaron or even bloody Jack Black (JOKES). i mean you guys already have an Aussie playing Thor but i just reckon we need to give chances

  22. @Tobby Paulson

    I agree with you, good singer, genuinely funny and all round nice guy, but not sure if he is a great actor.

    With the exception of School Of Rock, cant think of much else he was really good in.

  23. @DrSamBeckett. he was good in Tenacious D movie. and fun to play as in Brutal Legend, he was also in a good movie called the holiday but school of rock. Very Funny

  24. @Tobby Paulson

    Is Brutal Legend worth getting??? I heard mixed reports…

  25. but i have to go back to the main subject at hand. it just came up to me that an American is playing our Sherlock holmes. even though Robert Downey Jr is a great actor so is Sam Worthington if he tryed better than he thought

  26. @DrSamBeckett well im not sure what type of games you are into. but i liked it pretty short thoe. IGN gave it like a 9.3 out of 10

  27. @Tobby Paulson


    “School Of Rock” is a cool movie. I like it when he mentions Neil Peart from RUSH as one of the greatest rock drummers. I confess, I’m a huge RUSH fan. :)

    Have any of you guys seen Jack Black walk on stage in the RUSH R30 live DVD and do his laundry at the Maytag washing machines while the band play on ? :)

    Starting watching “King King” on DVD with my 6 year old daughter the other day when my
    wife came in and said it wasn’t appropriate and I had to endure “The Fantastic Four” again – LOL :) not much of a fan of that film.

    Guy Pearce……mmm….I don’t know. He’s a bit skinny isn’t he? He would definitely need the super soldier serum injection and six months at the gym. :)

  28. I have zero problem with RDJ playing Sherlock Holmes, if the actor is right for the role, then that is all that matters in the long run.

    I personally dont like Worthington for Captain America, but it has nothing to do with where he is from.

    On the other hand, as I have already said, I could never deal with an American playing James Bond.

  29. @DrSamBeckett Same i reckon RDJ is going to be a great Sherlock Homes and i reckon he did a great Aussie in Tropic Thunder. and did you know an Aussie has played James Bond