Sam Worthington on Baseless Captain America Rumors

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MTV Splashpage posted an article about Sam Worthington wearing an Avengers shirt while appearing on MTV’s live Avatar chat nearly two weeks ago and used the event as a link to discuss the budding actor possibly playing Captain America. There was no other basis for the rumor other than him and his cool T-shirt, but it generated an interesting discussion piece nonetheless.

As a retort the the “news” of Worthington’s potential “hint,” Peter Sciretta at /Film put up a post showing a variety of celebs sporting fun pop culture apparel including one of Megan Fox wearing a classic Star Wars T-shirt and saying that she therefore must be in the running to play Leia in a remake. It was a joke of course, in response to the MTV post.

Despite there being nothing to this, several sites seemed to pick up on it for no real reason other than that it’s about Captain America but the folks at Sci Fi Wire had a chance to talk with the actor – whose little James Cameron movie is coming out Friday – to set things straight.

“I know, the bloggers are going bananas… I’m a fan, man. I’m a big fan. And I’ve always said, if you’re going to wear a shirt on a blog or the TV, wear something you’re interested in. I’m not a billboard, so I’m going to wear something that I’m intrigued by. I’m a big Captain America fan.”

You’re the man, Sam. Where can I get that shirt by the way?

Just to confirm, Sam was then asked if anyone involved with producing the film had contacted him about a potential role.

“No, no, they haven’t talked to me… And according to all the bloggers, you know, ‘Damn him, he’s Australian, how dare he? Who does he think he is?… I read it all. But you know, It’s just as I said, I’m just a fan.”

Mr. Worthington has my respect not only for sporting the Tee while doing the live presentation but for his candid responses and knowledge of the film and comic blogospheres.

But really, can he play the role of Steve Rogers?

With a smile, “I know how to hold a shield… Because I did it as Perseus.”

To see what he’s talking about, check out the official Clash of the Titans trailer and check back soon for the second trailer which leaked earlier today but was pulled.

Hopefully we can learn some concrete and official updates on The First Avenger: Captain America soon as Thor nears its production start in a few weeks with rehearsals currently underway and both films coming out in the same summer. The last we heard was from Joe Quesada attending a script meeting which hopefully means they’re finalizing things and can start the casting process.

Sam Worthington can be see in Avatar this Friday and in Clash of the Titans March 26th, 2010. Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Sources: Sci Fi Wire, Splashpage, /Film

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  1. I like him, I like him a lot… He’s an aussie = he cannot be Cap… end of story

  2. i dont see why he cant be CA, i can picture him in the suit with the shield, the only issue would be his accent.

    they should get someone that looks hardcore and can be a mean mother if need be just like cap in the comics.

  3. yeah,

    It wouldn’t bother me if he was Cap. I don’t care that he is an Aussie. I *could* hear that accent creep in occasionally during Terminator Salvation, though, so like jwalka said, that could pull him out of the running. He has to sound like an American. We don’t sound like we are from down under.

    Mel Gibson wasn’t Scottish, he *IS* William Wallace, though. He nailed the accent.

    Do that, and he can be Captain America. Do it not, and everyone of you will die today.

  4. Its not that I don’t like Worthigton because I do, but I want an American to play Captain AMERICA.

  5. @Matt Keith

    And I wanted a bat to play BATman. And a wolverine to play WOLVERINE and so on… :-)

    Obviously, I am poking fun at your point, but I understand it. It just doesn’t bother me.

  6. I know we want a good actor but I still think size has much to do with who plays Captain America and Sam is just too small I think.

  7. i can see him doing it but, i do think an American should play Cap. Hes got the look and everything but the accent would have to go for sure. I just think they need to find a good unknown.

  8. personally what the actor does to the character is more important then who plays him.
    – !_!

  9. cap has the power of 10 men on steroids

  10. @Matt Keith

    I dont think Worthington is right for the role, but arguing the point because he isnt American is silly.

    Christian Bale is Welsh, for gods sake!

  11. LOL like i posted that comment about him playing cap back in the first who should be cap discussion


    but ya.. the dude looks like cap, could talk like cap, and is turning into a huge actor

    MEL GIBSON AND HEATH LEDGER can play the nations 1st patriots. I think sam can play the character he looks/talks like.

  12. My problem is, Worthington doesnt look commanding enough to play the character, not saying I’d like having a fight with the guy, but there is nothing impressive about him. I have no problem with him as an actor.

    But not for this role.

    And the costume is going to be a visual problem I think, it will look really silly. Maybe they’ll just make it black.

  13. lol i mean of course the tone of his voice, the accent thing would have to go..

    LET AVATAR be his judge eh.. he plays an american soldier…. kinda like someone else

  14. He doesnt have a good enough chin.

  15. IntelliQ

    cap does have super strength in case you didn’t know.

  16. “super” is such a relative term, isn’t it though?

    “Super” compared to you and me maybe, but Super compared to Thor? The Hulk? Probably not.

  17. He’s probably one of the best candidates out there for the Role I think.

  18. Greenknight

    it’s already too late to get Worthington on the cheap.

  19. He has the size and look to be a good Captain America.
    What is also funny to me is that Marvel got another aussie to play Thor, a Norse figure.
    So in truth, who cares? I think what I find most surprising is that Hollywood is getting overseas actors to fill in for grizzled roles.
    Are American born actors too prissy these days?

  20. SK-47

    Maybe youre right, its Aussies for heroes and Brits for Villains, whats left for the American actors???

  21. As a matter of unofficial trivia: (I have a few Australian friends, and my Dad’s gf is a popular Country music radio personality there.) From what I’ve seen they have a profound understanding of US History – unlike our own citizens here.

    It’s funny someone mentioned Gibson and Ledger making the Patriot movie, it took a couple Aussies to show Americans what their ancestors went through during the Revolution – with affection.
    So Im a-okay if an Aussie can do the job well playing an American. I’d like to see an American play an Aussie, now that would be interesting.

  22. How is wanting to have an American actor who is supposed to portray a character represents America Silly?

  23. american

    weve got vampires and robots !


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