Sam Raimi Writing ‘Evil Dead 4′ This Summer

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Sam Raimi Says Evil Dead Remake Will Be Rated R Sam Raimi Writing Evil Dead 4 This Summer

It’s been 21 very long years since the release of Evil Dead 3 (A.K.A. Army of Darkness), and in that time, fans of the Evil Dead series have been perpetually clamoring for an Evil Dead 4. Of course, the forthcoming Evil Dead remake – which initially elicited skepticism far and wide – might be a good placeholder, but in the minds of fans, it likely won’t suffice as a permanent replacement for a true sequel.

Fortunately, fans might finally be getting just that. 

Director Sam Raimi (Oz the Great and Powerful) was recently in London at a “Meet the Filmmakers” event with Zach Braff when he was asked about the possibility of Evil Dead 4 becoming a reality.

His response?

“I would love to make ‘Evil Dead 4.’ My brother and I plan to work on the script this summer.”

The ‘brother’ in question likely refers to Ivan Raimi (unless Ted Raimi, his other semi-famous brother, has taken up screenwriting), who previously co-wrote Army of Darkness, Darkman, and Drag Me to Hell with Sam.

As for the quote itself, before everyone gets all riled up, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first (second, third, fourth, five, sixth, etc.) time that Sam Raimi has talked about maybe/possibly/perhaps beginning to consider working on an  Evil Dead 4 at some future point in time. Every couple of years, Raimi says just enough about an Evil Dead 4 to keep fans’ hopes alive. So with that in mind, temper your enthusiasm.

On the other hand, it’s also worth noting that what he’s saying now is slightly more concrete and interesting than the last thing he said about a possible Evil Dead 4. Previously – way, way back in 2009 – Sam Raimi told reporters at SXSW that he and Ivan had an “idea” for the sequel and that he might start working on it after Spider-Man 4. Now that he’s certainly not busy with the Spider-Man series (and promotional duties for Oz the Great and Powerful will be finished soon), maybe the time is right and ED4 could actually be on the way.

Army of Darkness Alternate Ending Sam Raimi Writing Evil Dead 4 This Summer

The alternate ending of ‘Army of Darkness’

Fans have long speculated that Evil Dead 4 might explore what happened in the alternate ending of Army of Darkness, which saw Ashley J. Williams (Bruce Campbell) take too many drops of a magic sleeping potion and sleep all the way into a post-apocalyptic and potentially Deadite-ridden future. That, of course, would be awesome.

However, is it possible that we could see a connection to the upcoming Evil Dead remake instead? After all, it might be too confusing for modern audiences – who have no idea what a “Deadite” is or why reading from the Necronomicon is a terrible idea – to have two Evil Dead franchises with wholly different continuities being produced concurrently.

And frankly, it would be nice to see Ash take on the far more horrifying monsters that have been showcased in the trailers for the remake as opposed to, say, the Jason and the Argonauts-inspired skeletons of Army of Darkness (which were excellent in their own right, of course, but maybe not as hilariously gruesome as the Deadites of Evil Dead 2).

evil dead release date rating Sam Raimi Writing Evil Dead 4 This Summer

Having said all that, I still can’t help but feel like we’ve heard this song before. As much as I would absolutely love to see a true sequel to Army of Darkness, I’ll wait until Sam and his brother have actually written a script before I get my hopes up.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Do you want to see Sam Raimi finally return to the franchise that launched his career and changed the face of horror (movies) forever? Let us know in the comments.

We’ll keep you updated on Evil Dead 4 as news becomes availabe. Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake hits theaters April 5th, 2013.

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  1. That would be, in a word, groovy. Enough said.

  2. It would definitely be weird to do the remake and then make a sequel to the original movie you just remade.

    • I agree, though it would be cool if they could connect the two in a way that doesn’t feel too hackneyed. Of course, even if they decided to make ED4 without acknowledging the remake, I would still be excited.

    • Maybe this is his way of saying, the remake, is baaaaaaaaad in a nice way. lol

  3. The alternate ending of ‘Army of Darkness’ as you call it was actually the Original ending planed by Raimi !!!!
    He then had to change it to the lame version of shop smart shop S market !!

    For me at least I love the Jason and the Argonauts Style mixed with Stooges Slapstick much much more then the new more serious tone of the remake !

    Really hope they take the Original ending with ash in the future and continue from there ! That would be a dream come true !

    • I’m afraid I’m gonna have to ask you leave the store.

    • I actually think they’re both great endings for very different reasons, but to each his/her own.

  4. would be cool if bruce filmed a cameo in the remake

  5. They better do this with Bruce Campbell starring or not at all

    • Agreed! No Bruce starring as Ash, no interest.

  6. Why do I get this strange feeling that if the remake does well the main character, the heroine who suppose to be the ash of the movie will probably meet up with the real ash in the deadite world in the new e.d. Since ash dead not speak the correct words from the spell. It would be cool if someone read from the book and zapped him back into the correct world be the only thing is a couple of decades so he would have to adjust to the times sort of like dark shadows but better.

  7. I can’t see it happening. I guess the only hint at it being a possibility is if I see or hear about Bruce not being so hostile towards fans who ask him about it because then we’ll know for sure that something’s definitely up.

    If it was made, I wouldn’t know how they’d do it. Would they mix the serious horror of the original with the slapstick of the second and add the action/adventure aspect of the third?

    Could be nice, a DVD only release for fans of the originals that’s as fun as they became while the new version is released for the cinema going public.

    I don’t think I’d want both versions to cross over unless you somehow had Ash as a sort of Whistler character from Blade to the new lead (whatever that character’s name is). How they’d meet though is anyone’s guess unless they went with the alternate ending where Ash returned to his original time and continued working at S-Mart.

  8. They should start the film with Ash and the group of co-workers going outside to discover that the evil has followed Ash back to the future and they must fight their way back to the cabin to end it once and for all. Man if only I had the time to write a script, I would make this movie epic!
    Fingers crossed Sam sticks to his word.

  9. Easy solution to the Evil Dead conflict: call it Army of Darkness: (insert subtitle here). Fans of the original Evil Dead series are probably looking for some cheese with their scary, which doesn’t jibe with the current film.

  10. This would definitely be awesome. However, if he does it, they probably shouldn’t call it Evil Dead 4. Assuming no other Evil Dead movies are made between the remake and ED4, modern audiences are going to be really confused seeing Evil Dead (remake) and then Evil Dead 4 coming out.

  11. Like others have indicated the arc is also tonal in the trilogy: dry horror to intense madness to slapstick. For my money ED2 is the best because it demonstrates an ability temper horror with humor that sustains both, which is unequaled in any film.
    The logical next step for Ash is tough to plot. You could say Bubba-Hotep is the unofficial fourth and call it a day. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sam do other things. He’s one of the best technical filmmakers I could name.

  12. I feel, better late then never but should have been done before the remake. I’d be more interested if they went with the S mart ending for the opening as they did for the comic books. I personally did not like the original ending to Army of Darkness. It was just kinda…blah. I also agree, that if Bruce doesn’t do ED4 then I’ll wait for red box.

  13. 2 or 3 years ago I’d be extremely excited to hear this. Rami has become a director with fan and studio credibility so it would be cool that he now has the clout to get Evil Dead 4 made.
    He still is those things but (as always) the new Evil Dead really muddles up the situation. How do you sell the idea to a studio that you want to make a sequel to a series that has just been re-booted, that you’re involved with but the sequel is a part of the original series???? You see what I mean?
    And let’s say the new film is a success. The (any) studio will want a sequel to that not the previous series. And if it flops, who will want to bankroll anything branded Evil Dead?
    Dear Lord… I’m confusing myself. 😉

  14. Absolutely would love to see an Evil Dead 4 released, and it should most definitely be a direct sequel to AOD – alternate ending or standard ending, either one, though the alternate ending is preferred. This needs to happen before Bruce is all crotchety, a la Harrison Ford in IJ4.

    • Even weirder than having the remake and then ED4 is the notion of starting from the post-apocalyptic version. Wouldn’t it be strange to continue a story from a place that wasn’t even used in the movie? Obviously most big fans of Army know about the other ending, but surely not everyone does, right? Eh, I’m with Ben. I’m gonna stop thinking ’bout this ’til we get word that it’s actually happening.

  15. So wait a remake and a sequel, I didnt know studios would allow that.

    • It’s his studio, so he’s the person who gets to allow things to happen.

      • THIS IS A MADHOUSE!!!!

  16. Raimi needs to keep away from the crap trilogy he made called Evil Dead…A 4th one? these movies are a joke! and I am not saying its actually funny…Its just terrible. I have not seen army of darkness since I was like 8 on HBO. And even then I knew how stupid that one was. I have seen the others because my stupid older brother has them all and worships that crap. I borrowed Army Of Darkness from him on blu ray, sat down on my day off,drank some brews and watched this atrocious, silly, stupid movie! I told my girlfriend I watched a horrible movie, again, the next day. She asked “what, Twilight?” I said no, worse…Army Of Darkness. She laughed and said “OMFG” because her stupid older brother likes that crap also.

    • I think you and your girlfriend/hand need a better taste in movies there kiddo.

    • Seems you both need to listen to those older, wiser brothers you each have more often.

  17. I am really looking forward to the remake. Looks way better than the original silly so called “horror” movie.

  18. This whole rigmarole Raimi is putting the fans through seems a bit juvenile to me. Like a child who doesn’t want to play with an old toy until he sees another kid using it.

  19. I have an idea: just call it “Army of Darkness II” instead of “Evil Dead 4″. Problem solved.

  20. I don’t think Sam really has anything to do with the remake, nor they him. If you noticed there is no “Ash” in the remake, and I seriously doubt anyone gets out of that cabin alive. I would love a AoD 2, not so sure about a Evil Dead 4, I feel like the new remake could be ED4 with a hip cast of younger actors. No one replaces Bruce though. There’s just no other actor like him in Hollywood these days.

    • That’s a negative. Sam Raimi produced the remake.

      • Yeah, this is the rare occasion when the director/producer, also the star of the original has a role in the remake. Rami even hand-picked the director.

    • As the others have said, he’s actually very much involved.

      • I think this person in question was speculating that Sam may have purely put his name to it and taken the role as producer for a paycheque and to make fans of the original series interested. We are not really privvy to what goes on behind closed doors and it’s in all the cast and crews interests to make sure the movie is a profitable one.

        Of course that is all relative to the GDP of China and whether or not they make more money than the US in the forseeable future…

    • There’s no Ash in the remake because Sam and Bruce who are producers on the movie decided it’s better to not have one. Plus, both Bruce and Sam wanted this remake to happen. Bruce himself even have a cameo role but he was busy with Burn Notice. We all hate remakes but this isn’t one of them Michael Bay produced horror remake like the Friday The 13th/Nightmare On Elms Street.

  21. Rather see ED4 then the remake!

  22. Yeah he should’ve just made evil dead 4 to begin with. Have ash still working at crappy s mart, and the gates of hell just open up and deadites take over the world and ash and a group of survivors fight their way through craziness to find the necronomicon. Have ash rig up a bad ass machine gun arm and rip through the dead. Boom. Awesomeness

  23. Has Sam Raimi ever made a “four”. Both Spider-man 3 and Evil Dead 3 (Army of Darkness) kind of went off into left field. Would love to see if he could reel it back in for number four. Like the laughs, but maybe a little less. Bring back the fear.

  24. I would love to see a direct sequel.One of my pipe dreams would be a cross over with Jack Burton and Ash.A good cross over with Carpenter and Raimi.An to see who has the best one liners and giant hero ego between Jack and Ash.But as for a direct sequel would be awesome.Not to excited for the remake.