Raimi & del Toro Talk ‘The Hobbit’, ‘World of Warcraft’, ‘Hellboy 3′ and More

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Our friend Steve “Frosty” Weintraub over at Collider is one hard working man. If you’ve ever read a day of his Twitter account then you already know that he spends enough time jet setting to give George Clooney’s character in Up In The Air a run for his frequent flyer miles.

Frosty’s specialty is nabbing great celebrity interviews – a skill which not only helps his site standout from the pack, but also helps clear up the rampant rumors the rest of us blogosphere types spend our days “reporting,” by getting official words straight from the horses’ mouths.

Directors Sam Raimi and Guillermo del Toro have been the centers of a lot of controversy in the past few months: Raimi’s fall out with Sony resulted in Spider-Man 4 being scrapped in favor of a complete franchise reboot, while del Toro recently walked away from The Hobbit, a film he (quite literally) dedicated his life to making. In the wake of both of these unfortunate turns of events, fans have been anxiously waiting to hear about the projects both directors will take on next, and speculating about the possibilities all the while.

Well, Frosty recently had chances to get microphones in front of both directors and, seasoned pro that he is, knocked out a whole bunch of rumors concerning everything from The Hobbit, Hellboy 3 and the World of Warcraft movie, to a new version of Frankenstein, the Wizard of Oz prequel Oz, the Great and Powerful and many other rumored projects.

So if you’ve been trying to separate fact from Internet fiction as far as what the next moves are for Sam Raimi and Guillermo del Toro, then this is your chance to hear from the two directors themselves. Check it out (we’ll do Raimi first, del Toro second):

If you want to skip to specific parts of the interview that you’re interested in, you can find a handy set of time-stamp indexes over at Collider. Go HERE for the index of Raimi’s interview, and HERE for the index of del Toro’s interview. Be sure to thank Steve for snagging (and sharing) all the great info.

What do you think of the plans Raimi and del Toro have for the immediate future? Which of the projects they discussed are you most excited for, and which of the projects do you want to see each director take on eventually?

Source: Collider

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  1. All I care about is hellboy 3 seems like it probably won’t happen sadly. Does anyone actually care about a WoW movie seriously?

    • i do daniel lol. but im also looking forward to Del Toro take on a Frankenstein adaptation too

    • WoW would bturn out to be a flop. Many videogames adapted suck cuz they dont have a strong consistency and the director can’t aim right thus throwing the movie completely off the cliff.

      Now for Hellboy 3, I very much want a final film. The time where Hellboy becomes a father and he finally fulfills his destiny in destroying the world as foretold by Death in the last film. Also introducing some of the more interesting characters like Lobster Johnson, and Roger the Homunculus. And some of the weird but threatening bad guys like Zinco and Hermon Von Klempt (AKA Nazi with head in a jar) and his group of Kriegaffe (AKA cyborg Nazi gorillas). That would be a project worth making and seeing in my opinion.

      • Couldn’t agree more with you !

        Wish they would continue the Animations too.
        What a shame it’s not that strong at the box office !
        Sad times we live in !

    • lol Warcraft movie is gonna fail hard but looking forward to hellboy 3 if it is made

    • what do you mean by seriously
      yeah i did care about WOW movie
      before that thief-director called james cameron put a big big big tree (eldrasil in wow) with giant blue things (nightelfs) all around it
      i mean does this guy have any originality at all!!
      he just got nominated for directing avatar because it was the launch of a new product , the 3d format. despite the fact that i liked the movie , i cant deny the fact that its a huge commercial for 3d

      so yes i still have hopes for a WOW movie but not with this director.

      • MMMM looks like you all don’t know anything about WoW. Well let me tell you something from Warcraft to World of Warcraft it had kept the progression of the story by itself. Developing the Alliance and Hord to the growth of the Linch King (Arthas) . The Story is there from the beginning to the death of the King plus all the side story that has been written, and not to mention that BLIZZAR has the budget (allot) to make this movie happen/Box Office hit with the fan support. If you want to learn about WoW go to YouTube and check out Warcraft lore from 1 to 12 and you will see what I am talking about.

        • Actually I know alot about WoW i’m a big MMO player. I’m not saying there is no story just that it’s not very good and that hardly anyone who plays knows it. I was a big Everquest player half the people who played the game didn’t even know the story some didn’t even know there was one and EQ had a much better story than WoW. MMO’s are not played for their stories though that’s why they don’t have to work to hard on making them good and that’s why alot of people don’t even bother to learn them.

          • I play a little myself. I might say it would be fascinating concept to make a movie out of that world but that’s about it. The story is a little weak an inconsistent (Correct Daniel). If they made an original story line (DOUBTFUL) set within the same universe, I’d be interested, but unfortunately I don’t believe that. Much like other game turned movies. There’s only two ways to make a videogame movie work in story: either make an original story (Hard to find around here) set within the same stuff, or follow the story but input a little bit of style to it. If it was completely based that would include everything that would take the surprise and thrill out of the fan base thus resulting in a big down drop.

            So a WoW movie just be another waste of money if handled wrong (Which in the end might happen).

            Save the money for something with a bit more meat on it, story wise.

  2. man he sounds so different from the way he looks

  3. I say seriously because wow is a pretty crappy game and even for those who like to play it maybe 2 percent of them of any idea what the actual story and it’s a terribly boring uninteresting story.

    • Well I don’t know about you but the numbers of Active Player contradict your post, and by the patch up dates BLIZZAR tell the members what is happening and a video clip is produce for everyone to see the progression.

      • Numbers prove nothing. More people play WoW not because it’s good, but because it’s an easy casual game. There are other MMO’s with lower numbers because they are for real gamers more and less for casual players. So while games like EQ are complicated, difficult and not as forgiving games like WoW go the opposite way so that anyone can create a character put in a little time and level no proble. It’s an easy to start and play game and MMO’s keep players due to their addictive nature so when players get tired of the game and don’t really care much for it anymore they keep playing because they can’t quit.

        Just because they can learn the story doesn’t mean they do. Like I said before MMO’s are not played for their story.

      • I wish that they would do a WOW movie that was completely animated in the way that the computer cinematic previews for the game updates are created, rather than a live action thing.

  4. I sat in on A WoW paniel at the San Diego Comic Con.
    I just couldnt get into it.
    But if they create a movie with a cohesive story , I would be interested in seeing it.

  5. The only movie on here that will be remotely interesting is the Hobbit. That movie is gonna be awesome and I hope that Jackson takes the helm.
    I hope they don’t disgrace WOW by making a movie that sucks. Wow is all about Quests. That is all we need is another made up hero going on a quest through the same monsters you see in all other movies with a story line that doesn’t make sense.
    Hellboy… Do we really need another? I can sleep just fine. I don’t need another Hellboy to bore me to sleep. Speaking of, do we really need another Frankenstien movie? We already have Young Frankenstien.

  6. Firstly, how many video games have as much history and content as WoW does? Of course other video games have been a flop… There isn’t nearly as much worldliness as found in WoW. Production co.’s have vast amounts of information regarding the Warcraft world to mess with and manipulate. Annnnnnnnd, giant trees and elves living within them have been around since forever, dudes. Really, WoW just ripped off every speculative fiction which had ripped off every Arthurian legend it could get it’s hand on. No one is original.

    • The Final Fantasy series Can put as much story and content in a 90hr game than the constant, costly playing of WOW. Anymore is just overkill. But I guess paying for a game after you buy it makes sense too?

  7. so yeahhhhh have any of you seen the CGI cutscenes (not gameplay) and trailers Blizzard does for its games? when Blizz is in full control of ANYTHING it does not fail. and let’s not forget Legendary is partnering with Blizz for the movie. im not a huge fan of WoW, but I am aware that his company does not !@#$!@# around with its intellectual properties. if this movie turns out to suck in its final cut, they would rather take a half a billion dollar loss on it then release it and tarnish their name. thats how they play the game.

  8. Sorry to put agile in your faith Jason but no they would still release it.

  9. What a class act…. Mr. del Toro can do no wrong.

  10. This is quite possibly going to be the worst movie ever. Let’s take someone who knows nothing about Warcraft lore, nothing about the games (All warcraft games, not just WoW) and put him at the helm for making a movie about it.


    Warcraft actually has a great story behind it, but unless you’ve read the books or played the RTS games you have no clue what’s going on. WoW isn’t ment for a story, it’s ment to allow people to hop into the lore at random points and kill said villain. He’s played to level 72!! zomg1!1! Bet he’s never run any of the old raids, knows anything behind the reasoning for the bosses, or better yet why he still doesn’t have epic flying (He’s prolly playing a Deathknight). This movie will be bad, period.

  11. Wow had a good story? Give me a break.