Sam Raimi Discusses Spider-Man 4 Villains

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spider man 4 villains Sam Raimi Discusses Spider Man 4 Villains

Spider-Man 4 has been receiving plenty of buzz in recent times with announcements and confirmations of it going into production next year for a 2011 release. On top of that, we’ve had countless reports and speculation about what storylines it may follow, the start of development for Spider-Man 5 & 6, and discussions of what villains will be the focus of the fourth installment in the super successful superhero franchise.

MTV spoke with Sam Raimi and got the director to discuss a bit about the villains of Spider-Man 4 and the results of a fan poll they ran on the site which saw The Lizard and Carnage come out on top as the most desired villains, with the highest percentages from an unknown number of votes.

Raimi responded to the two top choices but couldn’t reveal who they’ve selected as the villainous characters are for the next Spider-Man adventure.

“I love the Lizard… There’s a great story there in the Marvel comic books about Dr. Connors. I’m less familiar with Carnage.”

After this, you could tell Raimi wanted to be more open on the topic, but he must remain tight-lipped for obvious reasons with shooting not even expected to begin until next March. After a long pause, Raimi followed up by saying “I’m not allowed to say at this point.”

Normally, I’d think that The Lizard would be an obvious choice and that the other would be a character not introduced into the franchise yet. I can pretty much guarantee Carnage will not be in Spider-Man 4. After what happened with Venom in Spider-Man 3, they’ll be leaving the symbiotic villains behind until the franchise restarts and/or the Venom solo film gets underway.

However, Raimi later explains that the next movie doesn’t have so much to do with a character introduced in the films so far or about intertwining with/setting up the Venom spinoff. This partially puts a damper on The Lizard’s full introduction.

Of course, he could just be intentionally misleading. It seems like too much of a missed opportunity to not have The Lizard finally make an appearance after seeing Dr. Curt Connors introduced and slightly developed over the last few films.

Raimi continued by elaborating on the goal of Spider-Man 4′s story and how the villain will fit into that plan.

“What we’re trying to do right now is really understand the journey Peter is going to go on this time and have the villain maybe be a counter to that growth, something that he has to overcome… Or maybe he has to grow in a way to overcome the villain, because there always seem to be stories of coming of age, of a young man growing up and learning things about life, so once we are identifying the exact movement that Peter has to grow to, I think the villain—and we’re trying this right now; we’re trying to choose a villain based on who would be the proper counter to that growth, so we really have dramatic conflict.”

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  1. Lizard better not be the only villain if they use him.

    What was missing from Spiderman 3 (and arguably 2–though I love that film) is the unsympathetic villain like Dafoe’s Green Goblin. Sand Man, Doc Oc, and Harry Ozborne were basically good guys (or misunderstood guys) that had bad things happen to them who ultimately redeem themselves.

    Even Eddie brock is somewhat sympathetic before becoming Venom. And he is of course an anti-hero later on in the comics.

    I therefore nominate HOB GOBLIN.

  2. good article and love the pic Rob. haha

    but i can’t believe we’re still stuck with Raimi for Spiderman. Couldn’t the studio get someone else?

  3. Evan,

    I agree with you. It better not be just the Lizard unless it’s just a magnificent script. You can always have more than one villain in superhero movies if you want but just do the characters justice and it will be fine. 3 villains isn’t what killed spidey 3, it was how they wrote in the villains and the script that killed them.

  4. @M-Cat

    Those are my feelings exactly… Multiple villain can work. Hello Batman Begins and Dark Knight. I also don’t think the “inclusion” or “exclusion” of Venom was at all the problem with Spider-Man 3.

    Honestly, I don’t think the film needed Sandman or Venom to be a good movie. I was really happy with Harry as the New Goblin. I thought that was a strong idea. It followed the comic. Then he got sidelined immediately to make room for Sandman and Venom…

    To be honest, Flint Marko annoyed me SO MUCH MORE than Venom. I just didn’t give a crap. And having him be “uncle ben’s real killer” was a failed attempt to force the audience to give a crap.

    I feel like if the characters were handled differently, you could have still included multiple villains without the lameness.

  5. Lizard is not the only character estabilished in the last movies,the austronaut son of J.Jonah Jameson and ex-boyfriend of MJ becomes the Wolf Man, I would love to see him back.

  6. The lizard and Kraven the Hunter(played by Russel Crowe).

  7. Evan,

    Couldn’t agree with you more. You are one of the few people online I’ve EVER heard say that you disliked Sandman more than Venom.

    Not that Venom was handled particularly well (both got short shrift in a nearly incoherent script) but I would argue that Venom was more INTEGRAL to the story since almost all of the subplots involved Peter going to the “dark side”, being a jerk to Mary Jane and almost losing her, etc. had to do with the influence of the symbiote.

    It always felt to me like the Sandman story was the one that got tacked on at the last second. And that whole “he was the real killer of Uncle Ben” subplot was stupid, insulting to the first movie, and a complete waste of time. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  8. stuntman J

    kraven yes, russel crowe no lol


    flint marko bothered me too. he was annoying and a waste of time in the movie. so much could have been edited out to improve the movie.

  9. Since the conflict will determine who the villain will be ,
    nailing down the conflict has to be done before they can choose the villain.
    I wish them luck on that.

  10. If they do use Kraven,
    I hope he is played by Mickey Rourke.

  11. @ScottA

    I think Sandman could have been cool. I am sure of it actually. It just felt like Raimi had run out of ideas. Like I said, should have stuck with Harry Osborne. But it felt like Rami was like, “you know, we should work in Sandman somehow” and then the studio said “yeah, okay. AND VENOM”. And so the initial set up at the end of Spider-man 2 plays out in the first act to make room for basically a story I didn’t want to be told. Lame.


    Only if they had completely edited him out :-)


    My problem with Kraven is that he seems like too obvious a choice: “I heard reports of this giant lizard in the sewers so I came to New York to hunt it.” LAME… An 8 year old could right that plot.

    He is also the least “fantastic” of the rogues gallery, I think. I don’t want the Spider-man franchise to feel the pressure to be more “realistic” like Dark Knight. Let Spidey have crazy villains like Morbius and Electro (not that they are my first choices for villains, though Morbius would be great and still ties into Lizard nicely).

  12. *an 8 year old could also tell the different between “right” and “write”… my bad

  13. If they are to use Kraven, I’d rather he be played by Gerard Butler.

  14. Gah! If Campbell does play a major part could this affect his Burn Notice time? I hope not but I know how long it takes to film these things

  15. i vote lizard.
    IMO i whish they would bring in the Black Cat already.
    1. it could take away from the whole MJ issue thing.
    2. raimi stated the villan “will be a big part of New York.”
    that make evry1 think of King pin, then again while thinking king pin another not so famous villian came to mind. that would be TombStone. highly doubtful but who knows.

    on the Black Cat issue i originaly wanted Scarlett johansson to portray her, but then the Black widow thing happen so as to who should play the Black Cat is the question. then i’m not sure on who should play her. mabye eliza dushku

  16. Wouldn’t it be imteresting if actually another superhero were instead of a villain were to unintentionally rub Spidey the wrong way (maybe while trying to help during some catastrophic incident of some kind), and wind up becoming his enemy this time around? just throwing it out there;
    Otherwise, Morbius, Manwolf or the Lizard are cool,

  17. Evan,

    I love Sandman VISUALLY. They had the right actor for the role. The “sand” effects were absolutely amazing. And they even got the green/grey striped shirt right.

    They should have just made him a bank robber like in the comics, or some other standard lowlife criminal. I think they were trying too hard to duplicate the “Doc Ock is really a good guy who went bad” story from “Spider-Man 2″.

    You know a series is in trouble when they start repeating themes (good guy goes bad) and even revisiting and ret-conning pre-existing stories (HE didn’t kill Uncle Ben, I did!) after only two movies. It felt tired and desperate… something you’d do in a fifth or sixth movie, not the third.

  18. @M-Cat

    What your problem with Raimi. Spiderman 1 and 2 were both excellent movies with #2 being one of my all time faves. Just because the studio insisted on 3 villians for Spiderman “3″ doesn’t mean Raimi ruined the movie. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  19. I definitely vote for Hobgoblin

    the goblin persona could cause a lot of psycholoical problems for peter sparking memories of norman and harry. And the beauty fo hobgoblin is, he doesnt even need a back story- much like the joker in TDK… hobgobin could really work, plus he was always one of my favourite villians

    failing that im with the lizard/kraven/morbius crowd

    or throw in electro/chameleon as a wild card

  20. @kholdstare
    Gerard Butler would be great, if he doesn’t mind putting on the Leonidas beard again. Perfect choice!!!

    It would be an obvious story at first glance, but I’m thinking they should adapt the story,”Kraven’s Last Hunt.” It’s the most twisted Spidey story in my opinion. Kraven offed himself in the end, no redemption for him…………and he stayed dead. It’s the only story idea that would work for the character. If you’re not familiar with it, look it up, it’s good, trust me.

  21. Spiderman should have been about Venom and Venom only! I personally think a forth film with the same cast and director is a terrible idea.
    I think the franchise needs new life and soon, I also believe Morbius would be the best villain for this forth installment. The Lizzard wont work big screen, he doesnt have an interesting enough story, maybe put it as part of a prologue at the start of the film. Bringing in Morbius gives us something completely different, which the franchise sorely needs.

  22. Sinister Six! That would be awesome!

  23. @Rob Keyes

    I saw the headline and thought “Yes, who’s it going to be?” :D
    And then read that he can’t talk about it.. :(

    Not having a pop at you but that headline really misled me (gullible, naive fool of a Took that I am) and I might have to sue (in the Court of Blogs) ;)

  24. @ jordi,

    Well, he does discuss the villains, makes comments on specific ones, where they are in that process, and how they’re going about selecting character(s). We are also discussing villains here…

    I didn’t say who the villains are in the title or that they’re revealed so I’m not trying to mislead you bro, we’re all just “discussing” :)

  25. @Rob

    NP. Just disappointed there wasn’t anything solid yet, you know? Months of speculation await…

  26. Is Bruce Campbell playing Kraven? Visually he could do it, but the role would be more dramatic than he’s used to. I’ve previously heard talk of “Bruce is a bad actor”

    well that’s just rubbish.

    Bruce is a fine actor, he’s just been a bit typecast. I think if a beefy role came across Bruce’s desk, he would bite hard. He’d rise to the challenge… he’s freakin’ Bruce Campbell for crying out loud.

    If not Kraven… Mysterio?

    All the specualtion leads to Quentin Beck, and not great reactions. I think if Mysterio was written properly it could be really innovative.

    picture this:

    There’s a man in a red and blue suit swinging around manhattan like a spider! This is unbelievable! He’s saving people!

    Quentin, a legendary filmaker, but now seen as a has been is desperate for a come-back. He sees spidey on t.v. and decides to make a DOC on him. He follows webhead and even pits criminals to ambush to get it on film. Scorpion or electro or Kraven could be hired/made by Quentin. (maybe he met Kraven while in Africa on safari)

    Anyway, awesome that Bruce is moving up the Spidey food chain.

  27. next weeks poll….who should spidey villian be?



  28. paulie412

    you’re right. i may be a little too hard on Raimi. 1 and 2 were awesome movies with 2 being one of my favs as well. I just feel like the studio should have went in another direction with the fourth movie because of how Raimi handled Venom. He doesn’t like the villain so he spends no time on him and makes him a side piece? Since Raimi doesn’t like Carnage either, when it’s time for him to be included in the franchise will Raimi just make him an after-thought too? I certainly hope not. Maybe bringing Raimi back is a good thing because he wants to make up for the mess that was spidey 3.

  29. Spiderman 2 is an amazing film, but the first film is horribly weak in story telling and acting stakes. Without Willem Defoe it wouldnt have been worth watching at all. Such a wasted oppurtunity, spending that whole film on an origin story everyone in the whole world already knows. I like Sam Raimi, but not directing these films, they seem very flat and lifeless which is a shame because Spiderman should live in a vibrant world. And this has yet to be fully realised on screen.

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