The Spider-Man 4 rumors got very interesting for Bruce Campbell fans last month as he said he’ll be back for the next movie and that he’ll have a “major part” in the film, but he did not know who that was or what it meant at the time. Online discussion from the fans pointed towards Mysterio as a potential character for Campbell to play but many also think that it could be a little extreme for the fishbowl-wearing character to be a main villain for the live-action Spider-Man.

So, where does that leave us?

The Lizard is a high possibility for the obvious reasons of his introduction and development in the movies so far. Campbell could play a villain but we have no idea who and we know Morbius doesn’t seem to likely a choice. from the interview, Carnage seems out of the question and since they messed up Venom last time around, I wouldn’t expect him to return until Spider-Man 5 which could be a restart of the franchise.

Then again, the series so far does do a good job of tying each movie to the previous so perhaps the symbiote is still lurking around looking for a new host.

What villain(s) do you think will and/or should be featured in Spider-Man 4?

Spider-Man 4 hits theaters May 6, 2011.

Source: MTV

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