Speculation on who Peter Parker’s alter ego would be duking it out with began getting a lot of attention at the top of the year when Raimi revealed his interest in the character of Morbius back in January. With the popularity of vampires in all forms of media these days and expectations of a darker and grittier Spidey adventure the next time around, this rumor was believable.

On top of that, a story for Morbius would fit perfect into the established franchise as Dr. Michael Morbius has many connections and similarities with Dr. Curt Connors (The Lizard) who has already been introduced in the franchise and who played a key role in the last film. The Lizard is an obvious choice of one of the next villains and that made the idea of Morbius being the featured villain of Spider-Man 4 even more plausable.

Eventually, the Morbius rumors were shot down in June when Raimi confirmed that the villain was still being worked on at the point, revealing only that fans will appreciate their selection as the character “will be a big part of New York.”

We heard director Sam Raimi wanted Bruce Campbell back as they’re great friends with a long history. Campbell of course had cameo roles in all three Spider-Man flicks and it made sense to have him guest star again. But what if he played more than a cameo role this time around? What if he played a villain?

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