I’ve said for quite a while in our coverage of the future of Spider-Man that I think 5 & 6 may feature a new actor playing Peter Parker and will restart the franchise (sans the origin story rehash) and will tie into a new and proper take on the Venom, helping set up that solo project. That’s just one theory and at this time, I think it’s very possible.

Raimi continued in the interview on the subject, explaining that it’s impossible to say either way at the moment but that he’d no doubt be happy working on more Spider-Man projects.

“If ever I feel sated, like I’ve got no more to say or I’m not really super-excited about it… because I know I’ll also love it, but I’ve got to be super-excited about it. If I can’t reach that level of commitment and excitement, I think then there’d be somebody else better to do justice to the story.”

“You have to ask me in two-and-half years.”

So, there you have it. Raimi seems positive about it but he’s sure uncertain. Again, I personally don’t think he’ll be back for more but that could all change. He’s got too much else on his plate and it’ll be time to take Spider-Man in a new direction and for the studio, this will cut down on their waiting period between franchise installments.

What do you make of this and what would you like from Venom and Spider-Man 5 & 6.

Spider-Man 4 hits theaters May 6, 2011.

Source: MTV

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