Sam Raimi Controls Spider-Man 4 (Unlike Spider-Man 3)

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spider man strangled by venom Sam Raimi Controls Spider Man 4 (Unlike Spider Man 3)

Did you like Spider-Man 3? I didn’t. Sadly, many fans of the Spider-Man franchise were let down by the third installment of the series but don’t fret! We just may get a return to form with Spider-Man 4.

In an interview with Empire for this May’s issue, Raimi openly talked about some of the problems with Spider-Man 3 and confirmed some rumors we all heard about two summers ago when the movie was released.

“They really gave me a tremendous amount of control on the first two films, actually. But then there were different opinions on the third film and I didn’t really have creative control, so to speak.”

There were rumblings that Raimi wasn’t allowed to truly do his own story and that producers forced him to include the popular Venom character as one of the villains in the story. When asked about that, Raimi responded:

“I don’t even want to comment on Venom, because I know he’s a great character and all the fans love him. I never want to say anything bad about a much-beloved character because usually it turns out that I’m the one that doesn’t understand what makes it great.”

It seems that the image above is more meaningful than at first glace…

More questions were thrown at the director about the issues surrounding Spider-Man 3 and the at-the-time Marvel head honcho Avi Arad’s rumored insistence on Venom’s inclusion, but Raimi responded professionally and didn’t name names or play the blame game in his answers.

“The best way for me to move forward on films, I realize…and this was a lesson I had to learn for myself…is that I’ve gotta be the singular voice that makes the creative choices on the film.”

It sounds promising that the next movie will return to the quality we’ve come to expect from the first two films in the franchise. I’m glad that Raimi is back in the captain’s chair (for real this time) and that Tobey will be back as Peter Parker. We also know that Raimi really wants Kirsten Dunst back as Mary Jane but no deal has been made on that front as of yet.

spiderman morbius1 Sam Raimi Controls Spider Man 4 (Unlike Spider Man 3)As for the villains of the next Spidey film; we know Raimi has an interest in Morbius and they’ve spent quite a bit of effort in developing The Lizard. So, we could be seeing those two in the story. I like those choices as villains as they go hand in hand as a pairing in the Spider-Man comics and both have very similar origins.

I definitely prefer that pairing to the recently rumored (originating from a fan site) Electro and Carnage combo which I think would be a poor decision. They need to avoid Carnage if they want to keep the suspension of belief and have a more realistic (as realistic as it can be for a superhero flick) movie experience.

Or at least, save Carnage for the fifth film.

What do you think?

Spider-Man 4 is set to open in theaters May 6, 2011.

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  1. @sense

    I really doubt Spider-man will be making a cameo in the Avengers movie, Sony still own exclusive movie rights to the Spider-man franchise.

  2. sense,

    spiderman is owned by sony, avengers by marvel so i doubt there will be a crossover at least until the rights revert back to marvel.

  3. I say it’s a good thing anyway, Spiderman seems a bit “cartoony” in its nature compared to Iron Man or Incredible Hulk. Probably due to the costume. Plus the way Raimi has done SM he kept it closer to the comics rather than make a real-world adaptation like with Hulk and IM.

  4. I actually really like the idea of just starting over with Spidey. Get rid of everyone and start over. However if we are stuck with what we got I’m sorry, but I never want to see Kraven, Vulture or Scorpion in a film. Some of the worst villians in comics as far as I’m concerned.

    Oh and someone said Venom was fine. I would like to ask what they were smoking ? Venom was horrible in that movie. He was poorly written nothing like the character and had like 8 mins in the film.

  5. Venom was a very badly constructed and ill-used character for me in S3 but they did get his look/costume down well…

  6. I think the Lizard is the obvious choice. Dr Connors is more than Peter’s teacher, he’s become a friend. So, when he changes into this vicious beast, everyone wants to kill it, except Spiderman. Nobody can understand why he’s trying to protect what is a menace for the entire city. Nobody knows that Dr Connors said to Peter: “Please, don’t tell anybody…” That’s why the city calls someone else to do the job. And this other fellow doesn’t like Spidey’s interference… not one bit!

  7. I agree with the Lizard for sure… And I love the character of Morbius…. but if they put a vampire in this flick, so help me I will track Sam Raimi down myself, and Ash won’t be there to save him this time. I’m not a huge fan of any of the Spidey flicks to be honest. The effects are astounding, but they’ve never really captured the hero I’ve grown up loving. I’m not in the opinion that too many villans is a bad thing. Anything can work if done right. Just as in the comics, thwarting street level villans becoms a day job for Pete. Imagine if they opened the movie with an ill concieved heist involving the Rhino, Shocker, electro and the Vulture, only to be easily taken down by our favorite webslinger. That would not only appease some fans, but show how much stronger Spidey has become, and therefore how much more deadly his main enemies must be. Of course that would never happen, but a man can dream, can’t he.

    I still think that Mysterio would make a wicked main villian. Though physically inferior his mastery of illusion could make for some great city scale possibilities. I also really like Black Cat for the unavoidable Mary Jane love interest conflict.

    …or maybe they could bring in Mephisto and make a deal that the last flick never happened.

  8. Darren Seeley, why does Venom need to fight Carnage instead of Spiderman? Oh and why do some people here think 2 villains is too much?

  9. because when you only have one villian you have more time to focus on that villian and spiderman and also you dont have to take up more screen time w/ multiple origins, yes nolan was able to handle two villians in his batman films but raimi isnt nolan

  10. uh, it`s a little hard for me to become unable to picture 2 villains not being able to get enough time to get bomb against Spiderman. It depends on what the villains are, Morbius and Lizard might fit in a movie, but like, Morbius and Lizard? First of all, really not the greatest pairing , and second of all, would be a very strange pairing after the villains New Goblin, Sandman, and Venom in Spiderman 3. I think Scorpion would be perfect cuz Jameson always wants to make a creep out of Spiderman and Scorpion does not know really who Spiderman is so the plot wouldn`t be very complicated for the story.

  11. noland did it cause darknight ran for over 2 hours.. not that it was a bad but he had the drama and a good script to carry the long movie long especialy for superhearo movie

    aunt may dies.. clone saga that would be an epic movie you could have the jakal aka warren miles introduced as connors assistant or something the cloning theme would tie in with doc conners and him trying to use reptile dna to regrow body parts so i supose you could get the lizard in there but not spend as much time on him as they did on sand man in spidey3 just so there some spiderman action while warren miles makes some clones of peter then have the clones enter the story and have peter not sure if hes a clone or the original realy messing with his head while aunt may is hanging by a thread in hosp have a massive clone fight till jakal reveals whos the original then take out the jakal then aunt may dies towards the end and have the last scene have some way to show he might be the clone as a kinda not cliff hanger but a lil something for the movie watchers to think about after like when harry finds normans goblin room in spidey 2 at the end

  12. I think that Carnage should be in Spider-Man 4, because he hasn’t been in any movies nor games based on the movies. I’m not saying get rid of Morbius either. Maybe a possibility could be: Spider-Man fights Lizard and realizes its actually Conners. Then Fights Morbius later on(Kasedy becomes Carnage in between the two fights). Lizard Fights Spider-Man one final time. Spider-Man takes off his mask and Reveals to be Parker. Lizard runs off. After that Sand man tries to rob a bank again(after spider-man 3) and fights spider-man (apologizing after). In the final battle Morbius and Carnage team up and try to destroy Spider-Man. In the middle of the fight Carnage attempts to kill spider-man with his symbiote axe. Sand man appears and knocks carnage. I the fight carnage kills sand man and tries to kill spiderman again but is tackled by Lizard of a building(knowing spiderman is his friend parker) and near the end Morbius helps carnage and brutally injures lizard sacrificing himself in the process. Carnage then flees and is still alive for Spider-Man 5 to have Toxin.

  13. Note: I am not joking

  14. Note: I am not joking, I’m expressing my opinion.

  15. Is anyone in the next 7 months going to say they don`t want to see Morbius in a movie?

  16. woah when did sandman come into ure invision for the next movie lol it was like a random arpearance and they wont touch carnage with a tenfoot pole after the venom fiasco and they are ganna tackle one of the bigg epic sagas in the spidey commics cause they need to up the anti after the success of some other other comic book movies come out last 2 years

  17. ok, if they were alone in Spiderman 5 what would be the problem? they`re JUST powerful villains, why when you see them in the comics and you know off the top of your head you just leave them there? they only messed Venom up cuz of Sandman, that`s all. They`re just SYMBIOTES, why is it a bad idea to put them on screen?

  18. spidey 4 eh, why would you not think that sandman would come back after he apologized to Spiderman for killing his Uncle when he`s still out there in the city? And the people who say that the Sandman/Uncle Ben thing was crap act like such 5-year olds, really.

  19. how many spider-man movies will there be in all, huh.

  20. these are the villians that i think should be in spider-man 4:
    king pin
    symbiote sample taking control of lizered check shanlypictures with dr. love

    her’s the heros that i think should be in spider-man 4:
    new spider-man check shanlypictures dr. love
    black cat

  21. her’s the villians i think should be in a spider-man 5:
    king pin
    mobious vampire like in spider-man 3 video game
    shrek vampire like in spider-man 3 video game
    quenton beck
    symbiote sample taking control of mysterio check shanlypictures dr. love

    her’s the heros i think should be in a spider-man 5:
    new spider-man check shanlypictures dr. love
    black cat
    invisible woman from fantastic 4
    thing from fantastic 4
    the guy that can strech from fantastic 4
    human tourch from fantastic 4

  22. her’s the villians i think should be in a spider-man 6:
    king pin
    new hobgoblin
    symbiote sample taking over rino check shanlypictures dr. love
    kraven kroften the worlds mightyest hunter
    kardile the mad bomber like in spider-man 3 video game
    venom again
    the younger dr. octipus from comics
    the woman dr. octipus from comics

    her’s the heros that i think should be in a spider-man 6:
    new spider-man chck shanlypictures dr. love
    black cat
    guy that can strech from fantactic 4
    human tourch from fantastic 4
    invisible woman from fantastic 4
    thing from fantastic 4
    the incredible hulk
    iron man

  23. Most people seem to think that the characters and their conflicts are more important than the villians Spiderman will face. they think that that it what made the first two Spiderman movies great.

    I liked Spiderman 3, but the dancing doen the street scene was just wrong.

    As far as Venon goes – he was shoehorned into the film and didn;t seem to get the correct treatment. It seems that Raimi, as an original Spiderman fan didn’t know about or understand the allure of Venom. He should have held his ground and left Venom out of the movie. That way the character could have gotten the proper treatment in Spiderman 4. Whoever made him put him in messed up the potential the character had. It’s too bad.

  24. I don’t think Carnage or any other Symbiote should be in Spiderman 4, leave that for the Venom movie. I would like to see Morbius, and perhaps a Man-Spider storyline.

  25. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NO VENOM SPINOFF, SONY ARE YOU CRAZY, NEVER DO A VENOM SPINOFF, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. They could for the last movie bring venom back. not in SM5 but start it there, Mac Gargan also known as Scorpion can be introduced in 5 and at the end somehow tie in him getting the symbiote that Connors had after part 3. Or at least use Gargan in a venom spinoff….why not?? If its done right, no?

  27. I really appreciate what they done in spiderman 3, but some scene makes me turn suck’s when the webs of villain venom pop’s up and calling for the hero just likes “come on get me spiderman”! i think that was not suppose to be written in the last of any scene, it look’s like for kids only.. hope somebody understand me”. I want more movie from spidey but please don’t ruin my top of the line marvel hero!?thanks

  28. The third Spider_Man film is a bit like a web that’s been hanging in a dusty corner for years: it’s so weighted down with sticky bits and pieces of past detritus that it’s in danger of being ripped apart by the new prey.

  29. Spider man 3 is my favorite movie!