Sam Raimi Controls Spider-Man 4 (Unlike Spider-Man 3)

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spider man strangled by venom Sam Raimi Controls Spider Man 4 (Unlike Spider Man 3)

Did you like Spider-Man 3? I didn’t. Sadly, many fans of the Spider-Man franchise were let down by the third installment of the series but don’t fret! We just may get a return to form with Spider-Man 4.

In an interview with Empire for this May’s issue, Raimi openly talked about some of the problems with Spider-Man 3 and confirmed some rumors we all heard about two summers ago when the movie was released.

“They really gave me a tremendous amount of control on the first two films, actually. But then there were different opinions on the third film and I didn’t really have creative control, so to speak.”

There were rumblings that Raimi wasn’t allowed to truly do his own story and that producers forced him to include the popular Venom character as one of the villains in the story. When asked about that, Raimi responded:

“I don’t even want to comment on Venom, because I know he’s a great character and all the fans love him. I never want to say anything bad about a much-beloved character because usually it turns out that I’m the one that doesn’t understand what makes it great.”

It seems that the image above is more meaningful than at first glace…

More questions were thrown at the director about the issues surrounding Spider-Man 3 and the at-the-time Marvel head honcho Avi Arad’s rumored insistence on Venom’s inclusion, but Raimi responded professionally and didn’t name names or play the blame game in his answers.

“The best way for me to move forward on films, I realize…and this was a lesson I had to learn for myself…is that I’ve gotta be the singular voice that makes the creative choices on the film.”

It sounds promising that the next movie will return to the quality we’ve come to expect from the first two films in the franchise. I’m glad that Raimi is back in the captain’s chair (for real this time) and that Tobey will be back as Peter Parker. We also know that Raimi really wants Kirsten Dunst back as Mary Jane but no deal has been made on that front as of yet.

spiderman morbius1 Sam Raimi Controls Spider Man 4 (Unlike Spider Man 3)As for the villains of the next Spidey film; we know Raimi has an interest in Morbius and they’ve spent quite a bit of effort in developing The Lizard. So, we could be seeing those two in the story. I like those choices as villains as they go hand in hand as a pairing in the Spider-Man comics and both have very similar origins.

I definitely prefer that pairing to the recently rumored (originating from a fan site) Electro and Carnage combo which I think would be a poor decision. They need to avoid Carnage if they want to keep the suspension of belief and have a more realistic (as realistic as it can be for a superhero flick) movie experience.

Or at least, save Carnage for the fifth film.

What do you think?

Spider-Man 4 is set to open in theaters May 6, 2011.

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  1. See. I new from the beginning that something was up. I liked Spider-Man 3, but felt it lacked in build up and was rushed. When I left the theater, I new Sam wouldn’t have degraded a Spider-Man movie from something like ’2′ on purpose. Just about everyone gave up on the franchise after one that didn’t feel good with them? Jeez. Anyway it looks like NOW poeple are looking foward to the fourth. But I totally agree, the dance scenes where gut wrenching.

  2. If the Lizard is in it, they would need a second villain because he’s too mindless. I think Kraven would fit well. Raimi will probably use Morbius because of the horror angle. The first three movies used up most of Spidey’s top villains. The second tier is what’s left to choose from other than resurrecting a previously used one.

  3. I’m not really into the “comment” thing. But, if there’s a chance that it makes a difference: Please! no Morbius! We had enough vampires movies already!

  4. I want classic villains, like Raimi wanted in the beginning b4 he caved in.
    Vulture sounds great, as well as Kraven and the already set up Lizard. These are more “realistic”(at least as realistic as Spidey can get)villains an would make awesome eye candy.
    They use 2 out of these 3 and Spidey is gold again.

  5. The Scorpion!
    That can be a great villain for Spidey if you include Max Gargan’s origin as being a hired thug for Jameson plus the fact we can see real mano-a-mano, big time fights with Spidey & Scorpion. No flashy stuff, but more hard hitting!
    Something like a bare knuckle fight!

  6. I would like to see less Comic Book Superhero movies. It has become overkill and pretty boring. Unless your 13 or a 40 Year old virgin.

  7. I think Kraven & the Lizard would be natural fits. Connors has already been introduced so not as much exposition necessary on origins. Have Connors lose his lab, move to Florida and become Lizard after DNA retrovirus experiment gone wrong. Kraven reads about Lizard sighting on TV or on some Internet and decides he is the ultimate prey. Peter, getting a message from Ms. Connors goes to Florida. Spidey steps in to stop Kraven, gets in 3-way fight. Captures Lizard and goes to work as Petey to help Connors revert. KRaven changes prey to Spidey, decides he needs to power-up to compete and becomes a chimera of sorts using Connor’s DNA retrovirus tech. Spidey has ultimate smack-down with newly animalistic Kraven. For giggles you could have Shane Brolly from Underworld play Kraven – his character in Underworld has the same name.

  8. david,

    well as long as comic book films are making money hollywood will keep making them and to say that they are for 13 year old and 40 year old virgins is just plain ignorance.

  9. @David

    Well I’m neither and I love WELL DONE superhero movies. If that’s the way you see it you’re on the wrong website my friend. :-)


  10. @Dave

    Ditto to those above, I am neither and I like them as long as they’re well done.

  11. @ Luke Cage,

    Thanks for the comment and good observation! You should comment more often :)

    I totally agree on the vampire thing and I think that’s one of the reasons they want to include a vampire-themed plot or character – to pick up on the vampire fad.

  12. I could not get myself to watch any of the Spiderman franchise because I feel that it did itself an injustice when they didn’t get an natural redhead such as Alicia Witt and instead got Kirsten Dunst who looks better as a blonde. Kirten looks liked a bleached redhead. And in the original comic book Mary Jane is alot taller than Peter Parker. Go figure.

  13. dave jordon,

    thats just nitpicking

  14. Let’s get something straight. Venom was fine. Peter Parker strutting like an emo loser down the street….not so cool. And the acting was horrendous, the scenes were cheesy, and the storyline was terrible. Spiderman 2 wasn’t that great. Spiderman 1 was only good because it revitalized the superhero film, but if you look back…its not the best. They could seriously be re-done and done a lot better! Boot Raimi and the whole cast and reboot it!

  15. Sigh…

    I love that Raimi will have creative control since that means the movie can only benefit. That said…I still thought SM 3 was a great movie…and I’m not even a Venom fan. Could it have been better? Sure…but I’m sick of people downing it.

    I too would kinda like seeing SM integrated back into the Marvel fold, but I don’t think it would need to be a reboot. Raimi and crew have done an outstanding job and could shift over to Marvel pretty seamlessly, the audience would just have to adjust to some quirky changes (webshooters please?)

  16. I liked 1, loved 2 and thought 3 was abhorrent – mostly for the way it mucked with the origin story.

    He might do a better job on 4 than he did on 3, but the fact remains – I have seen Rami’s vision of Spiderman. I have seen it 2 1/2 times now. No matter how solid it is, Spiderman 4 will bring no surprises. I would much rather see what another director can do with the character.

  17. I just watched the action scenes in the latest Bond movie Quantium of Solice,and when he’s swinging about in a fight scene early on…with a villian…I thought,this is the way I’d like to see Spider Man go with the action…The first 3 movies have been very good,but was very cartoonie..and leaned towards the Superman style of making a superhero movie…now I would like to see more gritty action scenes and more of a cross between Bond and Iron Man films now!

  18. I`m not really understanding what some people are saying here, Venom`s design did not suck at all. He looked completely real. And Carnage I think we all know will not be in Spiderman 4, although he can`t make it rated R cuz that`s bad luck for a Spiderman movie. I think you guys are just saying he just goes off boiling the pan without any discretion.That`s all they have to do to make it not rated R, and to make him workout better, make him have some discretion. It`s kind of boring when you know a villain like Carnage can kill anyone among the sheets so easily, so maybe they can iron some design over that. I do agree that Carnage should be in the fifth movie along with Venom. Morbius is another villain that aren`t that real person when they are bad, and he won`t blow the scarf off your neck when you see him in theatres trust me. What do you love so much about the idea of superhero+supernatural

  19. Was it someone at the studio who made him
    put all the Kirsten Dunst singing scenes in

  20. I wish Marvel and their movie big shots would use thinking they employ in their original comic book products — if the product seems to be slowing down, give a re-dux.
    Replace Toby McGuire, enough of Kirsten Dunst. Be brave and give Spidey a new visual direction. The only thing I would be hesitant to change in the SM movie world is JJJ. He was perfect. Aside from that, everything can go, or just be re-made. With all do respect, Toby’s going to be a middle-aged man by the time spidey 4 comes out. Look to the Ultimate Spider Man series. The characters looked like they were real freshmen in HS and it worked beautifully.
    Sam, look into yourself and see if you can break out of your ‘box’.

  21. Um why all the love for Morbius? Spiderman has way more interesting villians than a vampire..I for one am done with vampires as characters for awhie…much better idea is a kraven/lizard story…the hunter..mutant lizard..or mysterio/lizard both can work for realism and excellent chracter set-up.

  22. Krieke. I may be the only person who really enjoyed Spiderman3. In fact, thought it was better than the other two. Didn’t have a problem with an emo Peter Parker. Dag, can’t a man cry about his woman and dead best friend? I’m just glad he didn’t have a dog that got hit by a car. Then I would have been crying too. But seriously, Raimi continues to up the ante with each movie, and if he pulled off SM3 with a bunch of producers tugging at both arms, I’m sure with his new found conviction, SM4 will be over the top.

  23. I too am one of the few out there who enjoyed Spiderman 3. In fact the only part that really bothered me wasn’t the number of villains, or the dance scenes, it was how Harry came back to save Spidey… wearing the same costume he had earlier. I figured Peter would have thrown it away before taking him to the hospital, and I thought it would be more fitting and poetic for him to fly in on his dad’s glider and costume (although maybe that one was thrown away too now that I think of it)

    Anyway, I don’t think the series needs a reboot after one mediocre film. I look foreward to seeing the lizard as long as the movie has a second villain with a true diobolicle plan to back each other up. One plays on the other.

  24. Spider-Man 3 sucked BECAUSE of Raimi, that’s the truth. Sure he didn’t want to use Venom, but those who blame all the problems the movie suffered one one character addition are idiots. Harry amnesia had nothing to do with Venom. Sandman’s weak arguement how it’s ok to commit crimes if your trying to help your sick daughter had nothing to do with Venom. The whole re-design of Harry as the New Goblin had nothing to do with Venom. Venom sucked, but it was the least of the problems in that movie. Pelvic thrusts, dance numbers, soap opera moments, etc.

  25. You know I watched lots of cartoons on TV with the symbiotes in them and they were awesome and i kept wondering what it would be like if the movies were like the cartoons.Sniffcode, it`s ok to cry when his close friend dies, but it`s not ok to cry the way he did when your girlfriend dumps you, like when you know you want somebody to love you that doesn`t love crying makes you look kind of feeble, i mean, she only did it cuz it was forced upon her by Harry, but why did druling tears have to be involved in that? Tobey i`m not blaming you i`m blaming Sam, but i still really don`t want him to quit, because it would make the replacement director feel kind of awkward to steal his job as the director of the most popular movie, so stop saying you want raimi out, and stop harrasing kirsten dunst, what superhero do you know the character lives without a girlfriend?

  26. oh yeah other reasons to keep raimi in is because he has done some awesome things, like killing those doctors in part 2 and blowing up those guys`s bones in part 1, also Venom only got 15 minutes because of the obvious reasons manual that may be why you thought Venom sucked stop blaming everything on Raimi.

  27. SM3 didn’t work because:
    firstly too many villains,,
    and secondly it had too much of Tobey’s face, i hate it when he was wearing the suit without the mask, he looks so unfit and uncoordinated,

  28. @bruce wayne

    I completely agree, I hate it when we always see Tobey’s face when in costume. I think it might be for more screen time since both 1 and 3 had more Spidey scenes, while 2 lacked some therefore he kept his mask intact.

    But whatever, keep the mask on or at least when they destroy it, dont make it look like he’s wearing underwear on his head. (I’m talking to you SM3)

  29. Spiderman 3 sucked, All that Peter Parker crying scenes, The dance number, Venom sucking with Topher Grace sucking inside of Venom and all the shameless self promotion. So I’m glad things might get back on track AND DON’T BE SURPRISED TO SEE SPIDERMAN MAKE A CAMEO IN THE AVENGERS MOVIE. SOMETHING TELLS ME THAT MIGHT HAPPEN.