Rumor Patrol: Sam Mendes to Direct James Bond 24 AND 25

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sam mendes director james bond 24 Rumor Patrol: Sam Mendes to Direct James Bond 24 AND 25

General speculation about who is going to direct the 24th James Bond movie – the next installment after the critically-acclaimed Skyfall (which commemorated the super-spy franchise’s 50th anniversary with a “present” in the form of a billion-dollar worldwide gross) – heated up this week, thanks to the release of a shortlist of A-list auteurs and Oscar-winning filmmakers who have (at some time in the recent months) been considered and/or approached to take the job.

However, the conversation (very) quickly shifted gear, thanks to the report that Skyfall director Sam Mendes – who previously announced that he will not direct the 24th Bond flick – has entered talks to helm the project. Those negotiations, by most accounts, are either on-course to result in a deal, or already complete and just awaiting the official confirmation from Eon Productions and Sony executives.

Today, we turn out attention to a NEW rumor – courtesy of Showbiz 411 – that says that Mendes is gearing up to direct both James Bond 24 (not the official title, obviously) and then the 25th on-screen adventure featuring 007, thereafter.

The Bond franchise producers are reported to be putting the final touches on a deal that ensures Daniel Craig will portray Mr. Bond at least two more times – with Skyfall co-screenwriter John Logan lined up to handle script duties for both films – so, it would be logical for them to go ahead and make sure Mendes is, likewise, set for the long haul (to keeping the winning team intact). While it would be a massive time commitment (upwards of 4-6 years), Mendes has indicated that he enjoyed the experience of making Skyfall enough to repeat it. (… Two more times?)

skyfall trailer Rumor Patrol: Sam Mendes to Direct James Bond 24 AND 25

Mendes is expected to work on a couple of theatrical productions – while serving as an executive producer on the Penny Dreadful TV series that he and Logan are developing – before he turns his attention to the next Bond film.; however, after that, Mendes’ schedule is wide-open (meaning, Bond 25 can fill that available slot).

It’s certainly feasible that Mendes could end up joining John Glen, Lewis Gilbert, Guy Hamilton and Terence Young on the list of directors who’ve made 3 (or more) Bond features. Nonetheless, if that does happen, there’s little reason to think that the Bond producers and Mendes will attempt to release James Bond 24 and 25 one year apart (like what Universal is doing by releasing Fast & Furious 6 this year, followed by Fast & Furious 7 in 2014).

As for whether or not Mendes should helm the next two Bond movies: Skyfall, for our money, is an imperfect but still quite enjoyable 007 installment - with a more pronounced artistic flavor than usual – so having Mendes direct the followup doesn’t sound at all like a bad idea. Problem is, this iconic super-spy franchise – like the Mission: Impossible series – tends to benefit from bringing in new blood to keep the Bond formula from becoming too stale (or descending into self-parody); that won’t happen for a while if Mendes sticks around, for better or for worse.


What do you think about the idea of Sam Mendes directing James Bond 24 AND James Bond 25? Let us know in the comments section; meanwhile, we’ll keep you updated on the situation as more information becomes available.

Source: Showbiz 411

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  1. Even though I didn’t like Skyfall as much as others did, I think that it’d be great if Mendes directed Bond 24 and 25.

  2. I’m more than cool with that.

  3. I can live with that. If this is true, Daniel Craig will be bursting with excitement. He loves Sam, and Daniel is the reason Sam was put in charge of “Skyfall” to begin with

  4. I’d be cool with Mendes directing a trilogy.

  5. Excellent. And Nolan for Bond 26?

    • If Craig is truly done after 25, bring in Nolan

      • Nolan directing Idris Elba would be epic.

        • YES!

          And before anyone says “That can’t happen because James Bond is white!”…

          James Bond is not a constant string of continuity. That’s why it works. Bond is also not a code name, only one person can do what he does (and no one fills the 007 spot, everyone gets a new number).

          • Have you ever read the “Multiple Bond” theory?

            I thnk it’s fantastic and works really well.

            For instance, the George Lazenby Bond retired due to depression over his wife’s murder, the Timothy Dalton Bond was considered a disgrace and too dangerous for MI5 and was replaced by the Pierce Brosnan Bond.

            There’s one for every actor and makes a ton of sense and even if it isn’t explored in the movies, could still explain the different actors, nationalities and even skin colours if Elba does take the role.

            • The Roger Moore Bond visited Tracy’s grave.

              The Pierce Brosnan Bond is well aware of the jetpack from “Thunderball”.

              They tried to make it all one big continuity, but it failed. It’s better off as “Here is another version of this character, but he’s still James Bond”.

              As in the whole 00 status thing, MI6 does not just replace a dead agent with a new guy in the status of 007. Bond explains in “Goldfinger” that if he was killed, they would send 008 to finish the job. There are several 00′s, 006 even being the villain of “GoldenEye”. It’s an organization that doesn’t play favorites and that’s why when one agent dies, that’s it.

              • i love your conversation i swear……mendes is perfect and Martin Campbell did a great job in casino royale…. i have no probleme with this two…. we have to wait thats all

        • Idris Elba would be too old by then. He is nearly out of the frame now imo and Daniel Craig still has more Bonds left in him.

  6. Great news, would like to see him direct a trilogy. I’m not a huge Bond fan but really enjoyed Skyfall.

  7. That would be awesome. This way, Craig can finish up his run as Bond with Mendes as director, and then Nolan can do Bond 26 with a new actor!

    I just hope this rumor turns out to be true. The constant rumors of “will he won’t he” is getting on my nerves.

    • That should line up right? Bond 25 will be 2015, 26 will be 2017. Nolan does intersteller next year then his next will be 2016 or 17

    • Here’s hoping that ‘new’ actor is Michael Fassbender :)

  8. Looks like I’m gonna be in the minority for not liking this. I liked Skyfall, but I also like different directors taking on Bond. Him doing the next two kinda makes me feel like we’re going to get more of the same – and it was great the first time round, but I don’t particularly need to see two more Skyfall-like films. Although if he does do this, I’ll wait and see what the story details are before deciding it’s not going to innovate or be different.

    • Martin Campbell did “GoldenEye” and “Casino Royale”

      • Truth sauce, but they were also released over a decade apart. Needless to say, it’s apparent that styles change over the years.
        With Mendes directing sequential Bond films, we may indeed get some of the same material repeatedly

        • But there’s also continuity remaining the same with a director taking the reigns for several movies in a row.

          • @ACW yeah, but as zankos said, different times and different styles. I have no problem with Mendes or other successful directors revisiting the series here and there, especially if they’re successful (I’d look forward to another Martin Campbell Bond movie actually).

            @Dazz, true, continuity might be nice, although it’s not like Mendes really set up anything to continue per se. If we’re talking continuity, they should’ve left Martin Campbell to do Quantum of Solace and another movie after that, because I actually really liked the Quantum storyline, and it’s a shame that QoS didn’t really go anywhere and they dropped it for Skyfall.

            • The end of Quantum of Solace set up the whole who gave the necklace mystery and then it was forgotten in Skyfall. I presumed they were setting up the whole new SPECTRE thing for a modern age but Skyfall was about a disgruntled former employee. I just hope they go back to it at some point.

              • They could still bring Quantum back. The set up Spectre in DN and FRWL, skipped it with GF, and then returned to it with TB in the Connery era, ther’s no reason they couldn’t do it again

  9. I know I’m in the minority here but as much as I liked Skyfall, I didn’t think it was as good as the rest of Britain seems to think. It also suffered from having a terrible opening theme song (the only one I’ve liked since Goldeneye was “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell for Casino Royale).

    Then again, I also liked Quantam Of Solace and not many others did for some reason. I have no clue why though because the only problem I had was Dominic Green as the main villain.

    • +1

      “Skyfall” isn’t the greatest, but it is very well respected among many people, Bond fans and general people alike.

      “Quantum of Solace” is not the worst thing that has ever happened to Bond. I consider it average amongst everything else. It’s that dividing line between good and bad Bond films. Some people enjoy it, some people don’t. If I catch it on TV, heck yeah I’ll watch it. Sure, it doesn’t have the same quality as “Casino Royale”, but I do enjoy QOS as a whole.

    • @ Dazz
      I’m kind of in the same boat. I liked Skyfall but that’s about it.
      I’ll admit though that a small part of my feelings about it were due to expectations. By the time I saw it I had heard for weeks how amazing it was and there was really no way the movie could live up to the hype.
      So again I liked it but it falls in between MI:GP (great) and Jack Reacher (OK) on my recent action movie scale.

    • I agree. QoS was by no means a terrible film. I was pretty entertained by it too. It’s a shame that Dominic Green was a terrible villain, but the subplots were kinda nice in a real-world way (hoarding water as opposed to… blowing up nations?) and they laid a nice foundation for a big shadowy organisation. Pity they ditched the story.

      And oh yeah, Skyfall isn’t a very good song. I mean, it *sounds* great because Adele sings it, but the lyrics are totally uninspired and lame. You Know My Name was much, much better.

  10. John Logan, it’s fair to speculate, is writing two scripts with a continuing storyline; Bond 24 and 25 could be filmed back-to-back and presented one year apart. For this, a single director would be imperative.

    Should this director be Sam Mendes? He has described the “Bond experience” as highly collaborative, wherein he served virtually as a cog in the wheel as opposed to sitting in his wheelhouse, particularly during post-production. This is no doubt true of every Bond director since GOLDFINGER.

    And to settle the issue of the “worst Bond film”…who ever mentions any of the seven films featuring Roger Moore in the role of 007? Each one during that era should be re-made, if only to do justice to creator Ian Fleming.

    • Funnily enough, most of the people I’ve known throughout life have stated the Roger Moore movies as their favourites.

      I agree with you but then again, I also think the Dalton, Lazenby and Connery movies should be remade while the Brosnan movies after Goldeneye should be completely ignored and forgotten.

    • Also see Roger Moore as my favorite Bond. His humor and language are unique.

  11. I loved Skyfall and it would be great to see Mendes on the director’s chair for 24 and 25, but I was hoping someone else to do it. Ang Lee is the perfect choice, I feel. Also, here is a suggestion – Justin Lin. I know it might sound crazy, but I started enjoying Fast and Furious because of his movies. He managed to do the impossible!

  12. I vote Mendes adn later on Nolan along with Elba

  13. Skyfall was great, and for a franchise that took 4 years off, was almost bankrupt, then not bankrupt, then almost bankrupt again; $1 billion worldwide will bring any director back to make more movies. If you’re a fan of the original books by Fleming, then you probably appreciated Skyfall more than just the average movie fan who loves what Bond movies bring as entertainment. In that vein, moviegoers can probably reasonably expect a Bond that is more from the books, as that is what Craig has been presenting. Bond is brooding, often depressed, drinking and smoking way too much, etc. He’s also British to the core, and Skyfall did a great job of representing that. Hopefully Mendes can maintain the fresh perspective he gave Skyfall through two more films whilst still staying true to the original stories. But Skyfall was a great Bond film and just great film, period.

  14. Mendes and Craig trilogy then move on…

  15. I absolutely loved skyfall (hated craig before that and most of the bond movies past the Moore era, A view To a kill started the downfall of bond and bond producers shifting almost returning with goldeneye wich had a watered down barry like score). I thought skyfalls only shortcoming was not having the John Barry Score in full right off the bat. They need to simply put the score completely and fully back into the bond franchise.

    Most movie franchises especialy sequel based tank when they drop music or actors (terminator franchise is an example and Superman movies, returns was god awfull without the williams theme, superman collapsed partialy because williams left after 2 as scorer), star trek franchise is another example (star trek 4 being the last decent movie with First Contact being the only decent alternative scored next generation film).

    Skyfall was terrific because 45 min in or so the barry score started blaring back and because it returned bond to the Connery and Moore bond.

  16. That would be great ONLY if Roger Deakins returned.

    IMO Mr. Deakins is the reason the movie was so good.

  17. I think this rumor needs to be taken in context; Sony and EON likely want Sam Mendes to sign on for the next two Bond films and are probably trying to convince him to do so, but I seriously doubt that he will, he’ll sign on for the next one (with a likely late 2016 release) but definitely not another one after that! I’m not saying Mendes woun’t direct a third consecutive Bond film necessarily, he just won’t sign up for it four or five years in advance… and neither would I if I was Mendes, it severely limits what you can do with your life in a professional capacity, owing to the sheer scale and amount of both time and effort it takes to make a single Bond film, Mendes is not going to box himself in to that degree!

    I’m thrilled that Mendes is coming back for the next one, he hit it out of the park with the sublime ‘Skyfall’ so let’s just concentrate on the next Bond film shall we? One at a time people…

  18. I thought Skyfall was stylish and cool. I liked the scope. I have no problems with Mendes doing another one. Just need that script to be tighter. I would also like a little more humor. Bond has been so sullen and dark that I don’t enjoy it like I use to. Adding Moneypenny was a big plus, though, and really want to see her return.

  19. I’m in no hurry for another Bond film so I hope they mind the lessons of ‘Skyfall’ and take their time in developing and producing the next two. Perhaps they can do even better…

  20. I’m ok with the same leading actor and director. I definitely don’t want to see a new Bond yet. I figure it will eventually happen, but not ready or willing to have it happen yet. I like Daniel Craig as James Bond and I have seen all 3 movies with him as Bond. I feel he does a great job. So I am glad to hear he will be back for at least 2 more. :-)

  21. Awesome and captivating news ,as seems from above enagaging comments! Yeah ,glad that SAM MENDES will helm BOND 24 N 25 in all probabilities,which is fair enough to maintain the winning team ofdirector,actor,writer and all involved talents for being vitorius and offcourse the box office pull and reign. Definitely looking forward to and hope the rumor takes shape into activity and we see bond 24 n 25 soon …All the best to team bond n SONY,EON PICS,DAN AND SAM…

  22. Now we come so far I got to stick with Craig but damn still mourning cavill: would have been perfect for casino royale

  23. maybe they could use Kiefer Sutherland in a future James Bond movie…just a thought

  24. Cr-egg is the worst Bond ever and Broccoli is obsessed with him. Mendes’s Sky-Awful was dreadful and the reinterpretation of Moneypenny and Q was a joke. Throw out more money watching this lemon ruin the franchise.