Sam Jackson To Return As Nick Fury – Over & Over Again

Published 6 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 7:23 am,

samfury Sam Jackson To Return As Nick Fury   Over & Over AgainThe last we heard, due to salary negotiation problems, Samuel L. Jackson was no longer going to be playing Nick Fury in movies based on the Marvel Comics universe. His next appearance was to be in Iron Man 2, where he was supposed to have more of a significant role than his brief after-credits cameo in the first film.

Although I don’t consider him irreplaceable, I do like the idea of Jackson as Fury, based on the Marvel “Ultimates” version of the character. Some people are up in arms that Fury isn’t being portrayed as the classic version of the character going back 40 years, but to me he’s a supporting character in the films so it doesn’t bother me.

Anyway, I guess that he and Marvel must have come to a very nice agreement indeed, because Sam Jackson has signed a NINE picture deal with Marvel Studios!

According to The Hollywood Reporter the films include Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers and any sequels related to these films. There is also the possibility of a spin-off S.H.I.E.L.D. movie as well.

There’s no word on amount (not that it’s really any of our business) nor the exact movie titles, but nine movies indicates big plans by Marvel as far as both number of films and plans to run a common thread through all of them.

To me this is the first positive news about Iron Man 2 that I’ve heard in a while.

Source: THR

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  1. YES!!! I read this, and was waiting for you to confirm it lol WOW 9 movies!?!!?!? Me likey :)

  2. Good news. Now we’re getting somewhere.


  4. I was getting worried for Iron Man 2 for a while. This was good to hear.

    Thanks Vic!


  5. I wonder if any of his latest bombs helped him make a decision. I wonder if this is a package deal or for revenue deal.

  6. I’m REALLY, REALLY happy about this!


  7. However I will say that I am glad it is making a lot of others happy..

  8. Well, I will admit that the notion to have a black actor for Nick Fury initially surprised me, but the way Samuel L. Jackson can play the part is perfect. In the end, the attitude is more important than the race with this character.

  9. I hope He doesnt get paid even if the movies are not made.
    is it pay or play?
    I guess we will never know .

  10. honestly, nick fury has alot of of interaction with many of marvel’s characters. i think we might even see nick fury (not sam jackson in the new wolverine movie, since he and wolverine go way back to ww2. Obviously there is a relation to captain america since it was fury (and his HOWLING COMMANDOS) who fought along side cap and wolverine during ww2. having said that, (even though i know this is an iron man post base) i think we might even see cap in this upcoming wolverine movie.

  11. @Quicksilver

    I would think Marvel would be very upset if Nick Fury was used in Wolverine. Like “go get our lawyers” unhappy.

  12. Quicksilver,
    you can also count on Cap NOT being in the Wolverine film.
    He is set for his own movie debut down the road.

  13. Cool, I like Sammy Jackson. I don’t really know anything about the character he’s playing so it doesn’t matter to me any who was chosen. I like to watch his movies though.

  14. funny if he ran back to marvel Begg’in cuz reliZed how big the movies could be.
    Also i perfer the Scruffy angry judgmental Fury(White).
    then sleek cool Strong stare Fury(Black).
    tho im not being racist, just reading the original and Ultimates comics
    i liked the Angry Aged Fury.
    so i but i do belive jackson should do good he already looks the part(that being said “obviously because the artists based the nick furry character off of Jacksons Likelyness)
    either way this Pleases me.
    i just think its clashing the original versions of the comics with the Ultimates universe.
    cuz huge ordials take place in both that could not coencide withe the original stories.

  15. Likely all that means is that he’ll have tiny walk on parts in other Marvel movies and possibly a larger role in a couple of them.

  16. I can deal with terrance howard not being rhodey, but i cant see anyone else being nick fury now. So im pretty happy about this news!

  17. This has just been an awesome news day. First WB finally craps instead of abandoning the pot, and now Sam’s back in as Fury. All is well with the world. I will dream sweet dreams of bashing Dr. Doom’s faceplate in while shutting down Lex Luthor’s nega-bomb. Because I save both universes at once. I love my subconscious.

  18. Fox doesn’t have rights to any Marvel characters but the x-men related ones.

  19. I forgot about Daredevil, Elektra, and Ghost Rider, sorry.

  20. Wow, what a curve ball. I’m not particularly attached to Sam Jackson being in IM2 or not, but I think it’s a good idea to have him back since we already saw him at the end of IM. Might as well keep it consistent given that Rhodey would have magically changed. Hopefully Gwyneth will come back too, the more of the original cast the better.

  21. i am so glad this issue can be put to rest

    i am glad jackson is in and to stay for all sequels…. i like him and see no reason why not have him

  22. I for one am not happy… mostly cuz I have to hear my bf complain about it. He says (and I have to agree) that Sam Jackson can only play one role: angry black man.

    I guess we’ll see how it turns out.

  23. @Evie

    True, but he plays it so well, you have to admit.

  24. Trash news!
    Why-Oh-Why did Marvel do Cappaccino? Why did Marvel go with the Ultimates version? What pull does Mark Millar have?
    Still, I agree with Evie, so far Jackson’s now only plays that Angry Black Man character than the diversed roles he used to play. Key words “used to”, even Chappelle made fun of it, remember? “Why can’t I stop screaming?”
    Richard Roundtree for Nick Fury! Shaft ain’t doing nothing lately!

  25. @Joshi: Yeah well I guess practice makes perfect ;o)

    @SK47 YES! I think that would be a great idea. He’d look fantastic with the gray on the sides and everything.

  26. Why he gotta be white??!!! See, that’s what’s wrong with this country!! It’s the capitalistic and imperialistic attitude that’s holding back the black man!! We didn’t land on Plymout Rock, Plymouth Rock landed….

    Oh, WOW, I just had a psycho trip back to the Black Panther days; even though I was like 5 years old. :-)

    This is good news. Even if you don’t like SLJ, he does make a good Nick Fury.

  27. OMG Richard Roundtree is WHITE??? Geez, he’s better than RDJ ;)

  28. I personally have mixed feelings about this. I kinda want to give sammy a chance to do better than S.O.A.P. but I dont want these nine movies to be real cliche sammy. My fingers are crossed.