Ryan Reynolds Snags Green Lantern

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We told you to check back regularly for this news to drop, and now it’s dropping!

Variety is reporting that actor Ryan Reynolds has been cast as The Green Lantern in Warner Bros.’ upcoming live-action adaption of the DC comics superhero. This announcement comes on the heels of earlier news that DC/Warner Bros. had narrowed the long search for their Green Lantern down to three finalists.

Reynolds has been a fast-rising star: his performance as Wade Wilson/Deadpool in this Summer’s Wolverine led Fox to create a spinoff film for the character. His most recent flick, the rom-com The Proposal with Sandra Bullock just passed $100 million and the actor has another film on the way, a psychological thriller called Buried, which is already generating mild buzz.

For all these reasons – and the fact that Reynolds has proven (keyword) he’s a pretty good leading man with a variety of range – he obviously deserves the role, and, in my early uninformed opinion, will handle it well. Congrats to him.

The Green Lantern casting has been a long, semi-entertaining drama but I’m glad I can now say that the film will be directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), with a script by Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim and will star Ryan Reynolds in the titular role of Green Lantern/Hal Jordan!

green lantern hal jordan Ryan Reynolds Snags Green Lantern

I am Ryan Reynolds.

Phew. Over and done with. Now all I gotta do is let you know every timeĀ  they add another cast member, shoot a scene, shoot a photo of a scene, cut a trailer, premiere a trailer…yadda, yadda, yadda. At least this part got figured out.

The Green Lantern is slated for release on June 17, 2011. Filming is set to start this Fall.

Here’s an early “look” at Reynolds in a GL costume, courtesy of Screen Rant writer Mike Wilkerson:

screenrant scoop green lant Ryan Reynolds Snags Green Lantern

Source: Variety

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  1. Heh…

    Maybe that’s why the Timberlake rumors got out to begin with, guys… so that they’d make their pick, people would be like…

    “Thank god it’s not Timberlake! Thank god it’s not Timberlake!”

    Brilliant move, WB! At least the pick WAS somebody that we could probably appreciate in the role. And despite him also being in the Deadpool movie, he’ll be wearing a full mask there most of the time, probably. This should be fine.

  2. This is a solid choice for Hal Jordan. Ryan Reynolds, IMO, is a pretty versatile guy and I think he’ll do a fine job. I’m wondering if the execs heard all the hatred for Timberpuke coming out of the web and decided he would do more harm than good. THANK GOD NO JUSTIN TIMBERPUKE!!!

    I can now look forward to the movie!

  3. Good choice but what happens when green lantern meets deadpool? Fox won’t like that.

  4. Betcha this kills the stupid Deadpool project

  5. Should have gone with Nathan Fillion.

  6. Seems like a very odd choice to me, not to mention out of the blue after the months of rumors. I just hope he can downplay the snarky humor part of his personality for this.


  7. Really bad choice if you ask me. I’m a fan of Reynolds I really like the guy and the majority of his work, but I just think he is a bad choice for the role. It’s not as bad as the Thor Casting, but still pretty bad. There were a lot of people more fitting for the role this seems sort of out of left field a bit as well.

  8. @Vic… Yes, the temptation to let Reynolds dip into his comedic one-liners is something that could kill this movie. As funny as they were in Wolverine and a blessed distraction from all that was bad in Blade: Trinity, I think they would be horribly misplaced in a Green Lantern film. This will be an important test of his true star potential, not just in ticket sales, but whether he can be disciplined enough to truly become the character as it needs to be versus being “Ryan Reynolds” in a just another role. I think he has the potential to do this, so I’m guardedly approving of this casting choice.

  9. YES!! Absolutely perfect, he was one of my casting choices, I just didn’t think he’d get the part because of Deadpool. I am SO thrilled that he got this. I can totally see him being the Hal in the script I read for this. Just as long as they don’t make it too “funny” in the rewrites I am cool with it. He definitely has the look and acting ability, I am SO happy we got an announcement on this finally!!!

  10. He’s gonna do great. :-) Long as he’s not too funny (I don’t think he will be, Hal wasn’t in the script) he’ll be great.

  11. YES!!!!!!!!!! Not only will this movie rock, but it’s gonna be hilarious. I’m pumped

  12. Reynolds is perfect for GL, I just hope the script is solid. DC needs to take a page from the Ironman success and make a film like that.

  13. Wow I hope Green Lantern isn’t like Ironman Lantern shouldn’t have that high of an amount of humor. I mean some yes, but not that much. Ironman was almost more of a comedy.

  14. Well,can’t wait to see him play two guys at different ends of the spectrum. Although I always pictured him as the reckless Wally West or the mouthy, sarcastic, schizophrenic, insane, do anything for money DEADPOOL.

  15. Seems an adequate choice to me. I wonder if this makes him the first actor to play both a Marvel character and a DC character?

  16. I am so disapointed. I am a HUGE Deadpool fan and this in my opinion is a horrible casting choice. I know that this will end up with Deadpool getting pushed out of the way for Green Lantern. 2 film continuities (Blade films, espicially since Blade is continuing)? I was hoping for JT or Bradley Cooper. I like Reynolds is a great actor, but this is bad news for Deadpool.

  17. I am so disapointed. I am a HUGE Deadpool fan and this in my opinion is a horrible casting choice. I know that this will end up with Deadpool getting pushed out of the way for Green Lantern. 3film continuities (Blade films, espicially since Blade is continuing)? I was hoping for JT or Bradley Cooper. I like Reynolds is a great actor, but this is bad news for Deadpool.

  18. How in the name of all that is good and right, can ANYONE have hoped for Justine Timberpuke in this role?

  19. Yeah, casting an actor so known for his comedic spin in dramatic films worries me. I think Reynolds is a perfect fit for Deadpool and The Flash, but this worries me a bit. Hal Jordan was not known for having a quirky sense of humor.


  20. He’s not the first. There are 2 others I believe.

  21. “ITS A FIRST”

    It may be a first for Reynolds, but its not the first time an actor played a character from DC and Marvel(coughHalle Berrycough).

  22. @ Vic

    You don’t think good comedic chops are going to be required for scenes where Hal Jordan is learning (and failing) to conjure things with his ring?

    I expect for this film we are going to get a kind of Hal Jordan/Kyle Ryner(sp?) mix.

  23. @Kofi

    Oh, sure – I just don’t want a “goofy” approach to this film. I’d actually prefer it if they played it straighter than they did with Iron Man.


  24. Reynolds was great in Smokin’ Aces! Why do people keep mentioning Amityville as his only non-comedic performance?? He can do this! I have to believe he can do this! I don’t want Green Lantern to suck, and that script that I’ve read leads me to think sucking is exactly what it’s going to do!

  25. I hope It doesnt mean the script takes a “goofy” approach to its humor.
    it will be intersting if we soon see an announcemnent of a rewrite of the script.
    NOT criticizing just speculating.
    I still think Reynolds looks like the classic 60s version of Hal Jordan.

  26. The first draft of the script is easily available online. It has some REALLY bad humor, and is actually worse than the Kevin Smith Superman Lives script. It’s that bad. I hope they hire a real writer to fix it. But, that hasn’t happened. Marc Guggenheim (wrote one movie: X-Men Origins: Wolverine) still being the writer scares me almost as much as if they’d hired Zak Penn.