Ryan Reynolds Confirmed For ‘Highlander’ Reboot

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Ryan Reynolds MacLeod Highlander Ryan Reynolds Confirmed For Highlander Reboot

After seemingly landing a pair of key roles in potential franchises as Wade Wilson/Deadpool for Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men series and as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern for the “next big thing” for DC Entertainment and Warner Bros., star Ryan Reynolds seemingly has his comic book roles on the back burner.

The star of this year’s Safe House and next year’s R.I.P.D. has also landed what may be another long-term franchise role as the next Highlander, to be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later).

We first heard of the possibility of Reynolds becoming the next member of the Clan MacLeod back in March when the Canadian actor emerged the front-runner for the coveted role. The “confirmation” comes from The Tracking Board who claim that negotiations are complete and that Reynolds has officially secured the gig.

Christopher Lambert famously starred in the original cult hit Highlander and its two sequels, before passing the torch to TV star Adrian Paul for the six-season Highlander TV series following the character of Duncan MacLeod and its unsuccessful spin-off Highlander: The Raven with Amanda Darieux. Lambert and Paul joined forces, officially merging the continuities of their characters and stories for Highlander: Endgame, before the franchise sizzled away after Paul and his TV co-stars returned for one last go with Highlander: The Source.

Adrian Paul Christopher Lambert Highlander Endgame 570x322 Ryan Reynolds Confirmed For Highlander Reboot

Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul in Highlander: Endgame

With the Lionsgate-Summit Entertainment merger promising a larger focus on franchising key brands, producers Neal Moritz – who’s working with Reynolds on R.I.P.D. and did so with The Change-Up and Peter Davis – the man behind all of the Highlander projects, aim to make Highlander and its story about sword-wielding immortals a mainstream hit with Reynolds as their leading man.

For fans of Reynolds’ other work, we wonder what this means for any potential of him suiting up soon for that other buzzed about project with a hard-to-kill sword-swinging protagonist: Deadpool. And more importantly, are we going to see Reynolds sport long locks like his predecessor? Is he going to rock a fake Scottish accent in flashbacks as part of the Clan MacLeod?

We can at least say Highlander has a director and leading man who can both deliver action. The question is if they can deliver a story and a character we’re willing to care about for years to come.

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Source: The Tracking Board

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  1. I like Reynolds (in fact, I hope he returns as Hal Jordan in GL2/JLA), so I have only question: Can he sport a convincing Scottish accent? Remember that Christopher Lambert was not actually Scottish either (oddly, the only REAL Scot played the Egyptian-Spanish “peacock”). I loved/love the original film and the T.V. series, so for the moment, I will remain CAUTIOUSLY hopeful.

    • …sigh.

      That should be: “I have only ONE question”.

      • And yet even there can be only ONE question. (hehe) I agree with you here though for sure. Hopefully it’s a fun movie.

      • There can be only one!

      • Its amazing but I didn’t even see the mistake and my brain subliminally inserted the word “one” all by itself.

  2. Seriously Ryan Reynolds as The Highlander?

    He was brilliant in Buried and was good in Safe House.

    Still I don’t think he can pull it off and this reboot might be the worst idea.

    R rating, good script and a great director could only save this reboot.

    • @nawtnt

      I agree with a good script and director, but I cannot see how a rating can “save” a movie…

  3. I love Reynolds, and i love Christopher Lambert, and as much as it pains me to see ANYONE try and replace Lambert as Highlander (For there can be only one) i love Reynolds enough to let him give it his all.

    I want this to be good guys, don’t screw this up.

  4. I like Reynolds, but how can you even attempt to make a new Highlander flick without Sean Connery, the Fabulous Freebirds, and a theme song from Queen?!?!?!?!

  5. I’m going to be crazy pissed if we get Reynolds in a Highlander reboot before we see Deadpool.

    • I have never understood why there is such a fanboy crowd for Ryan Reynolds. His acting is below average to average at best. But the only role I think he’s perfect for is Deadpool. Other than that, eh. For Highlander, I would have much rather had Kevin McKidd that played Lucius Vorenus in “Rome” (so we already know he knows how to wield a sword, plus he’s actually Scottish…), or if not McKidd, then Gerard Butler who is also Scottish…

      • I agree. Kevin McKidd would be the perfect choice or the role. He’s a great actor and it would be nice to have someone who can do a Scottish accent during the flashback scenes.

    • As sad as it is, I didn’t believe seriously that they make a Deadpool movie within the next 10 years, if ever.

      It’s always the same with this expensive R rating flicks. They’re mostly to risky for the sudios.

      • @Aliens

        Well, sorry to say, but they can easily take out the curse words and make a PG-13 Deadpool movie with all of the same violence and all of the same smart-ass comments. But I know all of the “mature” people who NEED to hear the f-bomb dropped every 3 seconds would cry and whine about it… But let them cry…

        • That sounds like a true jaded, bend over and take it kind of perspective. Deadpool doesnt have to be a F Bomb filled, R rated flick. But if you are going to do it right, it should have an R rating, so the content can actually shine without the limitations of a PG-13 film. ratings can definitely effect the style of a movie. Would I like to hear F Bombs? Yes. But it doesnt have to be laced and full of them.

          And so what fanboys cry about the way the movie is being developed. I say all the time fanboys make things difficult alot for screenwriters and filmmakers. But if you are a fan of the source material, you plan on buying the ticket or DVD to see it, why not complain if they are mishandling it. The biggest problem with comic books now is that they are hot and now they wanna crack the 200 million dollar box office return, and yet they ruin certain character presentation. Just look at Wolverine.

          • @Liquid

            The rating didn’t ruin Wolverine. Poor writing ruined Wolverine…

            The issue here is that when it comes to a risky venture like a movie about a comic book character that isn’t mainstream like Batman is, they want to limit their risks as much as they can. It’s called an investment, you don’t set it up to have the most difficult struggle possible, you try to stack as much of the odd in your favor as you can. And one route is by dropping the rating. A movie like Prometheus with the star power of Ridley Scott and the franchise like Alien behind it, they can risk spending big money on a R rating. If REQUIRING f-bombs is a prerequisite, and REQUIRING that the movie be R-rated, then pretty much you’re basically asking for the movie to be never made.

            On the other hand, if you keep an open mind and hope that everything else goes right (directing, writing, acting), and accept a PG-13 movie, then first and foremost it MIGHT have a chance of getting green-lit. And once it’s filmed, again as long as everything else goes right, you can have a very entertaining movie and a good on-screen introduction to Deadpool on our hands.

            So which is more important? Is it that important that you hear the f-bomb dropped and maybe see some boobs or something that you’d rather nobody to even consider making the movie or would a PG-13 movie that actually gets made suffice??

            • Wolverine needs an R rating, it’s not about language, but seeing a guy with foot-long metal claws fighting without spilling a drop of blood is just ridiculous. It should done in the style of the game based on the Wolverine movie, blood everywhere, bodyparts flying,not to mention the damage done to Wolverine himself. Let’s see that healing factor work on something more severe than paper cuts.

              • I still have to disagree. I think if they turned it into a gorefest it’ll just become hoaky. If they had written a good cohesive story and had solid acting it would have been fine.

                • As far as Wolverine, Daredevil and even a potential Deadpool film are concerned aside from the story and acting as Ken J mentioned, there needs to be some actual fight choreography done for movies showcasing these categories. Fox and the production teams that are handling these properties need to watch Blade and get with the fact that these comics had a heavy marital arts influence and the fight scenes should reflect that more and be less cartoon-like.

                  The blood level is never going to be high due to not wanting to have an R-rating since that want that teen dollar. Again Blade was done in that style because it was so obscure and it was back before anyone cared so they could get away with it.

        • Don’t forget the blood. Maybe they can make the R-rated version for DVD, but make the PG-13 version for theaters by digitally changing the blood to sweat and saliva like Mortal Kombat for the SNES.

          Chop of a head, and pool of sweat spews to the ceiling…

          Ok, nevermind

  6. I really like Reynolds in his ‘Blade’ appearance. That understated comedy streak is great, but Green Lantern wasn’t really the place for it.

    Like many of you, I’m a huge fan of the original Highlander move (not so much the sequels). I probably watched that move 100 times. I watched a few seasons of Duncan, but when it started tapering off I bailed.

    I have high hopes for this movie, but am curious if it’s going to be a reboot, or a new story. I just can’t see Ryan doing a Scottish accent. Part of what made the original so good was the ‘mysterious’ accent of Connor. A voice from a different time.

    If he turns out to be several hundred years old, as in ‘reboot’, he’ll almost have to show some kind of accent.

    • What? Ryan spoiled Blade for me he was annoying and made Blade 3 comedy and that’s what Ryan is a comedian, can’t take him seriously in serious movies he tries too hard a fail. Looks like another flop in his hands.

  7. Sorry to all of the Ryan Reynolds fanboys out there, but no way he can replace Christopher Lambert…

  8. I know absolutely nothing about ‘Highlander’…
    As long as Reynolds still does an R-rated Deadpool movie I’ll be happy.

    • Wait, you’ve never seen the original highlander? o.O

      Seeing as how you are me, this must be my queue to direct myself to watch it for the first time. It’s an awesome show and as good as Lambert and Connery were, my favorite actor from that was Clancy Brown.

    • You have the Avengers, hopefully that will hold you over. The Deadpool character is not as popular outside comic book circles as some seem to believe, and Reynolds stock is dropping as fast as, well the stock market on any given day. There is probably no rush to do that movie, and at this point Reynolds seems like he would be more of negative than a positive.

      From what I have seen and read of Deadpool I don’t even see why they need and actor like Reynolds since the characters wears a mask and the one time I can remember seeing Wade Wilson’s face he looked like Freddy Kruger. They could get a stunt man to do the physical stuff and get anyone else to do the voice and probably get the same results for less money than paying Reynolds.

  9. Screw this, they should have got Kevin McKidd!!! He’s actually Scottish, and he can wield a sword already because he’s freakin’ Lucius Vorenus!! 😀 What a shame that these movie makers cared more about getting a pretty face that people recognize and have a fan following for (for whatever reason…) over someone who might actually fit the role better…

  10. Dr. Ownen Hunt? I’d rather see Van Wilder do it

    • @dmisnow

      No, sorry, try comparing Van Wilder to Lucius Vorenus. Good luck with that one…

  11. I hope the studio learns that there SHOULD only be one. No more Highlander movies after this. They better go out with a bang.

  12. I don’t think Reynolds is a good fit for the Clan Macleod. Probably a funny ally of the new Macleod, but not the new Macleod.

    • @TJ

      Yah, I agree, the only roles Reynolds ever are convincing in are where he play a sarcastic d-bag. Guess maybe that’s how he is in real life??

      So if he was just some sarcastic comic relief side-kick, then that would be alright. But to play the actual “The Highlander” Mcleod?? Nah…

  13. All I can say is that since the original “Highlander” series is so ridiculously confusing in terms of it’s own continuity with ignored sequels and alternate timeline TV series, here’s a chance to finally do the series right by starting over with a new continuity and creating a more consitant franchise. May I also suggest there be no shield around the Earth in the first sequel?

  14. I have liked and even loved Ryan in the movies he’s been in and I know this will be another hit BUT what about The Flash or GL2 or Dead-pool dang he has a lot to do LOL

    • “I know this will be another hit”? compared to what? name 1 movie Ryan was the main star and was a hit?

  15. i use to love the tv show .. question what was the name of the song in the opening credits and who sings it ?

    • Princess of the Universe – QUEEN

      • Ummm…I am betting you meant to say “Princes”, not “Princess”…male, female…?

        • He actually meant Princess of the Universe by King 😀

  16. Ryan Reynolds as MacLeod? I just don’t see it unless it’s not a reboot and they are doing a whole new storyline. I hope it all works out though since I grew up watching the storyline and the movies. I think the new version has to be a darker version and I just don’t really see Reynolds playing that serious dark role. I do agree that Kevin McKidd would have been the perfect pick for this role. He has the accent, can throw down with a sword, and he is a great actor that can play that serious dark movie role. We shall see though. I hope for the best for this movie as I am a huge Highlander fan.

  17. I have mixed feelings about reynolds. I believe he can be a good actor but he’s so much of a clown in so many roles it’s hard for me to take him seriously. although he was pretty damn good in ‘safe house’.

  18. wtf ryan renolds as connr macleod no no no no you just kill the highlander legend you guys #### up a great trilogy i mean come on why renolds to reboot the highlander series why not ewan mcgregor

  19. Ryan Reynolds probably has the best agents in the world, many actors do not get this many chances at the brass ring. It’s funny how the article says that Reynolds has put his comic book roles on the back burner, I think other people have more to do with that decision than he does at this point. Clearly money and having a steady income is the main draw for trying to get a franchise going for any actor, but it seems like Reynolds is just being plugged in wherever and people are hoping for the best.

    There was some brief notion of spinning him off with Hannibal King (along with Biel) after Blade 3, but Goyer’s great script and directing (insert sarcasm) killed that idea. Then of course there was his appearance in Wolverine where he played Wade Wilson as part of a tandem in a bad introduction of Deadpool that the producers now want to have a do-over on, but odds are that project won’t see the light of day under the current studio and production team. And of course there is Green Lantern, which is not entirely his fault, but the perception that he has been a part of several dubious comic adaptions starts to look funny.

    Depending on how R.I.P.D does financially and more importantly how he performs on screen this Highlander project could fly or crash and burn. The roles he has done where he doesn’t play some variation of Van Wilder pop up occasionally, but for whatever reason when it’s a more widely seen role either the director/studio or Reynolds himself falls into the same character and it just makes all those roles look the same.

  20. You know, (and this will probably NOT happen…) I’d like to see Queen do the music again, maybe update the original theme with Paul Rogers. It would be a nice bridge between the old and the new. Ryan will do a good job if he doesn’t overplay it.

    We’ll see…. All the best guys! ~ Stark

  21. There can be only one…and that would have been Thomas Jane. If not Kevin McKidd.

    Ryan Reynolds quite possibly has the most exact opposite type of appeal and style needed to pull of a worldly, broody, pissed off loner/silent type like MacLeod. To me this casting is akin to recasting Man With No Name as a fast-talking witty lyricist. Did these people even watch the original?

    Plus I read in the script they use rocket launchers to off immortals at one point. And I might remember sniper rifles. So…this is going to suck

    • Thomas Jane?
      I agree 100%
      Perfect for highlander.

  22. Good, im glad he is screwing up another franchise, maybe now we can get Nathan Fillon for the Green lantern sequel. Lord knows Reynolds didn’t do a very good job. And as for him as Highlander, it will be great if you like deadpan humor and moronic looks from Reynolds, other than that I think it will suck tremendously.

    • I hate to say this because I have a severe man crush on Fillion, but he needs to start slimming down if he wants to hold on to some leading man roles after Castle ends. Guy’s getting pretty big. That would also allow Whedon to use his newfound Hollywood clout and make another Serenity, which would in turn give Fillion some much-deserved clout as well (which I’m kind of surprised that he hasn’t ever mentioned the possibility since Avengers blew up). Then maybe they could reboot Green Lantern with him. He basically has the same style Ryan Reynolds always goes for…except he’s good at it

  23. OMG Why.
    Just stop please.

  24. Sad. Not only is Reynolds not a good fit imho but this movie does NOT need to be remade. The original was lightning in a bottle and there is no possible way they are going to recapture the magic of the original. When they say, “there can be only one” they meant it!

  25. I to had the same reaction as everyone else, after hearing this news. The last person I would think of to play Highlander would be Ryan, but everyone felt the sameway when hearing about Heath playing the Joker. Not to take anything away from Ryan, he has his moments, but he really has to transform himself into this role in order for anyone to take this film serousily. I also do fine it odd that Ryan is up for all these roles, when there are how many great actors? Absolute credit to his agency.

    It also stands to say that a Deadpool movie is officaly done, or put on the backshelve, and the status of Green Lantern is looking like no sequal, and straight to the JLA movie, which or whichout Ryan.

    All I can say is, Please stop rebooting, or remaking, and re-imagining movies that are barley 20 years old. I think Hollywood needs to be educated in what a *Orignal Idea* actually means.

  26. The director of Drive (Nicholas Winding Refn or however you spell it) would be an inspired director for this. He can do both stylized retro-pop (Drive) and sword-sorcery (Valhalla Rising), both of which combined are the style of the original Highlander. Thomas Jane/Kevin McKidd as MacLeod, Mads Mikkelson as Kurgan…oh yes. He’s doing Barbarella so Highlander actually seems right up his alley. A boy can dream…

  27. Im not a fan of Reynolds. I don’t get Hollywood’s fascination with him. He is generic and forgettable.

  28. Sweet his gonna do good in highlander

  29. In Wolverine: Origins, he IS swinging those swords as fast as it looks like. The only thing is that they added a blur effect. That’s it. Watch the behind the scenes. (And, obviously, CGI bullet split, but still, impressive sword work.)

    He better come back as Hal Jordan in GL2, it wasn’t bad enough that it doesn’t deserve the teased sequel.