Ryan Reynolds Confirmed For ‘Highlander’ Reboot

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Ryan Reynolds MacLeod Highlander Ryan Reynolds Confirmed For Highlander Reboot

After seemingly landing a pair of key roles in potential franchises as Wade Wilson/Deadpool for Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men series and as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern for the “next big thing” for DC Entertainment and Warner Bros., star Ryan Reynolds seemingly has his comic book roles on the back burner.

The star of this year’s Safe House and next year’s R.I.P.D. has also landed what may be another long-term franchise role as the next Highlander, to be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later).

We first heard of the possibility of Reynolds becoming the next member of the Clan MacLeod back in March when the Canadian actor emerged the front-runner for the coveted role. The “confirmation” comes from The Tracking Board who claim that negotiations are complete and that Reynolds has officially secured the gig.

Christopher Lambert famously starred in the original cult hit Highlander and its two sequels, before passing the torch to TV star Adrian Paul for the six-season Highlander TV series following the character of Duncan MacLeod and its unsuccessful spin-off Highlander: The Raven with Amanda Darieux. Lambert and Paul joined forces, officially merging the continuities of their characters and stories for Highlander: Endgame, before the franchise sizzled away after Paul and his TV co-stars returned for one last go with Highlander: The Source.

Adrian Paul Christopher Lambert Highlander Endgame 570x322 Ryan Reynolds Confirmed For Highlander Reboot

Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul in Highlander: Endgame

With the Lionsgate-Summit Entertainment merger promising a larger focus on franchising key brands, producers Neal Moritz – who’s working with Reynolds on R.I.P.D. and did so with The Change-Up and Peter Davis – the man behind all of the Highlander projects, aim to make Highlander and its story about sword-wielding immortals a mainstream hit with Reynolds as their leading man.

For fans of Reynolds’ other work, we wonder what this means for any potential of him suiting up soon for that other buzzed about project with a hard-to-kill sword-swinging protagonist: Deadpool. And more importantly, are we going to see Reynolds sport long locks like his predecessor? Is he going to rock a fake Scottish accent in flashbacks as part of the Clan MacLeod?

We can at least say Highlander has a director and leading man who can both deliver action. The question is if they can deliver a story and a character we’re willing to care about for years to come.


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Source: The Tracking Board

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  1. Awful news! Studio should have taken a chance with Kevin McKidd…

    • Good call travis. Highlander is actually a very profound story idea that deals with our own mortality and the human dream of being immortal, Ryan Renolds is a buff witty comedian/ action hero now.. he cant ever remove himself from that…hes not that versitile of an actor…. woulda been nice just once to have a scottish actor like Kevin McKidd play the immortal highlander refasion the story into something classy and with substance. sadly Ryan just cant do that

    • Connor – Clive Owen
      Ramirez – Antonio Banderas
      Kurgen – Tom Hardy

      • Clive Owen is 48 – too old to play the part.
        Antonio Banderas would be good.
        Tom Hardy as Kurgen would be an excellent pick!

  2. What a terrible casting choice, I was hoping for Scott Adkins or even Gerard Butler. Ryan Reynolds is over exposed, underdeveloped and quite frankly obnoxious. To play the “Highlander”, he needs to be a man of action, romance and oodle with charisma, I just don’t think that Reynolds has any of these qualities. It is really something to have to say, but he’s nowhere near the actor that Christopher Lambert is.

  3. Highlander is such a quality movie, it didn’t need sequals or a tv series, it works as a stand alone film, definitely doesn’t need a remake, but alas Hollywood knows best

    At least Reynolds has some good skills, girls like a guy with good skills,  like nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills…

  4. Ryan Reynolds was the worst thing about Blade 3 and that’s saying something.

    Terrible news for the reboot of such a classic movie.

    • Excellent find. We can only hope Reynolds stays away from this turkey.

    • Ugh! The guy in the first video of the link you provided says that immortals can only be killed with a “silver” sword. It’s just a sword. Doesn’t have to be silver.

  5. This is as ridiculous as casting Cruise as Jack Reacher

  6. I would just like them to remake the original and load it up with par cour talent

  7. Fassbender! Fassbender! Fassbender! Come on

    • Not that I dont think the guy is good but he’s not right for this role at all, in my opinion.

  8. Who is producing this reboot? I want to write to them, maybe they just didn’t think about Kevin McKidd, because he would be damn perfect for the role. And he’ll be cheaper to hire than this clown…

  9. Why oh why Ryan Reynolds??? He’s not that bad of an actor I suppose, but I can already see his character in this role because his range is just not that expansive. I seriously would have rather seen Brad Pitt in a Highlander flick (seriously, Brad Pitt) than Reynolds. Why oh why???

    And is this a real reboot or just a same-universe-but-not-linked-to-the-original sorta things? Because really, does Highlander need a reboot? There are so many other angles they could take.

  10. Wow are you freaking serious Ryan Reynolds as Connor MacLeod, what a joke. i like Ryan Reynolds when he has the ability to use his quick witt like Deadpool is perfect for him. but not the Higlander, heres a fraking idea why not cast an actual Scot. someone like Henry Ian Cusak from Lost would be an interesting choice, maybe to old. there is about a hundred choices better than Reynolds. Man alive these production companies are all crack heads. the Highlander is a huge part of my childhood from the movies to the awesome TV show, if they really cast Reynolds I’m going to flip out.

    • How about Ewan McGregor? I could see him pulling it off.

      • I would start a boycott of the movie in they put McGreggor in it. He doesn’t have the necessary cajones on screen. He’s more of a brainiac than a brawniac.

  11. Ryan Reynolds are you kidding me!!! Man, Hollywood is becoming such a big joke.

  12. The Highlander TV series was so good, but the movies were crap on toast. We don’t need this reboot, nor do we need a hack like Reynolds starring in such an important role.

    Too bad Adrian Paul is too old and too bitter, he would be and always was the best Highlander.

  13. I was just watching highlander and searched google about a reboot,and I ended up here.i think you all put way too much weight on the actors when it’s a whole team of people making the flick. I remember seeing a thread like this when batman begins came out and everyone was saying that Christian bale would be a terrible batman, and even later that Heath ledger would be a ridiculous choice for the joker. Granted green lantern was awful but I don’t put that all on Reynolds. I’m sure Reynolds could act circles around Christopher lambert and Adrian Paul. He has already achieved more than both of them in his career. Obviously I’m gonna say I think he is a good pick, but so is Kevin mkidd and fassbender

  14. I really liked Kevin McKidd in the Journeyman TV series and a couple of other recent roles. I think he would be an excellent choice as a leading immortal. Henry Ian Cusak is always welcome, as was the original Methos, Peter Wingfield. But both seem better as supporting players or recurring roles. Maybe Cusak could take the Methos role or something like it today. I don’t think the audience is tired of Highlander, but of course the actors who play the immortals DO age, and thus have limited shelf life. Reynolds does not seem like permanent Highlander material to me, though he might be an excellent guest-star. So other than McKidd, who could be our latest candidate for “the one”?

    To address the “mortal actors” problem, maybe advances in photo-realistic CGI would allow favorite immortals to return, voiced (and even “acted”) by the original actors, wearing CGI animated “youth suits.” A little further out, completely animated characters could keep our favorites “alive” indefinitely. To switch franchises, I have always thought that a TV “reboot” of the original Star Trek or Next Generation series could be populated with photo-realistic CGI replicants of the original casts. The same thing might eventually be done with Highlander, as the audience seems to maintain an appetite for both.

    • …yea and while they’re at it they could always make sock puppets of the Star Trek characters and do dinner theatre because that would be the same too…do everyone a favour and don’t go into Hollywood

  15. I’m a hardcore original Highlander fan. Final Dimension could’ve been “tweaked” (& I use that term very loosely) into the perfect sequel. I also watched the series, but more out of a lack of options for more Highlander. Sorry. I’m not sure about Ryan Reynolds. I used to think Thomas Jane would’ve made the perfect new Connor, but he’s looking too old now. I hope Reynolds applies the effort to pull this off like i think he can…but it’s really gonna be on the writer & director. Which direction are they gonna go? Are they going to stick with the original concepts of what the immortals were or are they gonna go the route of the series where they “die” with mortal wounds & pop out new immortals so fast there can never be only one?

  16. They get scotish actors to play americans, why not a scot to play a scot.
    Gerard Butler would be great.

  17. Sorry Ryan but NO I don’t think anyone wants to see Van Wilder with a Scottish accent trying to fit in Christoper Lambert Shoes sorry but no actor of today can fill that… Dammit Summit Entertainment What are you thinking of remaking such a great film whats next remake of Escape from New York Epic Fail…..

    • I agree. Leave it alone.

  18. This is obviously the figment of someone’s imagination because there can be only one Highlander and his name is Christopher Lambert.

    • I agree whole heartedly.

  19. Really!!!???? Why can’t Hollywood leave things alone. I hate it when they redo the movies I love and turn them to junk. Start coming up with fresh idea’s Hollywood or just shut down.

  20. Ryan Reynolds? NO WAY, HE WILL RUIN THIS MOVIE! How about Michael fassbender?

  21. God knows what they’re going to do for music because Queen’s music made that film the monster it was!

  22. One of the reasons I love Ryan so much is the duality of his talents. He can be the sexy action-hero lead man of a girls dreams, and then he can turn right around and be a hilarious comedian. Most of the top gang-buster comedians are not exactly what I would call handsome, their not necessarily ugly, but their not hunky, and they are not lead man material unless the whole movie is a comedy. But Ryan was so awsome in Green Lantern because you could crush on him and laugh at the same time, which is like quick silver straight to a girls heart. His movies can have awesome comedy in them without the movie being a comedy, and the comedy in no way detracts from his role as lead action hero, it only makes you love him more!