Ryan Reynolds is the Frontrunner for the ‘Highlander’ Reboot

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There hasn’t really been any progress or report on the Highlander reboot, since Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) signed up to direct the project – shortly before he officially jumped ship on another impending reboot, The Crow.

Reports are in that the newly-formed Lionsgate-Summit has potentially found the man to follow after Christopher Lambert as the revamped Highlander series’ protagonist [Insert obligatory “There can be only one!” joke here] – and it’s none other than Blade/X-Men/Green Lantern franchise alum, Ryan Reynolds.

Variety says that Reynolds has emerged as the front-runner for the rebooted Highlander; furthermore, their insiders are reporting that preliminary talks have begun, but that Reynolds is still “weighing other offers.” So there is no guarantee (yet) that he will commit to the project, which is being scripted by Iron Man and Punisher: War Zone writing duo Matt Holloway and Art Marcum.

All things considered, this announcement isn’t too shocking. Reynolds may have suffered a rough year in 2011, between the under-performance of Green Lantern and The Change-Up, but he followed it up with this year’s Safe House – which proved a box office success and earned the actor praise for his performance. Moreover, Reynolds packs enough star-power to help make the Highlander reboot a more bankable venture, but not so much as to overshadow the project’s main selling points: brand recognition and appeal to the built-in fanbase – which seems to agree that the franchise could use a fresh start, at this point.

Reynold’s potential involvement with the Highlander reboot should go over better with fans than, say, those old rumors about Channing Tatum being eyed for The Crow – but the buzz will probably still be lukewarm overall. That seems to be the general feeling about this project right now: it’s far from Hollywood’s worst planned reinvention of an older property, but there’s nothing really inspiring about how it’s come together either (so far).

Are you game for a Highlander reboot headlined by Ryan Reynolds? Sound off in the comments section.


Source: Variety

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  1. I like Reynolds, but no he shouldn’t be the Highlander. Micheal Fassbender or Gerad Butler would be a better pick.

    • Doubt Fassbender would do it but I’d love that choice

    • I’m getting a little tired of Fassbender, to be honest, the guy is in every other movie it seems, or in talks for everything else. I say go with Butler, he’s got the Scottish thing going and we saw in 300 that he can wield a sword. Plus, we won’t have to listen to him try to hide his accent( lets be real he’s really not good at it).

      • I’d pick Butler over Fassbender for the part but Fassbender would be a great pick as well. On Fassbender being in everything it seems, he deserves it. He is a great actor, and if this was early Hollywood he would be in more films then he is rumoured being in at this point.

        • I’m not saying he’s not a good actor, it’s just over-saturation for me personally.

    • Perhaps any of them, or how about Mark Valley? In the meantime, let’s get rolling with Green Lantern 2 and The Flash movies!

  2. Nothing against Ryan Reynolds on any level, but, this seems like completely uninspired casting. Someone apparently saw him with sword in Wolverine and thought he’d make the perfect Highlander? You’d think there are only 15-20 actors working in Hollywood these days. It’d be nice to see a studio, director or casting agent branch out and give an unknown a chance to become a star.

    • Agreed…..

    • The problem is that Hollywood studios are out to make money, not please diehard fans, and they’ll usually go with whatever actor they think people want to see, and will point to John Carter as a reason why you shouldn’t go with a relatively unknown.
      Just look at what they did with Prince of Persia – the main actor didn’t really look Persian (and neither did many of the rest of the main cast) but he had star appeal.

  3. granted Lambert has an non-acting acting style that rivals cardboard, but he’s the cardboard i grew up with and loved. Reynolds? Uh, is this Highlander or Two Guys, A Girl and a Sword Fight, i mean Pizza Place. So is McG gonna direct or what, cause that would really put the icing on this cheap store bought cake.

  4. Safe House success was more to do with co-star next to Denzel Washington.

    Ryan Reynolds imo is a curse to comic book movies or cult classic.

  5. oh…..my…..o.O……….RUN FOREST, RUN!

    RR should stay as far away from this turkey remake as he possibly can. Highlander does not NEED to be remade and all they will manage to do is make a sub par facsimile just like Flight of the Phoenix, Fright Night, and Conan the Barbarian (to list but 3 recent films that never managed to surpass their originals)

    • Actually, Highlander was probably pretty good and does not need a remake. However, one thing about that movie bugged me…Christopher Lambert had a big fat forehead…!

  6. not really a fan of reynolds. it’s just really difficult for me to take him seriously he’s always playing the wise cracking clown. it’s fine sometimes but please don’t let this guy anywhere near the highlander set

  7. Right weapon,wrong character Ryan.

  8. … oh s***. I better not tell my better half about this. He watches reruns of Highlander whenever he can. This will break his heart and cause him to start tearing out his hair.

    And no, this does not fit. I can’t see RR doing a Scottish accent. I mean he could try but I think my ears would divorce my skull.

    • Why is it that every role he is chosen, the same boys start complaining. before all the blogs, twits and tweeters, a movie would come out people would go or not go. Now all you hear are opinions, just step back. If you don’t like Ryan Reynolds, I don’t see a problem JUST DON’T GO!!!

      • ppl are going nuts because these are the people who LOVE the original highlander. and as much as I think they should not remake it, the least they can do for the sake of the movie is get some1 worthy of being highlander. U say “just don’t go” and yea, chances r, I won’t if reynolds gets the part.But I WANT to go…but not if its Ryan reynolds! And I’m not to crazy about this director also. I think Justin Lin woulda been better!

    • Ryan’s mon and dad are both of Irish decent, his grandparents moved from Ireland to Canada, His mother and Father “Tammy & Jim” did not fail to name all the boys, Patrick, Geoffry, Terry and Ryan like a troop of Irish Catholic priests. I don’t know what his Irish accent sounds like, but this tall redish brown haired guy has a lot of Irish blood.

  9. No reynolds no! I dont like him but no! Reynolds needs to work on the deadpool movie hes been promising us.

  10. NO RYAN DONT DO IT!!!!

    Green Lantern hurt your career a little, i understand that, but doing this will tank it.

    Please DONT!

  11. Ok,the rights to Deadpool should have went back to Marvel by now. That’s the problem with theses inter-related Marvel characters is being that Deadpool is closely related to the Wolverine mythos, that actually keeps the rights to Deadpool still with Fox and that’s not fair. It seems as if they hardly ever or never get around to a Deadpool movie, they’ll still have the rights just by association. That’s just wrong, Marvel/Disney should do something about that.

  12. WTF? Seriously? They pick one of the lamest actors working for this? Was Channing Tatum booked or something. Christopher Lambert was not a fantastic actor, but certainly better than Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds is the same jerk off in every movie and ruined Green Lantern.

    • The image at the head of this thread is the extent of his acting range. -What a D-Bag

    • Ryan Reynolds did not ruin Green Lantern.

      • Green Lantern had some faults, the biggest being all the jerky critics who may have pulled this potential great franchise right down into the muck…WHY DON”T YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP?!….but I liked Green Lantern and bought the DVD, and want this franchise to continue into several more movies, and a Flash franchise as well!

      • ……………………..yea he did…..

    • I agree that he did not “ruin” GL. The script doomed it and Reynolds did an admirable job with what he was given.

      • but RR in comic book movies never work. all the comic book movies he star in failed.

        • I wouldn’t say that means anything other than he’s accepting bad roles. I mean do your homework man! If you read a role that say turns Deadpool into a mindless robot with impossible arm blades you should know not to agree to do it!

          He still played Deadpool great at the beginning of the movie.

          If I was to shy away from anyone if would be Summer Glau. He is a death sentence for any TV series shes a regular in.

          • i dont care RR starred in them movies but none of them worked out well even tho he did alright in them. his a curse plus people had a enough of him been in all these comic book movies.

        • Ryan is not the reason.

          Blade Trinty – starred Wesley Snipes, Ryan was the best thing in the movie he was a character player not the lead.

          X-men- Ryan had a total of 15 minutes of airtime in this movie and introduced a character a lot of people had never heard of and it gained him a bigger fan base

          Green Lantern – he was great, it was that script that was written by seven writers that left it all over the place.

          • The issue some people have with Reynolds in those three movies is that he is doing his same shtick in all of them. The perception is that he does Van Wilder in a lot of his films and it turns some fans off.

            From a money stand-point, the under performance of Green Lantern has hurt his standing with Hollywood since that was test to see how he could carry a film that was not a comedy. Safe House did well, but he was a co-star in that. Depending on how R.I.P.D does and if Deadpool ever gets off the ground, this might not happen just out of fear of him not being able to sell a movie some are already skeptical about.

            • yeah Safe House he was just a co-star to a real star Denzel. R.I.P.D. again he is a co-star to Jeff Bridges. if R.I.P.D. failed what will RR supporters will say its not his fault?

              • If you read the reviews regarding the performance of both actors they were equally matched. This was Denzel 2nd biggest opening and it out performed all three of his latest movies and it stayed in the top 10 for 51 days and inspite of what you would like to think, Ryan played a large role in the success of this movie for everyone one of you 10 guys who bash him and all the other actors YOU have problems with. they still have large fan bases

          • you must Ryan’s mother.

            • You can’t have it both ways

        • Why is Ryan getting the blamed for these movies he was a character actor in Blade Trinity that starred Wesley Snipps, x-men origins he was in it all of 15 minutes and Green Lantern he was not the problem. My God this makes no sense

          • I dont blame him for anything other than being a no talent d-bag who stinks up the screen. He is just a horrid actor and ugh just ugh. I wish he’d go away and live in canucia and make horrible canucian TV shows. Why does the world always have to suffer from the canucian outcasts? They drink milk out of bags people! they must be stopped!

  13. Agreed that RR is the wrong actor to be cast in this movie.I’d cast Cillian Murphy and Adrein Brody in the Sean Connery Role.

  14. I think Gerald Butler would be a decent pick. How long’s it been since someone with a Scottish accent starred in a Highlander movie? lol

    • Sean Connory is Scottish and they had him play The Spaniard, so go figure,lil.

  15. Reynolds is a terrible actor (mentioning his name and acting in the same sentence makes me want to throw up a little) and Highlander is a boss cult flick. You shouldn’t mix sh*! and ice cream. I would love to see the Highlander movies redone but not like this. If anything RR needs to prove he can act before he tries to fill these shoes. -And find a decent director who won’t halfa*s it and call it a “summer blockbuster”- lol, what a cop-out!

  16. Thomas Jane or dont make it.

    • I like Jane for it too but I wonder if hed be too old by the time they start shooting this.

      • Wow, I find it hard to believe Jane’s 43 years old, but he’s plenty young enough to be a good Highlander.

        • I mean, just look at Robert Downey Jr. – he was in his forties, too, but did a fantastic job with being Iron Man. Thank goodness for Jon Favreau not passing him up for the role just ’cause he was old.

    • Now THERE’S a great choice. Wish they had you as a casting director, lol.

    • word! Thomas Jane all the freakin way!

  17. Worst casting they could have imagined. What bunch of retarded monkey ass sniffing s*** lickers is running this studio? Has any movie this guys stared in not been an epic bomb? I dont know why I am even upset im sure no matter who they cast it will suck but casting this guy ensures failure.

    • Green Lantern is the only movie that did not meet studio expectations and that was not Ryan’s fault that the movie went way over budget. The acting was great, the script sucked. and if you know anything about contracts Ryan has one with the WB + the man just may like what he is doing and if you don’t JUST DON’T GO!! If you dislike him so much why do you spend so much time commenting on his career choices.

      • Tamp stop crying about people voicing their negative opinions about this guy ok. If you like him that’s great you can post all the I love RR comments you like but I think he is a giant anal wart on the ass on a diseased chimp and ruins every film he is in. People act like this guys a star and I wouldn’t cast him in a low budget B movie. This dude is only suited for selling birth control.

    • Why are you so angry?? If he does this movie there is only one solution to your problem is just don’t go. You see, inspite of what you say or how you feel about him …He is who he is and you are… well “Whatever” but inspite of how you feel, he will still make millions and well…..you can continue to post you nasty little comments on any board that you find that discusses Ryan and if you dislike him SO MUCH, you might want to stop thinking about him. eh??

      • He is not officially The new Highlander…so ppl can talk shyt all they want! and after the role is confirmed, then we will all decide to watch it or not.

        • Heck yes man. We will trash this guy til the retards at the studio pull their heads out of their asses!

  18. This is a definite: ‘LOL, No.’ thing for me, lol :D

  19. Not ANOTHER reboot! (sigh)
    Sorry, “There can be only one”….and Christopher Lambert is it.

    • Adrian Paul did a good job in the TV series. So I guess there can only be……2?

      • I agree that Adrian Paul was great, as was Christopher Lambert but I have serious doubts that Ryan Reynolds will be as good as either one.

      • lol well he killed Connor so…Back to 1

  20. Ryan Reynolds was great in Buried but Green Lantern wasn’t the best comic book movie of 2011.

    Still if he gets the main lead, I don’t know if he can’t play the role as great as Christopher Lambert did.

    I hope I am proven wrong and this turns out to be a great reboot.

    • Why not just wait and see.

  21. I have nothing against Reynolds in movies, but no, I won’t see this remake if he is the star. The idea is personally laughable to me.

    • OK as readers we really needed to hear your decision not to go to a movie we don’t even know will be remade with an actor who may or may not agree to do the movie.

  22. it will be extremely hard to top the original….
    -The original has sean connery and clancy brown ! an iconic actor + an iconic character.
    -Queen made the original soundtrack! and it was a f….. homerun! probably one of the very best movie soundtrack out there with masterpiece like “who wants to live forever” “prince of the universe” or “it’s a kind of magic” which are both great tunes and resonates with the movie. It’s kind of telling that the serie kept using the same tracks over and over.

    …..But not completely impossible.
    They do have some room for improvement in other department :swordfighting (a bit like SW),characterization (I dig all the characters and Connery is a god but let’s be honest here they were all kind of cartoonish.It’s charming but you can do something else.), FX and story(Highlander was victim of its own concept as by definition there was nothing once McLeod won the Prize. They had to either come up with poor excuse or ignore the original altogether)

    And both Butler and Fassbender would be great as McLeod each in their own style althought it probably won’t be either of them(butler has no taste or career direction, Fassbender will look for a hotter property).

  23. In all seriousness, regardless of who is rumored to be cast in these films, do they REALLY need a reboot?? Does Hollywood actually think rebooting Highlander or The Crow films is worth it?? I am a HUGE fan of both of these films and the only thing I have been hoping, nay praying for, is that Hollywood would LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE!!!!!!!!! I just want, for once, a good movie to stand on its own and not try to create a mythos surrounding it so it can become a “franchise.” Highlander and The Crow stood alone very well. Give up the $$$$ and come up with a new idea….something that these movies were once.

  24. When is Hollywood going to learn? This guy is NOT a ‘movie star’. You can talk s*** about Channing Tatum all you want, but at least the guy has proven to be a box office draw, which is something that Reynolds will never be.

    • The only movie that Ryan has been in that did not meet the studio expectation is the Green Lantern, All of his movies are not flops as you seem to keep repeating and it is just not so. When “Safe house” became a hit you insist it had nothing to do with Ryan. Had it failed, he would have been the sole reason. If you don’t like him or his movies why do you keep talking about him. Just ignore him. Obviously if you don’t go to his movies, you only have hear say gossip to base your opinions. It must be something about him that keep you watching his every move WHAT IS IT??

    • He is a ‘movie star’ inspite of what you say, so is Channing and every other actor that you go to the movies and pay to see. When they role the credits they say starring —. How can he not be the “Star” when he has a lead part in or how would you refer to him. What is status in Hollywood? do you know? do you not see his name mentioned for various parts consistently? Do not the studio back his movie with large and small budgets? His career choices are probably discussed more on these boards than in his agents office.

  25. I am deeply disturbed by this news. why can’t they just let him make a proper Deadpool movie and be done with him playing yet another established character. He could have made a good Green Lantern if the rest of the movie wasn’t garbage. The bottom line is this: Connor McLeod is from Scotland. I know that being immortal and moving through various lives throughout the years could effectively eliminate the need for a Scottish actor to portray him with a Scottish accent(which explains Lambert’s presence in the original), but isn’t it the point of remakes to make use of the 20/20 hindsight that I am always hearing about?? Kevin McKidd would have been perfect for it.

  26. No.No.No.
    Reynolds – I know he’s Canadian, I know he could do a weak Scottish accent. But Noooooo!

    Butler is very much in vogue, despite not having a hit since 300. I’d like to see Henry Ian Cusack (aw’right brother?) as the Immoratal. I fureakin’love that guy! With either Brian Cox or stupendously talented Irish actor brendan Gleason in the Connery role. Or Sean Connery.

    • Ryan is of Irish decent. His mother and father are both children of direct Iris parents. so don’t rule the Irish out of him.

  27. I always thought it was funny that the only actor with a Real Scottish accent in that movie was Connery, and he played the Spaniard.

  28. Oh god!!! Why not just call it a Highlander 2 reboot.

  29. While I don’t think Reynolds is the best of choices for Highlander, let’s be honest people: they could have picked a *lot worse. Like Shia Leboeuf running around waving a sword faking a scottish accent worse…

    • I always said Thomas Jane should be the new Highlander. My favorite freakin sword weilding immortal! but, I guess he would be to old now…I still think who woulda been THE perfect Highlander!

      As for Ryan Reynolds…WTF! did they not learn there lesson after he was chosen Green Lantern? I like him but, not as an action star. Now, if Ryan Reynolds were to portray a super hero and actually pull it off, I would say make him The Flash! To me thats perfect. But not Highlander! NO I don’t wanna give him a chance. Ppl said that when Green Lantern was in production. And that movie was….I don’t wanna get into that right now.

      • RR would be perfect casting in any lame ass chic flick where they need a pathetic D-Bag character. I hate him man. Him and Dane Cook! I swear theyre the same person.