First Look at Ryan Reynolds/Hal Jordan ‘Green Lantern’ Action Figure

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green lantern trailer First Look at Ryan Reynolds/Hal Jordan Green Lantern Action Figure

For much of the last year, buzz surrounding Martin Campbell’s live-action¬†Green Lantern film has focused on one thing: the costume. From the moment the trailer hit the web, fans began wondering whether the costume was up to snuff. Screen Rant’s own Paul Young even pondered if the decision to have an all-CGI costume might ruin the whole movie.

Well, it’s time to let the costume debate continue once again, only this time on the small scale. Recently, The Daily Blam! scored a look at the first official action figure from the Green Lantern movie. The toy, which shows a likeness of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, gives us a different look at the GL costume, favoring a lightning pattern to the musculature style of the movie costume.

Check out the action figure (which comes with an “Exclusive Green Display Stand”) in the picture below.

Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordan Green Lantern Action Figure First Look at Ryan Reynolds/Hal Jordan Green Lantern Action Figure

Admittedly, arguing the merits of a superhero action figure is something that only the nerdiest among us do. After all, it’s just a toy. It doesn’t reflect much of anything about the quality of the Green Lantern movie, nor does it reveal any insights into whether Ryan Reynolds is any good as the intergalactic peacekeeper Hal Jordan.¬†Still, it’s fun to talk about, so let’s get to it.

The ring in the stand is quite cool though and adds a little something special to the action figure. As for the the actual figure itself, I think it’s decent. It’s a close likeness to Ryan Reynolds (thought not perfect) and the proportions appear to be appropriate.

One thing I don’t like about the action figure is that it looks like, well, an action figure. I’m not a collector, but whenever I buy action figures I tend to favor ones with more exacting detail. Then again, lots of people criticized the costume in the Green Lantern trailer for looking too much like an action figure, so maybe Mattel actually got it exactly right with this one.

In any case, I don’t think this figure would end up on my desk alongside my multitude of Batman toys, but that’s just me. What do you think of the action figure? And, just to start things back up again, what do you think of the Green Lantern costume now that you’ve had time to think about it?

Green Lantern opens in theaters June 17th, 2011.

Source: The Daily Blam

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    • First

      • ^^ fail

        • lol

  2. this toy has fail all over O_O…well atleast it isnt cgi…

  3. Check out the official ‘Halo’
    Jordan? :p

  4. Given the particular packaging being displayed, I’m betting this is some sort of preview figure, NOT the commercially available figure I’m sure Mattel will likely release afterward. Preview figures tend to be a bit different from the series versions…often to the point of not being as polished or even possessing different articulation (ring, aside, of course). I look forward to seeing what the ACTUAL Green Lantern figure looks like.

    OH, and I like the costume and am VERY MUCH anticipating the coming film.


    • Ummm, after “articulation”, the phrase “or features” should appear…sigh.

  5. when does that figure come out? i want one

  6. I bet this’ll be on mattycollector.

  7. I have a feeling this is just a mock up to show up what they have in mind and not the final product. That is what companys to after all to get us ready to buy thier goods. Kinda nice it comes with a lanturn ring though. But also consider that Mattel’s Dark Knight line wasn’t 100% acurate either. I mean regular Joker and Jail House Joker where the only two to come with acceseries. Think I’ll wait for final product shots before I add this one to my movie Masters line.

  8. Derez that crap.

  9. I just want the ring

  10. Hi all! It’s a TRU exclusive “Early-Bird” pre-order…limited to 2814 units (at least that’s what the number looks like in the picture, and makes sense since he is the GL from Space Sector 2814) with a price of 24.99 + Shipping. It is supposedly on the 4-inch scale and has an estimated ship date of 2/25/2011.
    Just ordered mine…don’t know how it’ll be in person, but I’d rather pay the $30 now than deal with secondary market prices if it turns out to be cool.

    • Where did you order it from

      • It’s on the Toys R Us website.

  11. Looks ok. I wished i could get my hands on a JLU Hal Jordan Green Lantern figure.

  12. i hope this will be available in the uk

  13. 4 inch scale? Weren’t those crappy Superman Returns figures Mattel did also in that same scale AND featured limited articulation like this figure? Anyone see where I’m going here?

  14. Seriously. The movie isn’t even out yet and already Warner Bros. has failed on all fronts. I buy every piece of green lantern memorabilia i can get my hands on, but this? PASS. Have these guys even seen what Green Lantern looks like? and don’t give me that what works on the printed page doesn’t translate to the big screen either, because this actually would have translated pretty damn nicely if you think about it. Thanks Warner Bros, this one is going to be up there with Catwoman.

    • The Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman or the Halle Berry Catwoman?

  15. flat out stupid looking.

  16. I’d buy it, but I’m also a sucker for action figures.
    Does the ring come out of the stand? If so, I’m going to have a massive nerd attack.

  17. lol Id have a nerd attack if i had the Hal Jordan Green Lantern JLU figure come out for the public. Id buy two single packs just to keep one in mint condition. I got the Green Lantern 3-pack which is great but still be nice if Mattel reconsidered makin the Hal Jordan/Green Lantern single pack. can’t believe how many figures i collected over the years, especially Batman:TAS figures.

  18. yea but what abt hammond

  19. What’s that plant root growing on his chest? Is this a Green Lantern/ Swamp Thing movie? I must’ve missed that comic book.

    • Unless you want kids (or adult collectors) electrocuting themselves picking up the figure, there are few other ways to show crackling energy of the type the suit would contain. ;)

    • Actually, he was flying by a forest preserve where (unbeknownst to him) some weekend warrior wannabes with paintball guns were “hunting”; he zoomed overhead, they shot first and asked questions later.

      Oh, and the casings that made up the paintballs were made from a yellow plastic and were provided by a “S. Inestro”

  20. I was hoping this GL movie would be epic, but since Ch’p the Green Lantern Squirrel isn’t going to be in it, the best it can now do is awesome.

  21. It’s cool. I wish they’d made Reynolds wear the white gloves, but whatever.

    • right???!!!
      he’s s’pposed to be wearin white gloves

  22. Oft times costumes get finalized after the toys get approved,which I suspect happened here. This was most likely one of the final designs.

  23. I always wondered why Hal Jordan always seemed to be the only Green Lantern that wears white gloves.