Ryan Reynolds Defends ‘Green Lantern’ Costume, Says ‘Deadpool’ Still Alive

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:25 pm,

Ryan Reynolds talks Green Lantern and Deadpool movie Ryan Reynolds Defends Green Lantern Costume, Says Deadpool Still Alive

Ryan Reynolds may be one of the hardest-working stars in Hollywood right now, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t taking time to consider fan reactions to early Green Lantern footage – or that he’s forgotten about the seemingly stagnant Deadpool movie, which he remains attached to (if only in spirit).

The first Green Lantern trailer provided an early look at Reynolds’ CGI outfit and, admittedly, the costume could stand some improvement. A number of fans are just against the idea of a digitally-created suit on principle, and it’s on that point that Reynolds disagrees.

Reynolds had the following to offer The Daily Blam!, on the topic of Hal Jordan’s costume in the Green Lantern movie:

“It has to be virtual rather than spandex. This is a suit from an alien planet. It’s not ‘The Dark Knight’ – I don’t put the suit on and my voice drops several octaves. The suit is powered specifically on [Hal's] will, his emotion, his creativity and his imagination. I love that.

“Everything Hal creates are images from his childhood. Or things fueled specifically from his own mind.”

Passing over Reynold’s little jab at Christian Bale’s Batman (yeah, we’ve all heard that one before), he is right to call attention to the fact that Hal’s own personality affects his extraterrestrial suit and abilities. The costume is also a construct projected by the Lantern’s ring, which allows some leeway in terms of how “realistic” it ought to look.

A second Green Lantern trailer should be released in the near future, complete with improved F/X shots. If Reynolds’ face mask and costume still look as though they were pasted onto his body at that point, then perhaps it’ll be more fair to criticize the choice to produce the Lantern’s outfit via digital, rather than practical, means.



Deadpool movie Ryan Reynolds Defends Green Lantern Costume, Says Deadpool Still Alive

Reynolds played the “Merc With The Mouth” in the Wolverine origins movie, and most fans have been excited to see him reprise the role onscreen ever since. The Deadpool script by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick has earned lots of early positive buzz, but Reynold’s currently jam-packed schedule and the seeming departure of director Robert Rodriguez has left the project in a stasis.

Despite all that, Reynolds insisted to Empire that a Deadpool movie will actually be realized – though he admits “I’m not sure how it logistically works in terms of scheduling, but yeah, I want it to happen.”

2011 is pretty much all booked up for Reynolds, seeing as that he’s currently filming Safe House, and will be appearing in R.I.P.D. shortly thereafter. That’s not to mention all the promotional work he has to do for Green Lantern and this summer’s comedy release, The Change-Up. So unless someone other than Reynolds becomes a candidate for the title role, Deadpool won’t be beginning production for a while now.

Would it be problematic for Reynolds to headline two comic book franchises? He doesn’t think so:

“[The 'Deadpool' and 'Green Lantern'] universes are completely different. Superhero movies are so pervasive in pop culture. I don’t look at them as superhero roles as much as just roles. They’re such different people. ‘Deadpool’ is about a guy in a highly militarized shame spiral, ‘Green Lantern’ is more universally themed.”

deadpool and green lantern itsjustsomerandomguy Ryan Reynolds Defends Green Lantern Costume, Says Deadpool Still Alive

The two have crossed paths before.

Green Lantern and Deadpool as about as different from one another as costumed heroes ever get, so Reynolds has a point in that regard. Now everyone just has to wait for the latter to actually move forward out of development limbo – and unfortunately, that could take a while.

Green Lantern, however, is due out in theaters this summer on June 17th. We’ll keep you posted on Deadpool‘s progress.

Source: The Daily Blam!, Empire

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  1. Cant wait for Green Lantern. Not bothered about Deadpool.

    • Same here dude

  2. I have to agree with him on Green Latern. But I think everyone is more displeased by how poorly the FX look not the actual idea of the suit being made from the rings energy.

    • ding, ding, ding.

      What I don’t get is, if the uniform is influenced by the ring wearer, WHY would he choose to make it look like muscles with the skin peeled away?? Was he a closet med. student or something?

      My suspicion was they couldn’t get a more sleek look to work in CGI (probably look too fake) so they had to come up with a way to cover the suits with ultra detail. Still though……a skinless muscle suit???

  3. I would choose Deadpool over Green Lantern any day. Ryenold was born to play Deadpool. End of story. Please make the movie happen.

    Also, “It’s not ‘The Dark Knight’ – I don’t put the suit on and my voice drops several octaves.” – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  4. Deadpool = Development Hell (Sigh!)

  5. I really don’t understand the attraction to deadpool. I have his first appearence I think in New Mutants #98 and Rob liefelds penciling is absolute crap. He was just a smartalec in a red suit, BORING. So he talks to his audience, so what. This is a third tier character who appealed to punisher/wolverine fans back in the 90′s. and oh yeah… isn’t he a villain? The villains shouldn’t be headlining movies. It ain’t “despicable me”.

    And last I heard he was indestructible, that’s just dull. remember all you writers out there… a character’s weakness is actually a strength thematically.

    And I really don’t see any other way they could’ve done Green Lantern’s suit.

    • True that Deadpool is a relative unknown compared to the likes of fantastic four, Spider-man, X-Men, Captain America etc. I didn’t even know about the character until a friend made me read a few of the deadpool comics. I think its because the character doesn’t take himself seriously and plays out like a bad B-Movie. I enjoyed reading the comics most likely because of the cheesiness of the character and the self-deprecating humor. my own thoughts of course, dunno what everyone else see’s in deadpool to make him so popular nowadays.

    • Pitt Man, first off,

      1. Deapool is a mercenary for hire so that makes him an anti-hero. Not necessarily a bad guy or good guy.

      2. The first appearance of Deadpool was one of the only times his character was dry. If you read the stuff that Joe Kelly made for Deadpool or the Cable and Deadpool series then you can understand the attraction.

      3. The healing powers only work to an extent. He’s not Wolverine. He can die.

      4. There are numerous amounts of Deadpool stories that are both hilarious and slightly dramatic, such as him having cancer, abusing his friends due to trust issues, and wanting to be a better person for a superhero girl he likes.

      5. The reason for the costume isn’t just to look cool. He’s horribly disfigured. His healing factor only worked on wounds AFTER the experiments on him. His face and whole body is covered in scars.

      6. He’s just hilarious. Pop culture references, self-deprecating humor, and slap-stick humor.

      If anyone else has any other reasons against DP, go ahead. I’ll be here.

      • to each their own, but you make some good points.

    • @ Pitt: Even if Deadpool was a straight up villain, which he’s not, there have been movies based around Villains before.

      I for one would rather see a Doctor Doom movie than a Fantastic Four movie any day of the week. The character is much more intriguing.

      A villain-centric movie can also be very compelling if approached in an interesting manner.

      • And Venom. Also a villain who has his reasons.

        • Reasons including “Ive got angst” and “Screw you Parker/Spiderman!”

  6. the more he talks and is featured more prominently on my television the confidence in this film goes down.. WAY down

    Probably running off to Marvel and talking up Deadpool in case this bombs big time

  7. As long as Reynolds plays Deadpool… I CAN WAIT FOREVER.

  8. The mask was the worst part of the CGI, but after watching the trailer a couple more times, the majority of the effects shots look pretty good. But, with the amount of technology that we have now, they could be spectacular. I hope that Deadpool isn’t shelved indefinitely though, because comic book movies have a tendency to drive their projects to breaking points, remove characters and connnections to source material completely, and replace actors at the drop of a hat

    • I noticed in the trailer if u pause the scene where he saves the kid or whatever the mask looks more pointed at the corners. Plus in each of the scenes the suit looks different, very obvious it’s unfinished vfx.

  9. i’ve said it before…cast someone else as deadpool. reynolds made his choice on the superhero front with GL, and will subsequently be preoccupied making crappy romantic comedies. he is NOT the only-option-ever-any-other-choice-sucks as many fanboys claim.

    • If he was as dedicated as he says about Deadpool, he would have concentrated solely on that IMO.

      • @Anthony
        I am a fanboy, but I agree Reynolds isn’t the only one who could play Deadpool- I would prefer of he did- But there are other people who could do a good job. If he wasn’t already busy with Avengers I’d say get Chris Evans! He’s a perfect fit too, but, like I said, I doubt he will have the time :P

        • Oops! I meant @TastyWithKetchup :p

  10. Deadpool>Green Lantern

    • Green Lantern > Deadpool

      Are we really going to start a silly argument about this now?

      • I forgot to finish it:

        Green Lantern > Deadpool + Wolverine – Moon Knight X 3(Ghost Rider)

        See how silly that sounds?


  11. As long as the world doesn’t end, I think in 2012 0r 2013 his schedule might be clear enough to play Deadpool. I just wish they find somebody good to direct the film. I nominate Joe Carnaghan, and Rueben Fleischer. I think they’d be perfect.

  12. GREEN LATERN looks pretty good so far, but we shall see if it all pans out. we should not be surprised that he is defending the costume, alot is riding on this film and his ability be able to carry a picture. he is good actor but does not seem very fan friendly.

  13. You see, to a person like me who doesnt know crap about Green Lantern – we saw the trailer and were disappointed because the cgi effects were cheesey compared to the effects used on other superheroes.

    It helps that Reynold’s explains it, and maybe that should even be touched on in the next trailer?

    I LOVED the batman dig, hilarious.

  14. i dont care if Reynolds plays deadpool. im going against the grain here and saying he wasnt born to play the character (although he would be a good choice). I think other actors are capable of taking on the role.

  15. Joan or John Cusack for Deadpool!!

  16. I was always under the impression Deadpool had degenerative cancer that is constantly killing him and his healing powers are constantly healing it but can’t catch up enough to make him look normal which is why he’s so disfigured and wears the suit.

    I dunno maybe I’m wrong…

    • No I think that’s pretty accurate.

  17. Hannibal King, Green latern, Deadpool and Flash…

    Ryan Reynolds for Barack Obama Please!

    • Agreed. I haven’t seen a lot of your comments in a while Green Knight. Good to have my Lantern/ Deadpool counterpart. I’m Deadpool and your GL.

      • :)

    • “poorly in movies.”

      So does this

  18. @MercWadeWilson – You speak the words of God.

    And why does everyone hate the damn costume?? It looks fine. Get your eye checked.

    Also, “Ryan Reynolds for Barack Obama Please!” – HAHAHAHAHAHA

  19. Of course people who have not read the comic book still will not understand why everyone wants to see a Deadpool movie over Green Lantern. If people actually did some research it would be pretty obvious Ryan Reynolds is the perfect man for the Deadpool movie and would probably end up being 10X better.

    Although this is pretty ridiculous. They should just re-cast him, he is obviously too busy.

    • Everyone does NOT want to see DP over GL. Many of us actually prefer (and would rather see a film about) GL. I assure you, you do NOT speak for all of us.

      • your right hes not speaking for all of us but id rather see reynolds as DEADPOOl than the green lantern he just isnt hal jordan

        • …hence my point. I think he’ll be a great Hal Jordan. I think he can be the cocksure test pilot, the amazed new hero, AND the increasingly confident protector of Earth.

          • See, a Deadpool fan wouldn’t of used the term ‘cocksure’. On that evidence (alone, but not limited to) I prefer Deadpool.

      • That was a over statement on my part, but still the fact is he is more suited for Deadpool than Green Lantern. At least in my opinion he is.

    • And there in lies the problem. Barely anyone has read the comics, and the film would NEED a big name like Reynolds to sell it.

  20. I still think the pro cgi argument is BS and I don’t buy it.

    It’s simple the comics have done it the way that Ryan is describing it for years, but that didn’t stop them from making the suit look like spandex. Despite it being powered by his will, emotion and creativity it still looks like spandex with just a green glow around it. A spandex suit enhanced by CG makes sense an all CG suit doesn’t.

    Either way make sense or not doesn’t matter at the end of the day it look awful. I’m less concerned about it being CG or not and more concerned about how absolutely ugly it is and how horribly awful it looks.

    The point may be to show how the ring makes his costume, but it doesn’t. It looks less like his costume is made by the ring and more like it’s being made by a 12 year old who sucks at photo shop. It simply looks like bad photo shop.

  21. Reynolds is going to be the talk of the summer.

    • no kiddin

  22. you know. I think i’ve convinced myself the Green Lantern movie might be worth it. Looking at Batman’s awful villains cast and Superman’s release is so far way, I might take a chance on this one.

    Wow, I never thought I’d see a DC film in the theaters for one.

  23. I think GL > Deadpool as far as the story goes. Deadpool is a great character but the universe he lives in is not nearly as exciting or well developed as the GL Corps.

    For me what makes Deadpool is his ability to “break the 4th wall”. While that works in the comics I don’t know how well this unique element will translate onto the big screen.

  24. @greenknight332, What Daniel is saying is right. What they should have done was make a Green Lantern spandex or latex suit then later enhance THAT with CGI on top. Creating an all CGI suit from scratch with no foundation wasn’t the way to go, that’s why it didn’t work. If they would have had a GL suit made of material first then they would have had a better template to work with and enhance, not an all black MOCAP suit. The same with the mask, he should have been wearing an actual mask then later let it be CGI enhanced during editing. That’s why the shadowing looks weird and wrong on his face.

  25. Vic,
    Why don’t we have a poll for the Deadpool vs Green Lantern?
    I know I’ll be voting for DP eventhough im a DC guy

    • Because it didn’t occur to me. :)


  26. honestly i dont give a damn on how the costume looks. its just the colors. it needs the three – count’em – THREE colors: Green, Black, White. NOT: Green, Dark Green, and White – because that is only two colors green and white.

    • The color count is REALLY that big a deal for you? Seriously???