Ryan Reynolds Talks ‘Deadpool’ Script

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Deadpool logo Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool Script

We here at Screen Rant are big supporters of the Deadpool movie, which has been in the works for awhile now, and we were extremely happy when our friends over at Cinema Blend recently reviewed the script for Deadpool and came back saying that the movie was going to have all the violence, laughs and 4th wall-breaking antics fans of the Merc With a Mouth have always been demanding from a cinematic adaptation of the character.

Ryan Reynolds – the man who is widely regarded as THE guy to play Deadpool – recently opened up to Total Film Magazine about the Deadpool script, and echoed the very same praise for the movie which has been circling the Net.

Check out the quotes from Reynolds:

“The script is going to be a little harder. If you were going to assign a rating, the comic books at PG-13, the script right now is walking a tightrope between that and a R rating.”

The fourth wall is broken many times in the movie– and it’s important that we do so. I can’t emphasize enough how closely the tone of the comic is being followed in the film script. But it’s a nasty piece of work and that’s what’s important.”

All good stuff that basically echoes what was described in the Deadpool script review (which, by the way, you need to check out if you haven’t already). It seems that screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland) are truly distilling the core essence of what made Deadpool such a cult-fave among comic book fanboys.  It’s also good to see that – despite the fact that a Deadpool movie is risky venture from a box office $tandpoint – the creative forces behind the film are hedging their bets that an authentic take on character could be just as popular as the alternative.

However, if there is one thing that I take away from this latest update on Deadpool, it’s a sense of cautious optimism: hearing Ryan Reynolds talk about the quality of the script tells me that he’s still very much invested (or at least interested) in the project, which is extremely good, since I consider myself to be in the camp of those who believe that it has to be Reynolds who dons the iconic red and black eye mask to crack wise while killing the bad (and good) guys.

deadpool ryan reynolds as wade wilson Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool Script

Of course, Reynolds is now locked into Warner Bros.’ Green Lantern franchise so his ability to add Deadpool to his schedule is going to be a tricky tightrope to walk. After all, Green Lantern isn’t going to jet set around the world promoting itself..

Still, true fans of the Merc With a Mouth are holding out hope that this latest script gets the go-ahead, that Reynolds manages to hop onboard, and that a visionary genre film director like Robert Rodriguez is seated in the director’s chair. Fingers crossed.

No word yet on if and when Deadpool will start shooting, or when it’s aiming to hit theaters. We’ll keep you updated.

Source: Total Film via Cinema Blend

Deadpool logo by “SpazChicken

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  1. I’m a fan of Reynolds and Deadpool, but seriously, how many comic book movies does the guy need to star in? Surely there are other snarky, action-experienced leading men-type who could star.

    • Listen mey bottomous blastr arsetrap could star..although green noxious gas emits sometimes, and obber timage, anter drinkinggulpore cheap beerski, i spray horrid chunks or horror where ever I am…preferrably on a bar stool as to remove bottoms, and non wearing zee underwear and just filthated chunks of treecelike horror escapes me bottom up bottom and spraeth all over thee, well I’m all up into your promwiss and passpisstest last whcih rest stricken wix wax packs back on hack computer rack. My arse is BACK…ready for MUDDY HORROR and SCREAMING, also look for EARLY decm elease about a GUY ou his only friend, his BUTT…screaming and shatting upon the world…called RECTUMA..filmed in tokyo..RECTUMA dessimates gasses and besmirches everything unti being taken DOWN by an army of horneythailors..OOHHHHHhhhhh yessss horror unt POOP, everywhere in hair, on lair in dairy on Mary and her hairy thangywangy..and the rest of you WHO KNOW DIANE FARIDA..she a HO on the ho stroll getting the WHITE stallion, reiding the WHITE SNKE, falling, fallling t er reath h;elfhphsUVQIUVPWUVBPusbvasb;asdn;sllalaN AND, IF YOU CAN’t understand the reasons behind the blatent use of intertextualization in this film OR breaking the fourth wall, then FUDGE YO MAMMA mamma so baby, let’s hve a baby..now fellate me..while eat this gravy..mabe?

      • This is some of the funniest rambling and nonsensical crap I’ve ever seen in the internets.

  2. to me, the way Reynolds portrayed the hannibal king in blade 3 reminded me alot of deadpool in the comics. maybe i should watch that movie again

  3. Kofi, reading this article frustrates me. i want this to happen more than ever, since it’ll be the only marvel film i’ll be seeing when and if its made, and having RR on board to direct would be fantastic. the guy shoots under budget and in a fast paced manner.

  4. I say we all boycott Green Lantern so the franchise fails and we can see Reynolds as Deadpool again :)

    • AGREE!

    • No… green lantern will suck on its own. but reynolds does not make a good deadpool. He just isn’t a great actor, he is a mediocre one at best. We need a dark and violent movie, with a well written plot and well scripted dialouge, and plenty of witty dark comedy. Reynolds will ruin it.

      Reynolds as deadpool = George Clooney as Batman
      Expirienced actor as deadpool = Christian Bale as Batman

  5. Why does everyone insist that Reynolds plays Deadpool?? Dont get me wrong he’s a good actor/action star, but there are other choices out there even for such a distinct character attitude. Off the top of my head: Chris Pine

    • Because he played him in Wolverine???

      • Which killed the Deadpool character…..

        • The script and style they used for Deadpool killed the character, not Ryan..
          And he agrees they did not do the character good at all.

          • I didnt say Reynolds killed the character A@ronW. Im saying the movie ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ sucked and just because reynolds played Deadpool in that does not mean he has to in ‘Deadpool’

    • your trippin have you ever read a deadpool comic? chris pine? yea hes kirk but wade wilson? wade wilson even refrences ryan reynolds as himself and one point in a series. and if youve read the script youd know that its reynolds. and lets all pray to BEA ARTHUR this gets made and i already intend on watch GL online so BOYCOTT GL

      • AT*

      • read a comic, saw the wolverine movie, and im pretty sure actors can act differently than we are used to seeing them. thats why they are actors. Have you seen ‘Smokin Aces’?? Reynolds was a serious fed, whereas Chris Pine was some crazy sloppy contract killer. Their real life personalities dont have to take part in their work people.

        Deadpool just needs a voice and the right build. Everything else is written on paper and hidden behind a mask. If Reynolds does GL instead of Deadpool let him. If he does both, fine. But many will look back thinking: how stupid- was no one else in hollywood capable of portraying a superhero??

        • oh and i already read the script actually. And it doesnt have to be reynolds give me a break

          • hah sorry man no disrespect intended. you DO make a valid point i completely forgot about smokin aces nice example from that point of you i can see where your coming from but i guess because of deadpools refrence to ryan rynolds and since it did happen in a movie it just would be like awsome but the world isnt that awsome so i guess we can dream..

  6. man he was Sooo awesome in wolverine i cant wait for this movie to be made!

    • On the contrary, Deadpool’s character in Wolverine was a sick descration of what Deadpool should be like. I love the fact that Reynolds played him, but they ruined Deadpool in Wolverine. All the more reason why I want this movie made.

  7. he played wade wilson in wolverine

    not deadpool at all

    • He played Wade Wilson for about 20 minutes at the beginning of the movie. He played “Deadpool” in the last 20. Both representations were awful. Plus they “killed him” at the end. Which killed a whole lot of decent story they could have possibly used. Now if they try to bring him back it’s just stupid.

      • they didnt kill him theres a scene after the credits where hes looking for his head and the head looks at the camera and goes “SHH” and the script is written where origins wolverine was a film that deadpool saw and hated it even has the baraka deadpool action figure in it and he staples a picture of hugh jackman to his face twice…

        • i thought it was a different actor that played “Deadpool” at the climax of Wolverine

          • it was a combination of the two actors the athletic scenes of him flipping around all over the place was the other guy the close ups were reynolds and the after credit scene you cant really tell who it is strange they went in that direction

            • didnt really look like Reynolds at all to me anyway. even in the close ups, they gave Weapon XI screen credit to another actor

              • yea i remember but if you watch the scene where it does the close up and he smiles threw his stupid sewn up mouth its clearly reynolds just imagine him with a bald head and a matrix mouth ripoff… o and stupid baraka katanas coming out his hands. i mean whos bright idea was it to screw up deadpool that bad…

                • Whoah whoah whoah really? I never knew that scene was there. I feel totally inept now.

                • You can’t expect Fox Abattoirs to get it right can you?

                  I’m boycotting all the super hero counterfeit movies released by that slaughter house.

              • It was Scott Adkins.

                • Adkins for Iron Fist!

      • actually… he didnt play deadpool at the end… watch the credits man… it was someone else…

  8. For those that read the comic book

    What is the consistent theme in the comic as far as adult or teen rating? Should the movie be PG13 or R?

    • HARD R

    • Ogb, R..no way around it. i mean, would anyone see a PG-13 Punisher movie?

      • Gotcha, as expected

        The whole “It’s on the line between R and PG13″ is a little disturbing then. If it’s HARD R then make it R

        • if RR ends up in the directors chair expect it to be R. a few years back when the Red Sonja remake was being talked about and he was at Comic-Con with McGowan, someone asked him if Red Sonja was gonna be R rated. his response “my name is RR” to which the crowd went berserk lol. i actually wouldnt mind seeing that reimaging Of Red Sonja either, only cuz Nielson butched the role.

          • Oh I’m sure it will. He knows how to handle violence and action too. Planet Terror more than made up for Death Proof in the Grindhouse double feature.

            Ok, let’s hope he gets it.

            • i like Death Proof! lol

              • Well, that’s where we part ways lol

                • ahahahaha, nice. im just a fan of QT, i will admit, it is the least watched film of his i have in my collection.

                  • QT myself as well, but that’s the only film that I don’t want in my collection.

                    1. Jackie Brown
                    2. Reservoir Dogs
                    3. Pulp Fiction

              • Deeadpool stole his personality from Spiderman. Oh yeah, btw Spidey has broken the fourth wall before. So all you DP fans can get off your soapbox about how original DouchePeel is.

                • its not all about his personality and breaking the forth wall which yea spidey mabe did it before but deadpool does it so much better. its the fact that he has unconventional tactics and unpredictability and has prolly kicked most of the major super heroes asses including spidey cable hulk and wolverine. its also the fact that hes not a heroe hes not the definition of hero hes in the grey area like most people in the world well i know im like that hes not good but hes not rotten to the bone. he’ll make the right choice if includes detroying mankind but he’ll shoot you in the leg for takin his crumpets or his seat. spider man is a typical wimp boring and incompetent and he’ll get his ass handed to him on a platter by deadpool so get out of here with your negativity

    • that depends really… do the fans want a funny movie with the action on par with spider man movies? or do they want a kill bill movie with deadpools mouth running all the time? ild be surprised if it would be “R” but im hopefull still

      • Have you read the review of the script yet? Or read the comics? This kind of movie would have to be R. The point has to get across that he’s not a hero, and that he doesn’t care who he kills or how he kills them. This has to be R rated. And it will be if QT directs it.

  9. Deadpool has to be R rated makin this movie kid friendly will destroy everything the movie needs to be its that simple

  10. I would like to see him as a wise cracking Spidey, but meh

  11. If Reynolds can’t find the time, I wouldn’t mind seeing Topher Grace get beefed up and take on the role. He’s just as snarky as Reynolds and I enjoyed him as Venom (wishing they wrote him better).

    • Joe K

      If you rearrange your name a certain way you’ll know how I feel about Topher playing Deadpool


  12. i like what u said it would risky from a box office $tandpoint… $$$ thats the main reason any movies get made… if they think that there is profit in it they will make it… if it would be more profitable for it to be pg-13 they will make it that… darn shame… just imagine how incredably epic this movie would be with an r rating?… kill bill meets allen from the hangover man!!! epic!!!

    • It depends on the director. Marvel’s had a lot of original ideas lately, especially with signing Joss Whedon for The Avengers. I can see them trying an R rated movie with Deadpool. But it won’t happen without the right direction. QT or Rodriguez would be good choices. But if it was like Sam Raimi’s Spiderman, sure they’d have the wise-cracks, but what separates Deadpool from Spidey is that Deadpool doesn’t really have the same sense of justice that Spiderman has. I think that this movie would actually make more money if they made it an R rating, because people would like it more. Inglorious Basterds would have been awful if it had been rated PG-13, and it was nominated for several Oscars instead. An R rating doesn’t necessarily mean that it would lose a ton of money.

  13. yes, yes and YES!!!!!!!!!

    we need the movie NOW!!!!!!!

  14. Its a sad observation, but toy companies RARELY make action figures from R rated flix. deadpool would only be done justice in an R rated film. More’s the pity.

    • Mcfarlane Toys?

  15. The more I think about it the more two other candidates for Wade Wilson pop up in my mind,

    Josh Duhamel has proven he has the attitude and acting chops needed for such a role.

    And I am sure I will get a lot of crap for this, but I think Dane Cook could really do the role justice.

    • did you just suggest Dane Cook? ROFL

      • it sounds Funny, but for the arse that Wade is, I think Dane Cook could pull it off, I would hope he would up his acting ability. as he currently has less talent than the Obamahead Chia Pet.

  16. I would prefer it if another actor took over the role of Deadpool. It doesn’t seem like Ryan Reynolds will have a lot of time and that will just further delay the possibility of a Deadpool movie.

  17. If the film actually gets made than I have a great idea for the sequel. (NOTE: I have read the script so some may be somewhat of a spoiler)

    Since some characters from Deadpoool’s past were introduced, than they should bring in some other classic characters of the comics such as T-Ray, Agent X, Slayback, and Dr. Killebrew. As for the story, here is what I think would be cool:

    When one of Deapool’s oldest (and richest) clients, Tolliver, dies, he left his will to any who find his stash of weapons and money that would make the A-Team look the Strawberry Shortcake Gang. So when news spreads of this will, mercenaries from hither and beyond to get whatever they find. When Deadpool hears of this he doesn’t take much into this until he hears that Tolliver’s last contact (and only person that knows where the will is) is Dr.Killebrew, Deadpool goes guns-a-blazing to find Killebrew and Tolliver’s will, but not just for revenge but to fix his failing healing factor. On the way he runs into faces of the past, such as: T-Ray (another Warehouse experiment that Killebrew hires to protect him from Deadpool and sworn enemy of Deadpool in the comics), Slayback (an Irish mercenary who was killed by Deadpool when he was normal, but brought back as a cybernetic goblin like man who is out to kill him), Alex Hayden (another Warehouse experiment who was given the same abilities as Wade including insanity, but without the cancer who is after the will as well) and Deadpool’s old flame who has been altered by gentice tampering with Mystique’s DNA giving her the same abilities who is after the will to get out of her dead end life while using the skills she learned from dating Deadpool, Vanessa Carsyle A.K.A. Copycat. With the help of Weasel, him and Wade have to dodge bullets, super mercenaries, regular mercenaries, and psychotic ex-girlfriends. How much crap can two guys get? We’ll figure it out.

    Now that would make a great follow-up to the first film.