Ryan Reynolds Offers ‘Green Lantern 2′ & ‘Deadpool’ Updates

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Ryan Reynolds talks Green Lantern and Deadpool movie Ryan Reynolds Offers Green Lantern 2 & Deadpool Updates

Those who didn’t get their Ryan Reynolds fix from Green Lantern can amend the situation by checking him (and the movie) out in The Change-Up this Friday (look for our review later this week).

Comic book fans are likely more interested in hearing about two upcoming Reynolds-centric projects – Green Lantern 2 and Deadpool. According to the actor, he’s still hopeful about getting to play Wade Wilson onscreen (again), but doesn’t know yet whether he’ll be donning CGI green duds as Hal Jordan for a second time.

Next on the agenda for Reynolds is the Dark Horse comic book adaptation, R.I.P.D. Afterwards, he may be teaming up with visual effects artist-turned-director Tim Miller on Deadpool, which will be a “total reboot” of the title character, following his appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Reynolds told MTV that the Deadpool movie is still “in development,” but that he doesn’t expect to have to choose between starring in that or the R.I.P.D. adaptation. Even if that were the case, it’s pretty obvious which flick most fans would want Reynolds to move forward with.

(Hint: It’s not the one with undead cops and evil Kevin Bacon, as much fun as that sounds).

Zombieland duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are scripting the Deadpool movie, which is expected to retain the same elements (4th wall-breaking humor, graphic violence, etc.) that have earned the anti-hero a strong following from comic book readers. Miller is an untested talent in the area of directing, but his technical expertise should ensure that Deadpool will at least look and sound up to scratch.

Green Lantern 2

sad ryan reynolds in the green lantern corps Ryan Reynolds Offers Green Lantern 2 & Deadpool Updates

Despite recent word from Warner Bros. studio heads about a darker and edgier Green Lantern 2 being in development, Reynolds isn’t so sure he’ll be reprising his turn as daredevil test pilot-turned-intergalactic defender of justice, Hal Jordan, in the followup. Here’s what he told MTV, specifically:

“I have no idea, that’s not up to me. I don’t write those checks. And if I did I certainly wouldn’t be standing on a red carpet, I would be sunning myself somewhere… There are infinite [possibilities for a Green Lantern sequel]. 70 years of history there, you could go anywhere.”

A mid-credits scene in Green Lantern set the stage for a sequel that revolves around Sinestro (Mark Strong), but it’s possible the next Lantern pic will ignore that plot thread – and end up being a partial franchise reboot, along the lines of next year’s Ghost Rider 2. Heck, for all we know at this point, it could even end up featuring one of the other human Green Lanterns (like Alan Scott or Kyle Rayner) as its protagonist!

Arguably, though, the problems with the Hal Jordan character in Green Lantern had less to do with how Reynolds played him and more with how he was (poorly) written. So long as the screenplay for the sequel does a much-improved job of encompassing the Lantern mythology (among other things) there’s no reason why Reynolds shouldn’t be brought back.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of both Deadpool and Green Lantern 2, as more information is released.

Source: MTV

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  1. cant wait for dead pool

  2. He didnt have a multiple pic deal?

    • I’m pretty sure all that gets him is a guaranteed spot in a film as long as it is made, which it may not be, and I’m sure DC/WB has an escaped clause where they could change everything if they wanted too

  3. Totally would like to see John Stewart or Guy Gardner.

  4. So wait will deadpull be set in the (incredibly disjointed and messed up) X-men universe?
    too many people messed around with that without having a long term plan with these origins movies.

    • Deadpull? Last time I checked it was DeadPOOL, not pull, pool

      • Omg, look up “spoderman” and “dhedpul” on google and you’ll get it you uptight incredibly unhip grammar gnatzi! seriously, like yeah, he meant to misspell it, right, I hate when people get all uppity about something they don’t even get the joke of.

  5. I’m dying to see deadpool on the big screen with an R-rating ,cause this movie will never work with a PG-13 rating

    • From what I’ve heard, an R-Rating has ALWAYS been on the books for this one. ;-)

  6. I say why not both. But if I had to choose one I would choose DEADPOOL
    @john doe: It’s spelled DEADPOOL

    • l know

  7. Ryan Renolds wasn’t the problem with Green Lantern but pretty much everything else was. If somehow they decide to do a sequel I don’t see anything wrong with bringing him back. Just make sure everyone behind the camera gets replaced.

  8. Neither. These studios don’t get it.

  9. None…At least not with him.
    I dislike the guy very much. Besides, for Wade you need someone with snark and wit…this guy has neither

    • “for Wade you need someone with snark and wit…this guy has neither”

      I believe you are wrong.

      • @INK Agreed

        • Yea this is definately the best choice for Deadpool

      • You know, I really hate it when I agree with you. 8-)

        • I know, I know.

    • I don’t like him either. I don’t know what everyone sees in him.

  10. Ryan Reynolds is a great actor the writers were the trouble with GL he should do another GL and Deadpool but it is his choice so he might do neither

  11. ryan reynolds is more of a supporting actor then a lead, green lantern was not great but not that horrible.. ryan reynolds should have carried this film at least to 175 million domestically, this was reynold’s chance to carry his own franchise, so consider it mission failed..

  12. Deadpool and Taskmaster……

  13. i wouldnt mind a quasi-reboot/sequel of Green Lantern. Along the same likes as “Incredible Hulk” or as you said “Ghost rider”

    Id much rather see him as Deadpool.

    cast someone else. theres plenty of young good looking actors to choose from to call Hal Jordon. If the script is better, people wouldnt mind a replacement.

  14. Ryan Reynolds is perfect for this role.He played it the way the comic is!!Ryan is a great actor and played his part perfectly!!!!Cant wait to see Green Lantern #2!!!!

    • Alright my guy Deadpool it is…

  15. Deadpool is probably more obscure then Green Lantern to people past a certain age and the production crew that do the X-Men properties just seem so lost to me that even trying to bury their own screw-up with the character in Wolverine seems like another potential fail.

    Most of what I know about Deadpool was when he was a villain fighting Cable mostly and what I saw in the animated Hulk/Wolverine DVD a few years back. In all honesty the idea of Reynolds doing the same shtick for over an hour with what will probably be CGI and explosions everywhere seems like a hard sell to people who aren’t fans of the comic.

    • People have more demand for an even more obscure character just means as soon as it is a movie, Lantern will go more obscure than deadpool because people are going to notice and latch on to that movie once its made.

  16. I would be fine with passing the mantle of responsibility over to John Stewart. This could also be the beginning of a crossover Justice League movie similar to what Marvel is doing.

    Haha, maybe Reynolds could play the Flash after all?!

  17. Like the majority here, I cannot wait to see a deadpool movie. If they do go ahead with GL 2 I hope it is a reboot and I hope Reynolds is replaced.

  18. i wish they would shut up about how the deadpool movie is in the works. all i’ve read since xmen:blowverine came out was that they were getting a script ready yadddaaaa yadddaaaa yaddddaaaa reynolds is the man for it. if that’s the case, lets get going. we all want it, they know they’ll bank on it, what’s the problem? if it’s not going to have a hard R rating, don’t even bother. i know it says it will but you know how they cater these movies to the kids. feels like it’s just the stupid ant-man problem we’ve all read about for the past few years, it’s annoying. as for green lantern 2, just drop it already. we don’t need edgier and darker. they dropped the ball on that so be done with it. if they want to do a justice league movie, we have the GL backstory, no need for a sequel. Get the flash, wonder woman, martian manhunter, hawkman or whoever else they plan to use in that movie up and going. marvel at least had the common sense to put movies out that made them tie into the avengers w/ the same actors, think dc is going to do that? HECK NO. we are going to get the watered down version where they just pick new actors to throw in there like the one that almost got made a few years back. then they will wonder why it wasn’t as big a hit as it should have been. don’t get me wrong, i love watching superhero movies. just very frustrating going to the movies and paying for crap like the hulk, superman returns, gl, blowverine, spiderman 3, elektra (didn’t see in theater), etc. then we all come on here in the masses to piss and moan about this or that. then we hear the studios complaining because no one liked their crap movie that they put soooo much money into. are these people that dumb that they can’t recognize a bad movie before or as it’s being shot? just blows my mind. ok i’m done ranting haaa

  19. I agree with cgisuperman. I’m not holding my breath when it comes to the Deadpool movie. Even if they finally get the go ahead, which is getting more and more unlikely, Fox has a horrible track record, and Reynolds, Deadpool fan though he may be, doesn’t have enough leeway to make sure they don’t mess it up. I mean, Hugh Jackman is clearly a fan of Wolverine. He’s done the research, but even HE couldn’t save Origins, and I’d argue he’s a much better actor with much more pull in Hollywood. Plus we’ve currently got an untested director and less-than-stellar screenwriters.

  20. X-men remake please and take the style that nolan did with batman but not as realistic where there are no powers ,but as realistic as can be. maybe focus on what mutant are dealing with, the fear the humans hatred, and being hunted down, and family turning against one another, things that the first two x-men films had that style really drew me in.

  21. Green Lantern is the worst comic book movie of the year.

    Thor, X-Men: First Class and Captain America: The First Avenger destroy Green Lantern critical and financial because the movie was awful compare to those movies.

    The cast was okay, the story was written badly, the humour was over the top where I was wondering whether or not this movie was a spoof.

    It is maybe the worst comic book movie in years.

    Forget Green Lantern 2, Reynolds should do Deadpool.

    • Thats what I was saying from the start!!! But people are like, “Hey man, Deadpool was in XMO:W and Green Lantern never had a solo lie action movie”

      First off… THATS NOT F@$KING DEADPOOL!!! A merc with a mouth needs a mouth!!!

      He was born to play that role, Green Lantern in nothing compared to him…

      • I completely agree. Deadpool from XMO was a complete letdown once he got all his powers. Pre-powers, he was exactly as Deadpool should be, so I’m really excited for a redo, especially with Reynolds.

        When you take into account most of his other roles, Hannibal King from Blade: Trinity, Monty from Waiting, and even Van Wilder, he was born to be the snarky antihero, and it shows.

  22. The more and more I think about it, I don’t know if Reynolds fits the bill for Deadpool anymore. I will agree that Reynolds has that cockyness that Deadpool needs but it is quite different. Deadpool says crazy stuff because he is crazy/insane. His speech isn’t that calculated compared to Reynolds direct wit and humor. Deadpool almost always has his mask on if not he is scarred…Reynolds is a leading man and think the studio would change the origin and have Wade Wilson with no scares so they can show his face.

    Next thing is: Do they make him a Villain or make him an Anti-hero like they have done in recent years? Who would he actually face off against? I don’t think Marvel would even make it that great, lets face it, they are owned by Disney and can’t see them releasing a Rated-R film that limits the number of ppl that can see it. Too much money would be lost. Sad

    I want to to see it but done right like everyone else. I love his comics and cable/deadpool team up series.

    • Well for the scared face they’d probably pull a SPAWN tactic where they have him in make-up & what not, but during the action they’d put him in the mask.

      The insanity aspect is actually just his actual personality & not really due to the experiments as most people seem to believe. The only thoing that the experiments did to his mind as far a disfigurement is mostly a shortened unstable temper, Pool’O’Vision, the fact that most characters find him to be annoying, he can be a bit abusive to his friends, & the ability to not be telepathically controled or have his mind read by people such as Professor Xavier. It really doesn’t take much to be a “random” person that says out landish things at times. I do it all the time at the drop of a hat. Deaddpool really “insane” or even stupid as many characters around him seem to believe, it’s mostly just for show so that he can catch them off gaurd when he really needs to. The voices on the other hand can be explained in a few different ways.

      The yellow speach box is most likely his own thoughts that everyone has. Since he knows that he lives in a comic book world the white box could just be a representation of the reader or the writerspeaking out to him.While they do express their disliking of him at times that could be explained with stored guilt (& there’s a lot of it) from his past. Then let’s not also forget that he wants to die.

      They hard R-rating shouldn’t be a problem especially since Blade did very well on it’s own. Also what many don’t know is that Disney owns & distributed “No Country For Old Men” as we all know is far from what Disney usually puts out. Besides more people now are willing to see a quality R-rated flick than just something they tryed (but heavily failed)to make for a wider audience.(Looking at you 2003 Punisher). Basically if the story is solid, the actings on par, & the action sequences are a force to be recconed with then this movie should do fine. Also they need to do everything to avoid too much camp factor. it’s one thing to be quick & witty, but it’s a whole nother ball game to just be over the top & silly.

      I do agree with you on that last part though. In order for Deadpool to have any sort of enemy or certian allies they’d have to barrow from other movie companies that hold the rights to certian super heroes. After all Deadpool is probably the most important character of Marvel when it comes to showing that they all exist in the same universe since he delt with just about every major hero & villian in that Universe. If they put him in a story with the X-Men (which they probably will) he’ll have to be the villian unless they put him with Cable (which may never happen in movie form). Other wise I don’t see them putting Norman Osborne, Spidey, Daredevil, or Bullseye in this film. Why? Because Sony is just as greedy & backstabbing as Fox. They may put Hydra in so that he can meet Bob but even then they may change that so that he’s just a random guy off the street as they like to do in movies now. Pretty much they just may end up making a Hit-Man 2 staring Deadpool.

      Last thing is that Ryan really needs to make up his mind on if he’s truely dedicated to the cause of this thing getting done & done properly. He is after all the one that got the ball rolling for this. But he needs to free up his schedual if he really wants to play this character. Other wise he can just be a producer & they can find someone else to play him while he goes off & plays like 60 other comic book characters. I mean DP is one of 4 characters he’s already played (GL, Hannibal King, Wade Wilson/DP, & soon R.I.P.D.). He was even offered the roll of The Flash for a movie. I mean come on man It’s nice to wanna play all your favorite CB heros in a movie, but it’s really best if you just pick one & stick with it so that someone else might have a chance to live out their child hood fantacies.

  23. Deadpool will be directed by “Tim Mueller”?! Come on, Screen Rant, get the guy’s name right- it’s Tim Miller! Come on!

    • Relax, dude, it was an honest mistake – everyone makes those, once in a while.

      It’s been corrected.

  24. I still hope there is a Green Lantern 2 I do believe it will be better then the first, i enjoyed the movie. It wasnt the worst thing in the world. I am sure it would be actually good if you keep the story going with the sinestro plot and all returning cast. it wasnt there fault. just the studio rushing it and a director who doesnt make those type of movies. So id just see how the sequel would be and give it a chance. its not like they will be making you watch the same movie again

  25. More Green Lantern, NOW!

  26. What about John Stewart in the next one?

    • Hal Jordan is the only GL that will make it on the big screen. Seriously, I’d rather see Guy Gardner or Killiwog get a crack at it than John Stewart or Kyle Rayner. Buncha poosers. Ryan Reynolds made a great Hal Jordan, and Hal Jordan is the ONLY lantern that comes to mind when you say, “The Green Lantern”. Do I think the movie could have been better? yea. Am I glad I saw it? Yep. Would I see the sequel? Dang straight. Would I pay my hard earned money to see a Green Lantern movie without Hal Jordan played by Ryan Reynolds? Not a chance.

  27. Alan Scott. In a movie. No.

    I love that Screen Rant has taken it upon itslef to destroy Green Lantern, so many snide little comments, its getting old.

    • Crappy movies get crapped on, problem?

  28. I know I’m biased, but there’s one man to play Hal Jordan and that man is Nathon Fillion.

    For John Stewart, Michael Jai White. I can see Ryan playing Kyle Rayner.

    As far as Deadpool, yep, that’s Ryan all the way. Could they get Tim Daly and Kevin Conrad to do the two voices in Deadpool’s head? Yes I know, Tim did Sup’s voice over work and Kevin’s been the voice of Bats for a long time.

    • While I would love to see Nathan Fillion do green lantern, I think he needs to do the Nathan Drake movie. Ryan Reynolds fits the role of Green Lantern well, but needs a better script. Ryan also seems the perfect choice for Deadpool, problem is Disney making a film that does the character justice as someone else said. Censor the character at all, and it misses the mark. I think Marvel/Disney would have to lease Deadpool to another studio for it to be made right.

  29. Hmmm Well they did do away with the big floating talking conscious glowing blob of poo (“Parallax”itive) villain in the first Green Lantern movie so it’s possible sequel is automatically going to be better! :) However, GOOD WRITING is ABSOLUTELY essential! No more muddling around if they get a second shot at this. As far as the DP movie is concerned, more power to them :) Bring it on please. :D Gimme some comical foulmouthed mayhem and fourth wall breakin!