Next, MTV directly asked Reynolds how he felt about how Wade Wilson/Deadpool were treated in the Wolverine solo movie. This is something Reynolds has been good at responding about since before the movie even came out. It was obvious, he wasn’t a fan of how they transformed the character in the movie be he always responded professionally and looked at it as a chance to break the ice in introducing the character and hopefully it leading to what he really wants to do: a solo Deadpool movie based on the comics and done right. So far, it looks like we might get just that and I’m excited to see what comes of the Deadpool project.

So, how does he feel about the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and did it match what he wanted from the character?

“Yeah, I think the initial moment of the sequences that involve Wade, I think it did. It’s always difficult to fully embrace something that isn’t perfect, in terms of staying true to the source material. So it was a little bit frustrating. I really wanted to play Wade, and I really wanted to play Deadpool, and it would kill me to see someone else play them. I had a kind of ham-fisted attitude that it had to be perfect, but it doesn’t. The movie’s called “Wolverine,” it’s not called “Deadpool” or “Wade.” I thought it was a nice little wink and tip of the hat to things to come. Finding the tone of that character alone is such a difficult prospect. I’ve been in so many meetings lately about “Deadpool” and meeting all these writers. Everyone is always looking for that one line, “What is that character?” and for me it’s kind of like, “There’s a guy, and he’s in a highly militarized comedic fame spiral.” That’s not an easy thing to write — an entire screenplay, let alone a franchise. I had a blast playing Wade. Every line I had in that was stuff I thought he would say. It wasn’t something that a writer said to me. It was fun to really create that character, including everything he spits out of his awful mouth.”

Following this, the conversation steered towards that other major role he’ll be playing: Green Lantern. MTV asked him the usual about his knowledge or history of the comics and Reynolds responded that he’s always known about the character but wasn’t a follower of the series.

In terms of the movie however, Reynolds’ thoughts and skepticism about the character having his own movie completely changed when meeting director Martin Campbell.

“I fell in love with the character when I met with [director] Martin Campbell. When I sat down with him, I really got what it is that this guy is all about. When you have a guy like Martin Campbell, part of his charm is that he has ba–s of titanium, and the other part is that he’s slightly crazy, and you have to be to take on something with the scope of “Green Lantern.” He’s less of the director and more of a general. He just really knows strategies, he knows the intricacies, and his attention to detail! It’s infectious. I sat down with him, and I could not even believe what he was saying. When I went to the meeting, I was entirely cynical. I thought, “What the hell, I’ll see what they have to say,” and I left the room with a completely different perspective.”

Campbell is the director behind such films as Casino Royale, Beyond Borders, GoldenEye and the Zorro movies – all of which I loved except for the second Zorro flick.

So, there you have it – that’s the latest on Ryan Reynolds and his thoughts on the year and his two big movies coming out. It seems so far that the films are in the right hands with the right star to lead the charge. I expect big things and am happy that Reynolds was chosen as the man for the job(s).

Are you excited about Green Latern and X-Men Origins: Deadpool?

If you’re a Ryan Reynolds fan or are simply excited about either of these movies – check out our lengthy discussion piece on Green Lantern and Deadpool which looks at a bit of history on the two projects, how they might affect each other and much more.

Green Lantern is officially scheduled to open in theaters June 17, 2011 and Deadpool was expected to open sometime that year as well. That year of course is the year of the comic book movie also featuring the likes of Thor, The First Avenger: Captain America, Spider-Man 4, another possible X-Men flick and many more.

Source: MTV

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