Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool & Green Lantern

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ryan reynolds green lantern and deadpool Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool & Green Lantern

Two big comic book movies I’m very much looking forward to are Green Lantern and Deadpool and it’s not because of my man-crush on Ryan Reynolds. Well, that’s part of the reason, but these movies will both be pushing the popular and fast-growing genre in new directions and both are attempting to bring an unknown character to mainstream audiences.

Deadpool has a slight advantage, having been introduced and extending off the successful X-Men franchise with his mishandled appearance in this summer’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. While the character was completely misused, it was a blessing in disguise as it allowed Ryan Reynolds to showcase Deadpool’s alter ego Wade Wilson which earned him fan support and the greenlight for his own solo spinoff movie.

Green Lantern on the other hand, doesn’t have that advantage of a pre-introduction. However, it does have the full backing of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. and a $150 million budget – It also includes Ryan Reynolds as the star if you didn’t get that already.

Ryan Reynolds is now a solidified A-list star with the weight of two in-development blockbuster films from both major comic book publishers on his shoulders, set to help kickstart new franchises. In the case of DC, he’s to help launch an integrated shared universe of superhero films similar to what Marvel Studios has already begun with their Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Avengers properties and more.

Needless to say, it’s a fantastic time for comic book fans and moviegoers alike as “geek” is the new cool and we’re seeing it daily in the media, growing through movies, television and video games.

This year, the actor that MTV is most thankful for is Ryan Reynolds. While it’s a bit of a strange honor, I can’t disagree. In all serious, Reynolds has always been a fave of mine and this year he hit it big this year with The Proposal, Adventureland and of course a long-awaited chance to see him play Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. On top of all of that, he is starring in another indie titled Buried which will test his acting prowess with the movie featuring only him in a coffin for its full run length. And last but not least, he of course signed on to the two massive franchises we’re talking about here today.

MTV got the chance to tell Reynolds this in person and interview him about the year he’s had. In the interview, they of course touched on the subjects we’re interested in and we’ve pulled those parts to share with you. To start, MTV applauded the Canadian actor for going after what he wants to do and making it a reality.

“It’s incredibly validating and gratifying when you can see that you can manifest something that you desperately want or a goal that you have. This is a difficult industry to get anything made, let alone a passion project, so when you see people understand what your vision is and come aligned with that common goal, it’s pretty cool. I’m including all the creative types that are actually involved with “Deadpool” and “Green Lantern,” because those guys want to make an authentic movie, and that’s something a few years ago studios disregarded. “

What moment stands out this year?

“I think, seeing the prototypes for the Green Lantern costumes was a huge moment. It was a moment when I was like, “This is happening, and it’s happening in the right way.” That’s a pretty cool, definitive moment for me. “

That’s something many of us wish we were there for.

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  1. Deadpool is coming after Green Lantern? I thought it was the other way around.

  2. Sounds pretty good and I do like Ryan Reynolds as a superhero; I wish they could have found someone else to play one of these two characters but hey, what can you do?

  3. The Green Lantern has been my favorite superhero since I was 5, so naturally I’m very excited for the movie…Although, I am still kind of hoping that the part will be recast between now and when production starts.

  4. i just realize this! ryan reynolds play 2 comic character, one from DC and one from Marvel!both is like arc-nemesis.

  5. I really like Ryan Reynolds and I think it will be cool to see him as a superhero – twice! I have no prior knowledge about Deadpool but I liked Reynolds as his alter-ego in Wolverine until he got all lame at the end.

  6. This might be kind of difficult to do in a short amount of words but could someone explain to me the basic character attributes/plot-line of The Green Lantern? I feel like such a noob haha! (I’m more of a Batman/Spider-Man guy). I tried wikipedia but there was a lot of confusing information about a whole bunch of different versions. If someone would help me out that would be great!

  7. I do not understand the excitement for a Deadpool movie, it is such a minor character, who is annoying and uninspired. And as much as I love Green Lantern, how will all those powers come across on screen? I worry it will look too… silly, for sake of a better word.

    I like Reynolds though, he has a good energy and wit about him, but I worry for both of these movies. In fact I worry for anything that comes out of Marvel after Wolverine was allowed to be inflicted on the public.

  8. Minor character for sure. I never even knew about Deadpool until this Wolverine movie was being hyped up, lol. But to be honest, his character is very interesting now that I know about him. Mainly because unlike so many super heros, he has no gripes about killing people, is sarcastic, and that breaking the fourth wall adds a funny spin to the whole thing. I’m personally looking forward to Deadpool, and Green Lantern because it’s being directed by my man Martin Campbell, lol.

  9. Ah yes I forgot Martin Campbell was directing GL. I’d rather they got him back for the next Bond movie though. He made 2 of the best!

  10. I agree 100%. Marc Forster was horribly ill-qualified to direct a Bond film. Martin Campbell knows how to make a dramatic action movie with plot. The only Pierce Brosnan Bond movie I liked was Goldeneye, and Casino Royale is epic. Both happen to be from the same guy… GL should be pretty good.

  11. Do you not like Tomorrow Never Dies??? I know the villain is abit weak, but i really love it. Certainly the first hour and a half, it has some of the best action sequences in any Bond film, and some fantastic one liners. Ah, I miss the one liners from Bond.

    I suppose with Campbell at the helm and Reynolds starring, GL could be pretty good.

  12. Yah, I thought Tomorrow Never Dies had the weakest, dumbest villain, which made the whole movie seem lame since it’s like “really, it’ll take 2 hours to show Bond take out this idiot??” For me, the villain in the Bond films is almost as important as Bond himself. Goldeneye was great because the villain is freakin 006, a 00 agent at it longer than Bond himself. You can’t get a better match-up.

    And come on, you can’t go wrong with a tank chase through the streets of Russia…

  13. Oh no I think you have got me wrong, I love Goldeneye! It is one of the few Bond films that has an actual dramatic narrative, and a proper, realistic story.
    When Bond films have a real sense of drama they work well, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, For Your Eyes Only, The Living Daylights, From Russia With Love, Casino Royale, are the best examples.

    Bond works well in the real world, the ones i listed above all have realistic stories and are grounded in reality.

    But the latest two have been so humourless, a lot of people are now critisising Brosnan which is so unfair, he managed a wonderful balance in his Bond, there could be the hard edged cruel killer, but also never afraid to make a quick quip when a man falls into a printing press and ends up aa a bloody smear. ” They’ll Print Anything These Days”

    I want to see Craig do the odd one liner, wouldnt hurt.

  14. Can’t wait for Deadpool.
    But I suppose Green Lantern won’t be so bad,
    Considering Wade and Hal are almost the exact same person (Personality-Wise / Wise-Cracking).

  15. @DrSamBeckett

    Keep in mind, the one-liners and dialogue is not the work of Pierce Brosnan. They have a script for that. The reason why Brosnan is criticized is because his acting is usually pretty flat and mediocre. He was alright in Goldeneye because of a good director.

    And FYI, Casino Royale had plenty of funny one-liners, but they just weren’t as corny. Come on, don’t tell me you don’t remember the “That last hand, it almost killed me” line, that got me laughing, lol. Or the “Shaken or stirred?” “Do I look like I give a ****?” A little joke reference to the older Bond movies, haha. Or when he orders some crazy concoction (sp?) which was kind of funny in itself. Or on the train, “I’m the money.” “Worth every penny.” Or the gag when the guy mistakened him for the valet. Not a one-liner, but it was pretty humorous. And even while he was being tortured, you must remember the “No! No! No! To the left!!” lol

  16. @Ken J

    I think the problem is, for me at least, that while the one liner were there and the ones you mentioned are actually pretty funny. I find myself missing the corny gags in a way, the innuendo, I’m not saying make it like the Roger Moore films.

    I dont know, maybe Bond just isnt as funny as he used to be, because of this new interpretation of the character. The lack of humour, it just seems really lacking, I think the Brosnan films got the combination right (maybe not Die Another Day) of death and wit.

    It appears we have hijacked another topic. Oops!

  17. Oh yah, lol. What was it last time? Oh wait, it was Bond also the last time we hijacked a thread, lol!!

  18. Green Lantern has no choice but to be epic the story is just to massive. I am nervous about the budget though I dont think 150million is enough for this movie, I thought that the WB would at least toss 250million at it. Didnt the harry potter movies all have abudget of at least 200mill??. Renoylds is a great actor though so at least this movie has him and the WB wich is by far the best studio for this project couldnt even imagine how bad it would be if fox got there hands on it.

  19. @neontiger21

    There are a few different “Earth” Green Lanterns. The film is based on the Hal Jordan GL (classic story). He’s a fearless test pilot and when a dying member of the GL Corp crash lands on Earth, he passes the ring and mantle to Jordan.


  20. These 2 movies are probably near the top of my list of movies I’m excited for. I’ve definitely become a big fan of Ryan Reynolds this past year after seeing “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “The Proposal”. He’s so versatile as an actor and on top of that he’s truly passionate about Green Lantern and Deadpool, which means both movies will be good. Ryan is just a nerd like most of us and I know he goes into these meetings and is looking out for us and the characters. He won’t let something bad get put onto the screen if he can help it and I have much respect for him because of it. He’s probably one of my favorite actors in the business now.

  21. all of a sudden RR is some sort of god to all internet fanboys now. just like JACKIE EARL HALEY.

  22. @!_! i agree its just his swagger i guess, he fits alota roles in my mind. i do wish he would do some more comedies i love his style of comedy.

  23. It’s a bit tough for me to see Deadpool happening with Reynolds as this point. While I agree the character was underused in Wolverine, what was the main difference in Reynolds wisecracking Wade and the wisecracking Hannibal King? Not much.

    And if the title is “X-Men Origins: Deadpool” (?) does that mean there is no ret-con of “X-Men Origins : Wolverine”? Will Scott Wilson be back as a martial arts/stunt double? Deadpool will wear a mask, right?