Ryan Reynolds to star in Indie flick, Buried

Ideally, they’ll be able to schedule enough time for both projects to release as planned, but that will prove difficult if both are set for a 2011 release and both are big budget summer fare. Reynolds already suffered through schedule limitations for his involvement in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and had to finish scenes after principal photography had ended so he could be more than just a cameo in the flick.

Since Deadpool has no director or writer yet, let alone an official production schedule, I presume that the Martin Campbell–directed Green Lantern will start first. Not to mention that it already has several drafts of the screenplay done.

Let’s not forget, Reynolds was also just announced to be starring in an independent film called Buried which will see the talented actor stuck in a coffin all by himself for the entire length of the film. That’s expected to be finished for a debut next year and he’s just about to start filming that (or already has…).

As an Indie flick, the shoot for that film will be quite short so that’ll be workable into his schedule, especially if he’s starting this month – it’ll be done before the others even start. These other two biggies though involve a ton of shooting and even more press-related stuff.

Call me selfish, I want both movies and I want them both done right and not rushed (unlike Wolverine which clearly was). One person who’s pumped about the idea of Reynolds getting the Hal Jordan gig is Deadpool creator, Rob Liefeld who had this to say on his twitter account after the news broke:

“Deadpool as Green Lantern? Sounds good to me!! The Deadpool budget just got bigger fo sho.”

You can follow Liefeld on his twitter account for great updates @robertliefeld or myself at my newly-created @rob_keyes.

If I get a chance to speak with Reynolds at San Diego Comic-Con next week, I’ll be sure to ask how Green Lantern will affect the Deadpool film and when we’ll be seeing it.

For those of you excited about the recent Ryan Reynolds news, here are two awesome pieces of fan art of the Canadian star in costume as the Green Lantern!

The following poster comes from Screen Rant reader, Josh Thomas:

A poster by Josh Thomas [Click to Enlarge]

Awesome work Josh, thanks for sending it in!

And last but not least, /Film was forwarded to a fan-made photo by Josh MC of Reynolds in full costume as Green Lantern and it looks amazing:

Incredibly realistic artwork by Josh MC [Click to Enlarge and see the detail]

Are you excited to see Reynolds bring Deadpool and Green Lantern to the big screen, and which are you more looking forward to?

Green Lantern is scheduled to open June 17, 2011 with a production start of next January, and X-Men Origins: Deadpool is tentatively planned also for a 2011 release.

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