Reynolds as Wade Wilson in one of Wolverine’s sweet action sequences

So, when news broke the other day that Ryan Reynolds was selected to play the lead role in Green Lantern, it was a surprising announcement to say the least. Not because I don’t think he fits the role (I actually think he’ll be amazing in that movie), but because he wasn’t one of the many long-rumored candidates for the role in the months leading up to the announcement.

When the leading three candidates were named as Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper and Reynolds, I had a strong feeling they wouldn’t go with Timberlake, and Reynolds I hadn’t heard anything about in regards to the movie. I thought with the growing stardom of Bradley Cooper and his madly successful summer with The Hangover, he’d be ripe to hit it big as the lead in a major feature film.

I was wrong but I’m happy about it.

The other big reason why this was unexpected is because there’s been a lot of comic book movie news surrounding the Canadian star this year already, but it was all about his role as Deadpool in that movie property from that other big Comic publisher.

So now, he’s planned to lead a Marvel-based film and a DC film… at the same time. All of this of course occurring while his wife suits up in tight black leather with her multi-picture contract with Marvel Studios, playing Black Widow. We got our first look of Scarlett in costume yesterday and she’s looking good from what we’re seeing.

X-Men Origins: Deadpool (as I’ll call it for now) is arguably the most anticipated movie out of Fox’s X-Men movies in development. The others being X-Men: First Class, Wolverine 2, a Gambit spinoff and X-Men Origins: Magneto.

How will this announcement of his involvement with Green Lantern affect the production of Deadpool?

More importantly, which will be chosen to come first by Reynolds if he has to prioritize one over the other? He has already started down the path with Deadpool and he’s passionate about the character and the comics.

On the other side, Green Lantern already reportedly has a massive $150 million budget allocated for it, and it could be the start of a new series of DC films that share a continuity along similar lines of what Marvel Studios is currently doing, leading up to the Avengers team-up. We keep hearing that Clark Kent will have an appearance in the movie but there’s no word on another Superman flick at the moment and Brandon Routh’s contract with WB has just expired so that may prove difficult.

Both of Reynold’s characters are relatively unknown to mainstream moviegoers, so both projects are a little risky for that reason, let alone the styles of each movie. Green Lantern will have a lot of extreme extra-terrestrial stuff going on which may not fly with all audiences and Deadpool will be attempting to speak to the camera.

I’m confident Reynolds on-screen persona and growing stardom will overcome these obstacles and turn both into something amazing for the fans and the studios.

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