Ryan Reynolds: ‘Deadpool’ Not Connected to ‘X-Men Origins'; Talks ‘Green Lantern 2′

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deadpool no longer connected to x men wolverine origins Ryan Reynolds: Deadpool Not Connected to X Men Origins; Talks Green Lantern 2

The cinematic adaptation of Marvel’s Deadpool has been stuck in development hell for some time now, a situation that doesn’t seem likely to immediately improve now that the character’s intense popularity has begun to wear off.

Still, Ryan Reynolds (who has been doing the rounds for Safe House) is optimistic that it’ll get made eventually.

In a recent interview, he talked about the proposed film — which apparently no longer has any connection to X-Men Origins: Wolverine – and discussed whether or not we’ll see a sequel to 2011’s greatest superhero flop, Green Lantern.

On the quality of Deadpool‘s current screenplay, courtesy of IGN, Reynolds said:

“The script, I think, is fantastic. It has been developed even further in the last three months or so. The film has to be rated R, and it has to be done a certain way, it has to do all these things that I am sure can worrisome for the guys cutting the checks for it. So if it’s going to be done, it needs to be done right.”

The Cast of X Men Origins Wolverine Ryan Reynolds: Deadpool Not Connected to X Men Origins; Talks Green Lantern 2

On Deadpool‘s connection (or lack thereof) to the much maligned Wolverine origin:

“[Deadpool] will actually have no connection to the one that was in Wolverine.”

Reynolds didn’t expand on why there will be no connection to Wolverine, but savvy fans can probably figure it out on their own: 1) Despite making bank, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not considered by many to be a beloved film (which is probably why The Wolverine has tried to distance itself as much as possible) and 2) the Deadpool that featured in the film was almost nothing like the comic book character that inspired him.

On the chances of Green Lantern 2 coming to fruition:

“I have no idea [about the chances of a ‘Green Lantern 2′]. Those movies have huge scale budgets and those kinds of things. Working in budget world like that is not fun, because you have a lot of investment and outcome. But if we end up doing a ‘Deadpool’ movie that could be a lot of fun.”

It sounds like Reynolds has already gone through the five stages of grief with regard to Green Lantern.  Also, his talk of “huge scale budgets” and “investment” implies he knows more than he’s telling, and it doesn’t bode well for the chances of a sequel anytime soon.

Lastly, on Deadpool‘s rating, when/if it ever gets made, Ryan Reynolds said:

“Having the opportunity to do it rated R would be the budget would have to be down enough where you can afford to take big risks and do most things that superhero movies can’t do yet.”

Blade proved that R-rated action-superhero films can be successful, so hopefully the filmmakers will take a similar route.

Safe House is in theaters now. Stay tuned for more Deadpool and Green Lantern 2 news as it develops.

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Source: IGN

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  1. Ifwas writing Deadpool, the intro would have the final fight of Wolverine&Sabretooth vs Deadpool. When Deadpool head is severed, the film would rewind a little and you hear “No No No No. That all wrong.” Camera turns from the TV to Deadpool in full costume in a lazy boy chair. “This is how its done.” Start film.

    • that would be EPIC!

      • I would get up and walk out.

        • You never read the Comic books I take it. That sounds just like DeadPool. His superpower(s) was being self aware that he is in a comic book, Game for those who play MVC3 that is why he grabs the camera and yells at you about how hes doing all the work and its not you 😛

          • No I don’t I prefer deadshot not the copied version.

            • come on dude…I love Deadshot too, but Deadpool is such a fun character.

              Please give him shot, please…

              • I will. As soon as I catch up with the new 52. Do you have any suggestions as where I should start with deadpool?

                • I do hope you realize that Deadpool is a Deathstroke ripoff, and NOT a Deadshot rip off…..

            • Obvious troll is obvious. Deadpool isnt a copy of deadshot. he was created as a goof on deathstroke, so much so that they have similar names. so if your going to be lame and complain, at least know what your talking about.

              • No. I thought it was dead shot. Not death stroke sorry I’m not geek enough for you. And I won’t stop anything cause I dont have the time to read as much as you guys. Lame nice one.

              • Man this site is full huge egos in the forums. So o could’t member between the deaths which one was the copy. Then I get one sensible reply, in which I responded with giving me a suggestion on where to start reading dp, then I get slammed for trolling. Whatever, I suppose I will get slammed for liking gl to. Cause this site loves to hate that film. If anyone is the troll on this site its all of the armchair qb’s that are the majoraty who post in these threads.

        • You would get up and walk out, but you would be so very wrong.

          Deadpool breaks the 4th wall and talks to the reader all the time. This idea fits with the comics like gangbusters.

          • I know enough about Deadpool to know he can and does break the fourth wall. But if he did that in the movie, I would also have to get up and leave. I think thats one thing that is charming and amusing in a comic book character in a comic book, but if a character in a live action big budget film stopped in the middle of a film to talk to me, the viewer, at the very least I could no longer take that film seriously. Maybe in an animated direct to dvd feature, but not a live action.

            • But…you’re not supposed to take it seriously. Because it’s a comedy. An action-comedy, but a comedy nonetheless.

            • Have you ever seen Micheal Caine’s Alfie? He breaks the fourth wall the entire movie and is considered one of Caine’s best performances/films.

            • Zach Morris broke the fourth wall all the time on Saved by the Bell

            • Did you like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

    • That would be totally wicked! ^-^

    • If I were to be making this, it would have no connection to that movie (unless Wade talks crap about “the one wolverine movie where he fights a mute”)

      But that would be it.

    • Hell yeah! That would be totally awesome!!!

    • Uh, yes. This is exactly how it needs to be done, I think.

    • That’s the interesting and completely unique thing about Deadpool. While the gross continuity issues would be a problem for most superheroes trying to do a spin-off, Deadpool, knowing hes a character in a comicbook, can break the 4th wall and use the Wolverine movie silliness to his advantage.

      I still shake my head every time I see those impossible 2′ arm blades extend out. What were they thinking??!

    • AWESOME idea.
      That’s the Deadpool I know. 😀

    • For the opening scene for the deadpool movie I think if they showed him gearing up before heading out always keeping the camera at an angle never showing his face till finally focusing on his mask as he grabs it to pull it over his face with his first lines as he draws both his firearms and points them at the camera and says”time for a little mayhem with a side of order of murder please chuckles and his finishing lines d@mm I make this look good! eat your heart out will smith laughing uncontrollably as he exits”

    • @Ignur.That’s funny as hell,especially since im watching the ending right now on FX.

    • That would be a great idea. Then if they wanted to bring him back for a future x-men movie or something, they’d have that dynamic in the comics of never quite knowing what his true origin is. Wolverine would be like, “Didn’t you have your mouth sewn up?” And wade would be like, “You wish.”

    • that would be pretty awesome, it would definitely make a lot of sense and be humorous and very fitting with a Deadpool movie..

      but i would wonder how casual (non comic reading) movie goers would feel about such an in your face introduction.

      i mean comic movies have the be somewhere between keeping the fanboys happy and making it appealing to everyone else haha

  2. The script was awesome, I wonder what they have changed. The opening scene was awesome.

  3. I really like Reynolds. he’s a good actor and he seems to really enjoy doing CBMs, but I’m kinda angry at how quickly he can change his mind: when GL was first released, he had nothing but positive things to say about it. He was already talking about plans for sequels and which way the character could be taken next. Now, he tries to avoid all GL related questions and says that he knows nothing about whether or not they’re planning a sequel.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for Deadpool to finally go into production (hopefully by 2014 we’ll be able to see our favorite merc with a mouth slash some guys up in a gory and violent fashion.)
    I’m really looking forward to it.

    • Sometimes I get the feeling you’re still learning about the world, or maybe you’re just young? Not sure…no offense meant, but this is an example of what I mean. Actors ALWAYS talk positively about a project they’re promoting, even if they have reservations about its outcome. It’s part of the job, it’s part of getting paid a million dollars to show up for a few hours a day during shooting…you also have to go do the press junket and help promote the film.

      If I were you I wouldn’t get too worked up about Reynolds “changing his mind,” because that’s not really what’s going on here. He probably loved working on the film, knew that it had problems, knows that they probably are having second thoughts about a sequel, and is saying as much.

      • Of course I know it’s the actor’s job to be positive about his film and promote it in the best way possible.
        That’s not the point I was trying to make. My issue lies with the COMPLETE change of opinion. If it were me standing in Reynold’s shoes, I’d at least stand by what I said. I wouldn’t have tried to avoid further questions about the film I was in and I wouldn’t have tried to alienate myself from the movie I worked on.

        Look at RDJ: he recently expressed that IM2 wasn’t the best one he’s done, but at no point (during the time the movie came out) did he go crazy about how amazing it is (he did promote it in a positive way, but he never made false statements – for example: in no interview did he say it was the better than the first one or that it would be the best movie of the year) AND at no point (after the movie came out) did he try to avoid the movie and all questions about the movie.
        He stood by his work even though he knew it wasn’t his best job.

        • How is he not standing by his previous statement, though? He said good things about the first film and is now saying he doesn’t know what’s going to happen with regard to number two. The most critical thing he says about GL is it sucks to work in a big budget world because there’s too much invested in the outcome.

          • Not talking about this interview in particlular…
            Previous ones. He always tried to ignore questions about GL now.

            • Okay, then how is ignoring Green Lantern 2 questions contradictory to being excited about the original Green Lantern?

              • He’s not excited about the GL project anymore…
                Don’t know how to phrase it any other way.

                At first he was pumped for GL and any future films it might spawn, and now, after the bad reviews, he’s like “oh yeah… Green Lantern 2… well I don’t know what they’re planning, and I don’t know if they’ll be making another one… anyway, let’s talk some more about Deadpool” — he completely changes HIS view on the movie and it’s future. If I were him, I’d at least stand by what I said before with a comment like “I’d love to do another one. I enjoyed working on the first one, but at this point, I’m not sure what the studio’s plans are for the character”.

                Doesn’t matter. He’s still a good actor, and very funny (his recent Top Gear interview was awesome). So I look forward to seeing him reprise his roles as Deadpool and Green Lantern so that he can do those characters justice next time round.

                • I just don’t think anything in there is contradictory. So you’re saying he was excited about Green Lantern before everyone hated it? Stop the presses!

    • Hell yeah same here i just wanna see deadpool kick some ass

  4. The deadpool movies will be coming in 2014 and i can,t wait to see it theather and green lantern 2 will be realese in 2014 or 2015 in theather and also i am looking forward to see two super hero movies.

    • Can I have tonights lottery numbers please? :)

  5. Why are studios so afraid of a R Rating? I remember many films in the 80’s and early 90’s that were Rated R and full of action and even nudity and were successful. The Lehthal Weapon Series, Die Hard, Rambo, Total Recall, The Terminator just to name a few.
    And if you took the budgets for some of those films and adjusted them for inflation they would probably be close to what it would cost to get Deadpool made.
    It’s only been a few years since I even knew of a character named Deadpool existed because I never followed X-Men when I was younger but the more I’ve learned about the character the more this movie becomes my most anticipated.

    • It’s not so much being afraid but more about marketing to the widest audience possible now a days. By making it R rated you are automatically limiting your ticket sales by cutting out the 13-16 year old demographic (which are prime candidates for this type of movie). It’s ALL about making as much money as possible, story be damned.

      • It’s all about the “Toys” and being available to the largest possible audience and I get it but it’s still frustrating.
        I know you’re a fan but it’s to bad Green Lantern wasn’t the hit people were hoping for. Because then the studio may be more willing to take a shot on Deadpool.

        • I agree it’s frustrating but Hollywood is Hollywood.

          And I am not a GL fan. I specifically used the word “ok” and not say, “great!” for a reason ;). I just think everyone is giving GL too much of a hard time because it didn’t live up to their impossibly high expectations.

  6. R rating would go tothe correct audience of deadpool! Kids now adays dont appreciate anything unless its on xbox or ps3 so us 30yr olds want and need the deadpool movie to break away from the ones that take themselves too seriously (the movie could still be serious though). Deadpool has always been my favorite so i was extremely let down when they had the “blah” that was in wolverine.
    Im surprised they dont want to try doing a GL prequel and ruin that franchise even more. Screw that crap!

  7. Most go with a PG13 rating in order allow for a bigger audience that equels more of a cash take in so being R-rated the underage audience would be denied purchasing a ticket meaning less cash flow towards the film, imo I enjoy R-rated films just not very many studios like to take their films in that direction, in the end Deadpool needs to be R-rated.

  8. Pg13 deadpool is him running in saying frig and crap and smacking people with stuffed bunnies instead of swords. If its not rated r they might as well put him on superhero squad kids show

  9. I’ve never read a Deadpool comic, so maybe I’m missing something; why does it have to be R? Does he have to say the F-bomb? I do realized he uses swords and knives, so I expect a lot of blood but I have seen shows on TV (Supernatural) that had a lot of blood, so I don’t see why that would require an R-rating.

    • Seriously, it can be bloody and have bad language and such without giving it an R rating.

      It seems that almost any R rated superhero flick (with the exception [kind of] of Blade) always ends up with over exaggerated gore and a “Spy Kids” level of graphics.

      Also, It wouldn’t make as much money because it loses a majority of its audience (ages 16 and under).

    • Kathless.
      PROMISE ME, you’ll run outside (preferably screaming like a crazy person) into a comic book shop and BUY a Deadpool graphic novel or comic… promise me!!!!! 😉
      Deadpool’s awesome.

      • I can’t promise you but I will look into it.

    • It wouldnt be rated R like Halloween is, more like The Hangover (Allen) meets Kill Bill.

  10. I would like to see a Green Lantern 2 if they approached it like GI Joe 2. Don’t disregaurd part one but don’t really continue from it either and start something totally new… That character has so much potential for the big screen. If they did the second film to focus on sinestro and his continuing frustration on the guardian’s decision and lack of action then it would come to a boiling point to where sinestro would want to wear the yellow ring and make his own lantern corps

  11. It makes sense if X-Men: First Class can ingore X-Men Origins: Wolverine and add Emma Frost in the movie then why can’t the Deadpool movie ingore how the character was used in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

    X-Men OW was awful movie, compare it to X-Men: First Class by timeline and how the characters was used, Wolverine makes X-Men: FC look like a masterpiece.

    Last but not at last, I hope Deadpool is R rated and has practial effects and violent fight scenes if the film will go forward.

  12. Deadpool is just not popular enough of a comic character to warrant a movie for me. I am pretty sure that most people would not even know who he is, so unless the script is good (and Reynolds saying it is means nothing) I really dont see anyone caring about this

    As for Green lantern 2….no way….Give the franchise a rest for 10 years and reboot, the last film was SOOOO bad….up there with ghost rider and fantastic four

    • Before Iron Man movie came up, he wasn’t popular either… (Not in the way he is now that is and certainlly not like magneto, thing, human torch, dr doom and green goblin)

      Blade was never SUPER popular like spiderman, x men and hulk. but they still made movies out of him…

      So to call deadpool NOT POPULAR? look up ANY marvel blogs and you will see different, people either love him (like me) because hes a badass and funny as hell, or hate him because he is SOOO POPULAR!!!!

      • I agree. Even look at daredevil. The reason his movie didn’t do well was because it was bad, not because he wasn’t as popular as spiderman xmen etc. If they do a movie right, any comic book character can become well known and do well even with the general public. Look what iron man did for marvel studios. It launched the first ever film universe where different characters can coexist, and itsw been doing a great job so far

  13. If I may be so bold … and not to give away my age, 41 … crap … never mind but, it was INCREDIBLY easy to get into R movies when I was in high school. No one EVER batted an eye when I, 13 at the time, walked up and wanted to see Friday the 13th: the final chapter. It was “$3.00 sir. Thank you, enjoy the movie.” and that was all.

    • i assure you it’s not that easy anymore. i am 44, and did the same thing when i was young. if they wouldn’t sell me the ticket, my dad would buy it for me/us (me & my brother) that first happened when i went to see “The Wall” they refused to sell me the ticket, and i was 15 at the time, but mostly i could do it. nowadays, i’ve seen lots of young ‘uns turned away, and even some who looked well over 18 but didn’t have i.d. theaters and studios are getting more pressure from parent groups and such to make sure nobody poisons young peoples minds with filthy R-rated films.

    • When I want to see a movie (R-rated or not), I just walk up and buy my tickets. I’m 16 (as is my friends) and my sister is 14 (as is her friends)… I take care of the tickets for all of us, while they go stand in line for popcorn and drinks…
      I’ve never been told “sorry, you and your friends are too young to see this movie”

      And I’ve been doing this for years BTW.

      Advice to fellow and future kids: I’ve found the trick is to not look so guilty when you’re trying to get into a movie you’re not allowed to see 😉

      • that doesn’t always work TA I’ve always looked older than I actually am when I was 15 I was 6’5″ 250 lbs and I had a full goatee. Anyways I tried to go see 15 minutes at my favorite theater, exuding confidence like I often did in high school and I got turned away. So I went across town to a different theater and luckily they let me right in. My point is that it’s really only the luck of the draw unless there’s a female cashier then confidence helps immensely 😉

  14. I’d like it if Wolverine was in the movie just so we could get Deadpool’s best line from Marvel vs. Capcom. “See that? That’s how you beat Wolverine! And you don’t even need optic blasts!”

  15. You know, I was so suprised at some of the flak Green Lantern got. I really enjoyed the movie. Well made, good story and excellent special effects. I would love to see a sequel.

  16. This is what I love about Deadpool fanboys. They ONLY talk about him from Marvel Ultimate alliance, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and X-Men Origins Wilverine. Seriously that is what most of these comments are. Why dont oyu bring up the comics more and less of him on certain media apperances?

    • Please give me suggestions on where to start with the comics for deadpool.

      • I would start with Deadpool The Circle Chase, you could get it online for pretty cheap. Then to explain his origin there is a comic entitled “X-Men Origins: Deadpool” it is a one-shot explaining how he came to be. It is a great story. Then start up on X-Force, it is pretty much Deadpool on a team with Wolverine, ArcAngel, Phylock and Phantomex. That is one of my favorite series he is in. Those are my recomendations on where to start. Also some Cable/Deadpool maybe?

        • Thank you I’ll start with those. I’ll have to look at my old 90’s cable comics and see if he’s in there.

          • Hmm, I have not read really any Cable series. So if hes in there that would be news to me. And No problem!A good place to find comics of his is Comic Vine, just go to Deadpools page on there and they have all of his apperances and series and what not.

            • Deadpool’s first appearance was X-Force #4, so starting from there and reading X-force afterwards will yield you good results.

        • Marvel Studios owns the rights to Cable. I don’t know how but they own that character along with Dazzler. Any other X-Men or character associated with the X-Men are owned by fox. That’s why even if the movie winds up being good, I would still like it if the X-Men went back to Marvel Studios. You can guarantee that they will do his origins right, as you suggested, and continue to make great stories come to life in their contructed film universe. I guess Marvel & Disney are going to have to buy the rights back lol

          • Dude…
            Using my name?
            Not cool man.

            • oops sorry! hah I didn’t even notice. My bad lol. I just changed it to iron man as you can see.

  17. pg-13 or R doesn’t matter to me. pg-13 does allow us thirtysomethings to take our kids which is usually the only way our wives let us out of the house…
    if they had the real costume in wolverine maybe more people who don’t read comics would recognize him.
    not all comic characters are going to transfer to the big screen in a good way. most story lines are just way too far fetched.
    i agree violent characters need violent films, but it will have a love story of course. by the way i think daredevil and elektra were worse than green lantern. catwoman probably tops all of them as the worse.
    is there more than one deadpool? with no relation to the wolverine movie we have to forget what happened. that is like making a toto movie and telling us toto never went to oz.
    to me ryan reynolds character in wolverine was good, the souped up genetic mutant at the end was not deadpool.

  18. Kind of strange for one actor to play multiple action heroes. To me it kind of diminishes the uniqueness of the hero being played.

  19. Deadpool Yes
    Green Lantern 2 No

  20. They do the Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds. I think Green Lantern was alright. They can improve on it and make it better. In my opinion it was better than a lot of other cbm’s.

  21. Rhett Reece and Paul Wernick (Zombieland) are writing the script so there is hope for Deadpool. I think Reynolds will do well in the role. He seems to be a legit fan of the character.

    I think Green Lantern 2 will made one way or another.

  22. Then why have him return as deadpool then? all the films should connect just fix the problem. have him wake up and explain to the camera that origins was some bull crap and go from there. have him tell his story from his views, and have him actually pull the sword from his arms and get on with the story.

  23. They need to do this movie right. Ignore X-Men Origins Wolverine because that was just a mindless out of control action movie with no substance. The character was ruined especially in the last 20 minutes of the film. And I even liked Ryan Reynolds as the choice for him, along with Victor Creed and Stryker (I hated everyone else), but the script was just so bad that it ruined most of the movie. Get his origins right, because alota marvel comics movies not done by marvel studios tend to screw up the origins of these characters, along with specific stories from the comics. If they screw it up, then fox should just give the rights to the x-men back to marvel so that they can do their characters justice and include them in the marvel cinematic universe with iron man, hulk, thor, captain america, etc. By the time Deadpool will come out (most likely 2014) the new Wolverine movie would’ve been released the year before (and most likely flopped). As for Green Lantern 2, DC should probably not move forward with that project since the first one was horrible and just reboot it in a few years, and hopefully by that point DC will have decided to start a similar contructed film universe like Marvel where all of the characters co-exist.

  24. Like Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool is not ready for prime time. Have no illusion otherwise, Safe House is a hit strictly because of Denzel. I like the guy myself, but there is nooooo way this is gonna work. Marvel better build a better Deadpool as a villain in someone else’s movie.

    If Reynolds steals every scene he’s in, then Marvel should give it a go. A couple more bombs like Green Lantern, The Change Up, and Buried and a Van Wilder sequel is gonna sound real good to People’s Sexiest Man Alive.

  25. The Green Lantern was such horrible crap I hated it..so please NO Green Lantern 2..as for Deadpool..if the story is done right I say go for it and make it!

  26. Please for the love of god let Fox abattoir make this one movie right with an r rating, lots of violent gore, and a sense of humor that only Ryan Reynolds can bring

  27. Fox ignores all the movies in their X-series from one to the next, so why should this be any different? Seriously though, I have not read comics since the 90’s, and I don’t see Deadpool having a wider general audience then Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Punisher, etc. And judging the comments here and elsewhere only newer, die-hard fans will really flock to this movie when and if it gets made.

    As for Reynolds, the fact his name is attached to Blade 3(the worse one), Wolverine (as the character they are now having to ignore ever existed) and Green Lantern (which had it’s issues, he is not a slam dunk to sell another comic book movie at this point. And if this RIP’d movie doesn’t do well and he is still attached to Deadpool, his salary and the budget will drop down so low it might not be worth trying to make.

    • I disagree.
      Reynolds is the perfect guy to play Deadpool.
      DP is a very odd character with a certain sense of humor that only a hand full of actors can portray (properly). Reynolds, IMO, is one of those actors.

      Don’t take my word for it… it a recent DP comic, Deadpool himself said that he wants Ryan Reynolds to play him in his movie 😉

      • Deadpool saying Reynolds should play the part in the comic really might hold as much weight as anything else from the comics do as far s these movies go, and that’s not much. Problem with Reynolds and the humor angle is that Ryan does that shtick in most of his other movies, so it would be hard to really tell the character apart from most of the other things he has done.

        And from a marketing standpoint I don’t know that a wide range of people will pay to sit through a whole movie of what sounds like irreverent violence, considering the actors stock has fallen and the hit or miss popularity of the character. I mean as far as I remember Deadpool he was usually a bad guy, so the question is who or what would his antagonist be? Inserting random stock thugs into the mix won’t help sell the movie any better on top of everything else.

  28. I know plenty of people that watched XMOW and had never heard of Wade Wilson or Deadpool who wanted to see more of the merc with a mouth. Maybe Fox needs to start fresh with Deadpool give him an origin story that doesn’t completely suck. This is the one time I’ve been in favor of a reboot. Plus the overwhelming consensus is that people, myself included like Ryan Reynolds so he’d be part of your marketing for those who don’t know who Deadpool is would probably still go for Reynolds. As for the budget issues Blade Trinity had a budget of 65,000,000 and Captain America: TFA had a budget of 140,000,000 so if Deadpool had a budget somewhere in that ballpark everything would be easy peezy lemon squeezy 😉

  29. How many people heard of Jason Bourne before the first movie came out? Forget XOW and just do Wade Wilson right; call the movie Deadpool and give the public a great trailer, and they will make bank.