Ryan Reynolds: ‘Deadpool’ Not Connected to ‘X-Men Origins’; Talks ‘Green Lantern 2′

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deadpool no longer connected to x men wolverine origins Ryan Reynolds: Deadpool Not Connected to X Men Origins; Talks Green Lantern 2

The cinematic adaptation of Marvel’s Deadpool has been stuck in development hell for some time now, a situation that doesn’t seem likely to immediately improve now that the character’s intense popularity has begun to wear off.

Still, Ryan Reynolds (who has been doing the rounds for Safe House) is optimistic that it’ll get made eventually.

In a recent interview, he talked about the proposed film — which apparently no longer has any connection to X-Men Origins: Wolverine – and discussed whether or not we’ll see a sequel to 2011′s greatest superhero flop, Green Lantern.

On the quality of Deadpool‘s current screenplay, courtesy of IGN, Reynolds said:

“The script, I think, is fantastic. It has been developed even further in the last three months or so. The film has to be rated R, and it has to be done a certain way, it has to do all these things that I am sure can worrisome for the guys cutting the checks for it. So if it’s going to be done, it needs to be done right.”

The Cast of X Men Origins Wolverine Ryan Reynolds: Deadpool Not Connected to X Men Origins; Talks Green Lantern 2

On Deadpool‘s connection (or lack thereof) to the much maligned Wolverine origin:

“[Deadpool] will actually have no connection to the one that was in Wolverine.”

Reynolds didn’t expand on why there will be no connection to Wolverine, but savvy fans can probably figure it out on their own: 1) Despite making bank, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not considered by many to be a beloved film (which is probably why The Wolverine has tried to distance itself as much as possible) and 2) the Deadpool that featured in the film was almost nothing like the comic book character that inspired him.

On the chances of Green Lantern 2 coming to fruition:

“I have no idea [about the chances of a 'Green Lantern 2']. Those movies have huge scale budgets and those kinds of things. Working in budget world like that is not fun, because you have a lot of investment and outcome. But if we end up doing a ‘Deadpool’ movie that could be a lot of fun.”

It sounds like Reynolds has already gone through the five stages of grief with regard to Green Lantern.  Also, his talk of “huge scale budgets” and “investment” implies he knows more than he’s telling, and it doesn’t bode well for the chances of a sequel anytime soon.

Lastly, on Deadpool‘s rating, when/if it ever gets made, Ryan Reynolds said:

“Having the opportunity to do it rated R would be the budget would have to be down enough where you can afford to take big risks and do most things that superhero movies can’t do yet.”

Blade proved that R-rated action-superhero films can be successful, so hopefully the filmmakers will take a similar route.

Safe House is in theaters now. Stay tuned for more Deadpool and Green Lantern 2 news as it develops.


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Source: IGN

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  1. I’ll take Green Lantern 2 over Deadpool any day….
    But it would be cool if both films get made.

    • you’re crazy GL sucked so bad

      • That’s your opinion.

        • That’s a lot of people’s. Most, actually. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/770677993/

          • How accurate is rotten tomatoes?
            Someone please tell me?
            Did they get ratings or opinions from everyone who watch movies?

            • It’s a rating aggregator….lots of film reviewers’ scores put together in one place. Professional film reviewers…but I believe there’s an accounting of “layman” reviews. I wrote a paper about how it works but that was over a year ago and I don’t know what changes they’ve made.

  2. I couldn’t agree more Kahless, I know I had never heard of him but I was still at the theaters shelling out the dough, and now the Bourne trilogy is in my top tier favorite movies

  3. Here’s where it gets confusing. You have the first 3 xmen movies, then you have xmen origins wolverine which is supposed to be kind of stand alone since its only about wolverine yet its also supposed to be a prequel in regards to these events happening before the xmen trilogy. Yet there are plotholes in origins wolverine in regards to the first xmen movie because clearly sabertooth has no idea that him and wolverine are brothers. Yet origins wolverine decided to throw that in there. Then you have xmen first class that is a prequel to the xmen trilogy, yet ignores xmen the last stand, which makes sense since that was a horrible movie. But there are also plotholes in regards to xmen 1 & 2, since they said that magneto made the helmet to protect himself and also that he & charles built cerebro, yet first class shows that shaw got the helmet from the russians and that the CIA built cerebro. Also mystique poisons professor x in the first movie, yet they lived together for years as almost brother and sister. I’m not blaming the first 2 movies for these plotholes cuz first class should’ve been in line with them instead of making up its own set of events. And now the wolverine is coming out next year and its going to be stand alone to origins wolverine yet take place after it, and then deadpool is going to reboot the character we saw in origins wolverine. It just gets so confusing that I don’t know which movies are aligned with each other. I think fox should just give it back to marvel so that they can do the xmen right and not have plotholes, especially with the brilliant job they’ve done leading up to the avengers.

    • Don’t even bother trying to figure out the X-Men movies at this point. All the critics who say they should follow the comics more closely are way off base, they should just try to follow each other at some point.

      • I agree with you. The only reason I think marvel should get their hands on it is because fox isn’t even having the xmen movies follow each other. Following the comics is one thing but they should try to align the movies more instead of having all these plotholes and rebooting certain characters and not others. Ill admit the first 2 xmen movies and xmen first class were great as movies on their own. But as a whole all of these movies need work. And the last stand & origins wolverine were just terrible on their own so I don’t even care about them

        • The producers, writers and directors just never had any idea about how to use many of these characters in context. The whole idea of not being able to follow the comics is valid to an extent, but as you pointed out some characters had connections to others that were ignored in one movie, only to be major parts of other movies. Many of the characters were put in the movies just because, and were nothing more then a code name and some special effects.

          The irony is that the original movie and First Class had to use a limited number of characters due to budget restraints. X-3 and Wolverine were a mess in part because they just threw so many people against the screen and it all just slid right off….

    • dude if u actually look at first class it had some sort of link to X-3 go watch FC then X-3 there is a scene where a humanised mystique gices names on the brotherhood and beast looks at this with intrigue on a screee aka he sees his ex-flame and that even cured just the way he wanted her in FC while he also visits the facility in X3 and is shocked when his hand turns human against leech, i know it might allude to the comics however it is something interesting to note

      • Hah that is interesting. Sad thing is that was probably in X-men The Last Stand by chance and not because they planned it. Plus that movie was really bad and I was really looking forward to it after the first 2 movies being so great. They had a great chance to make the battle scene at the end epic, and they failed by making it a mess, as the whole movie was a mess. I hope they don’t make an X-Men 4 which is the after math of The Last Stand. They should leave that to rest since the movie came out like 6 years ago and because theyre focusing on X-Men First Class trilogy, Wolverine trilogy (I’m guessing even though that is supposed to be more a stand alone movie rather than a direct sequel to origins wolverine), and obviously a deadpool movie. if they do more than they can handle, then everything will become a mess and all the movies will wind up being bad. At least let them end each of their current x-men movies wit 2 great sequels for each, and then over to marvel they go, well I hope lol

    • Iron Man, I wouldn’t bother trying to follow any of it as about 80% of the XMen movies were extremely bad – Origins, X3, X 1st Class, some of X2 – I have always treated X1 as the one XMen movie as it is still the only one that makes any sense at all! All you need to know (as we all do) is these guys (as Ryan put it) ‘cut cheques’ and they want payment back and then some! Who cares about continuity, who cares about the fans and who cares about the film itself as long as Hugh Jackman is in it they will make money no matter how truely dreadful the movie is – unfortunately Ryan Reynolds is now a similar draw. Really hope the Avengers movie is a well thought out movie and not some shabby ‘cash in’ like Deadpool and all the other sub standard ideas Hollywood have.

      • Hah I’m guessing the only reason u like the first xmen movie is cuz there couldn’t possibly be any plotholes to the other movies since they didn’t exist yet! Lol. I agree with everything u said, with the exception of x2 xmen united & xmen first class. I thought both movies were great on a movie level. Comic book movie wise, x2 could’ve changed some things, and first class was way off. However as regular movies without looking at its source, they both had great action, dialogue, story, etc. I see your point though since the whole reason for all this is cuz of how they don’t coincide wit the comics. and as movies together there r just too many plotholes, whereas if you looked at them by themselves they are great wit the exception of x3 and origins wolverine. I think everyone can agree on that for the most part. And yes I hope the avengers does well also. I’ve been looking forward to it for over a year now since I learned about marvel studios and how all their movies are linked. This has never been done in film history and I’m sure it will be great!

  4. Green Lantern, despite faults, got a bum rap, and it was over-critical fans on a b**ch bandwagon that may have cost us fanboys our second or third Lantern film, and perhaps The Flash as well. To quote Heston in Planet of the Apes, “D**n you all to H**l!”. I would not mind a Deadpool flick, but definitely want Green Lantern #2, #3, and The Flash as well!

    • It’s not the fans’ fault that the film made less than its actual budget ($300 million including marketing) back WORLDWIDE. And that’s not even counting the money that goes back to theaters and the back-end deals.

    • give it a couple of years goldilocks and they’ll reboot the GL franchise with all new actors, characters and story arcs. As for the Flash I’d like to see a big screen adaptation of him as well, but not as much as I wanna see an R rated Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds 8)

    • The die-hard fans are the ones who actually paid to go see it, now whether they felt comfortable recommending it to people they knew is another matter.

  5. I don’t think The Flash is doomed just because of the Green Lantern failing. In fact that gives Warner Bros. & DC Entertainment a chance to work on other heroes and not have to focus on GL. They’ll reboot it in a few years hopefully. If not I think the sequel will turn out even worse. And as for X-Men movies, I guess its good to have budget restraints if the first xmen movie & first class were great because of it. Now i really see why the last stand and origins wolverine were bad lol

  6. maybe they can’t use the “origins:” tagline because deadpool is not to be produced by the companies associated with the FOX X-men movies.

  7. ryan was ment to be dead pool not green lantern
    comic book deadpool makes a joke of looking like a cross between an ork and Reynolds

    • Since espying it on the shelf of my friendly neighborhood video shop, I am now wondering how RR is as Paper Man.

  8. I don’t get the big deal about R rated super hero movies, what does the rating have to do with the budget? The only thing I can guess is that it cuts into the audience (children) and therefore ticket sales? Love to see another GL, whether a straight up sequel, a “tweaked” sequel, or a reboot. GL is a great, unique character and deserves a great movie.

    • That’s precisely why. A film that’s rated R is going to get a lot less box office than a film that’s rated PG-13. That’s why films that have R content in the script get less budget.

    • Only the low to mid level budget horror movies usually make their money back, which is why studios will gamble on those and bring them out in droves. These type of movies are being aimed at whatever the hell that “Tween” demographic is, so the idea of making movies they can’t go buy a ticket to is counter-productive.

      It also makes it easier to re-hash these things every few years now, since they figure a new batch of consumers will be coming down the pike, and maybe they’ll get a few hold overs. That seems to work on certain people up to a certain age, but at some point some people just are not going to want to go see Batman, Superman or Spider-Man again.

  9. I think it’s pretty even with regards to the amount of people that go to see a PG13 movie and an R rated movie. PG13 will attract more younger people and kida, whereas R rated movies will get people in college and older. I think the whole budget thing is just because it costs more to do a movie thats a certain rating. I don’t know if it has to do with who will go see it, considering a different aged audience will see an R rated movie as opposed to a PG13 rated movie, and vice versa. They attract the same amount of people, but its a different age demographic. Idn maybe Im wrong. I just know alot of people around my age that like R rated stuff better because its more grittier and realistic, even if they acknowledge that alot of PG13 movies are good.

  10. PG13 or R, it really doesn;t matter to me. I just like a movie with a great story, really good acting, and in this case great action and effects. Deadpool should deliver all that and if not, they should stop with creating a deadpool trilogy and let the wolverine & xmen first class trilogies play out and then just give the rights back to marvel studios.

  11. I think the critics hated GL from the get go I remember reading here from a critic whining about the costume and about the mask its just I liked the movie it did have its faults but almost every comic book movie does GL was 10 times better than spiderman 3.

  12. I’d have to disagree. While both were terrible movies, I’d say Spider-Man 3 was better out of the two. At least SPider-Man 3 had good special effects and the end fight scene at least kind of redeemed the movie from absolute crap to just terrible. Yes there was a good 20 minutes of Spider-Man being emo & talkin stupid while fighting with harry and then dancin in the street & with gwen, but I felt the dialogue in green lantern was horrible from beginning to end. The action was not very good, and the special effects & CGI was some of the worst I’d ever seen, especially during the first 15 minutes of the movie. It looked like a cheesy cartoon. But of course all of this is my opinion lol. This obviously wasnt meant to attack your opinion because everyone is entitled to what they think. I just like having discussions about this stuff and getting an idea of what everyone else thinks ya kno

  13. i wouldnt mind another GL movie if they did what they’re doing with G.I Joe and semi-reboot it with kyle rayner or john stewart

  14. Im definately a fan of Ryan Reynolds but i was very dissapointed with the Green Lantern movie, i honestly could not care less if they do another Green Lantern. However i think Deadpool could be the perfect movie for Reynolds. If they do the movie right it could be ground breaking and im loving the R-rating. It just may be the movie that gives Ryan Reynolds the respect he deserves and has been working for his entire career.

  15. You Got To Be Kidding Me. Listen Ryan Renalds you’re a good man but not for this part. Deadpool Is to be funny and rude. Not stupid and gullible. I really can not emphasize enough that they need a different actor, such as zachary quinto or michle c hall…hell even james franco!

  16. I can see Michael C. Hall as Deadpool. He’ll give deadpool a darker yet quirky feel to him as he does in the role of Dexter. Zachary QUinto I think is stuck as Spock from the new Star Trek film and until he can break out of that kind of role, then I wouldn’t wana test it in a Deadpool movie. James Franco is a maybe. His role as Harry Osborn started off well and then ended badly. I don’t know if he’ll be able to handle 3 Deadpool movies. Im assuming 3 only because everything seems to be in trilogies so Im guessing that fox will aim for 3 deadpool movies, unless it somehow fails before they even get to make 3 lol

  17. So is RR locked in as Deadpool IF the movie gets made?

  18. If any should play/act as Deadpool it should be someone with thr right voice comedy skills which Ryan Reynolds doesnt have “Daniel Tosh” would be great especially with 3rd person parts commenting on the scene or just communicating with audience deadpool has been seen on the slimer side PLUS IF DEADPOOL ISNT FROM ORIGINS OR THIS DEADPOOL HAS NO CONNECTION TO DP FROM ORIGINS WHY THE f*** IS RYAN REYNOLDS ACTING A DEADPOOL? Help save a deadpool foundation and end Ryan Reynolds Cruelty to Deadpool and Deadpools alike

  19. Here is how all the continuity issues work…. The original X-men trilogyh stands alone… The wolvrine movie stands alone…. X-men first class stands alone the sequel titled Days of Futures Past brings it together that all these worlds are alternate realities with alternate out comes. X-men was big on that in the 80′s and 90′s. I mean Scott and jean have so many kids in alternate timelines that it doesn’t make any sense three of the bat is Cable, Phionex (she was a prominant member of Excalibur with night crawler and kitty pride ) who inheritied the phionex ablities from Jean Grey, And a character know as the X-Man who is supposedly the most powerful mutant on earth so powerful that if he used his powers to thier full potential can destroy the planet. And no none of this is made up at all. so alternate timelines explains all plot holes.

  20. As for deadpool it doesn’t matter who they get mainly because he is a 3rd string character. He’s a merc sometimes used as an anti hero normally a villian though. Let’s face it last time they tried to make a movie of a 3rd string character who is both anti hero and used primarily as a villian is Electra and we all saw how that turned out. Blade was a bit more successful only because Vampires were huge at the time. Electra and Ghost Rider both characters fell flat in Ghost Rider’s case twice. Punisher was a one hit pony but of the three films that exsist the second one was most realistic, the third one was most like the comic at the time, and the first one only thing that had to do with the Punisher was the title only would have been a better movie if not under the Punisher name. And let’s not forget other third string characters like Howard the Duck, and Man-Thing then you have David Hasselhoffs take as Nick Fury. It took Samuel L. Jackson to make that character bad ass. Even fist string characters from Marvel like Captain America got screwed up twice before they perfected it with Chris Evans. But I digress back to third string characters as you see from my list they rarely work on screen as a stand alone movie as much as Deadpool is cool he can not as a character carrie his own movie that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong time will tell.

  21. Incontheevable! Back when Ryan Reynolds stated that he’d either do Green Lantern or Deadpool next, all of the Deadpool fans felt disappointment when Green Lantern came out. The movie flopped big time, with an enormous budget. Why? Deadpool fans are more numerous than Hollywood fatcats realize. Green Lantern wasn’t bad actually. We still felt betrayed by the concept that there may never be a Deadpool movie. But due to the internet, many people realized Reynold’s mistake. If that doesn’t speak volumes about the popularity of Deadpool, then producers are just too dumb to see it.

    Why don’t they just light cigars with money and use thousand dollar bills as toilet paper? Flush it all away. It’s the same waste of money.