Ryan Reynolds: ‘Deadpool’ Movie Just Like The Comics

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deadpool x men origins Ryan Reynolds: Deadpool Movie Just Like The Comics

An X-Men film by Fox that’s just like the comics, you say? Nawwww…

Within a week of the financially (and not so much critically) successful debut of X-Men Origins: Wolverine at the beginning of May, it was officially announced that the long-speculated Deadpool solo movie would in fact be happening.

Before you go any further, you should know that this article isn’t holding back on spoilers from the Wolverine movie.

Normally, this news would have been awesome for all, except it isn’t because of what they did with the character in the Wolverine origin movie, which, let’s just say, didn’t please quite a few fans of the comics.

Ryan Reynolds, the absolute perfect casting choice for the role, played the part of Wade Wilson extremely well – but beyond his control, the folks behind X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie thought it’d be a good thing to deviate from the comics and make him the big bad villain for the final act of the movie. While that itself wasn’t really an issue, they went crazy with the character: Giving him multiple powers from other mutants that Weapon X had been capturing in the story.

Deadpool had his two main abilities in the form of healing and teleportation (in the comics, he has the mutant power of healing and a device that allows him to teleport) but he also strangely had the ability to fire lasers from his eyes (Cyclops’ optic blast power) as well as Adamantium swords that come out from his arms to rival Wolverine’s claws.

At the end of the film, Deadpool is beheaded by Wolverine – but that doesn’t kill the guy. After the credits, there were multiple little bonus endings and one of them featured Wade Wilson still alive, and thus, we have a spinoff for him.

HitFix caught up to the Canadian actor at a press event for his new movie, The Proposal, and asked him about the project. Reynolds said:

“Well, I’m intimately involved with it.  We’re just trying to break a story right now and figure out who the villain is going to be and all that stuff.  But, it’s going to be just like the comic books.  I’m gonna have a messed up face and you may see some flashbacks of Wade earlier in his life, but primarily what you see is what you get in the comics and that’s the goal.  And there is no better place to draw material from then the comics which are incredible.”

I wonder if that villain has anything to do with the report last week about Katee Sackhoff researching Typhoid Mary by collecting comics featuring the character. In the Marvel comic books, Typhoid Mary is involved in stories with both Deadpool and Daredevil and that would be a neat idea to tie all the movies together even more. Later, I’ll discuss more on the characters and bridging the films together.

Not only is Reynolds the perfect dude to play the “Merc with a Mouth” for his obvious physical presence and witty humor in all of his movies, but he’s also very knowledgeable of the comics and truly wants to make a film based strictly on them.

You can tell from the many press events leading up to the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine that Reynolds wasn’t exactly 100% in support of the character’s treatment in the movie. He was surely ecstatic that the character was finally getting into the films and that he was playing him, but when the asked about specifics in regards to the powers, his appearance and what not, Reynolds professionally promoted the movie without being negative about any of it but he was sure hesitant on some things.

He handled it well by saying things like what we saw in the Wolverine story weren’t Deadpool but the precursor to what eventually does become Deadpool. That was a smart thing to say and a good way to quell the fears of the character not sporting his trademark outfit and having powers he shouldn’t… let alone, the mouth being sewn shut (which I still think had to do with the simple reason that Reynolds’ busy film schedule didn’t allow him the proper screen time to develop his character more and by sewing his mouth, the final act could be played mostly by a stunt actor).

On top of that, in multiple interviews he continued to say that he’d love to do a Deadpool film lifted straight from the comics and you can tell from his reactions to many questions regarding his role in Wolverine that he was guarded about what happens to him in that film… The good news is that he will finally be getting his own film as Deadpool and better yet, it sounds like it just may pay tribute to his proper Marvel Comics incarnation.

At least, we hope it does.

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  1. that would be great if it was like the comics but it’s highly doubtful.

  2. I thought Reynolds playing Wade Wilson in the beginning of the film was one of if not the most enjoyable part of the movie. I don’t know anything about Deadpool except what I’ve read here but with Reynolds as Wade it sure does sound like a good one.

  3. It could turn out to be better – wisecracks work better on screen than in comics, at least for my taste.

  4. What do you guys think about whether or not he should talk directly to the audience or not? LOL

  5. Oops, scratch that last “or not.” Was redundant, lol.

  6. @ken j: i think it would be awesome if he talked to the audience, it would be more like the comic.

    im interested in how they will explain his laser eyes, and adamantium swords (?) that retract into his arms disappearing. I think he is perfect for the character tho, so i hope this comes out good. while i wasnt blown away by wolverine, i did like it. i thought it was pretty good so im hoping this will be as good or better.

  7. The swords are flexible while indestructible, lol. Just kidding. Which makes me wonder about Wolferine’s claws, if he didn’t have his hands straight, would the claws come out of his wrist???

    Like if he had his hand in a position similar to Spiderman shooting web, would his claws shoot out of his palm since they are hidden away in his forearm area?? I’ve always wondered that…

  8. Oh, buyt ken x, I think having him talk to the audience through the movie will be weird, but it’ll make an awesome after the credits bonus scene where he’s doing something and he stops and is like “Wait a minute, these things only happen in movies, oh wait, I’m in a movie!” Then he turns to face the camera “Well, I hope you guys liked it enough so they will make a sequal, I need to make a living you know!”

    That would be kind of funny, lol

  9. I think they could have him talk to the audience. But do it in a way that it seems he is just talking to himself, like his insanity makes him think he is in a film. And the other characters in the film are like “WTF?! Who is he talking to?” I think that could be both comedic and show that the guy is seriously messed up mentally.

  10. Wonder if they would do that, could be pretty funny if they do it right.

  11. hmmmm
    if i recall it was christopher priest’s deadpool that had most of the fourth wall stuff, and to be honest i don’t think his reign was anywhere near the best. can i say it’s one of the worst?
    the king of deadpool, joe kelly only had i think one time when he broke the wall, in fact i’m convinced deadpool is mostly deadpool due to his non-stop talking even in fights and all the pop culture references.
    i didn’t particularly enjoy fabien nicieza’s deadpool either because he just became a clown to cable’s messiah, but even he didn’t do much of the fourth wall…i think. it was mostly in the introduction and letters section, as opposed to the story itself.

    one thing about reynold’s portrayal i feel is he didn’t talk as much as he should’ve
    ya there was that elevator scene fair enough but he certainly shuts up for the rest of the film, the most jarring for me was during the fight right after the elevator
    instead, he could have been introducing himself in the most long-winded way possible, with a few pop culture jokes, that would’ve been nice :)
    of course with things like that there’s the legality issues
    unless he references american idol

  12. aaaaaamigad
    that video was awesome hahahahaha good one
    i smelll sitcom!

  13. Deadpool probably didn’t talk that much in Wolverine because they didn’t want him to upstage well…Wolverine.

    Joe Kelly except for his last T-Ray storyline which had to be constantly re-written due to possiblities of cancellation in my mind was what made Deadpool the great character he is.

    I don’t expect to see Deadpool break the 4th wall much…I think it’s been over-emphasized. There were all sorts of wacky humor in the comics much of which wouldn’t be able to translate from comics to movie (like Deadpool 11).

    I imagine at most they should have one or two 4th wall references and that’s it. Maybe have Deadpool trying to convince another character they are being filmed and the other character picks up the “camera” and it turns out to be a box of fruit loops or something.

  14. what should happen is Deadpool meets wevil and does the stabed in the leg over chessey puffs” bit from marvel ultimate aliance (and a comic …i think) but overall we need deadpools renown jokes and removel of the arm sords and laser eyes (obviosly). now about the forth wall, he needs to refence it and talk to the other charicters but not the audience as we would not anser and so that would not work very well

  15. Well, if Ryan Reynolds is going to talk to the audience in this movie, it’d remind me of Zach Morris in Saved by the Bell, lol. So I don’t know if that would be a good idea.

    Still, looking forward to this movie if they’re going to be closer to the comics, which I think they will be, since Marvel Studios is in charge of the story development.

    I don’t know what the writers were smoking on the Wolverine movie when they thought it would be a good idea to mutilate the character of Deadpool the way they did. It’s the first time I ever thought to use the term “character rape.”

  16. I have never read any of the Deadpool comics. In fact, I had never heard of him until news of the Wolverine movie came out on this site. I thought Ryan Reynolds was great in Wolvie (I actually really enjoyed the movie) and the thought of him having a spinoff is really cool. I could not care less if they leave the character with the same powers he has now as long as they make it a good, fun film!!

  17. Ryan Reynolds’ scene at the start of the movie was a great scene. The first half of the movie was pretty darn good. It’s the second half where it all started to fall apart.

  18. Look, it’s easy guys. The laser vision thing wasn’t part of his original anatomy so when his head got cut off that just didn’t heal back. And the swords weren’t part of his original anatomy like with Wolverines bone claws…they installed them into his arms. We saw Stryker pick one up off the tray and kill the general, remember? He told Sabertooth in the plane how much he loves his swords so he just decides to rip them out of his arms and get the adamantium blades mounted to handles and tada…adamantium swords. Everything they did to him in the wolverine movie just helps push him over the edge and he’s obviously all scared up from the damage. The Deadpool movie starts off with him recovering and doing all the stuff I just said…add the costume and we have our beloved Deadpool. Easy as pie.

  19. You guys are right in that it’s his non-stop banter that is most essential of the character. Reynolds was truely hilarious in his scenes as Wade Wilson (pre-augmentation).

  20. i thought that Typhoid Mary could be a good Hero in the Deadpool Film.

    then i thought a Good character that would Be Perfect in this Film is “Domino” !

  21. “For the record”, I am not a comic book reader. I see movie adaptations of comics books, plus read what the “head geeks” say on the internet, and I try to interpolate my opinions based on the combination of movie adaptations vs. head geeks opinions. As far as eye candy, I really liked “Wolverine: Origins”. From what I’ve read of the head geeks, it didn’t follow Deadpool’s Universe that much at all. If they make a Deadpool spinoff, I hope it caters to the head geeks enough so that they like it. I would definitely go see a Deadpool spinoff, but not because I’ve followed it from conception, but because movie making has advanced enough so that ANY movie that requires clean CGI effects can be made. I know that’s tacky, but I love special effects. A good story line in addition is icing on the cake for sure.

  22. la verdad no entiendo porq al final dice.. “shhh ”
    y me saco mucho de onda que el al principio era mas “alegre”
    y al final salio algo misterioso y me saco de onda !
    un cambio de extremo a extremo para este personaje
    pero si sigue vivo porque no salio en las otras peliculas de los x-men ?
    vengandoze de wolverine?
    no entiendo !

  23. Si! Si!!!

    Tacos Bell Grande!!!

  24. Quentin Tarantino??? Are you serious??? His normal movies are already cheesy, and you want him to do a comic book movie? The point is for the comic book movie to NOT be cheesy… OMG I almost want it to happen just to see the disaster that will result…

  25. Come on Ryan u are the best man for the job i can’t see anyone else playing the merc with the mouth i mean u r deadpool u have to hurry to make this film man i can’t wait

  26. For those of you who don’t know, the director of the Deadpool movie said that they want everyone to forget what they saw in Origins.

    They want to start from scratch and make as much like the comics as they possibly can (that means DP has his katanas and it was confirmed that he WILL be breaking the fourth wall in the movie).

    I just hope they don’t screw up TOO much, but all in all, I think the Deadpool movie will be pretty interesting to see when it comes out.

  27. Tbh I don’t usually enjoy Ryan Reynolds movies due to the fact I feel he’s playing a role suited to him but as dead pool I was blown away! He was just made to play dead pool as much as robert downey jr as iron man, Chris hemsworth playing Thor and heath ledger playing as the joker! They where made for these roles and make the movie awesome! I have know doubt that a Ryan Reynolds deadpool movie wouldn’t be the same!