Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool Fears

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wolverine reynolds as deadpool1 Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool FearsMTV got a chance to speak with Ryan Reynolds about X-Men Origins: Wolverine and his character, Deadpool. The interview cleared up some things we’ve all been wondering but before we get to that, here’s a little history surrounding the issue.

In late February, after some Hasbro toy images of Deadpool made their way online, I wrote a piece on whether or not Fox had ruined the character of Deadpool. This was based on what we’ve seen in the Wolverine trailers thus far and the new toy images which some thought (and hoped) had been incorrectly labeled. Now we’re hearing that our worst fears may be true.

In the beginning of March, the final full trailer for the Wolverine movie dropped, sparking a discussion on Fox’s treatment of key X-Men characters in Wolverine and how accurately they would be depicted in live-action.

Now that were caught up to present, we can get back to the MTV interview with Ryan Reynolds. In the interview, someone finally took the opportunity to ask Reynolds if that strange mutant we’ve seen in the trailers and in the toy line is in fact, Deadpool. Reynolds’ response:

“That, I would say, is Deadpool, yeah… When I’m in the scarred makeup too, and you’ll see closer shots obviously in the film, and it’s hard to even tell that’s me, but you can tell. You’ve just got to find a better shot.”

Uh oh.  I guess those action figures weren’t incorrectly labeled and the purple pants-wearing mutant with the sewn-shut mouth is in fact, Deadpool.

Lasers? Adamantium Wrist-blades? Purple Pants instead of trademark costume? Next, they went on to ask Reynolds about the character’s mouth being sewn shut.

“I’m not going to get into exactly what’s going on with his mouth, particularly because he is ‘the merc with the mouth…’ But it’s going to be pretty interesting when people see it. People are going to be blown away and have a deep appreciation for what it is and how that character fits into this universe.”

Or, people who are fans of the character may be blown away with anger and they won’t appreciate how he’s nothing like the character from the comics. So many of us were hoping that the strange mutant from the trailers was Weapon XI, NOT Deadpool. It now looks like our hopes have been dashed.

deadpool and wolverine Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool Fears

“Deadpool” has really cool adamantium blades just like the real Deadpool… not.

deadpool toy Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool Fears

This Deadpool action figure label is sadly correct.

wolverine deadpool lasers1 Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool Fears
“Deadpool” shoots really cool lasers from his eyes, just like the real Deadpool.

So, that’s one character potentially mistreated, I hope the others are not as drastically different. With these types of movies, when characters are portrayed very differently from where they originate, they tend to be bad which results in a bad movie. This occurred with X-Men 3: The Last Stand when it really shouldn’t have – the reason movies are made from this source material and these characters is because they were loved enough to be adapted into a feature film in the first place. Changing these things must mean someone thinks they aren’t good enough, or they’d be better if they don’t have the same origin… This is obviously rarely the case but the mistake is still repeatedly made.

What do you think about Deadpool’s new onscreen incarnation?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens May 1, 2009.

Source: MTV

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  1. He takes a little detour but he becomes the Deadpool we know and love by the end of the film. No biggie.

    They will be saving Deadpool for his own spin-of.

  2. i think you have no idea what deadpool’s on screen incarnation is going to be. we have no idea how the story plays out or ends and i’m kinda tired of watching people bash a movie based on the trailer. the movie looks to be a really good action flick that delves deeper into the past of one of the best characters ever created.

  3. please, not another one. How many times do people have to argue about the same thing??? Just wait till the movie comes out, thats your real confirmation.

  4. I read somewhere else, can’t remember where, that Liam’s post is correct. That he goes from being Wade to Weapon XI and then at the end becomes deadpool. At least I hope that is the way they are going.

  5. I’m pretty sure Rob is trying to forcibly will this film into being a Deadpool movie single-handedly. :-P

    This movie is really about Wolverine, after all, right? :-)


  6. Merc with a mouth.. So either:

    A) He was being a smart ass so someone shut him up.

    B) He becomes a smart ass because he couldn’t speak for so long.

  7. I just hope the jokes are decent and not corny like when reynolds was the Hannibal King in Blade Trinity. Im tired of all these junior high and high school kids who have no inkling of Deadpool or Marvel Universe beyond the films, try u use Deadpool as their gaming handle only to fail at being a smart ass.

  8. oh, my heart!

  9. This movie is called “Origins”. Keep that in mind. This is Deadpools origin as well.

  10. lol Vic,

    nah, from what’s being reported and said by Reynolds is that this movie will just have Wade Wilson and something that will become Deadpool – but if this will lead into a Deadpool spinoff, I don’t know how they’re going to turn whatever this guy is into the Deadpool character.

    I’m still excited for this film and although I think Deadpool is a cool character, Gambit is my favourite.

  11. @ Rob Keyes
    i Agree.
    if i May Quote Darth Vader .
    and yet another Beloved Charecter is FalseFyd By FOX.
    Mabey they ‘F*#K up Wade wilson while cureing his Cancer & Turn Him into this FuGlY Mouthless Optic shooting abortion to the Comics.

    then ‘Reverse it’ at the end ?
    and we get the Scarred Face Good’ol Smart@$$.


    and with this News the Question arises Who is Weapon XI, & what does he look like ?

    Daken Mabey ?????

  12. You know what… I’m just going to see teh movie before I offer my opinion because it looks great.

  13. im not familiar w/ the character b/c i never read the comics so its not a big deal to me.

  14. As of right now I really don’t like the idea of making a different Deadpool from the one we all know and love… But as Oscar and High Kalibur say, let’s first watch the movie and then we can “discuss” about it. Who knows, maybe it will work out well… Maybe they are really saving him for his spin-off…

  15. I think changes to characters are necessary. I don’t recall comicbook Batman’s costume and gadgets being dealt with in the same way as Nolan’s movies, which have body armour and a parachute-styled cape that is stiffened into a glider by electrical charge. The inherent issue with Deadpool is how to fit a sword-swishing, gun-toting Spidey lookalike into a movie dealing with Stryker’s nefarious experiments on mutants. I think what we see is a reflection of the need for change, and of the zeitgeist for dark, menacing characters – and it’s likely to be the movie’s way of showing how Deadpool gets to be scarred and masked. Whether the arm blades are permanent remains to be seen.

    If anyone wants to chat to me about this, my employer is trying out the idea of a live webchat with me, which will take place on Wednesday. It would be nice to get a few folks dropping by to say hello and get geeky over Wolverine and other movies! Click on my name above for a link to my site where a blog post gives a link to the webchat page. I hope Rob and others on here will drop by for a few minutes to talk geeky!


  16. Over at Comic Book movie,
    they are saying there wil a scene at the end of the credits that will set up a Deadpool spin off .
    take that with an EXTREME grain of salt.
    And there are MAJOR SPOILERS about Deadpools possible fate over there,
    so, dont go over there unless you really want to know.
    Sorry to see Fox didnt think Wolverine could carry a film on his own.

  17. nothing we werent expecting. its like its the goal of these movie ppl to put their own useless and horrible spin on anything, even if it was way cool b4.

    Meh Fu*k em! let em do what they want, im done expecting any comicbook movie to be like the comic.

  18. I have faith in Reynolds the guy is a huge deadpool fan and the way he half answers and half dances around the questions leads me to believe this isn’t the end of the story. It seems they will do something by the end of the film that leaves us with the real or at least close to the real deadpool more than likely leaving him to his own spinoff.

  19. Massive X-Men fan of both comic and film here. I am completely underwhelmed by what I’ve seen for this movie so far. Missing the mark on all counts.

  20. @ Daniel F,

    I hope you’re right – and I agree. Reynolds is amazing, but he did say in several interviews that it would be a dream if he could make a Deadpool movie straight out of the comics and he was iffy on questioned relating to the film version of the character – that made it slightly seem that he didn’t agree with the film’s portrayal of him.

    As for those saying, “just wait for the movie to form an opinion” – Well there’d be nothing to talk about if we did that and relating to this movie specifically, Many tried that with X3 and that turned out to be an epic failure for me.

  21. I read Deadpools profile on Marvel and he sounds awesome. But I really hope they don’t completely mess him up, not so much that the Franchise can’t be saved.

  22. theres so much rumour, speculation, and story spinning going on with this movie. i think if your a fan, you need to just wait another month and see it. Then we can criticize or compliment as needed. Im really excited for this movie and cant wait!

  23. @ Ken X,

    As fans of these movies, I would say not everyone can just accept, pay for the movie, and wait till after.

    Many fell for that and were very disappointed with what happened in Spider-Man 3 and X3 (and the characters included) so we’ve learned not to just fall for the money-making trap – and rightfully so.

    That being said, this movie is looking much better than X3 and much more exciting. On top of that, the cast is awesome and Hugh Jackman is producing to help make Wolverine more “badass” than how he was portrayed previously in the franchise.

  24. x3 and spidey 3 were absolute disasters. x3 was the worst ending to the series imaginable. and i can see your point with those. and your right, i def fell for it with x3. i was really excited for it and it let me down severely. im even more excited for this movie, as wolverine is my favorite character and it looks like it will be good. Im hoping! I just cant worry about all the back and forth anymore over it. For me, im already excited about it and going to see it anyways. So now i will wait and see…the question that will get answered for me at the movies is, will i see it again?

  25. Question: what exactly did you people hate about X3? I read alot of people saying OMG X3 is the gheys!!!!! But they never seem to explain why.

  26. it was sooo lackluster. something about the film seemed sooo far off to me. i def did not like what the did with cyclops, proff x, magneto, angel (way too young and underdeveloped as a masked hero), or mystigue. the story reallllly dragged as well.

  27. I find it funny how you guys thought Ryan Reynolds was serious when he told you that was Deadpool. Do you honestly think he could just talk about it before the movie came out? It would be a spoiler, that thing is not Deadpool. Look at the casting, its a completely different guy being Weapon IX. Not that you should go off of that but Ryan Reynolds is messing with us IF he actually said that in an interview. That thing is NOT Deadpool…ive seen the demo…dont worry folks lol.

  28. I think that the changes to Deadpool are horrible! BUT… if he gets all these powers removed by the end of the film… then it could be understood why he talks so much afterwards… and why he is horribly scarred. Maybe we could even see his limb regenerative capabilities. If these shots show us the way that Deadpool turns out in the film… it is in no way the merc with the mouth that us fans have grown to love… and our hopes for a Deadpool spinoff movie are gone. I guess we will all see soon.