Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool Fears

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wolverine reynolds as deadpool1 Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool FearsMTV got a chance to speak with Ryan Reynolds about X-Men Origins: Wolverine and his character, Deadpool. The interview cleared up some things we’ve all been wondering but before we get to that, here’s a little history surrounding the issue.

In late February, after some Hasbro toy images of Deadpool made their way online, I wrote a piece on whether or not Fox had ruined the character of Deadpool. This was based on what we’ve seen in the Wolverine trailers thus far and the new toy images which some thought (and hoped) had been incorrectly labeled. Now we’re hearing that our worst fears may be true.

In the beginning of March, the final full trailer for the Wolverine movie dropped, sparking a discussion on Fox’s treatment of key X-Men characters in Wolverine and how accurately they would be depicted in live-action.

Now that were caught up to present, we can get back to the MTV interview with Ryan Reynolds. In the interview, someone finally took the opportunity to ask Reynolds if that strange mutant we’ve seen in the trailers and in the toy line is in fact, Deadpool. Reynolds’ response:

“That, I would say, is Deadpool, yeah… When I’m in the scarred makeup too, and you’ll see closer shots obviously in the film, and it’s hard to even tell that’s me, but you can tell. You’ve just got to find a better shot.”

Uh oh.  I guess those action figures weren’t incorrectly labeled and the purple pants-wearing mutant with the sewn-shut mouth is in fact, Deadpool.

Lasers? Adamantium Wrist-blades? Purple Pants instead of trademark costume? Next, they went on to ask Reynolds about the character’s mouth being sewn shut.

“I’m not going to get into exactly what’s going on with his mouth, particularly because he is ‘the merc with the mouth…’ But it’s going to be pretty interesting when people see it. People are going to be blown away and have a deep appreciation for what it is and how that character fits into this universe.”

Or, people who are fans of the character may be blown away with anger and they won’t appreciate how he’s nothing like the character from the comics. So many of us were hoping that the strange mutant from the trailers was Weapon XI, NOT Deadpool. It now looks like our hopes have been dashed.

deadpool and wolverine Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool Fears

“Deadpool” has really cool adamantium blades just like the real Deadpool… not.

deadpool toy Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool Fears

This Deadpool action figure label is sadly correct.

wolverine deadpool lasers1 Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool Fears
“Deadpool” shoots really cool lasers from his eyes, just like the real Deadpool.

So, that’s one character potentially mistreated, I hope the others are not as drastically different. With these types of movies, when characters are portrayed very differently from where they originate, they tend to be bad which results in a bad movie. This occurred with X-Men 3: The Last Stand when it really shouldn’t have – the reason movies are made from this source material and these characters is because they were loved enough to be adapted into a feature film in the first place. Changing these things must mean someone thinks they aren’t good enough, or they’d be better if they don’t have the same origin… This is obviously rarely the case but the mistake is still repeatedly made.

What do you think about Deadpool’s new onscreen incarnation?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens May 1, 2009.

Source: MTV

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    Sadly I just got to see scenes from the workprint of the film with Deadpool, and I can confirm that they ruined him completely. He is now a cyborg thing with circuit tattoos on his body and metal is his skin that shoots lasers from his eyes, teleports all over the place and has katanas that slide out of his wrist complete with Baraka style wristbands and no voice at all. No scarring, no wisecracks, just sewn shut mouth. In spite of what are supposed to be overwhelming powers, he becomes a generic movie monster that stands still and loses any shred of common sense at the end of the fight so Wolverine can off him like a chump before the Wolverine and Sabretooth bromance scene where they make up because they’re brothers. Seriously. And as far as an ‘origin’ goes, before they make him that Ryan Reynolds does spout a few not so funny wisecracks before he runs into a room spinning two katanas around which magically deflect all the bullets being fired at him from a room full of guys with machine guns which Striker doesn’t like so thats why they fuse his mouth shut at the end and surgically remove his personality. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Once again, Hollywood producers show us they think we’re all morons.

  2. Em, excuse me but the movie is about WOLVERINE, not Deadpool. And have to say it was a great one. I’ll wait patiently till it’s officially out in cinemas so I can watch the finished version with special effects, extra scenes and all.

  3. Good point MS… good point…

  4. Yeah This movie is about Wolverine, and Wolverine, Logan, James Howlett Exists in the Marvel universe…. Of Which Deadpool is a part. There is simply NO NEED to RUIN and I mean COMPLETELY and UTTERLY RUIN a character like DEADPOOL for plot fodder. If anything why didnt they use the Teleporting Black Cowboy for Plot Fodder? No they completely JUMPED the SHARK on this one Boys and Girls….. And It was released early because they were afraid that they had…..FOX you will NOT see dime one from me at the box office, or any OTHER comic fan for taht matter…good luck marketing this to teh Disney Crowd…..oh wait aren’t FOX AND DISNEY in a LEGAL battle with MARVEL over the IP of the XMEN? hmmmmmmmm yeah now I know why Good Luck Stan Lee…. Sue for everything they are worth maybe then Bill O’Rielly can get layed off like the rest of us.

  5. I wasn’t going to do it ladies and gentlemen… But they offered me a used xbox 360! Now i can kick it back at home and play, yours truly, on Marvel Ultimate Alliance!

  6. @ Deadpool,

    who’s they?

    • @ Rob

      There you are — we’ve been looking everywhere for you =P

      - (AJ Mader (D-Pooly)

    • There you are, we’ve been looking everywhere for you =P

      - (AJ Mader/D-Pooly)

  7. Yah I just watched scenes from the pre-released movie and I must say that it does seem like they take a chunk out of our beloved merc with a mouth. But they also set it up so that things could work out in another movie….

    Lets not get our spirits down because its not like this will be the last marvel movie ever made

  8. ***MILD SPOILER ALERT*** Do not read if you are going to see Wolverine***

    I saw the flick and the only sweet spot for me was the Sabretooth Wolverine rivalry. Loved the chemistry. Thought they captured Logan and Creed well enough to make me feel as if there was something salvageable out of this.

    The movie should have stuck close to that premise or at least tie things in better but as we all know this is Hollywood and you rarely get what you pay for.

    As far as the title of the movie; it should have been “Origin” singular and not “Origins/Marketing Ploy/Alienate The Audience”. Look…..I understand cameos….I get it… Everyone gets it…but to mass produce or “introduce” origins for so many known (if not well respected) characters was the biggest slap in the face for all of the writers and artists who labored for years fleshing these characters out. What takes a lifetime to build can be destroyed in an instant, and FOX proves it again and again. Every single “origin” that was savagely shoved down my throat was an insult to fans and/or newcomers alike. They were all unwarranted filler, that unabashedly screamed:

    “Hello we the producers of this hack of a film just wanted to point out that we never considered an audience to really matter that much when it came to making this movie. When we saw how much the Spiderman and X-men franchises made, we came to only viable solution possible; to dupe you into believing that we had your best interests at heart by choosing a move title that we KNEW would reel-in every sucker who likes this kind of crap so that we could easily profit off of the merchandising rights as you know we always do (Thanks George Lucas! You’re our Hero!!!). Other than that, we do not find it in our best interest to give you what you paid for…ps- Buy the 5 direct to DVD spin-offs available at your local Wal-Mart. Thanks in advance. Ca-ching$$$$$$”

    Although the “origins” of all characters involved were equal parts slap in the face and merchandising, out of all of them (sorry Gambit, I truly am) Deadpool got the worst of it.

    First off, let me just say that I can’t classify myself as a Deadpool fan. I probably would have been if the price of comics hadn’t skyrocketed in the 90′s, but hey, win some lose some. With that being said, even though I barely know much about him, you don’t need to be a fan or genius to establish the plain fact that FOX completely eviscerated what could have been an interesting character.

    Even though Deadpool fell off my radar way back when, I can say with all honesty and no remorse (this is not the norm for me by any means)that deadpool, as a viable character, was completely butchered. In my opinion Ryan Reynolds was perfect for the role. To people I know, he is annoying at best (although I kind of like him). The same can be said for Deadpool. He annoys people. Hence the name – “Merc with a mouth”. They had my interests peeked up until they “reintroduced” him in the end. It reminded me of “Wild Wild West” (For brevity I’ll just mention the Spider scene and leave the rest.)

    I am not offering this post as a challenge to prove me wrong. I am only offering it as a perfect example of what happens to well known characters when hollywood ignorance/politics/money and a complete lack of audience respect are involved (i.e. Jon Peters, Joel Shumacher and on and on).

    Adamantium a la Barracka? Laser beams a la Cyclops? Frankensteins’ Monster motif? Le What?!!! What the heck happened to him?!!! And my disbelief grows even sicker when I unwisely stayed after the credits to see the “easter egg”. Now that was pathetic… The easter egg is probably the only clue I ever had that the film “sort of” knew who or what deadpool was, but it was too little too late.

    As much as it pains me to say it Deadpool should stay dead and they should shoot the last 30 mins of this film and all available prints into the sun. My prediction? Unless they plan to make a Deadpool Begins, you can expect the spinoff to suck worse than daredevil, electra, batman 3/4 combined.

    RIP Deadpool I hardly knew ye….

  9. OK… so I saw the movie… what they did to Deadpool was completely wrong… but it worked in the context of the movie. Here are a couple things they can do in the spin-off (if there ever is one) to correct Deadpool and make him the character we all love.

    1: The government (Striker) needs to get hold of Deadpools body… from the ruble, not later.

    2: Striker needs to enlist the help of Killbrew to complete his “mutant killer”.

    3: Killbrew needs to take Deadpool to “The Workshop” with other mutant failures.

    4: Killbrew needs to remove the eye blast, the arm-blades and the teleportation (of course… Deadpool has been able to teleport with the help of Weasel and Cable in the past… so that one could be rationalized).

    5: While removing these powers, Killbrew inadvertently increases Deadpools healing factor 100 fold, and creating the signature tumor-laden body of Wade Wilson we all know… and makes him completely insane.

    6: When Killbrew realizes what happened, he gets his main enforcer, Ajax, to kill Deadpool, they rip him apart, but Deadpool grows back.

    All this could easily happen in 10-20 minutes leaving plenty of time for another story…

    Some things I would LOVE for them to include… some staples of Deadpools personality:

    1: His love affair with Death… this could be incorporated, but it may be a little much for movie-goers.

    2: the breaking of the fourth wall… he did this a little at the end of Wolverine (you all know what I mean). Deadpool would KNOW he was in a movie and he would reference it.

    3: A Deadpool movie really should have a voiceover… kinda like the little yellow boxes… actually… having the little yellow boxes would be totally awesome!

    4: Ideally the story would include Weasel, Blind Al and T-Ray… be based loosely around the events before the Mithras directive and some after that involved T-Ray. They could even set up that Wade had Al captive and knew Weasel before Striker took him to be Weapon XI…

    Deadpool can be fixed… probably won’t be… but he could be.

  10. Actually, I liked Deadpool better this way then in the comics. He is a lot more indimidating, and also, Ryan Reynolds was the perfect casting. Stop bashing it just because it isn’t exactly like it was ‘in the good old days’. Imagine that you have never read the comics.

    • Ro, can I call ya Ro — Ro, imagine you never read those Wolverine comics (’cause you’d pretty much have to, what, to swallow that s*** they called a movie) — now, let’s just re-imagine Wolvie. I think he’d look adorable in hot pants and a fanny-pack — oooh – oooh, let’s not give him claws — we don’t want to be redundant, I mean Deadpool has those things now. How about we just give him a lazy eye and a s***-load of gas. I mean sure it will upset a few fans, that’s a lot of gas and there’s not a very good cross-wind today, but I think it will translate well for people who came to see John Wraith… Pffffft =P

      That’s why mess’n with the “good old days” isn’t a good idea. Proof? Four years later and they are re-making the movie! ROFL-HOUSE — up high. So, is there any saving grace to Origins — sure there is: When Fox gets off it’s @#$ and realizes if you make a Deadpool movie Rated R — they will come… Yes I mean that way… Then Deadpool can make a quip about the faux-pas of him depicted in that movie!

      Also Fox… Bring back Firefly!

      • Also, I forgot to mention Ryan Reynolds did play a very good Wade Wilson — no argument here (so please cast him in the Deadpool movie). And, Fox — Marvel — whatever; if you make another super-hero-mutant flick, 86 Wolvie — we don’t need another Logan’s Run.

        No really — bring back Firefly!

        - AJ Mader

  11. I can understand how someone who isn’t a Deadpool fan from the comics likes him better this way. To me, the two most appealing things about ‘Pool is his wise-cracking mouth and his insatiable desire to be a hero… even though he ultimately screws up. The movie incarnation of Deadpool has neither of these things. I like the character Weapon XI, he was defiantly a formidable foe for wolverine to sharpen his claw on, but the fact that they called him Deadpool… that was just a ruse to bring ‘Pool fans into the theater and fill the seats (which most of us would have done without the addition of Deadpool anyway). As it stands I am pretty pleased with the whole Wolverine movie and Deadpools part in it. If (and this is a HUGE if) they make a spin-off. I hope they get a little closer to the source material.

  12. Lol RoXas Saix, the good ol’ days you say? You know that there is currently an active Deadpool comic series…right? Anyhow, I am mildly angry about weapon XI and frankly I didn’t think the movie was all that great to begin with. It was fun, and it moved fast, but it just didn’t have all that much depth in my mind, and it had quite a few cheesy lines. I give it a B- I just hope they find some way to logically fix the problems in the Deadpool spin off, or they can just make it a stand alone and I can pretend Origins never happened. Either way they have some patches to make in order for me to be happy about it.

  13. He was so amazing as Deadpool I wish there had been more of him in Wolverine!

  14. He was awesome as Wade Wilson,

    but a mute laser-shooting, electronically-controlled, adamantium-enhanced Wade Wilson shouldn’t be used as the final villain.

    I hope in the spinoff that he just has healing and teleportation.

  15. To understand his origin all you have to do is read deadpool pulp which depicts Deadpool got his mask way before weapon x programme. The mask isn’t even his. He claimed it!!!
    I also believe he gets cancer after blowing up a nuke underwater after defeating outlaw.